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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jim Bakker on vacation again, replaying last week's episode

Hey Dino, have you had some work done?
Jim is replaying episodes from last week when the plastic surgery brothers were on (Dino and McSpadden). I took a good closeup photo of Dino's bad plastic surgery. I cropped the bottom portion that was advertising foodbuckets and potassium iodide pills for $3000. Does Dino have no shame?

Jim is running a graphic on-screen that informs us that he is 'on location' in some flood-ravaged locales. I think that's Bakker Show code for 'we're on vacation but we'll stop by a few flooded areas for photo ops'. I'm going to make a prediction here and say that Jim and Lori will have a couple foodbuckets with them and might even be passing out blueberry pancake mix and vegetarian cacciatore on camera to show what lifesavers those foodbuckets are.

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NEDZO said...

Jim is the MAN!! LOL