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Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Interview with Foodbucket Fanpage blogger Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is on a mission from God. The Colorado-based blogger's wicked satire covers the ongoing misadventures of televangelist Jim Bakker. Yes, that Jim Bakker, the man who once ruled the Christian television world through PTL and Heritage USA before spectacularly imploding in front of an international television audience. Jim Bakker was charged and ultimately served time in federal prison on multiple counts of mail and wire fraud, including a single count of conspiracy. He claims to be a changed man. According to Ron Johnson, he isn't.

Ron Johnson's blog makes for fascinating and often-times hysterical reading. I reached out to him through his blog, to see if he would agree to an interview with me. After multiple verifications of my identity, he agreed to meet me at a busy Starbucks in Boulder. He arrives early, wide-eyed and jumpy, with an awkward swagger about him. His brow is heavily furrowed, yet his eyes are warm and he wears a nervous smile. We greet each other, he shakes my hand, and I'm immediately hit with the sense that this Ron Johnson, the person receiving so much hate from his underground blog, is just a normal chap. I like him already.

[Stone] Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us Ron.
[RJ] Hey no problem dude. I'm honored.

[Stone] Honored?
[RJ] Sure. Who would ever think I'd be interviewed for making fun of some obscure televangelist and his tv show? Certainly not me.

[Stone] Are you surprised?
[RJ] [laughs] Very.

[Stone] You seem a little nervous?
[RJ] [laughs] I'm a nervous guy. Well, not nervous, but fidgety. It's hard for me to sit still because my mind is always running.

[Stone] Alright, so tell us a little bit about yourself.
[RJ] Well, there's not much to say really. I'm a pretty boring guy. I work a lot and I watch a lot of tv.

[Stone] By a lot of tv, do you mean The Jim Bakker Show?
[RJ] Actually, no. I only watch Jim Bakker when I'm gearing up for a blog post.

[Stone] [surprised] Really?
[RJ] Yeah. When I first started this thing, I would watch him pretty regularly to find out what kind of shady stuff he was up to. Now, I just don't have the time. When I'm writing, it's an all-consuming thing. I have to lay off a lot nowadays, otherwise I'd never sleep. My mind is very active when I'm writing.

[Stone] So describe your blog to me.
[RJ] Well, my blog began as just a hobby. I had watched Bakker during the preceding years [of the blog], and was just completely disgusted with him. So I thought, what the hell, I'll start writing about him online, giving my opinion on what I see going on.

[Stone] Just like that?
[RJ] Yeah, just like that. I had no idea where I was going with it, I just started writing. I remember one of my first posts, Bakker had this guy named Glen Eschelstein or Eschelman, something like that, he had him on and the guy had a big bleach stain on his jacket. Or maybe it was makeup. Either way, this Eschelman dude is on tv with a big obnoxious mark on his jacket and I thought it was funny, so I mentioned it.

[Stone] I remember that post, and I remember the stain. I think it was makeup.
[RJ] [laughs] You'd think someone would have caught that and fixed it before showtime, right?

F-B: Hairless Ape, Waterhead, Morningside Strangler
Directly over the Hairless Ape's shoulder is another person who makes me suspicious; I suspect that Jim may have actually hired a waterhead for piano duties. I know waterhead is not a nice word, but I first heard it from Jim's own mouth when he used it to describe a retarded person. And I think that's what I'm seeing wearing a blue vest and pounding away on the Morningside piano right now. Maybe Slick Jim reversed the musician payment deal on him, telling him that instead of being paid to play on the show, he has to pay Jim to play. However it happened, somehow, some way, he's there.

I don't know where in the hell the old piano player Chubbs went. The band is probably wondering the same thing. That is, except for Guitarist Joey. As discussed a few times over the past year, I suspect the smooth-handed Joey may be moonlighting as the Morningside Strangler, luring people into his van to check out 8-tracks, then giving his smooth hands a workout. I don't think Joey's wondering about Chubbs:

Guitarist Joey: "Ain't nobody seeing Chubbs again."
[Drummer] "Hey Joey, you seen Chubbertini around lately?"
[Guitarist Joey] [dismissive tone] "Nah, I ain't seen him."
[Pops the Bass Player] "Say, wasn't he going to help you install a tape deck in your van last weekend?"
[Joey] [gruffly] "He didn't show up."
[Pops] [innocently] "Didn't show up? That's strange. it's not like Chubbs to not meet his appointments. Say, you don't have his number lying around do ya? Maybe you can call him up?"
[Joey] [eyes lower threateningly] "No pops, I don't have his number lying around."
[Pops] "Joey, calm down will ya? I just wanna find out where he is, maybe ask around a bit to see if anyone's seen him."
[Joey] [smirking] "Ain't nobody seeing him, pops."

And now this new, defenseless piano player has been dropped in there with Joey, defenseless as a feed mouse in a snake tank. Will the Morningside Strangler strike again?

[Stone] [laughs] Now, I've noticed that your writing style seemed to change from those early posts. Would you agree?
[RJ] Oh yeah, for sure. I started out just sort of summarizing the show, giving my opinion of what I saw, drawing conclusions based on my observations, that sort of thing. Then at some point, probably around July or so, I started giving a narrative instead. The posts got longer, and in my opinion funnier, as I started writing what I thought real-time as opposed to having to go back in my mind and recall events to summarize the show.

[Stone] You seem to have gotten more comedic too.
[RJ] Well, I think it's always been satire. I'm not a professional comedian and I'm not an English major, so it's not that I planned to make it satire. It just is, that's the way I write naturally I guess. Frankly, it's the way I see the world.

[Stone] [laughing] Must be an interesting world?
[RJ] [laughing] Oh, if you only knew. It's like, anytime I engage my critical eye, which is frequently, I can't help but think of stuff which makes me chuckle. This applies to myself too by the way, my sense of humor includes self-deprecation, and if someone makes a joke about me, I laugh. If it's funny, of course.

[Stone] So your blog was always satire, but you just changed the way you approached writing? Is that correct?
[RJ] Exactly. I went from memory recall for summary, to real-time thought for narrative, if that's the correct word. I started watching the show and writing real-time as I watched. That's why my posts grew so large over time. It's not on purpose, it's just the nature of the beast.

[Stone] How do you want people to approach your blog?
[RJ] What do you mean?

[Stone] I mean, should people read it for humor, read it as an expose, or something else?
[RJ] I would say that people should read it for humor and for my commentary, but with a critical eye. I express my opinion about Jim Bakker and his guests, sometimes fiercely, but I could always be wrong. That's the nature of opinion, it's not fact and it can be debated. If I'm wrong about something, I'm more than happy to change my views. But you gotta show me where I'm wrong. I'm watching a television show and making jokes, giving my opinion on what I see, and drawing conclusions based on my observations. I think that is abundantly clear to my audience. If it isn't, then you shouldn't be reading it, and you probably shouldn't be handling knives or other sharp objects either.

Did Jim just return from Florida?
[Stone] So what you're saying is that when you say Jim and Lori are heading down to Florida to their plastic surgeon, that shouldn't be taken as fact?
[RJ] [laughing] How the fuck would I even know that? What I do know is that Jim and Lori look remarkable for their age, though please don't confuse 'remarkable' for 'beautiful'. Jim himself had his skin pulled back tight like a snare drum on the show once, there's a picture of it in one my posts. That shit was so tight his ears wiggled when he smiled. And every few months Lori shows up on the show with duck lips or wearing a hat. Indoors, by the way. She's wearing a hat indoors, which makes no sense and in some circles is considered rude unless you're bald. Lori is obviously not bald, so why would she suddenly show up wearing a hat on the show? To me, that means they're getting plastic surgery or botox. And when I think plastic surgery, I think Florida.

I know Lori has gone to Florida a few times because she's mentioned it on the show. So I connect the dots to impart my opinion in a funny way, within the context of whichever blog post it shows up in. So no, I don't know for sure that they go to Florida for 2-for-1 plastic surgery trips. Do I think they do? Yeah. I think them going to Florida for plastic surgery is more likely than them visiting some cross-eyed Ozark plastic surgeon who's going to fuck up their faces. Oh wait...[laughs]

[Stone] So it sounds li...
[RJ] [interrupting] Let me say something else to this effect too. I don't lie and I don't mislead, it's not in my character. I write what I think and I try and make it funny for readers. Yes, I feel an obligation to expose Jim Bakker and his buddies for what I feel is very suspicious behavior down in ZombieLand. But I don't need to lie to do that. The fair way to do this is to do exactly what I do: Express opinion through satire and commentary. Lying is, frankly, not an option for me. If anyone feels I've lied, just let me know what it is and why it's a lie. If I believe you, or if you show me evidence which corrects me, I would correct myself. The draw of my blog, I think, is that people can see that I'm not making shit up in the way I express my views. For all the jokes, there is also that seed of truth which I provide. I don't mean truth as in this part is true and this part is false. I mean truth as in, my readers are seeing the same thing I'm seeing. I had a comment once that said something to that effect, that I am able to put their thoughts into words for them to read. I don't know if that makes sense or not?

[Stone] Sounds like you take truth seriously?
[RJ] Absolutely I do. Everyone deserves a fair shot. Truth is fair. Lies are not.

[Stone] Do you have any proof-reading or editor or something, like a relative or friend to check your work before you're done with it?
[RJ] Nope, it's just me. I don't let anyone see my work before I'm done with it. It's all rough draft until that last second when I hit 'post'. The only thing worse than seeing my jokes out of context are seeing them unfinished. I consider myself an artist in a sense, and I don't want people seeing stuff that's incomplete.

[Stone] An artist eh? Do you paint?
[RJ] [laughing] I can't draw for shit. I guess what I mean is that...umm... I've found out through writing this blog that I'm actually a pretty creative person. I don't physically paint things, but I think I sort of paint mental pictures for people, and take them down a fun little road in their minds while they're reading. Let's face it, The Jim Bakker Show is atrocious to watch for a variety of different reasons. But I make it fun for people. I've even seen some people leave comments which sort of copy my flavor and style. I love it! That brings pleasure to people. Maybe it doesn't bring it to Jim and his buddies, but that's not my fault. They know what they're doing is wrong, so I really don't give a fuck whether our laughs are at their expense or not. I don't have sympathy for people like that. I'm a real polarized dude.

[Stone] [laughs] know they have medication for that.
[RJ] [laughs] Nah not like that. I mean, I personally feel that I exist on both ends of some sort of emotional spectrum. I am very kind-hearted. I don't like saying that because it's inappropriate to label yourself like that, but what the hell, as I get older I think I'm just going to accept it. I feel a very genuine, innate sense of wanting to help people, to add some kindness to the world. But on the other hand, I feel a powerful sense of justice. I suppose there's some interplay between those two poles. [thinking] I would explain it like this: Those people who are kind and unassuming, just normal people living their lives, when they are hurt by someone who is taking advantage of them in some way, then I have no problem at all with treating the perpetrators like dirt [laughs]. For instance, consider the death penalty. I'm all for it. I'd even support the death penalty for something like armed robbery. [laughing] It's not that simple of course, circumstances are important, but if it's cut and dried, like you took a gun, you terrorized a person, and you stole their money, then I say: Goodbye to you. There are good people on this planet, and you aren't one of them.

