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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plastic Surgery Pals on this week

The Brothers Plastic
Jim has plastic surgery pals Dino Kartsonakis and Gary McSpadden on this week.  The topic of discussion, of course, is the end of the world and how it pertains to overpriced foodbuckets being sold to Jim and Lori's viewers.

Dino, the effeminate piano player, is on the left. Mr McSpadden is on the right (my mom informs me that he's also a musician of some sort).  Dino's house was reportedly flooded out by the recent torrential rains hitting Missouri and surrounding states. I'm sure any foodbuckets Jim talked him into buying are probably floating down a street somewhere in Branson, their vacuum-sealed contents going uneaten.

Elven Jim Bakker
Brother Bakker is wearing a hat that gives him elf ears. The hat is an obnoxious red color that reads "NOW" on its cap...I believe there's a popular Christian clothing line called "NOW", but with a cross going through the O and with stylized letters.  Jim's hat is most assuredly not that from that line.  It looks like something he had made by the Korean tailor in Branson.

And if you don't think there's a Korean tailor in Branson, trust me...there is.


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Anonymous said...

Careful about giving out any of your private information to people you don't know. They could be Bakkerites in sheep clothing.