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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tired of Jim Bakker's deception game? Write your Senator, Representative, or IRS office!

Feel free to copy, paste, and print this letter, then mail it off to your Senator, Representative, or local IRS office. Even your local newspaper might be interested. Maybe your letter will be the one that sends Jim Bakker back to prison where he belongs!

Televangelist Jim Bakker exploiting tax rules for religious organizations

Dear Senator / Congressman [insert name here]

I am respectfully petitioning you to investigate what I believe is blatant exploitation of our tax code at the expense of the American public. Televangelist Jim Bakker, the so-called pastor who went to prison in the 1980s for tax fraud, is back on television again, and nearly his entire show is devoted to selling products. All of his show discussion, or what may be construed as 'preaching', is used as a lead-in to product sales. Here is only a small sampling of what he sells:

Dehydrated Food = $3,000
Camera Desktop Ornament = $1,000
Silver Sol Miracle Ointment = $100
Hand-powered survival flashlights = $20

The list of products for sale goes on and on. Jim Bakker stokes fear in his audience by telling them that the world will soon be ending, staple foods are in short supply, and that their dollars will ultimately be worthless as currency. He then heavily pitches them his goods for sale and takes their so-called worthless money. His sham ministry, of course, receives a tax-exemption while engaging in this behavior.

I presume that he gets away with this by the simple fact that he refers to these items as 'Love Gifts' as opposed to 'Items For Sale'. This is wrong. Absolutely, without a doubt, it's wrong. These are not gifts, they are items being sold in a business transaction. Bakker, in fact, has a warehouse where he stocks these 'gifts' for distribution to 'donors'. Would a church dispensing only 'love gifts' require a distribution warehouse?

Jim Bakker now hosts an unaccredited college at his Morningside community which purports to train 'students' in the art of television ministry. He charges these 'students' between $7k - $8k per semester. He then uses these students as free, unpaid labor to operate his camera equipment and produce his show. The tuition? Paid for through 'scholarship funds' solicited from his audience.

Jim Bakker's ministry is registered in the name of his mother-in-law, and he reportedly makes only $400 per week in income. You and I both know that his declared income is a load of garbage, and that the only reason he takes such little payment is because he still owes millions of dollars to the American public. One need only look at the various vacation properties he frequents to understand that he is likely laundering money through various figureheads in his ministry in order to personally benefit from the ministry's income while avoiding payment of back taxes.

I am utterly dismayed by the fact that Jim Bakker gets away with this exploitation of our tax code by engaging in product sales through his tax-exempt ministry. While he may not be the only one, he is certainly the most public and the least delicate in his blatant disregard for our tax laws. With his fear-mongering and deception of the naive, he also flies in the face of basic human decency. It's said that there's a sucker born every minute; that doesn't mean it's right to take advantage of them.

A quick internet search for 'Jim Bakker Show fraud' will uncover the many different websites / discussion forums / YouTube videos which record and publicize Jim Bakker's shenanigans. They are highly trafficked and are visited by multitudes of other like-minded Americans who are completely fed up with Jim Bakker. Our shared disgust crosses political boundaries, as we are both male and female, religious and non-religious, Red, Blue and Independent. We are Americans first and foremost, and we are disgusted with people like Jim Bakker who rip people off in the name of religion.

Action taken against Jim Bakker will go a long way towards restoring faith in the elected official. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. There is no favor to be won, only the satisfaction of knowing that truth and decency triumphs over lies and impropriety. Truth, justice, and the American way is what defines us, not thieves and cheats like Jim Bakker.

As a human being and an American, I ask you to please investigate Jim Bakker. If he is found committing wrongdoing, hold him accountable (once again) for his lying and thievery. It will take little more than five minutes of viewing his show to understand why he is so very wrong, and possibly criminal, in his actions. His show (The Jim Bakker Show) is broadcast Monday through Friday at 7am on your local religious television station.

Thank you for your time.


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Anonymous said...

to 7 ;04.... Obvious bullshit. But see Tanya and Brother Dortch will come on now and say "see", "see how it is", "with the Sodom and Gommorrah". Tell me 7:04, did someone put you up to that phoney baloney story. Mark my words people will say "see, I told you so". Stories like that hurt this sites credibility. And you have the gaul to call zombies hatemongers and liars. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think this BAKKER clan should not be aloud to do the things they do. They are getting away with things most people wouldnt be able to. Bakker clan are just people like the rest of us, who are they paying off to get what they want. Both Lori and Jim are lairs, thiefs,and so fake, Lori's face has seen the doctor way to many times. because it looks like the smile is always on. If you ask me she runs the show and the clan over there.