[Stone] Let me play devil's advocate then: What about bloggers who make fun of people in Jim Bakker's audience by calling them inbreds and zombies?
[RJ] I don't have sympathy for people who are willfully ignorant. They are perpetuating Jim's behavior and allowing it to spread to others who may be unintentionally ignorant. They are not helping the world, in fact they are detracting from it.

[Stone] But what if they aren't? What if they're just working a job to try and make ends meet?
[RJ] Well, if that is truly the case, then I'm sorry. I don't deny that some people over in ZombieLand might be in that situation. But consider it this way: If you are only working there to support yourself, then I hope you'd understand that any jokes I'd be making in your direction are just that: jokes. If it were me, I'd sort of be honored.

[Stone] Honored at being made fun of?
[RJ] [laughing] Yeah, why not? So I call you fat, or stupid, or cross-eyed? They're words, who cares. I'm not the prettiest guy in the world, I have flaws. And people I know make fun of my physical flaws, shit I make fun of them myself! So what? You're a character in the world I've created, and you're giving people laughs. Is that so bad? Geez dude, go smoke a joint and relax. Don't take yourself so seriously.

[Stone] I'm interested in knowing how long it takes you to construct a blog post. I know some of them extend to multiple pieces, and in reading the know they can get pretty complicated. That must take a lot of time?
[RJ] It takes a shit load of time. Hours upon hours, over multiple days. Keep in mind, it's not just the writing, it's the image capturing too. I probably take about a hundred and twenty pictures for each blog post. Then I choose which ones to use, edit them, and integrate them into the blog. Then I have to caption them. And keep in mind, all the while I'm still re-reading and re-writing the text to make it better.

[Stone] And this isn't your full-time job?
[RJ] [laughing] Nah. For awhile there, it felt like a full-time job though. Every weekend I'd be writing this shit, through the afternoon and sometimes into the night. It became too much man, that's why I started pulling back a little bit.

[Stone] So would you say it was burning you out?
[RJ] Oh yeah, definitely. But the responses I was getting from my readers was worth it. They thought it was hilarious, and I was very proud to know that I could make people laugh while also doing what I felt, and still feel, was a good thing. I was exposing Jim Bakker to the masses.

[Stone] I'm interested in that. Why do you think Jim Bakker needs exposing?
[RJ] Because he's insulting to me.

Jim Bakker insults my intelligence
[Stone] In what way?
[RJ] He's on my television, telling me the world is going to end and that my money will be worthless, yet he's happy to take my money in return for all the junk he sells. That insults me because it assumes that I'm too stupid to see the hypocrisy of it. Add in the fact that this guy already went to prison for fraud, and it's just too much. I had to speak up, to speak the truth as I see it.

[Stone] You sound pissed?
[RJ] [laughing] I'm not pissed, I'm just frustrated. I'm a principled guy, and I know right from wrong. What I see him doing on television is wrong. He's scaring people unnecessarily. You don't do that. I don't care if his people are suckers, or stupid, or whatever. It's not right. Make an honest living, don't be a dickhead who has to stretch the truth and make shit up about hearing from God in order to make money. I like to think I'm above stooping that low simply to make a buck. Money dude, that's what it's all about for him. At least from what I see from his show.

[Stone] But in his defense, doesn't he have to make money in order to sustain being on television?
[RJ] He doesn't have to be on tv.

[Stone] But he's a televangelist?
[RJ] He doesn't have to be a televangelist. He can just be a preacher at a church. Nothing wrong with that. This would be like saying that, as a drug dealer, I have to sell crack to continue being a drug dealer. The solution to the problem, if I'm an honest man, is not to be a drug dealer in the first place. And that's not to say that Jim can't continue to be a televangelist. But if he is one, he needs to do things correctly. Jimmy Swaggart is back on tv, and you know what he's doing? He's preaching sermons, giving legitimate teaching, and selling bibles and cds to keep himself on the air. He ain't selling sleep bands and chintzy jewelry named after his wife.

[Stone] Now see, you sound pissed again.
[RJ] [laughing] Okay, maybe a little bit. But it's borne of frustration. I just want to see people do the right thing, bring some good into the world for a change. Not all this slinking in the shadows, preying on the weak-minded.
Larry Bates is on the witness stand. The tense courtroom is packed with onlookers and media. Ron Johnson sits behind his lawyer's desk, a blue-plumed bird perched protectively on his shoulder. Twelve jurors listen intently as Bates is questioned.

[Defense Attorney] “Mr Bates, can you describe the word 'integrity' to me please?”
[Larry Bates] “Sure. Integrity is being upstanding and moral.”
[Defense Attorney] “How about honesty, Mr Bates? Does integrity include honesty?”
[Larry Bates] “Yeah sure.”
[Defense Attorney] “Sure? How about 'yes' or 'no'?”
[Larry Bates] [slightly ruffled] “Yes, integrity includes being honest.”
[DA] “And being honest means not lying, would you agree Mr Bates?”
[Bates] “Yes, I would agree.”
[DA] “Do you have integrity, Mr Bates?”
[Bates] “Of course I do. What kind of question is that?”
[DA] “Very well. I would like to play you several video clips, Mr Bates. In these clips, you are going to see Jim Bakker on camera. After each clip, I will ask you one question.”
[Bates] [squirms in chair] “Okay.”

Jim Bakker weeping uncontrollably
The courtroom watches as video is played of Jim Bakker, fake-crying while talking about Lori's House fundraising.

[DA] “Did you see that video clearly, Mr Bates?”
[Bates] “Yes.”
[DA] “And do you think Jim Bakker was really crying in that video, or was he faking it?”
Larry Bates appears very uncomfortable in the witness box. A long pause ensues as Larry Bates considers his answer.

[DA] “Cat got your tongue, Mr Bates?”
[Bates] “I would say yes, he is really crying.”
[DA] “Can you repeat your answer, Mr Bates, this time addressing the jury?”

Bates turns nervously towards the jury.

[Bates] “Yes, he is really crying.”
[DA] “Thank you Mr Bates. Now please watch the monitor again as I play another clip for you.”

Tears stream down the face of a sobbing Jim Bakker
A new clip is played of Jim Bakker, this time choking up while talking about road building. A juror laughs. Bates again shifts uncomfortably in the witness box.

[DA] “Do you think Jim Bakker was really crying in that clip, Mr Bates? Or was he faking it?”
[Bates] “Where is this going? What are you getting at?”
[DA] “Answer the question, Mr Bates.”
[Bates] “I'm not answering your question.”
[DA] “Why not, Mr Bates?”
[Bates] [angry] “Because it's a stupid question.”
[DA] [petitioning judge] “Your honor, can you please compel the witness to answer my question?”
[Judge] “Answer the question, Mr Bates.”
[Bates] [turning red] “Yes, he's really crying.”
[DA] “Can you please repeat that to the jury so that they can hear you?”
[Bates] [turns abruptly to jury] “Yes, he's really crying.”

[DA] “Mr Bates, I have one final question, just for clarification purposes. Part of having integrity means not lying, right?”
[Bates] [face has turned bright red] “That's right.”
[DA] “I'm done with this witness, your honor.”

[Stone] Okay so let's move on. You left a comment on your blog a few months ago suggesting that you had another project going on in the background. Were you serious?
[RJ]Right, yeah a few months ago I mentioned that I had something 'bigger' planned. I had this idea that I was going to document myself covering Bakker, sort of create a cheap indie documentary. I know that my personality is a little different than most people, and I thought it might be compelling to see me doing what I do when I sit down to cover Bakker, because it's a lotta shit. But I ended up getting so bogged down in writing and working my real job that it just never happened. I had a whole idea thought out, I think it woulda' been really cool. I'll bet I would have had some of Bakker's numbskulls watching it too. Those people are fucking stupid man [laughs]. I'll bet Jim could physically grab one of those people by the cheeks, look them in the eyes and call them a dumbshit to their face, then turn around and sell them a bible for a hundred bucks. They are that stupid.

[Stone] [laughing] That stupid huh?
[RJ] [laughing] I mean, Jim actually sold these people magic stickers that were supposed to somehow give you more strength. [laughing] Do you know how fucking retarded you have to be to buy something like that? And now I've poked their cage. They're all starting to wander onto the internet and attack me like rabid lemmings. I don't need that in my life man, I got enough to take care of day-to-day in my life to not need to be calling the cops all the time on lunatic stalkers.

[Stone][laughing] You sound a touch serious in how you say that. Are you really concerned about lunatic stalkers?
[RJ] Yeah dude, Bakker's zombies are nuts.

[Stone] I'm going to read off a list of words to you, and I want you to give me the first word that comes to mind. Okay?
[RJ] [laughing] Alright.

[Stone] Lori Bakker.
[RJ] Airhead. [laughs]

[Stone] Foodbucket.
[RJ] Disgusting. [laughs]

Joey: "Wanna check out some 8-tracks in my van?"
[Stone] Guitarist Joey.
[RJ] [laughs loudly] Man I love Joey! He's my favorite character of the whole bunch!

[Stone] Why is that?
[RJ] I don't know, I think it's the Captain Stubing hairdo and the way he plays that axe. He also gets this look on his face sometimes like he's too cool for school, you know?

[Stone] So you don't really think he's a serial killer?
[RJ] [laughing] Nah man, no way. The only thing Joey's killing are guitar notes, and maybe a few hearts of lovelorn ladies. Those are jokes, it's satire. It's funny. In fact, and I mean this sincerely, I hope Guitarist Joey laughs at what I write about him. He looks like a cool guy.

Enjoying yourself in Moldova, Flip?
[Stone] [laughs] Okay, back to the word association. Philip Cameron.
[RJ] I don't think I can come up with a single word that's strong enough to express my feelings about Philip Cameron.

[Stone] What do you mean by that?
[RJ] I can't stand Philip Cameron. I think I've mentioned before in a blog post that I dislike Philip Cameron even more than I dislike Jim Bakker. Cameron is just...I don't see anything even remotely redeeming about that guy. At least Bakker is capable of being likable. Cameron doesn't even have that.

[Stone] Yes I've read your posts about him. They're pretty brutal.
[RJ] Right. I don't like him at all. I'd love to do a whole satirical blog on him in particular, but apparently the fat fuck likes to hide in Moldova a lot with his orphaned girls and boys so we don't see him that much. Ugh.

[Stone] Moving on. Jim Bakker.
[RJ] [thinking] Intelligent.

[Stone] Intelligent huh?
[RJ] Yeah, Bakker is a smart guy. Look at how successful he is at making a living, and how he makes that living? That doesn't mean he's a good guy, or that he should be lauded for it, but he certainly knows how to ring the dinner bell for inbreds.

