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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Philip Cameron Creepathon all week, plus a little Foodbucket Flashback

Hi kids! Want some ice cream?
Good news: Bakker is running a Philip Cameron Creepathon all week. If you've never seen Philip Cameron in action, you've got to check him out. He's a sleazy Scotsman that runs Stella's House, an all-girls orphanage in Moldova of all places.

If your pervert alarm is suddenly going off, it should. This guy was on the single creepiest episode of The Jim Bakker Show I've ever seen. I'd give 100 foodbuckets if I could find the episode again. On that episode, Cameron was there with one of his child brides while Jim was cooking up foodbucket slop. The whole crew (except Jim) was tasting the slop and giving it the thumbs-up, then they brought some over to Cameron and his girl to try. This guy spoons up some of the slop and spoon-feeds it to the Moldovan girl. As he's feeding her, his eyes are fixated on her mouth. Meanwhile, his own mouth is making little chewing movements. Keep in mind, this girl wasn't disabled and she wasn't a baby; she was perfectly capable of feeding herself. But there's this guy feeding her with a spoon and staring at her like a pervert. They coerced a barely audible 'tastes good' out of the girl and everyone laughed, except for Cameron who sort of nervously giggled. As I said, it was the single creepiest moment in Jim Bakker Show history.

Philip Cameron with future bride
And now Philip Cameron is back in a week-long Creepathon. Jim has run back-to-back repeats to start off the week, so hopefully he'll rerun the episode I'm talking about and you can witness it for yourself. I'm kind of hoping Bakker gets off his lazy ass and actually films a live show with Cameron though, that way I'll have something to recap. Either way, stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

on today's episode, cameron invites the "partners" to come to moldova to his girls home. he says they will "cuddle you with love". omg. such a creep. i wish someone would ask him where the boy orphans are cause it seems this sicko only cares about the girls orphans. jim also upped his game. he asked for $10,000 partners. you go jim.

Anonymous said...

oh one more thing, have you noticed the fake telethon phones? the number to call is a call centre in south carolina but they set up the students answering constantly ringing phones with thousand dollar donations like the calls were coming in right there at taping in missouri. HELLO THE SHOW"S NOT LIVE.

Daniel said...

Whoa whoa, you're taking all my material Anonymous!!

Agreed on all counts though, looking at Bakker's website it seems today and tomorrow will be the same episode (Philip Cameron #2), with Friday being new (Philip Cameron #4).

I'm not sure that any of them are new though, they're splicing in clips of tornadoes and the Japanese Tsunami, but I haven't heard them actually mention those by name. Not sure though. I'll try to recap the Creepathon on Friday afternoon once I get time off from this damn job of mine!

Anonymous said...

a couple of years ago the "partners" sent lori and her girls to europe for a few weeks ostensibly to go the orphanage in moldova. i've heard that they did europe right on the way to moldova. lots of $$$ to send 5 people to europe.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! they got money from some folks who mortgage their house for Jim's food buckets and the orphanage in Moldova.

Anonymous said...

Stella's House: A home to keep girls out of the sex trade. Named after a girl that was forced into the sex trade.
Lori's House: A home to help girls keep their babies instead of getting abortions. Named after a women that had 5 abortions.
Am I missing something here? Are the girls to look up to Lori as an example?

Anonymous said...

Good grief. Moldova Alert!!!!! Philip and the girls are going to be on the Jim Bakker Show the first week of September. We just finally saw the last rerun of the anniversary show which was top heavy with Philip & Co. and now they are coming back and you know those shows will be used ad nauseum while Jim takes another vacation. How about some teaching besides the end times and Moldova. That show is one big Jim Bakker infomercial.