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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Foodbucket Flashback: Jim Bakker fake cries, cuffs man behind neck

Bakker pouting
One of the funniest Jim Bakker shows ever witnessed, this October 2009 episode actually features two more of my upcoming Foodbucket Flashbacks (stay tuned for those). This was a prison retrospective show with Jim talking about his non-sexual prison experiences, and it's a flashback best understood through a series of pictures. For your enjoyment, I've created a Jim Bakker flipbook illustrating what went down that day.

Jim invites a friend on as a guest from his past (and no it's not Satan). The friend, Pastor Phil Shaw, used to visit Jim in prison or something. I don't remember exactly what he was doing for Jim but it was probably something like bringing him porno mags to pass the time. Anyways, Bakker starts pouting and fake crying in front of this guy, and at one point Bakker actually cuffs the guy behind the neck and pulls him in a little bit. The guy looked at Bakker like he was going to bitch slap him. Meanwhile, Jim has this stupid pouty-lipped look on his face but his eyes are as dry as the desert wind. I really had no idea what was going to happen here: was this Shaw guy going to pull away from Jim, was Bakker going to kiss him...all bets were off after that unwarranted intrusion into Shaw's personal space. Eventually Shaw conceded defeat to Jim, casting his eyes downward as if saddened by Jim's prison recollections and waiting Bakker out. Jim went on a little longer with the crying act, then finally released his death grip on the guy and things somewhat returned to normal.

Jim Bakker is truly unbelievable. Not only is the guy the biggest shyster on the planet, he's also the worst actor...yet people continue to send him money ---> lots and lots of money.


Anonymous said...

What did Jim do to you to inspire you to spend so much time trying to defraud him? Let it go man. Good people do make bad decisions but great people get back on the horse and don't give up. The pastor friend of Jim's that you've made fun of is as genuine as can be. He's a good friend of mine. Even if Jim was still wrong this blog is proof that you're one of the lowest of lows out there. Let it go and move on. Turn the channel.

The IRS said...

Jim didn't do anything to me actually. Do I have to be a victim to speak out against what is reprehensible behavior by a man claiming to speak for God?
You're certainly correct about Jim getting back on the horse, he's right back at it ain't he?

Anonymous said...

who buys the high priced trinkets and books from them? The Harbinger is 13 dollars at Walmart. From Jim...20 dollars plus 5 dollars postage. Lori's book...3 dollars on e-bay. From Jim...100.00. They sure are making money!

Anonymous said...

It turns out, he was found not guilty and let out of prison. Get your facts right. And everyone that gives to his ministry is well aware that most of the money goes to projects the ministry is working on. Like saving babies from abortion, fueling an amazing teen television ministry, getting orphans off the street and preparing people for the second coming. Just because you don't agree with his ministry doesn't make it wrong. You have 20 members on this page so it's clear your time and effort has gone widely unnoticed. Nice try though. Bless you.

musicluvinguy said...
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Patriot said...

What did Jim do to you... Well, now that he's calling literally for civil war, he's effectively doing something to all of us in the US. He is providing support to those who would overthrow the government and pledging to do so personally too. This matters because some non-negligible number of people still listen to him, and because some other people (e.g., Roger Stone) who also somehow have followers are saying the same thing. It does affect us when people incite violence.