[Stone] How do you think he does it?
[RJ] I don't know man, but he does it. I've always felt that he's successful because he has that 'aww-shucks' demeanor that everyone trusts. It's hard to believe that a guy that looks like a kindly old frog would be lying to you about receiving special prophecy from God, then use that as a means to take your money. But he does it, at least in my opinion he does. I don't know how anyone of sound mind could think otherwise after watching his show a couple times. It's pretty blatant.

[Stone] Is there redemption for Jim Bakker, in your eyes?
[RJ] You mean personally, with me?

[Stone] Yes.
[RJ] Of course there is. Everyone can redeem themselves in my view. I'm a fair guy, in fact that's something I pride myself in. If someone told me that I wasn't being fair it would be like an alarm going off in my head, and my thoughts would come to a screeching halt. For Bakker, if he folded up shop tomorrow and admitted that he's been wrong these past few years, then I'd be done. In fact, I would applaud him for it...publicly. People can change if they want to, and that change can be startling. I know, because I changed. So if Jim Bakker changed his tune, I would support him for that.

[Stone] So you would actually lend your support to Jim Bakker if he changed tomorrow?
[RJ] Sorry man, I know I'm being a little unclear here. My thoughts come very quickly so sometimes I figure them out while I'm speaking. Support isn't the right word here so let me clarify. [thinking] If Jim Bakker stopped running Salesville tomorrow, I would give him praise for it because he would deserve praise. I don't think I'd ever fully support him or stake my reputation on him, that seems fairly impossible to me. There are very, very few people who I mix my name with. [laughing]

[Stone] Like?
[RJ] The only person I can think of right now is my wife [laughing]. I wouldn't even put my reputation on the line for some of my family. Everyone has to prove themselves to me before I stake my reputation, and let me tell you...that takes a long time.

[Stone] I just have one more on this to follow up. So you don't hold grudges?
[RJ] I wouldn't say that I don't hold grudges. I think it's more accurate to say that any grudges I hold are temporary in nature. I am always open to changing my mind.

[Stone] So outside of the Foodbucket Fanpage, have you considered other topics to write about?
[RJ] Actually yeah, there's a few different things I'm interested in doing.

[Stone] Would you care to enlighten us or are you keeping them private?
[RJ] Well, what I do with Bakker could translate very well to politicians or other people who I consider to be shysters. I absolutely can't stomach politicians. They're all liars looking out for their own self-interests. I'd love to cover political debates or something like that, or maybe just pick whichever politician is the sleaziest and cover them, solely. The problem, unfortunately, is that the creative process for me comes very slowly. I could cover a political debate with satire, with nobody getting out unscathed, but I can't churn it out in a timely fashion.

[Stone] People want stuff quickly, you're saying?
[RJ] Right. Reading about a debate from a month ago, something that's already happened, I think people may just sort of move on and not care. But I could be wrong on that. Maybe people would be interested, maybe the timeliness of it isn't important when people are looking for laughs at the expense of disgusting people. I wouldn't know until I try, I suppose.

[Stone] I'd read it, sign me up!
[RJ] [laughs] Yeah, well, it takes time that I don't have much of anymore. You know what though? All these shitheads who can't stand me because I make fun of Jim Bakker and expose him, I'll bet you they'd love me if I went after a politician they didn't like. They'd be telling me I'm the best and go get 'em, that sort of thing. I really believe that. Superficial people man, they're really strange. Insult their God [Jim Bakker] and their vicious. [laughing]

[Stone] Other ideas?
[RJ] [laughing] Actually, yeah there are a few other ideas floating around. I'm a big mixed martial arts fan and I've thought about maybe covering the UFC and other organizations in a comedic way. Not in the sense of putting it down, because I love it. It would be more like, creating characters out of the fighters and sort of covering different fights while pointing out the humorous things I see while I'm watching. The ref's haircut. People in the crowd on their cell phones. Fighter gear malfunctions, stuff like that. That one might be a long shot, but it's something.

[Stone] So what about the...
[RJ] [interrupts] You know what I really wanted to do but I had no time? I wanted to cover the funeral of Kim Jong-Il. Did you see that thing?

[Stone] Yes I do, we actually covered it on an article.
[RJ] Yeah well, nobody would have covered it like me. That thing went on for hours and hours, with the soldiers freezing their balls off on the side of the road and everyone beating their chests in feigned sadness. I actually served in Korea when I was in the Army, so those wacky North Koreans always interest me. I only caught about an hour of the funeral, but I'm telling you, I could have made that thing hilarious. Oh man, that's really the one that got away.

[Stone] I'm sorry you missed it.
[RJ] Oh believe me, I'm sorry too.

[Stone] So what's up with the Foodbucket Fanpage? I notice that you're speaking about it in the past tense?
[RJ] For the past few months, I've been thinking of ending it. That's why the time between my posts started getting so stretched out. I think the time has come now. I just don't have the time or desire anymore, and I think I've said all that needs to be said. If my heart isn't into it, then I'm going to start writing things that aren't my best work. I'm not cool with that. It's either the best from me or nothing at all.

[Stone] So you're admitting defeat?
[RJ] [laughs] Call it what you want. I've poured a lot of time and energy into it, and I'm happy with what I've done and accomplished. I've brought a lot of enjoyment to people, brought a lot of critical attention to Jim Bakker, and I think my readers will remember Ron Johnson and the fact that I fought the good fight. I'm honestly sad to say goodbye to my readers, but I have my own life to live. At some point, you have to finish the chapter and start a new one. At the height of my writing, I was spending entire weekends hacking away on my keyboard. I would drive to work reviewing lines in my head, coming up with better ways to write things. My wife would speak to me at home, but all I'd hear was my inner monologue as I focused on my latest blog post. My wife never once complained, but now I'm complaining. I'm tired of writing about Bakker, I've been tired of it for a few months now.

I'm ready to do something different, and I've already started laying the groundwork for the next chapter of my life. We're new to Colorado, and it's beautiful here dude. Lots of natural stuff to see, shit that I like. I'm actually going to take a layoff from my job pretty soon and go back to school to study the earth sciences. And I suppose Jim Bakker is going to continue doing what he does. Oh well, I've done all I can. Either good will triumph here, or it won't.

[Stone] So the Foodbucket Fanpage is done then?
[RJ] Yeah, I'm done.

Thank you to all my readers.
Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” Mark Twain


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Anonymous said...

This is why, many years ago, I quit contributing to any kind of "ministry" that isn't local. I now contribute to my town's Salvation Army and to food pantries, the local Goodwill store, etc.

I have absolutely no interest in spending my hard-earned money to keep these crazy TV preachers babbling and gesticulating on the public airways like they are a part of an old slapstick vaudeville show.

And Yes, I am a Christian and have been since 1976.

Gospel music affectionado said...

Pastor Bakker, you might want to consider hiring Meade Skelton, Christian singer from Charleston, VA. He does a very good job as a Gospel singer.

Buckets R Us said...

truebucketfan: You are so correct in what you say. I caught that show and could not believe what I was has to be a scam to launder the money for something else...remember when they were showing pics of where those girls were originally living? It HAD to worse than what they built...and now they have to tear them down? Watch how the gullible ones donate to this pathetic!

Painiac said...

I have another question that I have not been able to get a reasonable answer from the Mourningside food people. Why is corn the only yellow vegetable offered? Here I go again, advocating for the seniors. Aren't they aware that corn is soooo problematic for those with diverticulitis or Celiac disease? I know these problems are not confined to seniors but we have a higher incident rate. As a matter of fact, I am so corn sensitive that I can not eat/drink anyting with corn by products in it....which is about any processed food. I must cook everything from scratch. I would imagine the correct answer is that corn is the cheapest yellow veg to freeze dry in spite of the prophecy that this country would be out of corn by last August. Jimbo keeps talking about it tasting like Grandma's corn on the cob. Horse pucky. Corn has not been the same since Monsanto geneticly atlered it to include an herbacide and now has the patent for ALL corn seed. Monsanto had to go all the way to the best Supreme Court money can buy but they finally won. They won because corn is basicly no longer a life form (which can not be patented....yet) but an herbacide. Not my idea of a health food. They should be offering additional yellow veggies such as carrots and squash before they are geneticly altered with herbacides, then patented. When I contacted the US Dept. of Agriculture and asked them if corn was a seed, veggie or herbacide, their response was, "We are not in a position to respond to that question at this time". Hmmmm. I am still confused over how the Hayes kids were able to "graduate" from the pseudo program in less than nine months. Was it my imagination or was their dad less than enthusiastic looking when he was there for the 4th of July shindig. It wouldn't surprise me if he pulled those kids out of there.

Anonymous said...

Joe C. was munching down on the corn dogs and corn on the cob at the Jul 4th main event. Joe C. is good people.

Where is the Police Report? said...

Didn't someone say here recently that Jimbo mentioned that was a secret he has been hiding for 45 years? Well, let's see. He is now 72. 72-45=27. Is that supposed to mean that at age 27 when he was married to Tammy Faye that a church person molested him? Wasn't this the time period when he was working at CBN for Pat Robertson where he was rumoured to be having a homosexual affair with a CBN staffer? Where is the police report? Did this molestation even get reported to police? Was the molester put on trial for rape, sodomy, and whatever other charges applied? Was the molester found guilty? Did the molester then serve time in prison after being convicted? Did the molester then come out after serving their sentence and have to register as a sex offender? Or, was there no trial? And if there was no trial then there was no--well, you get the picture, don't you?

Jessica said...

"Where is the Police Report" posted it perfectly...typical Bakker delusions. If Bakker was molested 45 years before and if you do the math he would have been 27 just like Where is the Police Report said. When I read it I laughed because if your 27 is it really being molested? How does a molester hold down an adult and have his way or maybe the molester wasn't a male but a female. Curious, maybe its an urban legend with the ongoing Bakker saga. It goes to show what I said in a prior post....the Bakker zealots have a hard time adding and subtracting, When they heard Bakker telling the story and weeping about the molestation 45 years before, didn't his audience count back and come to the same conclusion? No, not them. They just love that him no matter what. Strange and weird, but after all this time on this blog, not surprising.

I wonder if the groupies know that the show is just nonsense and the joke is Jim Bakker and since they seem to have no motivation they are along for the ride.

Not a Bakkerite. said...

To "Police report": Sexual molestation situations amongst kids were "swept under the rug" years ago. Religious figures were like gods to parents and the perverts really got away with a lot. It was not till the early 80s (McMarten Preschool, the Amerault case) that things changed. I don't doubt Bakker at all. You and Jessica make the fallacy of confusing the times then with the present. Always a fatal fallacy.

Anonymous said...

"Joe C. is good people."

I don't know Joe C. personally so I can't say for certain what kind of person he is.

But obviously, he is the kind of person who will use a public forum like this to stockpile sympathy/empathy from well-meaning folks into his own personal gain.

I couldn't look at myself in the mirror if I did that, but it doesn't seem to bother Joe. His behavior reminds me of some used car dealers I have had to deal with in the past.

Joe C. for dogcatcher. No, assistant dogcatcher.

Man is only as good as his word said...