Anonymous said...

To Jason and all the others abused out at won't get over the Phil Neasson blog "what color is the sky in their world" and the story by AM and her experience at PTL. My family was harmed and abused in the worst of ways also. I think it is a matter if time before this whole thing blows up. I have talked to an attorney. I am doing something, but these things take time. Like Joe C, when you have council the first thing they advise you of is to say nothing. I have said all am going to say on this blog! But I am watching and reading.

Anonymous said...

Where did Susan get the money??? We r talkin bout $300,000? Here in California(real America) a small old ranch style house is bout $600,000 in a ok neighborhood. Obviously Sack Drew(the holy prophet), Sasha (oh, hang on, sashas way too dumb to argue online, and proly rubbing her tits against her friends tits somewhere just like on youtube), or any of the zombie cadets don't understand the basics of money. LoL!!! They r talkin bout $300,000 like its a ton of money. Did it ever occur that when purchasing a property, the majority of the 99% put money down, and finance???? What if she had a house with her husband prior to moving to the commune, and sold it. What a stooopid argument against the "witch hunt". Still, under the commands of leader bakker, you cannot give a mature answer as to what happened with Susan.?
^this is why we make fun of you

Honest Pete said...

Shoot!!! Jim is selling to the wrong folks!! You're the people he should be pitching to to sell stuff! What a bunch of gullable seagulls we have here. I know jim wouldnot take advantage of folks like you who'll buy anything (even that ridiculous Jason story)but I have no such scruples!!! Any of you trolls want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge or the Golden Gate?? Makes me doubt that Susan story too.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:04, do you know falsely accusing an employer ie morningside of sexual harassment is against the law. I know your name isn't Jason, I know who you really are, and I remember when you worked here. You were not told to leave morningside, ever. You left yourself. The real reason you left was because you were openly homosexual, and you didn't fit in here. Spreading rumors about previous employers is again, AGAINST the law. We are going to have our people contact whoever is in charge of this blog and legal action will be taken. We do not take your allegations lightly!

Craig said...

@Honest Pete.
That's a great idea. I bet jim gets right on that. The bridges of the world "love gift" collection. Bridging the gap between the "authorized" and "unauthorized". Wouldn't surprise me if he starts "pushing" that soon. But, be aware, if he tries to sell my troll bridge then I'll sue._

Anonymous said...

Morningside people getting paranoid and worried now that they are found out? Seriously, do you think any court will entertain anything Bakker. Only thing they will entertain is the abuses of his ministry. The media will love it also!

Buddy's Buddy said...

Thank Dog the Blutostic rabbi is finally over on the Jim BS.

(It is over isn't it????)

I've found - with the reruns this week - that I find myself really missing some fresh reality.

Hoping for new craziness next week and REEEEEEAAAALLLY looking forward to some great laughs this weekend, Ron.

Tanya said...

7:16pm anon: I'm happy to hear that you know what I am going to say before I say it. You must have a psychic gift or something.

My response is the same as my response to the Susan Ruiz comments - I said if what actually happened is at all similar to what has been posted here, then she was abused.

So for Jason, at 7:04pm, I say: if that is what happened, then I am sorry for that. I hope he finds a way to heal and move forward.

If nothing else, 8:08pm confirmed that a person left because he was openly homosexual and "didn't fit in" at Morningside. I wonder what kind of treatment a person gets at Morningside when they "don't fit in?"

Hey Ron - any chance you could let us know when 8:08pm's "people" contact you?

Ron said...

Hi 'Jason',

I removed your comment and wanted to explain why. Since I have no way of verifying your claim (specifically about Jim) and you are making a fairly serious allegation, I can't in good faith allow it to be posted without some sort of corroboration or supporting evidence.

If what you say is true, I suggest you pursue it in court. If it is not true, please refrain from posting such things in the future. Lying and make-believe is for zombies and cultists. Out here in the real world, we speak truth. That's all we need to expose Jim Bakker.

I'm sure people would love to hear what you have to say about Morningside, minus the 'being felt up' part. I'd like to hear it too. It's not often we get to hear from people who actually lived at that place.

