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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bakker on R&R, replaying bookselling episodes

Why on earth would anyone give this guy money?
It looks like Jim and Lori are taking an undeserved vacation for the rest of the week. The show has a completely different tone and flavor from the doom and gloom earlier in the week; I think they're repeating some shows taped prior to the great foodbucket push in May. I could be wrong, but that's certainly how it appears.

The show opens with Bakker welcoming on his guests,  Dr T. Colin Campbell and Dr Caldwell Esselstyn. One minute into the show and Jim's already hawking Campbell's book, 'The China Study'. He's been selling this book for a year now and the price has never decreased. It's $20 plus shipping from The Jim Bakker Show, even though it can be had for less than $10 online.

Kevin Shorey or Zach?
At the show's three-minute mark, Bakker moves into pushing a movie called Forks over Knives. We see some clips from the movie, including a graphic of what appears to be either Kevin Shorey or Big Zach. The movie, of course, can be purchased from Bakker.

After the movie preview, Lori tells people that they should take everyone they love to go see the movie. Then Jim begins asking Dr Esselstyn some softball questions. Dr Esselstyn clears his throat before speaking, then we see him swallow whatever it was that came up. Not a good start from this guy. Surprise surprise, he also has a book titled 'Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease'. Naturally, Jim is selling that book too. And naturally, it can be had for much cheaper online.

One minute in - Jim's already selling
These two doctors seem legitimate and their books get good reviews, so I've decided to give them an integrity-pass on this Jim Bakker Show appearance. I figure they are suspending their dislike for Jim Bakker to focus on getting their health information out to Bakker's viewers. But doctors, if you are reading this...don't make it a habit. Jim Bakker is not a good guy to be seen in public with.

Bakker talks a little prison, then moves into hawking both doctor's books for a discounted rate. The "Doctor's Special" as Jim calls it offers both books for a $35 love gift (plus shipping). I wonder, if Jim is interested in helping his viewers instead of making money, then why does he give a discount for buying both books together? Shouldn't he just sell each book separately for less?

Dr T. Colin Campbell's floppy tongue
Dr T. Colin Campbell is next up to answer Jim's softball questions. Dr Campbell is a little hard to watch because he keeps flopping his tongue out onto his lips. In the least surprising news of the day, Dr Campbell tells Jim and Lori that including a lot of vegetables in your diet is very healthy. Lori acts completely dumbfounded by this news. After licking his lips, Dr Campbell goes on to state that eating a lot of fast food is very unhealthy and can lead to diabetes and obesity. Again, Lori is dumbfounded.

Dr Campbell, again with the tongue
Jim references a study tying high religiosity to obesity. Jim makes no mention of the foodbucket slop he's been selling over the past year. All this health talk with the two doctors yet Bakker never once asks the question, "Are my foodbuckets healthy for people to eat?"

A Bakker zombie asks a question
The show wraps up with questions from the audience. We see a couple wrecks on the mic asking more softball questions. I swear these people look like zombies. Just before the show ends, one more big push by Bakker to buy the "Doctor's Special". Bakker even suggests that people buy a lot of the books and 'give them away to people like I do'. Does anyone outside Bakker's Morningside cult really believe he would give away something that he could resell for more than he bought it for?

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