Joe C. gave his word to Bakker to keep his mouth shut and owns up to it. The only problem I have is he also gave his word prior to seeing Bakker to folks here that he would let them know what's up. I was raised a Man is as good as his word, and always honors the first agreement, order, command, promise, what have you.. Myself I would not have backpeddled on the first promise.....But that's me.....and I'm no so called Marine.

Painiac said...

While I am extremely slow to give any consideration to Jimbo's sob stories, I certainly believe that an adult (male or female) can be molested by an authority figure. It's all about power, not sex. If it happened on the job within a "religous" setting the dynamics become more complicated. Let's just drop the subject, eh? Stay cool and well hydrared. Hugz to all from the Painiac.

Just me said...

Paniac, you are absolutely right in my opinion. A very mature and intelligent statement on your part.

truebucketfan said...

Just musing here... Although Jimbo can come across as simple, his mind is always working to be one step ahead of 'the man'. What if his alternate Rapture is to Moldova? No better place to continue his money ministry away from the grasp of U.S. laws. He has to see that what he is doing could lead to dire circumstances, i.e., being shackled while curled in a ball and crying under his attorney's desk.

It will be interesting to watch now. He just mentioned on the live feed that he wants to take Pastor Hayes (read him and his whole crew) over to Moldova to 'teach the orphans to sing'

I am going to be watching for more clues. I say no way is Jim Bakker going to suffer the humiliation of being a convicted felon AGAIN

Anonymous said...

I don't know the man, but what I see of this Cameron guy on TV really gives me the creeps. He sucks up to Bakker more than any other guest I have seen on the program. I sincerely hope he is not what he appears to be on TV since he is working with those girls.

PC Macpherson IIIrd said...

I don't know but history tells me that guys who make a priority of helping young girls have ultimate motives. Picture some guy who wants to get involved with Girl Scouts, you have to be a little suspicious. Hey I could be wrong, but myself, I would let my wife do all the PR and be very cautious.

Jessica said...

If you want to see how creepy Cameron is go back and check the past posts by Ron and the one that shows Cameron kissing the fingers of a girl whose fingers were missing or stumps. It was gross and then Cameron spoon feeds some of the girls and watch him lick his lips as he is doing it. I believe Ron awarded him a Scammy award for his disgusting behavior.

surly old coot said...

Jessica you're very spunky and have a lot of gumption! Your correct it's your money and you can do with it what you wish, I just prefer Atlantic City.

That Cameron fellow is a sick creep and those girls look so afraid around him. I bet they are treated like slaves and are told what to do and say.

Anonymous said...

surly old coot backs Jessica. Not the most cherished person to back you. He thinks Joe C. is sneaky.

Painiac said...

Hey Truebucketfan!!!!!!! You have made some very interesting observations. I wonder what sort of agreement the US has with Moldova. Could Jimbo be brought back here from Moldova when he finally gets in trouble with the IRS? While slick, our boy is greedy and thinks he is smarter than the govt. He never learned his lesson. Eventually, there will be a whistleblower who isn't afraid of him. He has stepped on way too many toes and offended way too many little people. Watch out for the little people, Jimbo. Having all of his assets in Lori and his MILs names will protect him just so far. When the grits hit the fan (and they will) these gals will not take the wrap for him. He has mentioned sending Pastor Hayes to Moldova to develope a good choir there. Don't count on him selling out to you, Jimbo. He looks less enthusiastic each time he appears on the infomercial. I may start watching the live feeds again as this is getting interesting.

truebucketfan said...

Thanks for your input on my musings, Painiac --- I think the little thing that sparked my train of thought on the Moldova rapture was when Tammy Sue gave her four baby lambs for which she paid $200, to Flip Cameron to take back to Moldova with him. Jimbo and Flip are awfully buddy-buddy, splitting their profits they make on each of their 'houses'

I did a quick check on the net and it appears that Moldova has no extradition policy with the U.S, meaning if a person flees there, Moldova has no duty to return them here for charges.


dancingmaster said...

I think truebucketfan and Paniac are both the same person. Like talking to yourself. (?)

Painiac said...

Yo, Dancin'!!!! You're a hoot. Thanks for the compliment as I am not as sharp as Truebucket. I'm just a little old wheelchair bound senior. Jimbo wouldn't be interested in me because I live on a $700 disability budget.

So there is no extradition from Moldova. That is just too good. Now Truebucket, you know they can't be very close when Flip didn't know that Lori's House was having problems and Jim didn't know about the building code problems in Moldova. I'm glad I wasn't eating when they told that whopper. I would have choked.

As for Tammy Sue, I have avoided any discussion of her and will continue to do so. Pain is written all over her and Daddy is really working it. He'll never get his hands on Jay. He doesn't even respect him enough to quit calling him Jamie Charles which he has requested ad nauseum. Even Lori has enough decency to call him Jay. The plot sickens.

Butcher Bakker and the Candlestick maker said...

Paniac, old Jim would still be interested in you. If you can live on 700 a month you could live on 600. The other 100 going to Bakker's coffers. 100 dollars is still 100 dollars.

ban rifles/handguns 100% said...

I could think of a hundred things to donate money to as a good cause instead of Morningside. I would suggest the readers of this blog donate to any anti-firearm lobby. The situation with guns is getting worst and worst. This theatre klling spree is nutso. The heck with Bakker, donate to "Ban Firearms Now".

truebucketfan said...

to Painiac-

--Jimbie wants you to know that you can pitch your pup tent, purchase all your food and sustinence from him, (don't forget your own toilet paper), purchase a key to the john for a mere $500 - if you want to use indoor plumbing, and since no doubt you are a liftime PTL partner, he says, lucky you, you can camp in his wilderness out back for LIFE! He can't guarantee you a black pleather recliner in the front row on Grace Street. That perk is not included in the "Loser people who don't get it" club

Warning, though, you may be buried alive by a bulldozer out there, a hapless victim of Jimbie's latest swimming pool being dug

Painiac said...

Do you suppose he would let me have a site next to the shower/bathroom? The great outdoors tends to tear up the wheelchair. lol!!! Of course they could start a new club for seniors that would give them convenient sites with paved driveways to the bathroom. We all know how he loves his Grannies, at least the ones that have money.OOOPS!!!! That leaves me out. Perhaps I could get a scholarship. That would be another good sites for very low income Grannies. Adopt a Grannie. I'm available. Have a great weekend.

Like Bakker but hate Paterno said...

The folks here who put down Bakker are the same ones who say that the NCAA went to fTar with Penn State sanctions. They want their cake and eat it too. Bakker is a Saint compared to that bum Paterno. The ruling was correct. Tear down Paterno's statue and pound salt into the ground where it stood.

Painiac said...

Hey Like Bakker!!!! How can you assume that because we can't tollerate Bakkers behavior, we automaticly are supportive of the gross behavior of the Penn State Athletic Dept and everyone in it? That had to be a poorly kept secret within the Penn State community. What's worse is that those who could have made a difference, chose not to. As far as I am concerned, they Penn State Athletic Dept. revictimized those youngsters over and over. What consequence they receive on earth is nothing compared to what is waiting for them on the other side.

Jessica said...

Someone posted that they like Bakker. Even though he is a convicted felon you like Bakker. How do you feel if there is a felon working with you or going to church that is fine with you? Wow, I would have a hard time putting my family around people with criminal records who continue to do the same crime. I truly dislike christian s having no respect for the Jesus/God and using Jesus as the hook to get money for Bakker's projects that only supply him with more money. He is a stain to the high standards that the Bible established. Like the ten commandments "thou shall not steal" and so on. I am assuming, therefore, that some people, like the poster, don't mind sharing company and giving money to a television con artist that looks you in the eye and says trust me and support me in spite of the fact that I am using your money and not having to account to anyone. As far as God goes, is a joke!

Wow, if you can know all that you know about Jim Bakker and still like him then your tolerance level is higher than mine and most of the world. See, I think a person that rips people of in the name of religion has no conscience and is a sociopath which means he only thinks of himself and doesn't care about anyone else, including your opinion of him and mine.

I guess Bakker is your drug Mr. Poster. Sad.

right as rain said...

Sandusky ran a charity for kids that he used to satisfy his perverted sexual appetite. This guy Phil on Bakker's show is nothing like that pedo sandusky. There's the difference between what's good with the world and what's not. They should melt down Paterno's statue for scrap and donate the money to Phil.

we all bear crutches said...

Jessica, your drug must be Los Vegas and the vice of gambling. A superior form of sadness is that. Los Vegas, den of organized crime, dope fiends, alcoholics, and prostitutes.........sin city!

Jessica said...

"We all bear crutches" posted to me about my "gambling".

I'm not on television begging for money in the name of Jesus to support my gambling habit as you would say.

Honesty and integrity is what most people strive for, wouldn't you agree? Or do you prefer Jim Bakker's life style and the way he uses Jesus and the gospel to make him wealthy? As you know, he went to prison for doing just what he is doing right now. Does it matter? Yeah, I think so.

I go to Vegas about 4 times a year so I wouldn't say that is a crutch or a drug.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts. I don't take offense. I like the debate on Jim Bakker and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Jim and Shorey both screwed up tonight. Jim started to say this evening,speaking of the generator, the " suggested retail price" but caught himself at suggested and then stumbled for about 5 seconds and corrected himself by saying " the amount you give to the ministry". Not soon after, Shorey commented twice on how the food you "BUY" from bakker is like insurance.....

Anybody seeing what I am?

nothing could be finer said...

Shorey's great! He adds a lot of comic relief to that program. Without his comic genius, that show would be just another run-of-the mill bible thumping event. Love that guy! He absolutely cares not an iota what normal folks think of him. funny, funny, funny.

Painiac said...

I agree that Shorey does not appear what others think of him. That is not always a virtue. The guy is a slob and no comic. For that matter, he isn't the great vocal talent Jimbo promotes him to be. I am appauled at what he calls the finest musical line up he ever worked with. WHAT???? What about when Thurlow Spurr was musical director at PTL? The band was huge and professional quality and the singers were top notch. Shorey was a back up singer and did a much better job then. Let's put it this way, Sandi Patti didn't make the cut for tryouts there. That's quite a surprise. Several other future big names didn't make it. The show is populated with a bunch of wannabe hacks and he knows it. Who else would take his cr@p?

Anonymous said...

Kevin is the cat's ass! He's funnier then Jerry Lewis! I really dig him.

Buckets R Us said...

Kevin does what bakker says...if he doesn't he will taken off the show like he was earlier this year...On another note...did anyone take a good look at the crap they are pawning off now? That lamb garbage looks like the stuffed animals they hand out at carnivals and the other stuff that goes with it looks like dollar store garbage!

truebucketfan said...

Kevin Shorey has sold his soul for a song. He is just another trained parrot/clown on the set of the Jimbo TV show. Doubt if he can stand looking in the mirror at himself.

Will they PLEASE stop showing reruns of fat Flip "Uncle Phil" *WINK WINK* doesn't that name say it all - and his fat Lorax face? He gives me the shivers.

Surly old coot said...

I refer to that Cameron fella as "Filthy Phil" and those girls he travels with are basically slaves who do and say what he orders them to. They can cry on demand to try and get the old geezers to feel bad and open up their wallets.