Hey Tanya,
I hope 808's 'people' aren't like the guy that contacted me on the Foodbucket Fanpage Youtube channel. Some wacko was threatening me so I had to disable the video comments...then he went to the channel comments and threatened me there. Nice people, these Jim Bakker worshippers. Jackasses they not realize it's a crime to threaten people online? Hate me all you want, but don't threaten me.

I've thought about opening up an email address for this blog and posting up the hate mail for the public to see, but I'm still not sure yet.

New post coming late afternoon on Friday, then the second part over the weekend sometime.

Anonymous said...

I took some time to look over the comments from yesterday by the Bakker supporters.

Something that shocked me was a posting by an anonymous poster at 5:59.

They start out their posting by saying I don't want to cast aspersions. Let me stop right there and give the definition of aspersion.

Aspersion: A false or misleading charge meant to harm someone's reputation. The act of defaming or slander. A damaging or derogatory remark or criticism.

No let's continue on with this persons aspersion about Susan Ruiz:

I am not one to cast aspersions but any thinking adult has to ask him/herself where does a divorced woman of two (possibly more) come up with over $300,000 cash to put on a condo.

This person is casting a whole lot of aspersions!!

First of all Susan Ruiz is not a divorcee. She is a widow. First aspersion.

Second aspersion: a woman of two (maybe more). There are numerous insinuations in this comment. Now we know where that story comes from. Would you care to tell us about how this rumor started? Could it have been a jealous wife? "If he'll fool around with you, he'll fool around on you", fits here. So a paranoid wife assumes that a widow is a threat, why?

Then the poster goes on to make aspersions of how the woman of two, and maybe more children, came up with over $300,000 to buy the condo. Your third aspersion wasn't lost on me. Where do you think she got that money?

If these aspersions weren't such a crime I would laugh at you.

The verse from James 3:16 fits here:
Where jealousy and selfish ambition exists, there will be disorder and every vile and evil practice.

Shame on the people who started the rumors and slander that caused Susan Ruiz to branded as a witch! As James 3:15 says "this spirit comes from below, not from above."

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Ron: I think he acted very fairly and sincerely on the Jason post. Whatever happen with Jason, corroboration of facts is very important in giving a persn due process, no matter how one feels about someone, the accussed is entitled to benefit of the doubt. I wish some of the trolls would accept that. It would be a more tolerant country by recognizing that simple fundamental right, and applying it generously. People ask me here being a zombie why do I post here. Simply because it is the better site, the arguments here by both factions are interesting and informative. Thanks for the work you do.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

I agree with Anon818am concerning the work you do here Ron. Excellent blog.

fed up with the fools said...

To the Anonymous poster yesterday @5:59

You start out your remarks with saying I don't want to cast aspersions, and then your post was full of them. Since you don't know what the word means I will help you:

Aspersions: An unfavorable or damaging remark. The act of slandering or defaming. A false or misleading charge meant to harm someones reputation.

Now let's look at a small part of your aspersions against Susan Ruiz:

I don't want to cast aspersions but any thinking adult has to ask him/herself where does a divorced woman of two (possibly more) come up with over $300,00 cash to put on a condo.

1st aspersion: Susan is a divorcee. (She is not divorcee, she is a widow.)

Any thinking adult: We trolls can't think like you zombies. So your aspersion is anyone who sees the wrong of what is going on in the Bakker ministry is dumb.

A divorced woman of two (maybe more). What are you insinuating here. We dumb trolls can't figure out the aspersion here. duh

I want to side step and say I know where the above aspersion came from. Someone at Morningside who has been divorced 3 times, and has been very candid about their marital problems, has a jealous spouse. The clique "if he will cheat with you, he will cheat on you", applies here. The scripture that comes to mind is James 3:14-16 "IF you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it, or DENY the truth. Such "wisdom" does not come from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice. Actually the whole passage of James 3 is a must read for anyone at Morningside. Then I would suggest practical application.

Your last aspersion I want to point out is "How does a divorced woman come up with $300,000 cash to buy a condo." We don't know and we don't care. It is obvious you really want to cast some more aspersions, why did you stop short of furthering the evil gossip against this woman? Is it because you believe you are a good "christian" who doesn't gossip!

Really, you people at the Jim Bakker Ministry, and the Morningside residents you are too much. You are full of it! And I don't I don't mean full of Christ!

Kool-Aid Kid said...


Dissection of a moronside zombie 101

Well done.

fed up with the fools said...

