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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jim Bakker celebrates 2,000th episode with Idol Worship, part two

This is part two. Click here to read part one of Jim Bakker celebrates 2,000th episode with Idol Worship.

Statue: 'Don't you drop me you assholes!'
A commercial for Lori's House plays. They're asking for a thousand-dollar love gift. This is all pre-produced by the way, it's not live. Lori tells us that Lori's House is about giving mothers a place to live and a place to learn a trade. How in the hell is this going to work? Is Lori going to have pregnant women shipped in from around the country to live at her commune, to be brainwashed and possibly re-impregnated by Jim? This is sounding more and more like Jonestown all the time. The commercial continues with audio of one of Philip Cameron's Moldovan girls crying. Jim is selling us on the Lori's House love gift, telling us that we'll get a Builder's Club card which allows us 24 gifts, but at a max rate of 2 per visit. I love it Jim! People give you $1,000 to build Lori's House, and in return you give them a card for 24 horribly cheap gifts...yet restrict them from getting all their gifts at once. Damn you're good!

A nervous Hedgehog Zombie prays for Jim's statue
The commercial's not over yet. More crying from Philip St Cameron's girls, and now fat Zach is doing a voice over for Jim outlining the different methods of payment available. You can donate through the Morningside phone number, you can donate through the website, or you can write a letter. That's right, even if you're so poor that you can't afford a telephone or computer, Jim Bakker is happy to take your money. Just send him a check and he'll cash it, easy as pie. Don't even bother writing your own, just endorse your social security checks on over to Jim. What a nice man that Pastor Bakker!

Is Grandma Maxine being exploited by Jim Bakker?

Commercial is over and we're back to suspense after the cable slip. Everything is fine of course, but Jim's students are learning how to deceive the audience with crafty editing and background music. We see a couple nervous zombies in the crowd, biting their lips and holding their hands together in prayer while the statue hangs in mid-air. As the cable slip is replayed from a different angle, Grandma Maxine is shown with a look on her face as if she just crapped herself.

Jailbird Jim and Mondo the Illiterate are discussing the beauty of the statue and describing the way the cable slipped. Where the cable earlier lay across the statue's collar, it has now pulled all the way up and looks like a hangman's noose around the beast's neck.

Jim's gargoyle being hung at the gallows
I'm confused: Was this particular Jesus crucified, or was it lynched, Pastor Bakker? Perhaps Jim can write a new book for the bible that includes his very own idol, the Anti Jesus, being hung at the gallows for our sins?
Jim Bakker reading from his self-authored Bakker Bible.

[Jim Bakker] "Turn with me if you will now to the Book of Mondo, chapter 10 verse 33.
 Jim's voice rises to a shout:

[JB] "And they will condemn Him to death and deliver Him to the Gentiles, to be hung by the neck until which time that his natural life does expire, God rest his soul".

I'm waiting for this sucker's head to be yanked off by the cable. What would Jim do I wonder? I think we can all safely say that all bets are on the table if that were to happen. I personally imagine Jim prostrating himself on the ground and weeping loudly.

"You have hereby been sentenced to death by hanging..."
They've adjusted the cable and now everything is safe. Kevin, Charlene the Stinkbug, Lori and Zach all talk about how beautiful the statue is, and we see Grandma Maxine wiping tears from her eyes with a tissue. as the statue touches down. In studio, 'Hallelujah' plays over the sound system as the zombies applaud. Grandma Maxine continues wiping tears away. She's probably the biggest donor for this statue effort, something she would likely be told to 'keep secret between the two of us so that people don't get the wrong idea'. Grandma Moneybags is seated up front in the VIP section and is completely cocooned in a blanket. Since the lifting operation required the crane, the doors are still off the building so it's probably about 20 degrees inside Morningside. The old bags are freezing to death in there. Every time we see Moneybags, she's squirming around inside her cotton cocoon like a butterfly preparing to break free. Maybe she's rubbing her hands and arms together to make heat?

Classy Jim, real classy
Uh oh, looks like there was a problem placing the statue on the floor the first time. Jim's talking to another worker zombie about how to fix the tilt on the thing. Apparently it can't be fixed, because the original designer of Morningside was either cross-eyed or stupid and didn't make the walls even, which means that Morningside is irregularly-shaped. According to Jim, there's no 'center of things'. Jim decides that the best move is to have the idol centered on the fake steeple and chapel facade that he has plastered on the wall.

A near-frozen Grandma Maxine cries tears of icicles
Jim said the statue is valued at a 'quarter million dollars', but he picked it up on the cheap for $35,000. Then he said that all the people who donated, 'with their names there' on the base, gave on average only five dollars. You already showed us the plaque, Jim, and there definitely was not seven thousand names on it. Are you lying just a little bit there, Pastor? Just a small one, to get people who can't afford the big donations to chip in just a little bit today? Hey, what they don't know won't hurt them... isn't that right Pastor?