Chicago Tribune Excerpt 8-30-89 said...

August 30, 1989
By Mary T. Schmich
Chicago Tribune

"...Not all the promotions were for lodging. One offered a David and Goliath sculpture in exchange for $1,000. According to the promotion brochure, it was a sculpture ``many feel is worth $1,000.``

``Do you know what the cost of the sculpture was?`` prosecutor Jerry Miller asked Lois Chalmers, a Heritage employee who wrote many of the promotions.

``I believe the cost was approximately $10,`` Chalmers said..."

Painiac said...

Surprise. Surprise. I had a friend who made a donation, expecting a quality "love gift". She was a collector and recognized it was a mass produced piece of junk rather than an individually produced piece of junk. She took it to a professional to have it assest, just to be on the safe side and he confirmed that it was mass produced junk. When she called PTL to complain about the deception and was reminded that she had sent a donation and purchsed nothing and was rudely hung up on. My friend was aware that it was a donation and quite frankly was not attempting to get her money back. She just wanted to let them know that she knew she had been deceived.

Sasha said...

Of course it was worthless garbage, why would Jimmy send anything of value in return? I'm sure he runs to the bank to cash the checks, and good luck to anyone requesting a refund! I feel bad for the call center that has to answer calls from everyone that is deceived sending in "love gifts" and receiving cheap trinkets!

Painiac said...

Most donors must know that the value of the "love gifts" is grossly inflated. The suggested value of the jewelry that is mystery metal thinly dipped in sterling is beyond laughable. They are quoting solid sterling value for junk jewelry. I resent the deception. The plating is so thin that it can't be worn with any regularity. For him to say that someone has worn any piece on a daily basis is unforgivable. Mystery metal does not bond well with sterling or gold. Gold bonds fairly well to sterling but can not be worn on a daily basis without losing the plating.

We have a fresh batch of new programs coming up. Sadly, it's the same old group of fear mongers. He can re-run those shows ad nauseum for a few months. Talk about keeping the overhead down. Pretty soon he'll be pulling a Bob Tilton and start running programs going back to when he came back on tv. No production costs and the checks will keep coming in and the mailing list will continue to grow. All they have to do is continue making promo spots for the survival goodies and updates on the latest building projects.

Did anyone notice Jimbo's reaction when Flip said that he (jimbo) married above himself? Most men, when told that, laugh and say "I sure did". The first time, he said nothing and did a pretty good job of controlling his non verbals. A couple of minutes later, Flip looked him straight in the eyes and said, " I told you that you married above yourself". Jimbo's expression gave his attitude towards Lori away. He said nothing, changed the subject and you could feel the temp. on the set drop. That was a very interesting exchange. Have a great night.

Buckets R Us said...

You are so right...It could be phil the philanderer, or phil the panderer, or phil the porky one, or phil the possible pedo...well you know what I mean...

Rich relatives are a + thing said...

I think Kevin's Inlaw is Mel Tillis and his sister-in-law is Pam Tillis. Kevin is set if God forbid anything happens.

Anonymous said...

I bet Joe C. has a picture of Kevin with Bakker and the whole Morningside troupe autographed and hanging in his living room.

Los Angeles Times: The Sins of the Preacher (Excerpt) 10-15-89 said...

The Sins of the Preacher (Excerpt)

October 15, 1989| by David Edwin Harrell | Harrell is University Scholar at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and has written biographies of Oral Roberts and Pat Robertson

"...The cast of characters surrounding the Bakkers in the final years included the talented but profane evangelist John Wesley Fletcher, who orchestrated the Hahn affair and later claimed to have had sexual relations with Jim Bakker, and David and James Taggart, talented and stylish young men who fabricated a genteel family history. David Taggart, a bright and courteous executive with "distinctly effeminate" manners, wielded enormous power in the PTL organization and diverted huge sums of money to his brother and himself. When Taggart was asked under oath whether he had sexual relations with Bakker, his attorney invoked the Fifth Amendment..."

Why not? said...

For the older girls (20+) Phil Cammeron should have a mail order bride service. A legit one where the guys who request brides are screened throughly. That would weed out most sickos who place applications. Like an adoption service does. It would help those poor girls or at least give them an opportunity then that crazy country they live it does. The proceeds go to the organization.

Grandma Maxine said...

That wont happen because "filthy" Phil Cameron wants all of the girls to himself. They are his property and he has them all blackmailed so they do what he says!

Painiac said...

Anyone who reads my posts knows that I am no Flippo Fan. I find him disgusting. With that said, I do not believe he feels he owns the kids or blackmails them. It is enough that the kids have blind obediance to the person who got them off the street. I did my homework and Moldova IS the epicenter of the sex trade in Europe and sends its girls all over the world. The US is its largest consumer. The kids are getting an education and some self esteem. One is engaged to be married. As the girls become adults, they are going to need to take their newh skills and move on so there is room for new kids. A steady flow of new girls makes for a steady flow of tearful stories. Boy, I will be glad when his re-runs quit airing. Enough is enough. Everyone have a good weekend and stay well hydrated. The sun is barely up and it is 91 already. Expected high of 105.

Surly old coot said...

That creepy "Filthy" Philip Cameron is a daggum liar who actually lives in Alabama with his heirom of young girls. He makes up these sad stories about them to play on emotions and pick the old folks pockets to get himself rich!

new improved KaK said...

Still you got to hand it to Camerron. He's living the good life and did it all by grit and determination. How many of us would gladly change places with him? By the way is that recent guest on Bakker's show any relation to Pat Buchanen, looks like his clone.

p said...

Hello???? I have tried to post for several days and the posts don't make it onto the board. Not cool. I hope all are well and dealing with all of the assorted foul weathers. Best wishes from the Painiac.

painiac said...


Buckets R Us said...

painiac said...Hello?
I'm here...watching and waiting...watching and waiting...

Surly old coot said...

Hello, can you hear me now?

Jessica where are you?

Surly old coot said...

How come every time I turn on the Jim Bakker Show, I see that cotton pickin Brutus character from the Popeye cartoons talking about doom and gloom!

Sasha is sexy said...

Joe C. for Mayor. Where's Jason? At least the Rabbi believes in Jesus. He got that going for him.

Joe C, Blue eye, Missouri said...

I'm back.

Anonymous said...

Well, we'll see if I can post here. About the Brutus character: I am sure his outlandish book has made him a millionaire by now. I've been hearing this kind of stuff for 40 years and, when I was young and naive, believed it. Then I figured out what is all about: that there is gold in them thar' hills!

Anonymous said...

Wondering whatever happened to Mini-Jimmy, the grandson?

Grandma Maxine said...

Joe C., how do you like Florida, and did you enjoy the 4th of July celebration with your benefactor?

Surly old coot, if you're ever in the Branson area give me a call on the horn!

painiac said...

I imagine James is in the background, somewhere. He woed his mother back into the fold. Now that he got the job done, I don't expect to see him on camera so much. I had to chuckle when Tammy Sue returned and the kid said that Uncle Jay would be next at which time Jimbo does a great fake cry. That won't happen until they are skating on the lake of fire.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about that, Paniac? I haven't seen or heard anything about the grandson for at least a couple of months on Bakker's TV show.

Chubbs said...

Little Lori wants nothing to do with the ministry and I havent seen James in quite a while either, but Marie made an appearance and then was quickly sent back to her boarding school.

In addition, Mondo is MIA...

painiac said...

James was on the set for about a week after his mother moved to Mourningside. Who knows? He may have taken advantage of his mother being there and decided to go visit his father and brother. Tammy Sue will back James and Jimbo wouldn't dare cross her at this point. It's nice to see someone have the upper hand with him. I think that would be a real hoot, not that he would ever announce it.

Anonymous said...

What is funding the construction of the Old Mill Inn? I haven't seen any fundraising for it.

Anonymous said...

Bakker rails against the "prosperity Gospel" at the same time he lives at a standard better than 75 percent of the people who contribute to his ministry. Where I live, we call that hypocricy. What do the Bakker followers call it?

Grandma Maxine said...

Of course, the gullable bobbleheaded zombies are the ones who fund everything of Jims.

The only reason Tammy Sue is there is because she has no job, her marriage failed, and she lost her home. Jim promised her a new set of choppers and a place to live if she came there and sang!

New improved KAK with MFP. said...

Hi Joe C. you're one of the good guys. One of the most respected posters on this site. Hope you aree doing well. KAK

painiac said...

Good Morning Grandma Maxine. I think you may have underestimated Tammy Sue. She carried the ball in the marriage, supporting Doug and the boys. That was no easy task when her maiden name was Bakker. She really went downhill when her mother finally passed. It was no easy task co-ordinating all Tammy Faye's care. When all is said and done, I think Jimbo needs Tammy Sue more than the other way around. There's a lot of deserved guilt there. James finally managed to pull off a reconcilliation. Jimbo better not try to recreate her in the image he wants or the gal will take another walk. I have a feeling that she would go back to poverty before she will be manipulated again. Just my thoughts. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Bakker irks me with how he gets on his TV show and cries about how rough he has it. At his age, he has reasonably good health, a nice place to live, job security, and people who think he's Moses. He ought to get back out into the real world and find out what it is like for many of us. Bakker, I'll trade places with you any day. Quit moaning and whimpering.

Anonymous said...

I assumed funding for the old mill inn came from Frank Davis. There's been no on-air fundraising. In the mean time, Bakker is begging for money for Lori's House and the school. I assume Frank Davis is turning a nice profit on his buckets because of Jim, and he was more than happy to fund construction of a warehouse to hold and distribute his merchandise.

Anonymous said...

Jim collects the old folks gold (even got his own sister's gold). He sends the gold to Frank Davis who sends the old fools some dried junk called food. Ken Davis then builds a warehouse for Jim. Jim doesn't have to beg for money for his latest scam. What a racket!

Los Angeles Times 5-27-87 (Excerpt) said...

Bakker Shows No Remorse, Falwell Says: Evangelist Should 'Return Millions' to PTL, Successor Says
May 27, 1987|From Times Wire Services (Excerpt)

FORT MILL, S.C. — The Rev. Jerry Falwell today said that he doesn't see "an ounce of repentance" in Jim Bakker and that the fallen PTL evangelist needs to come clean about a 1980 sexual encounter and his "homosexual problems."

Bakker also should "return millions of dollars taken from the coffers of this ministry at the cost of widows" and people who sacrificed to make payments to the television ministry, Falwell said at a news conference after a meeting here of the PTL board...
Falwell also said he at first believed that Bakker had engaged in one brief sexual encounter with Hahn and that intercourse had not taken place because Bakker was impotent.

Falwell said that Bakker called him May 17 wanting to return to PTL and that he (Falwell) told him: "Since then I have learned not only did you have sex with her, so did John Wesley Fletcher (another evangelist), and another aide was going to, but she was unable to and was lying prostrate on the floor."

Falwell said he had heard that Bakker asked that unnamed aide two weeks later, "Did you get her too?"