To My above post at 9:08 I want to clarify that the poster from 5:59 was making the aspersion that Susan Ruiz has 2 (maybe more) children. Sick!

This poster is a great example of the kind of good "christians" you would have for neighbors at Morningside. It's also a great example of the garbage that goes on day in and day out at Morningside Village. The place where they are a loving family who worships together!

Thank you Ron for this blog. So good that the people of Morningside come out in the open here, and prove what we all know goes on behind the scenes at the JB ministries. They are so ugly and vulgar because they don't like being exposed.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this website with interest and especially find the comments by the people who live in Bakker's commune to be fascinating.

If you live in a Christian community that is supposed to be a beacon of light and love to the world, then why do you find it necessary to come on here and write mean and angry threats (some even sounding like personal threats) to other posters? In fact, why do you come here in the first place?

Secondly, I am a physically disabled senior citizen in poor health. I would never live in a place that is governed by a 72-year-old man who is a convicted felon and has been diagnosed as having mental problems by a psychiatrist. I really worry about the elderly people I see on his program and how they are placing such trust and confidence in Bakker.

I have a feeling a lot of their family members ask the same questions, but Bakker seems to have an extraordinary talent for fooling the elderly.

Craig said...

Does jim take EBT cards for love gift food buckets or is it a cash only enterprise?

Anonymous said...

The Jim Bakker supporters have made a point of casting aspersions about the $300,000 that Susan Ruiz had to buy her condo.

Do these same supporters ask where did Jim get the money for an expensive lake home, a fancy boat, 3 story condo, new cars, vacations whenever he feels like it, plastic surgery and on and on.

They worry about how Susan gets her money but never question Jim where he gets his. Bakker supporters live by a double standard.

Since Bakker supporters have a hard time with definitions I will leave you with the definition of a double standard:

Two sets of rules. There is a special set of rules for a favored group, and a set of unfair rules for other groups.

good fer da goose said...

to fed up fool: Oh!! So when the shoes on the other foot you get pissed, but it's OK for Jason to feed the flames and say libelous and unsubstatiated things, this guy post as an anon. then puts the name "Jason" in the closing like that is supposed to add credence to his liberous and possibly criminal accusations. You trolls say "free speech" but even free speech has it's limitations like when the speech is tatamount to slander! Am I right?

Anonymous said...

Ron, concerning.....

"I removed your comment and wanted to explain why. Since I have no way of verifying your claim (specifically about Jim) and you are making a fairly serious allegation, I can't in good faith allow it to be posted without some sort of corroboration or supporting evidence."

I hope I am remembering that post correctly. Is that the one where a man said that Bakker told him he was handsome and patted him on the shoulders?

As a professional journalist, I don't see libel or slander in that posted message because the man never said Bakker did anything that was illegal (complimenting a person on his appearance and patting him on the back are not illegal).

I did kind of question the post, that perhaps it was "made up." But I didn't see anything libelous or slanderous about it.

I certainly understand your need for caution as the blog owner, but I'm respectfully wondering if you were a bit too cautious in this case.

Thanks for all of the good work you do here.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

to good fer da goose

You are a perfect example of a bakker zombie hillbilly. Now be a good old zombie and go mix up a batch of space food and watch a rerun of the Moronside Jim Bakker Show. With your brain capacity it will be like a new show that you've never seen anyways. Golly gee wilikers!!!!

Anonymous said...

If all the Bakker-ites are so proud of their behavior on this blog, why don't they name themselves? That way, Jim could give them a big pat on the back for doing God's work.

Anonymous said...

Hey good fer da goose, the bath house is open now, isn't it? Go meet the boys and be sure to bring your soap on a rope. I know you'll still be dropping it anyway! LOL!

fine line said...

Apparently this phantom "Jason" took that as harassment and implied this was a pattern of behaviour, in other words this it's not the only thing or only time it happened. He also claimed he was let go as a result of his complaining about it to a colleague or supervisor. He might have lied and added some fantasy or embellished his story to the supervisor, told the supervisor things that never happened for "spice". Will never know for sure. Boils down to semantics, personally, I think he might have added a lot of bull to his story hense the discharge.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kool-Aid Kid,

Do you think good fer da goose should have some Kool-Aid with that space food. Between eating the garbage food, and the BS they already have in their mouth, they need a BIG glass of that stuff! lol

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To Anon@1210pm

I highly recommend that stupid old moronside zombie hillbilly make a double batch of Kool-Aid " Mountainberry Punch ".

