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Monday, May 9, 2011

Jim Bakker back at it again, this time it's 'Morningside'

Jim Bakker, the huggable Pentecostal swindler who went to jail in the 80's for deceptively separating people from their money through PTL, is back on tv with his new church 'Morningside'.  Apparently I'm late to the party though: the Jim Bakker Show began first in January 2003, then metamorphosed into its most recent incarnation at Morningside in January 2008.

Count me a regular viewer, I can't get enough of Brother Jim. My wife calls it the Religious Home Shopping Network, with Jim and Lori hawking cheap, admittedly Chinese-made trinkets and other wares. Now it appears the lead-lined Chinese trinkets have been replaced by an even bigger money-maker: buckets of dehydrated food.

I'll try to update this blog regularly each week or so, whenever I get time to grab a cup of coffee and a vomit bag and tune in on my DVR. Truth-be-told, there is WAY too much stuff going on with Jim Bakker and his plastic wife Lori for me to catch it all, but I'll try. If you haven't watched, please tune in and see for yourself. You'll either thank me or thank Jesus for the spectacle.

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Anonymous said...

wow, how sad that you don't have anything else to do, I can see it is not you, but what is working through you. I will surely be praying that your heart be changed.
Jesus still loves you anyway!!sisk