"That makes my blood boil," Falwell said.

He said he told Bakker, "I would be doing a disservice to God to allow you to come back here."

Falwell said he later "sat across the table" from men who described homosexual advances made by Bakker.

Sees Lack of Remorse

Asked during the news conference whether Bakker is ill, Falwell replied, "Either he has a terrible memory or is terribly dishonest, or he's emotionally ill."

Falwell said Bakker has shown no remorse for his acts.

Anonymous said...

I am on a mission. I will uncover fraud. I believe I already have, just need to get my findings to the proper people.

painiac said...

Years ago, Bakker brought himself down with greedy, shameful behavior. A young, determined journalist helped Bakker along the way. He didn't give up when others said Bakker was too big and well connected to bring down. He worked hard, looking under every rock and following up on whistle blowers who were willing to give info. but were fearful to give formal testimony. The job can be done. Prayers for those impacted by this devastating storm.

KAK anti-matter said...

to anon at 3:43, you'll never do it staying anon. You need a handle, a name. Try "deep throat".
I bet you got Bakker and Zack and Kevin all shaking in their boots, tough guy/gal.

Anonymous said...

To KAK anti matters:

You people who support Bakker are rude, obnoxious, arrogant, and just plain evil. Only evil people tell others they hate them and hope they go to hell. It's you people who think you are tough. One thing is for certain you don't know God or serve Him. Thank you for proving to everyone what Bakker and his followers are made of. Bakker can't distance himself from all you deviant people posting here, my mother always said you will be known by the company you keep. Bakker's people who post these ugly remarks are pathetically sick people who are in need of God's help. It is to bad you don't cry out to Him for his help and have a desire to turn from your wicked ways! Your day before they Lord and His reckoning will come.

strong christian said...

to 8:02, anon guy: Your Mom was wrong. Jim Bakker is good folk. He's done a lot of good for society and has given a lot of people faith. I support the pastor 150 %. God bless.

OnamissionfromGod said...

I happen to know first hand bakker is full of %^&*. Anybody that thinks otherwise needs to re-think their position. The truth will come out very soon.

Witherspoons said...

Bakker preaches the true Religion the Christian religion. The other ones really can't hold a candle to Christian religions. "Oh gee, I want to be a Moslim and take part in beheadings and jihads". Give me a freaking break!

painiac said...

Is anyone out there? I tried to post a few times and they didn't go through. I, for one, have burned out on this fool and his fear mongering infomercials. He is a one message, self serving, parasite. Bye all. Be well and God bless.

The Painiac

Buckets R Us said...

I'm still watching and reading this blog...I can't believe the crap he is pushing now...$5000 for a desk statue? WOW...and $50 for a lamb that looks like ones they give out at carnivals...We need Ron back...He put some heat on the huckster and really made him he is acting like he has nothing to worry about...I only hope that the authorities are watching him!

No Nonsense Norski said...

Yes, Ron quit way too soon.

Ron provided a much needed laser-perfect running commentary on this carny sideshow freak.

Sad to see the JB show getting away with such shenanigans.

Grandma Maxine said...

The funniest statement was when guest Mike Jacobs phophsized that there was someone out there that was about to pass away and could give one million dollars to Jimmy...

Ron, how about one more blog please!

No Nonsense Norski said...

Cindy & Mike Jacobs provide such rich, fertile ground for satire, it's just incredible.

It's hard to pick a favorite from the cast of Munster characters that parade across that stage.

All they need to do is dress in Halloween costumes and it would be Horror-Perfect.

Ron! Where are you when we need you?!?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the people I have seen as guests on that show lately have been pretty bizarre. Loved the guy who said he hangs out with angels dressed like pilgrims who had fun with him by bouncing off walls. Oh, and he talks with birds and watches them multiply instantaneously. You have to say, this 3-ring circus is entertaining when it's not disgusting.

Surly old coot said...

That Bobby Conner fella said that Jesus told him he was going to send him a bird to talk to him, so why didn't he record it?

Cindy Jacobs does look somewhat like Herman Munster and I would love to snatch that wig off her head and stuff it down her throat so I wouldn't have to hear her annoying high pitched squeeky voice.

Mike Jacobs made me sick when he said that someone watching the show was about to kick the bucket and needed to send Jimbo one million dollars as his legacy before he croaked.

kyle K figgin said...

I miss Joe C., he was a breath of fresh air, fine upstanding sort of guy. Maybe Joe C. would not give you a penny, but he wouldn't gyp you one either. Remember: "Hipsters ruin everything".

Joe C, Blue eye, Missouri said...

I am here kyle, watching every show and taking notes.

Uncle Henry said...

Hey my buddy Joe C., how is life in Florida after you led us on and then took payola from Jimmy boy to stop the protests?

Wink Dinkerson, Sgt, USMC said...

I miss Tanya and KAK. Tanya made a lot of sense and could think very clearly. KAK was like the Organ Grinder's monkey, something to keep you in stiches. The man should regenerate this blog. Like the old lady above said "one more time".

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Uncle Henry,

I blew all the money Jim paid me on the Ponies.

Jim was nice enough to sell me my place back for 19000 less than he paid me for it.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

I will be asses and elbows at my job until the end of December at which point I will have 3 months to once again do what I think I need to do.

The last 4 months or so have been very interesting, to say the least.

I now know whom to trust and who is full of shit and yes, I have many notes.

Anonymous said...

I miss Jason Wert, he was good at what he did. Zack can't hold a candle to him.

Chubbs said...

Joe C. are you going to tease us once again or finally let us know what happened at the meetings many months ago and fill us in on what is going on recently?

Anonymous said...

KaK might have "offed" himself after Ron put this blog out to pasture. I wouldn't put it passed him.

Ronny said...

Come on Joe C. the statute of limitations in up now and you can tell us all about the meetings and what Jimmy offered you. Are you back in Blue Eye and what is going on there now?

Gus (Joe's buddy) said...

Joe C. should keep his mouth shut about that fatefull meeting. It is sure as shit not going to help things if Joe C. reveals the truth about what went on, so why make things worst? Joe C. is doing the right thing by stonewalling.

Nate said...

Ronny and Chubbs are correct. The confidentiality clause has expired and if Joe C. is a stand up guy he should tell us what happened in the past and what's going on now.

Kent McCord said...

If Joe C. reveals the scoop on what went on bakker will wash his hands of Joe C. Joe C. knows this and will never tell what happened that sordid day. Joe C. needs Bakker more then Bakker needs Joe C. I can understand this.

Joan said...

Say it aint so Joe C. Please tell us what happened as we are all waiting...

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

It aint so.

All of us said...

Joe C. your nothing but a lying phoney, so enjoy the hush money from your buddy James Orson Bakker and get back to work on your ass and elbows. At least Jessica Hahn took the money and then told the truth about what happened!

Buckets R Us said...

I agree with what "All of us" said... Who knows really who Joe C. really is...Is he the one that took the pics ...or did he get bought out and paid to shut up and now we have an imposter (which probably is the case)...anyway I'm glad to see there is still some kind of communication on this site...The man is a fraud and he has inscrutable-looking people on daily...

Geronimo Pubar said...

Watch the opening of Bakker's show when they zoom the audience. Joe C. is the guy sitting in the first row (so Bakker can see him) with a green "I Care" hat on. He's usually clapping the most enthusiatically, almost falls out of his seat.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought: why is everything lately focusing on this one guy (Joe C.) instead of Bakker and his posse? Seems like the focus is being misdirected here lately. After all, It's not called the "Joe C. Show."

No Nonsense Norski said...

Totally agree, Anonymous @ 8:50pm

Joe C. is a non-issue.

Jim the Weasel is the problem.

All of us said...

Joe C. the weasel is a liar and a phoney!

I trusted Joe. said...

To anon: ^^^Maybe it should be called the Joe C. show. No, seriously though, I think Joe let down a lot of folks when he pretented to be in solidarity with the viewpoints here, talked tough, then changed his tune midstream when push came to shove with Bakker one on one, and raised the Bakker flag in support. Stuff like that hangs around a while, like a foul stinko.

new/improved kak said...

if Joe C. would apoligize for what happened would that square things? If he was sincere and honest and came clean and apoligized would you all forgive and forget. Let bygones be bygones.

lipschitz polls inc. said...

Should Jim Bakker show change it's name to the Jim Fakker show? POLL

Buckets R Us said...

Yes,lipschitz polls inc., that would be a great name..The Jim Fakker show...The crap he is selling is getting cheesier by the day. Funny how all the generation now kids are getting fatter by the day...I figure that must mean the money is pouring in...

All of us said...

Joe C took money from a liar and convicted felon and turned his back on us. Until he comes clean we will never forget that he led us all on and than changed his tune once he took the bribe to keep quiet and support Bakker.

Luther aka red Jerome said...

I'm new here but I can't stand people who sell out people for the almighty buck. I think it is dispicable, low down, and ornery. If Bakker offered me hush money like he gave to this dude I'd tell him to shove it. But that's the type of backbone I have I can't talk for other folks. Maybe this guy was down on his luck and starvin g and needed a handout. Got to givehim a chance to preseent his sidee, a coin has two sides, I'm not put on this earth to judge why a person behaves in a perculiar manner. That's between him and his.

Craig said...

Wow. Who cares about Joe C.
Bakker and his buddies are the ones guilty here.

Anonymous said...

Why write so much about "Joe C" when there is so much that could be written about "Jim B"?

I'll bet Bakker and his cohorts enjoy reading all the Joe C. distractions here. In fact, maybe some of them are writing them.

Theron said...

Because Joe C is almost as bad as Jim B by selling out and taking the hush money.

The title of his show should be "The Doom and Gloom Show" with your host James Orson Bakker!

p said...

Posted again yesterday and it didn't make it. Hmmmmmm, this is curious as my thoughts are pretty straight forward but not offensive.....unless the truth hurts. Best wishes.

The Painiac

Civil War guy said...

Compared to Joe C., Jim Bakker is a saint, with Bakker what you see is what you get, you decide. With Joe C., well you tell me!

Uncle Henry said...

Absolutely right Civil War guy! Joe C. led us on saying he was one of us and then turned his back and kept quiet once he accepted the dirty money and headed to Florida!

Buddy's Buddy said...

So the Frog is continuing to scare people with the coming Obama apocalypse. And of course, we all believe him, so now it's time he (and we) join forces with Glenn Beck who is also selling end-time garbage:

"This is an excellent deal, folks. Just imagine, when Obama crashes the economy and summons God's wrath upon our great nation, you'll be wishing you had Glenn Beck-approved cookware to boil up some beaver stew or some urine to treat those nasty wolverine scratches.

While you're at it, make sure you pick up some Preparedness seeds. When the Mud people invade America, they will bring their massive sandstorms and desert wasteland with them. While they can survive on the blood and flesh of infidels, we Americans need our veggies to grow big and strong.

I know some of you have a voracious appetite, so be sure to pick up your nine-pack of Grab and Go buckets. This package comes with 756 normal servings (approximately 21 servings for you). It's a bit pricey, to be sure, but who can put a price on convenience? And who has time to prepare a meal when hordes of homosexual zombies and feminazis are trying to beat down your door? I know I don't!