Anonymous said...

to 11:46... The Good Lord and Pastor B., know who we are. Thanks for looking out for us though.

Kool-Aid Kid said...


Maybe you're a moronside butt kisser and always call the frog "Pastor B" and in that respect I guess he might have a clue.

Craig said...

I am worried about the zombies. After jim drains their bank accounts, will he take their food stamps so they can buy some of his food he sells. Sure, he'll always have those vats of look aid ready, but we all know the zombies can't survive on that.


Anonymous said...

to Senior at 10:15... Sir, 'why do we visit this site' was a questioned you asked. Did you happen to read that post by the Jason fellow. In the name of fair play, that's why we read what is posted here. Someone makes a knowingly false statement of such magnitude, of course someone should object. I think that's a pretty fair and decent thing to do, Wish you health by the way.

Brother Dortch said...

Good afternoon everyone!

I would like to take time out to briefly express my thoughts on the moderation of this blog and the removal of a posting written by a blogger calling himself “Jason” in which some non-illegal charges were leveled against Jim Bakker by this former employee.

The purpose of any good blog is to offer a public forum in which information, ideas and opinions are freely expressed. Ron also offers satire and entertainment here as well. Unfortunately, unless you have control of a person’s fingers as they strike the keyboard, then anybody can say anything. This then requires the blog’s moderator to step in and act in an expeditious and professional matter, as Ron has done.

A professional journalist was kind enough to come on here and express his/her views that no slander or liable occurred, since nothing Bakker allegedly said or did was illegal. I agree.

As the moderator of this blog, Ron then acted in the manner in which he felt most comfortable, i.e., giving Bakker the benefit of the doubt until more substantiated information could be brought forth (assuming there was any). Finally, the professional journalist says Ron may have been too cautious and respectfully submitted that removal of the posting was not even necessary.

I totally concur with the removal of this posting and feel as though Ron did the correct and right thing because that is how he felt most comfortable. Yes, he was overly cautious, but that is to the credit of all parties concerned, especially the Bakker supporters. I would, however, like to add one more thing, from my own perspective in this matter, which was not expressed by Ron in his comments.

I do not care whether “Jason” has not been employed at Morningside for one month, six months, one year, or two years. These allegations, if true, should have been dealt with immediately upon resigning his employment at Morningside. If he left employment, for example, on a Friday, the next week these matters should have been immediately handled. He then would have immediately discovered he had no case and that Bakker had done absolutely nothing wrong.

To sit back and do absolutely nothing, and then use this forum in an attempt to gain sympathy, I feel is wrong. I am therefore forced to side with the Bakkers here simply because that is the right thing to do. I see nothing wrong, despite it being too cautious, with giving Bakker the benefit of the doubt.

I have been called many names by the Bakkerites on this blog, the most recent of which was:
“a weasel”
a “gutless weasel”
and that I “redefine weasel”

Despite all that, I am saying what I am saying because I just feel it is a decent thing to do. Remember that, Mr. & Mrs. Bakker, and Grandma Char, before the next round of names are hurled my way!

Thanks, and have a great day everyone!

Anonymous said...

To the Bakkerite at 11:46

Jim bakker/good pastor - I believe that is an oxymoron.

The good lord doesn't have or want anything to do with people like you.

So you just validated that Jim Bakker is aware of your filthy, ungodly behavior on this blog. Well he is what my pastor claims he is "the devil", who had done more harm to Christ than anyone he has known in all his 60 years of serving the Lord.

Did Jim put you on the payroll as supervisor of damage control on the blogs. If he did "you fail". You need to be the next employee fired out there. Oh no, that's right it's your kind that belong out there! And that wasn't a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant the Bakkerite @ 12:18 not you 11:46!

Anonymous said...

GIVE THEM HELL!!! Kool-aid-Kid.....You're the man!!!

Anonymous said...

@12:39>>>> Freudian slip perhaps.

Ron said...

Hi anon @ 11:41. Thanks for the input and you make a very good point. I thought long and hard before removing that post, and I could have been wrong in doing so.

I suppose the deciding factor was the specific comment about Bakker and the insinuation. I'd rather have that be public knowledge provided by a more mainstream news source. The greater concern wasn't the legality but the unfairness of it, for lack of a better word.

But if you asked me tomorrow, I might just let it stand. Like I said I thought a long time before removing that comment, it wasn't done in haste.

