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Monday, May 16, 2011

Bakker states that corn will run out in August

Kevin Shorey missing again, they have the fat kid Zach taking his announcing spot. I heard Kevin was fired a few weeks ago but I still don't want to believe it. Shorey was fat and likable.

Bakker's hitting the foodbuckets pretty hard to start the week. Opening shot reveals a foodbucket pyramid on the set. He shows us various scary clips of the tsunami in Japan and talks about Noah preparing for the flood by building the Ark. He speaks via Skype to Frank Davis from Food for Health, who announces a slowdown in production of Jim's foodbuckets. More fear. Jim then brings in some slimy fella named Glenn Eshelman to advertise his cheesy-looking Sight & Sound Theatre show. Jim tells Eshelman, "You are the most amazing man I have ever met." The outside of the Sight & Sound Theatre is shown in photo, with an obvious photoshop of the sky performed. I understand why later in the episode, when Glenn tells us that his theatre is actually located in a cornfield.

Glenn Eshelman's stained jacket
The segment with Eshelman has some noticeable edits,the guy seems like a bit of a blabbermouth so they probably had to cut him off at points. He also has some sort of stain or makeup on the shoulder of the jacket he's wearing, which disappears later in the segment. Thank God for the Master's Commission payees, they're catching the important stuff.

In an interesting bit of co-promotion, Eshelman starts to play into Jim's food fear tactic by talking about the price of corn increasing to a point higher than he's ever seen before. Jim reads an article he supposedly pulled 'right off the press' from Bloomberg about corn prices, then Jim footnotes it with this strange statement:

"One of the top economists of the world told us on this program that by August there will be no corn in America."
I don't imagine one of the top economists 'of the world' would show up on the Jim Bakker show, but at least we won't have to wait long to watch this prediction completely flop.

Jim ends the show by picking up one of his Grab and Go bags and making a hard push for his foodbuckets, somehow working the antichrist and suicide bombers into his spiel. He references "Monster May" and "Major March", supposed visions he's had of terrible disasters which should be occurring in those months (he took credit a couple months ago for predicting the earthquake/tsunami in Japan).

Jim likes alliteration, but more than that he likes milking old people for money.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Glenn Eshelman has been ousted as head of the Sight & Sound Theatre Show. Details are sketchy, but considering he was palling around with Jim Bakker I'm not surprised that he's been found making 'choices inconsistent with the values' of the Christian business.

Glenn Eshelman ousted