And finally, don't leave without picking up a Survival Knife with a built in waterproof housing for matches, a saw, fish hooks and the all-important liberal detector. We all know that when it all goes tits up, the liberals will be coming after your hard-earned stuff. With the handy liberal detector built into the pommel of the knife, you can avoid these parasites with ease! And if one happens to slip past, you can stab the grubby socialist right in the dick. Only $19.97!"

Gunney 6 pack said...

Damn straight uncle Henry! To the above, don't try to change the subject, what about Joe C.!

Anonymous said...

What a crock! The guy on Jim Bakker's show the other day with the white beard and hair. Jim asked him a question and he said there are things I can't discuss about his trips and adventures. Trying to make himself look like "James Bond" or CIA guy. That show is so full of bull and baloney. I watch it for comic relief. Joe C. for Mayor!

painiac said...

Rick Joyner is the guy that the CIA and world leaders consult with since he is such an accurate prophet. If that were true and he did have that annointing, things would be straightened out. Jimbo worships at his feet since he bought out Heritage and is restoring what is left of it.

Halloween Joyner said...

Imagine putting lives on the line cause Rick Joyner says he had a vision. I can see the CIA doing a crazy thing like that, Rick Joyner says it's OK, LETS MOVE IN!!!

Anonymous said...

Bummer I missed another hilarious show.....Rick Joyner works with the Jim Bakker or some other delusional person on that crazy show really say that?

Skip said...

No, they planted seeds. Joyner gave the deliberate impression that some of his "overseas" work involved sensitivity, that he was not at liberty to go into. You got the impression without a stretch of imagination that it was real 'cloak and dagger" stuff. James Bond, need to know stuff. Bakker is trying to make his show cool.

Time Magazine 12-19-88 (Excerpt) said...

Religion: Jim Bakker's Crumbling World

By Richard N. Ostling;Joseph J. Kane/Atlanta

Monday, Dec. 19, 1988 (excerpt)

"...As if the indictments were not enough, Bakker's world crumbled further on two other fronts. In an article appearing in the January Penthouse, John Wesley Fletcher, a former Bakker crony, details homosexual encounters with Bakker, claiming that he also procured other young men for the boss..."

painiac said...

No disrespect intended but what does this have to do with his current behavior and getting this fear peddling off the air? I have zero respect or Jimbo. My husband and I operated a large urban para church ministry which was one of the early People That Love Centers. They ended up on our monthly newsletter list. One month we discussed plans to expand into homeless family sheltering once we raised the cash and were clear that this was down the road, and some serious private grants in the works to meet this goal. We were contacted by PTL, said they wanted to get involved and pledged a large immediate amount of money to get the project under way. Christian contractors started working on the strength of that letter of commitment that was NEVER honored. Week after week, I contacted them and was told the check was in the mail. I asked the director of the People That Love if the money was ever going to come and he was dead silent. That mess just about took us under as my husband and I sold all of our few assets to pay the outstanding bills to business friends who had started the work in good faith. I don't even want to get into what may or may not have been his sexual misdeeds. John Wesley Fletcher was not exactly a reliable source of info. as anyone who spent time around him would tell you. I want to see Jimbo's current activities reported by honest inside informers. They are there.

Omy said...

John W. Fletcher was a classic case of the "pot calling the Kettle black". He was trying to save his own hide and would sell out anyone to accomplish that. It did not matter how colorfully embelished the story was by his own imagination. A dog in a panic like he was resorts to all kind of trickery. Jellyfish!

Give J.O.B a break. said...

Jim Bakker is good folk. Give the guy a chance and really listen to him. I MEAN LISTEN! With an open mind, you will see the light.

Anonymous said...

I like Zach, if the sh.. hits the fan I want to be ass to ass with him. In a bar fight, a riot. You know he can deliver the TKO!

Anonymous said...

About listening to Bakker.....I learn more about a person by what they do rather than by what they say.

I'll tell you, what I want to see again on that show is the dude who said he parties with angels dressed up as Pilgrims and has conversations with Jesus who tells him how to have deep, spiritual talk with birds. And then the birds multiply before his eyes at the speed of sound.

Now, that's real entertainment on the Jim Bakker Show!

Buckets R Us said...

Anonymous...You are so right...It is a comedy show from the first minute to the last...I still love the 20-something clothes that lori picks out for him...lipstick on a pig?...I think so...

JB rules said...

Usually nationally reknown celebrities like Pastor Jim have cloths provided or furnished by name brand com. He is lucky in that respect that it cost him nothing. It is sort of a advertisement, product placement you might say.

Anonymous said...

JB rules,

Jim and Loris clothes are not donated, they are the talk of the town in Branson about their overspending on clothes in the local shops. No respectable company would consider Jim Bakker advertising anything for them as a benefit to their company.

Anonymous said...

To annon^^^^<What kind of shops do they have in that backwater town of Branson? I watch the audience and they all wear Dickies, Haggar and K-mart cloths, farmer cloths. I don't think Jim can be spendingthat much. Why make a big deal about it???

Surly old coot said...

That was hilarious when that Bobby Conner fella was telling us about how the bird was talking to him. I'd like to have some of what he was on at the time. He reminded me of Larry the Cable Guy with the stupid humor and phoney southern accent!

Big Jim's Bar and Grill said...

"Go with Joe"..... Joe C. for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

This site gives Bakker and his bunch more attention than they deserve. I swear I have never seen such a waste of life as these Bakker people. Jim being paid to wear those clothes...really?
He has been, currently is, and will always be a rip off artist. Stupid zombies.

Anonymous said...

More and more good, honest, ethical men of God are speaking up about con men claiming to be men of god like the Bakkers, Copelands, Hinns, Osteen etc. etc. Satan has done a good job sewing his tares among the wheat with these ungodly people. As my pastors says "there are a lot of dumb sheep in the fold following these crooks." It is sad that there are so many naive, gullible, or just plain evil people supporting and propping up this con. They feed the flesh when they listen and buy into his lies. Put away food when Jesus taught the opposite. God said to look out for the interest of others and not merely yourself. For a while Jim was promoting a con selling gold, then he turns around and says send in your gold so I can send it to another con to get you bucket food. Jim being the middle man in this ponzi scheme keeps the biggest percent and those who obviously have no wisdom from God fall for all this foolishness. They are getting what they deserve! The gullible or evil person who keeps coming on here defending this insanity makes me laugh, the Bakker crowd wears their Walmart and Kmart clothes while Jim and Lori wear their designer clothes. Let's not forget Jim and Lori drive fancy cars, buy a big lake home, big boat and on and on with the money they defrauded from others. Good luck standing before God defending your stupidity for falling for this cons schemes, and good luck to Jim and Lori when they stand before God trying to justify their evil deeds!

Chicago Tribune 8-29-89 (Excerpt) said...

Bakker Had A Nose For The Good Life, Jurors Told

August 29, 1989

By Mary T. Schmich, Chicago Tribune. (Excerpt)

"CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Jim Bakker was a spendthrift and a shrewd despot, so finicky that he once became enraged because there was no mustard on his hamburger, so greedy that he lavished himself with Rolls Royces and ritzy homes even as his PTL ministry teetered on the brink of financial ruin.

That was the picture a federal prosecutor drew Monday when Bakker went on trial for defrauding PTL supporters of almost $4 million...Prosecutor Jerry Miller told the jury that money had corrupted a ministry initially dedicated to using things and loving people.

``As the extravagance perpetuated itself,`` he said, ``Mr. Bakker changed into a person who loved things and used people.``

Miller claimed that Bakker used the mails, phones and television to defraud thousands of ``lifetime partners.``...Meanwhile, said Miller, Bakker hid PTL`s financial troubles from its board of directors. He also accepted $3.5 million in bonuses for himself and his wife, Tammy, and spent wildly.

His homes included a $450,000 house in Palm Desert, Calif., a $600,000 house in Palm Springs, Calif., a $500,000 condominium in Florida, a $1 million parsonage for Heritage Ministries and a $500,000 presidential suite at the Grand Hotel.

Sometimes, said Miller, Bakker looked down on Heritage USA from the presidential suite and commented on how cheap and ``tacky`` the visitors were..."

Anonymous said...

Bakker is top shelf. And yes JOE C. FOR MAYOR.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Oct. 5 3:44. You are jewel. Idiots who support JB are priceless.

Anonymous said...

Hey, David Taggart also looked down in The Presidential Suite but, ahhh, that's another story. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Bakker is a gem. He gets loud and emotional in berating other TV preachers who focus on material things, but lives a life that is quite extravagant by the average person's standards. Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t? He really is revolting to me on almost every level.

I wear the blue baseball cap in the middle said...

Jim Bakker would be the first to admit that he is not perfect and has sinned in the past. Any man who can own up to his short commings and help the poor man like he does is A#1.

Anonymous said...

Blue Cap,
Bakker has never heiped the poor. He has never taken responsibility for his crimes. He has never paid his past due taxes.
You and the rest of his supporters just help him perpetuate his fraudulent ministry. A sorry bunch you are.

Anonymous said...

Go back a few months. This forum was hopping they had this guy and this guy bad mouthing Mr Pastor Jim. WHAT HAPPENED!! They are gone and Mr Pastor Bakker keeps going. like a inspired Duracell rabbit. What's up with that? Mr Pastor Bakker is either doing something right or what? Hasta la Vista..... Baby

Anonymous said...

To anonymous,

I think you meant hoping. Your grammar and spelling are atrocious!

You are pretty cocky and arrogant. You certainly do not sound like a Christian. To follow and defend Jim Bakker and then claim to be a Christian is an oxymoron!

Anonymous said...

Yea! Well you're a moron!

Uncle Henry said...

Where's Joe C. to restore some order around here???

Jimmy has never helped the poor and routinely peddles his doom and gloom products to the elderly using scare tactics. Then he uses the money to purchase a house on the lake, fancy boat, nice cars etc. for him and his family!

Old coal miner said...

I'll bet Joe C. gets to use all those perks, anytime he desires. Joe C. was born under a lucky star.

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous at 1:04 "Grow up"!

Not a bright bunch these people who worship Jim Bakker. It's sad that he takes advantage of these simpletons!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you answer my question? What happened to all the defeated folks who used to post here? How come they all skedadled like cockroaches and Mr Pastor Bakker remains like the Rock of Gibraltar? Never mind the "tap dancing" and nickle and diming. What da heck happened? Freakin jerk!

painiac said...

Many greedy, religious scam artists are able to buy air time, develope a following and then scare their last dime out of them. Bakker is no Rock of Gibraltar. He just has the right people frightened, blackmailed or indebted to him. It's just a matter of time like in the 80s. He is making many of the same mistakes. I thought he would be more careful this time around. It's no wonder that his line up is so limitted. Only fellow endtimers will show their faces on the set. There was a time when the program was crawling with musical talent. Just about every day featured a headliner. Not now. I just about choked when he said his current "band" was the best he has worked with. Those good old boys are more talented than Thurlow Spurr? I think not. That man developed the best musical dept. in Christian tv. I know the majority of the audience is elderly but I would love to hear something written in the last 20 years. FYI, Jimbo, Tammy Sue is not Vestal Goodman reincarnated. Let her sing something a bit more contemporary.