If 'Jason' is reading, please don't let my moderation affect your desire to post in the future. You have an understanding of Morningside that nobody else is willing to speak about so please do so. And I still suggest that you speak with a lawyer who can represent you and your case.

I thought the very aggressive response to 'Jason' from a Morningside person was very interesting, there's obviously something going on there that the public doesn't know about.

Thanks again for your input!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Hey zombie @ 1233pm!

Do you wear a aluminum foil hat for protection when you read posts on the bucket? That crazy freak "The Junk Man" would be proud of you if made your hat from recycled aluminum.

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness 12:45 here we go again

Freudian slip: When a person has a slip of the tongue, where they say one thing, but meant another.

Don't read anything into my transposing the time.

Bakkerites never make mistakes?

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

to 8:21.. Maybe you live in a world or would like to see a world where equality under the law is only applicable to certain folks. Why? Cause Bakker is a convicted felon he is not entitled to "due process' anymore? you like the idea of mob mentality I'll bet. If you ever find the time you should read "Mein Kampf" or "the Myth of the 20th Century" You might find it inspiring.

fed up with the fools said...

Hi, Good for da Goose:

Glad I got under your skin and roasted your goose! Your comments show I hit a raw nerve. With you Bakker fans that means I spoke the truth and as always the truth hurts. You are an interesting cast of characters. Jim certainly hasn't surrounded himself with the best or the brightest.

Anonymous said...

So, erm... how many times did Jim broadcast the planes hitting the twin towers?? I think Jim is the ONLY person still running these clips on tv."pastor" I hope you rot in hell for eternity! You show these clips to sell your products. Dude, have some friggin respect for the people that lost there lives, and there families. Please. If any of you young , hip, impovy, commune students read this please stop EXPlOITING the ones that passed on that horrific day. Thank you. God loves you he really does, and he's watching your show too.

Craig said...

Try being labeled gay or accused of witchcraft at morningside. Those people "don't fit in". That is a zombie cult.

Anonymous said...

Jim bakker/good pastor - I believe that is an oxymoron.

The good lord doesn't have or want anything to do with people like you.

So you just validated that Jim Bakker is aware of your filthy, ungodly behavior on this blog. Well he is what my pastor claims he is "the devil", who had done more harm to Christ than anyone he has known in all his 60 years of serving the Lord.

Did Jim put you on the payroll as supervisor of damage control on the blogs. If he did "you fail". You need to be the next employee fired out there. Oh no, that's right it's your kind that belong out there! And that wasn't a compliment.


Anonymous said...

to 1:27. I agree those photos are exploiting and in poor taste, they are the most impacting photos I have seen about 911. It is as if a lot of time and thought went into how people would react in response, real tasteless propaganda. there is no need for that to be rehashed for a profit motive. The motivation on why they are shown is wrong, to capitalize on it financially. I'm what you might call a zombie but I find that in bad taste also.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To Anon@153pm

I feel the same way as you in this matter. Thanks for your words.

Tanya said...

I wasn't able to watch the all the shows with the Rabbi in part due to the repetition (they made 5 or 6 shows out of 1 show's worth of material), but mostly due to the constant images of 9-11.

They definitely chose the most horrific images to show, and they showed them every few minutes - disgusting and indefensible.

(Ron - yikes. Even without the fact that threatening someone via the internet is illegal - which, as you said, it is - you'd think people would realize how badly it reflects on them. But, give someone a computer and unhook critical thought, and I guess that's what happens. Thanks for responding.)

Kool-Aid Kid said...


Me too. Could not for the life of me watch the 9/11 terror imagines on Bakker's tv show. No way. You know Jim Bakker if you make, and I'm sure you will, money from that episode aired today be assured it's dirty money.

Not right. said...

They knew what they were doing. They post the photos and let your imagination take over. I can't fathom what those photos have to do with his show. I mean even if you are a Bakker supporter, out of a sense of fair play you should write Bakker and tell him what you think of some of his advertising tactics, we already know what the strategy is. Then the crowd sits around and shakes their heads like that compensates for the whole scheme, I could see if he was donating a percentage to the Memorial Fund or the children of 9:11 at least that would add some saving grace to that whole advertising abortion.

Craig said...

I would like to know what the charitable causes morningside donates to, other than the fake ones he and his cohorts have created.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

When you have your last breath in this world Mr. Jim Bakker, the devil will come for you and he will even be pissed at what you have done with the 9/11 images.

Anonymous said...

They say there are things so horrible, that even the devil does not want you in hell for it. Sometimes I believe this.

Anonymous said...

From a transcript of Jim Bakker on Larry King Live:

KING: What's going to be different from the past, and why should they believe?

BAKKER: Well, what'll be different from the past, I think, is we're hoping to have no fund-raising over the air. And we've been talking to many people of how to do this, and I think there's just...

KING: You won't be pitching people for money.

BAKKER: Yes. That's -- that's our number-one goal, you know? And first of all, I don't want anybody to believe in me. I don't want...

KING: You don't want them...

BAKKER: No, I don't. I don't ask them to believe in my. I want them to believe in God. That was one of the big mistakes I made before. I wanted people to believe in my dream, and my dream became more important than the people. You know, I thought the people -- I was doing all for people, but Diedrich Bonnhoffer (ph) says, you know, that when the dream of Christian community becomes more important than the community, that's when it's a sin.

Anonymous said...

It is my belief that the above constitutes the exact definition of "hypocrite"

Tanya said...

K.A.K. - a week's worth of shows with the Rabbi and endless looping of 9/11 images. And the Rabbi is coming back for more shows, isn't he - I wonder if we will get more of that disgusting display. You know, in my area, the local news made a public decision to NOT show those images because there were some hospitalized people (with various mental illnesses) who actually tipped into psychotic breaks after they watched that endless looping of the images (the TV on the ward had been left on a 24 hour news channel). That is how disturbing it was to see the carnage... but Jim Bakker apparently has no problem using this footage for profit.

I wonder what the students think - all of them - the ones who had a hand in editing this footage into the shows, and the ones who did not.

I'll make the question neutral: any students wish to comment on the use of 9/11 images in the shows with the Rabbi?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shameless Pastor had been convicted and served the time so now he is very bold to make money under the cover of Bible. His TV show is more like QVC TV than a religious TV he is very shrewd and bold to sell different kind of stuff every day and making big time money and pay no TAX because he knows that IRS are sleeping and can't come to him since he had been convicted and served his time so he is not afraid any more

Anonymous said...

When IRS is going to catch this crook pastor Jim Bakker His show is not religious but sales show as long as he pays TAX we got no problem but he is not paying TAX that is not fair with America why don't IRS watch his show and find out what he is doing so we hope from IRS to look into his business and see if he is doing right according by Law

Anonymous said...

Too bad there are so many hateful people who actually believe this blogger. Jim Bakker is telling the truth when he warns of being prepared. Anyone who wants to dispute that has their mind, ears, and eyes closed. Just look at history, even recent events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Those people are now strong believers in keeping a few supplies on hand for such emergencies. Read Dr. Fortschen's (a Professor of History) book, "One Second After" for just a glimpse of what happens in any kind of collapse.

Anonymous said...

I have watched the JBS for the past eight years only to see it go from bad to worse. It has become a Fear and Sell program. They sell continually thru out the show.
Today I sent a complaint to LaSea Communications about the use of Fear to sell products on this JBS. Today May 13, 2014, the guest was selling His book and to sell it he was using stories of terrible events caused by the EMP bomb, where people were dying. Of course Jim would use this story to sell the generator or shelf life food. This guy should not be allowed on Christian television. Write to the station communications you have viewed this program on. It is time to STOP JIM BAKKER,

greeneyes1396 said...

God hates ugly! Get a life in the Lord.. repent! Jesus is coming soon..

greeneyes1396 said...

Get help! God hates ugly! Repent..for someone that wants to report anyone to the IRS is evil! You dont have to watch his show if you dont like what he is doing...

greeneyes1396 said...

Why dont you get a real job and mind your own business...LET ME CALL THE IRS ON YOU!!

greeneyes1396 said...

You break the law every day! Lets put you in jail!! Repent!

greeneyes1396 said...

You government troll... you will get yours in the end!

greeneyes1396 said...

Wow, you are a flaming ass! Who knocked God of his throne and made you God? Get help you pethetic decieved satans child...

greeneyes1396 said...

You government troll... you will get yours in the end!

Anonymous said...

He's a low life poor excuse of a human being.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable how dishonest and corrupt Bakker really is,and the innocent people he steals from, where are the Christian leaders whom we desperately need in this country to expose this corruption,oh that's right,like Bakker they are now kissing racist trump's ass

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