Dino was there too. said...

Grandma Cha's birthday was a spectacular bash. Was that Joe C. sitting on the stage near the fat lady?

Anonymous said...

It may seem disrespectful to ask, but it needs to be asked, "who cares about Grandma Char, Jim Bakker, Lori Bakker, or any Bakker for that matter!" If this a Christian ministry promoting the Gospel then why is all this self promotion so important? The Bakkers seem to be conceited people living in a bubble of self importance. The grandiose celebrations of their dysfunctional family is over the top. Could they celebrate and worship God as much as they do themselves? I don't think so. Worshiping God and acknowledging salvation through Christ is not the point of this sham. The person who boasted about their "bashes" should be embarrassed not bragging about them. People claiming victory when their behavior turns unbelievers away from God instead of drawing them to Him, are in fact losers. Calling Jim Bakker the Rock of Gilbratler is worldly and your victory will be short lived! People with such hateful speech and behavior won't be celebrating victory with the real Rock! The real celebration and victory is for the faithful followers of Christ.
Philippians 3:3 "We who serve God by his Spirit, who boast in Christ Jesus, put no confidence in the flesh.

Psalm 62:5 He alone is my rock and my salvation. He is my defense, I shall not be moved.

I wonder if these die hard Bakker supporters ever read their bibles? They see Ron and others leaving this forum as a victory. Because you see Ron and others as your enemies I want to know what you do with scriptures such as Proverbs 24:17 Do not gloat when your enemy fails, when he stumbles do not rejoice, For the Lord will be displeased with you and turn his anger away from them.

It seems the most vocal supporters of Jim Bakker are biblically illiturate. The growing problem of Biblical illiteracy in our society has caused the unlearned to support ungodly men who then gain power and wealth from them. That is not a thing to boast about!

Anonymous said...

Really 2:38 you name calling and speech is full of hate. You are a bitter person full of poison. If I was Jim Bakker I would be ashamed of a follower that behaves and talks like you do!

Anonymous said...

To annon @ 8:19; Very direspectful, shame on you!

Uncle Henry said...

Yes that was Joe C. on the stage celebrating Char's birthday and eating cake. After that he led the group dancing ring around the rosie around Dino playing the piano!

Anonymous said...

I thought so. Boy, that guy can sure has the talent to ingratiate himself with the people who can help him. GOOD FOR HIM!!

he's in the money said...

Jim talks about eating healthy and proper nutrition. How come his and laurie's family don't heed the advice. That lady on stage must have weighed 300 lbs. Joe C. on stage must send a message that he is like family to the Bakker clan.

Anonymous said...

Oh my. A bunch of these comments seem to be misdirected. If the cult master actually paid off Joe, doesn't that make Bakker look desperate? If I were a a cult member, I'd be pissed if my social security money was going to Joe. Smh

Anonymous said...

Good Point Anonymous @ 5:25!

Anonymous said...

%0 Anonymous @ 12:16

Shame on you for supporting and defending the con.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, Lousy point! It makes Bakker look like the savy wheeler dealer that he is, and Joe c. like his boy.

Buckets R Us said...

He just used that old lady Char's B'day to sell off the crap that is taking up space in some warehouse...What a huckster...he really should be a carnival barker...Hey did anyone notice that now he is forced to beg for money for individual rooms for Loris house? I tell you it is so much fun watching those gen now kids getting fatter each week...Geez someone stick a pin is zack and let some of that hot air out of him...he is making kevin look small...

Anonymous said...

I notice that about Zack. I think he is under a lot of pressure now that he is rising in the fold. Big bucks and big responsibility is showing. he does sound a lot more professional now then before.

Uncle Henry said...

It's evident that Zack surely is not following Jimmys advice to eat healthy, as he is getting larger and larger.

Why is the clan celebrating the life of an old hag (Grandma Char). I was difficult to listen to all the lies about her. She was certainly no role model since she had several marriages and led her children Mark and Lori into a life of abusing drugs and alcohol,and on top of that allowed Lori to have 5 abortions! I guess Jimmy has to speak highly of her since all of his assets are in her name since they cant be in his name.

Insider said...

Grandma Char is a saint.

Anonymous said...

lol @ 1:04

Nothing about the Jim Bakker comedy hour is professional....especially not Zach Drew!

Big bucks, big responsibility, now that is an even bigger laugh!

The only thing big about Zach is his weight!

Anonymous said...

I think it is going to be a banner year for Morningside. The brotherhood and the love is growing stronger every day. I just hope i can be able to visit the place this or next year. God willing.

Anonymous said...

I wish I were a brainwashed zombie so I could be as smart as 4:58.

Uncle Henry said...

I'll never get close to Morningside because you will be brainwashed. Once your in you'll never be able to leave the compound and Jimbo will drain you of all your assets as he did at Heritage USA.

Buckets R Us said...

Hey Anon@4:58...Don't worry they will make sure you get there...but make sure you have your debit card! Yes Zack and Sasha sure aren't eating healthy...saw a couple of YouTube videos of Sasha bragging how much money all her clothes cost and the "finest" eateries they go to...LOL yeah right in Branson? Yep Anon@4:58 bring your checkbook because those expensive clothes they are buying won't fit next week!!

Eye of the tiger says said...

You got to admit Sasha is Hot! I wonder if she goes out with Zach. If so Zach is doing OK for himself.

Uncle Henry said...

I dont think Zach is interested in Sasha if you know what I mean.

These shows are funnier than most of the sitcoms on tv. I especially thought Kevin singing to the old hag Grandma Char to the music of "Mona Lisa" was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Don was in the house again on last weeks shows. He kept hammering the old folks with the truth they create most of their diseases by over eating, and eating the wrong foods. Makes you wonder what those morbidly obese people on the stage with Jim and Lori are thinking during those shows. Nothing like being on the hot seat!

Anonymous said...

To Uncle Henry:

What do you think of the "singing" on this show. Do you remember the old Gong show. I think every "talent" on this show would be gonged! I get so embarrased when I watch the show with Simon Cowell for the folks that sing their hearts out believing they are good. The crowd is mortified by their awful singing and Simon tears them apart. I can't imagine what Simon Cowell would do if he heard the Morningside band. It makes me laugh to think about it. I am so embarrased for these people on the Jim Bakker show who think they have talent.

Eye of the tiger says said...

lol. I know what you mean Uncle H. What a bunch of assorted nuts they have there.

Uncle Henry said...

Kevin, Tammy Sue, and the Morningside band are third rate at best and would never make it on any legitimate show.

I sure wish someone would snatch the wig off Grandma "skeletor" Char to see what she's hiding under there.

Kevin, Tammy Sue and Zack certainly arent taking Jimmys scare tactic health advice as they seem to get plumper and plumper each show.

Dr Don is just like every other guest that agrees with everything Jimmy says so they can peddle their goods and receive a kickback.

Anonymous said...'s true....all true! What uncle henry says. Where else could they perform...Vegas? Atlantic City? LA? They owe a lot to Jim Bakker and he knows it. He's got them by the shorthairs. He probably doesn't even pay them scale.

Uncle Henry said...

Thanks for the props and Kevin left Jimmys show last year to start his own ministry but it flopped so he came crawling back. Jimmy agreed to take him back with a much lesser role in the show.

These people could never perform regularly at a venue and settled to be on Jimmys show. The singing was so off key today that I had to mute the tv!

Mick said...

Where's Mondo? Have not heard from him. Joe C., do you have any idea, what have you heard from the staff about Mondo?

Grandma Maxine said...

Mondo is probably in Jail!

I'm so tired of watching Jims daily infomercials. He reminds me of an old time snake oil salesman when he talks about everything that Silver Sol will cure!

painiac said...

While I am tired of all of the minions and trolls at Mourningside, I am most anxious to know how and when the right person is going to blow the big whistle and bring Jimbo down. This behavior is an abomonation. You aren't going to see any real male musical talent there again. He doesn't want any near his wife. Dino doesn't count as his wife is always with him and you haven't seen much of him since the flood. Insurance notwithstanding, his ministry took a big hit and he is out on the road making money right now.

The Painiac

16 year old kid said...

Dino looks like a strange dude. That Doctor looks kind of weird too. Just an odd bunch to get hooked up with. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for another appearance by the guy who said that he parties with angels dressed as Puritans and that he has seen birds multiply at the speed of sound. Just thinking about that dude cracks me up! Wondering if he may not be back because Bakker couldn't get a word in edgewise. And you know how Jimmy Boy has to always be at the center of attention.

surly old coot said...

Yes, that Bobby Conners was one strange fella. What imaginative stories he had about talking to birds and seeing eggs being laid and birds aging in the blink of an eye. I want some of whatever that dude was on when he was having these weird hallucinations and partying with angels!

painiac said...

Dino is an absolute mess from too much plastic surgery. He's trying to look like he did when he was Kathryn Kuhlman's lap dog. Sorry Dino, that was decades ago. No plastic surgeon and a bottle of hair color can turn the clock back 30-40 years.

Fred Flintstone said...

Dino looks like the White man's Michael Jackson. Dino accept the way the good Lord made you.

Buckets R Us said...

Wow painiac...I did not realize that Fakker-Bakker really surrounds himself with so many crooks...I googled
Kathryn Kuhlman and found an article that proves that she was a fake also...So it doesn't surprise me that Dino would also be in the mix with them...Geez all the millions they have fleeced from the unsuspecting...The last paragraph of the article about her says: In any case, Kathryn Kuhlman stands or falls before her Lord. Jesus has the last word about her and her work, and not we shortsighted men...The same applies to all those crooks on his flim-flam show...

Anonymous said...

Dino could take a lesson from PatBoone. Pat accepts growing old with dignity. With all the Plastic surgery Dino has recieved. Old Pat still looks better then him.

painiac said...

I cracked up when Dino and Debbie (wife#1) were on the Bakker show shortly after Ms Kuhlman's death and went on and on about how much they loved and missed her. After he left her, all he could talk about was her voracious appetite for younger men and double life. While already an established artist, Ms. Kuhlman polished him up and gave him greater exposure. He knew what the pride would be. By the time he met and married, he was an established Christian artist with his own following. He was in a good position to leave. It's sad that he has ruined his face as he had good bone structure, remained fit and would have aged gracefully. Pride really messed him up.

Farewell To The Worm said...

In less than one year's employment it appears Jason Wert is no longer working for the snake and recently wrote a blog of what happens when churches practice "Pastor Worship" instead of God Worship. I wonder if he had anybody specifically in mind when he wrote that? Farewell to The Worm and good riddance.

Chic Chandler said...

Jason Wert = Sour grapes.

A friend of Jason's said...

Actually Jason's last day is today and once the confidentially agreement is over, he has a lot of juicy information to share!

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