Jim Bakker and his cast of villains
For the video piece's finale, we get a music video. How Great Thou Art plays while the camera fades in and out on the statue from different angles, sorta like you see with nice floats at the Rose Parade. As the song crescendos to its peak, we see a closeup of Grandma Maxine crying to really drive home the point that she was likely the biggest donor for this statue, then a wide shot of Jim Bakker and his goon squad standing together clapping in slow motion. They're assembled like villains in a movie. Two ex-cons, a pair of fat guys and a couple'a whores. Kevin's superpower is binge eating, while Lori has the power to abort her own babies at any time or place. Skeeter Graham can fly and clack Morse Code with her teeth. Mondo has the ability to escape from any prison and Zach has dual sex organs that allow him to impregnate himself and give birth to more Zachs. And the evil boss at the center, Jim Bakker, has the dangerous power of mind control. Anyone of low intelligence is completely overcome by his powers and immediately gives him what he wants. And as we can see, when Jim Bakker wanted a statue, Jim Bakker got a statue.

Jim Bakker petting his Golden Calf
Now Jim calls for prayer to his carved idol. He and his goons assemble around the base of the gargoyle and lay hands on it. Inbreds in the audience stretch their arms out towards it. Jim has one hand on a foot, the other on a leg. Lori moans along with his prayer. Now Jim is patting around on the statue and telling it that “we bind anything that could even possibly be from its trip”. I suggest that you just bind the entire statue Jim, the whole thing is unholy. Jim tells God that he gives the statue to Him. What would God want with your unholy idol, Jim, other than to destroy it and all who worship it?

Jim Bakker speaking to his Golden Calf
Bakker's still reciting his incantation to the idol. He's hunched over like an old sorcerer, and I think it would be really cool if he took his dark hood and pulled it over his head now for effect. He could just make something up to justify it with the zombies, something like, 'This is how they prayed in Jesus' time.' Then he could just shroud his head with the hood to cast his face in shadow. I wonder if Jim's eyes would glow hellfire-red from within the hood? He's still patting around on the gargoyle's feet and sort of rocking back and forth. During his prayer, Jim tells us that the idol is dedicated to God, this “beautiful replica of our Lord and Savior”. Now he looks up towards the face of the idol as he prays to it.

Grandma Maxine braves the bone-chilling indoor weather
During Jim's prayer to the gargoyle, he mentions a few times that its purpose is to draw people to Morningside. He says that God gave him an image of cars backed up on the highway as people drive to see it. I wonder if Jim will place a little donation box near the statue for people to insert their cash and checks? Or maybe a pool surrounding the statue for people to flip coins into? Jim could force a Master's Media kid to don scuba gear and rake the pool bottom every week as part of their important curriculum. Just don't pick a fat one, they'll just float the whole time.

We're now a good five minutes into the evil Wizard's prayer to his idol. Another shot of the zombies with hands outstretched, minus Granny Max who is still completely enveloped in her snuggy cocoon and dabbing tears from her eyes. Maybe the tears are coming from embarrassment as she tries to control herself from shivering and clacking her teeth?

Zombies pray to Bakker's idol as Granny Max hunkers down
Jim wraps up his prayer by looking up at the statue and addressing it directly as 'you'. The background music swells and everyone applauds for the idol. With the idol firmly in place for inbreds to gawk at, the show returns live.

Bakker reads a dispatch from Rick Joyner, who is probably prepping the inbreds for an upcoming Jim Bakker Show appearance for him to sell books. Joyner says the upcoming years will likely be the best years of our lives, and Jim agrees, saying “This could be your best years.” Immediately following, Bakker states that, “I believe things are going to happen that's literally going to bring America to her knees.” You're saying two completely contradictory things here Jim and you can't have it both ways, at least not on my blog.

Joyner: 'My name's Rick, but all my friends call me Goober.'
Can we all agree that 'the best years' would not be spent eating slop out of foodbuckets? And why should we send you money to build Lori's House if America is going to be brought to her knees? Won't there be other far more pressing concerns for us than whatever cockamamie new building project you have slated?

Bakker peddles more fear through Rick Joyner's words. If you've never seen Rick Joyner before, I'll describe him for you. He looks like an idiot that just hunched himself out of a cave and learned how to make fire. I'm convinced of two things: Rick Joyner's brain is the size of a walnut, and Rick Joyner shits his pants at least once a week. Yet, this country bumpkin' makes a lot of money off the inbreds through his use of big words and ambiguous prophecy. He's another one of these guys like Jim Bakker who looks so stupid and pathetic as a man that people refuse to believe that he would rip them off. Our criminals are usually much scarier looking, so when some doofus comes around with a smile, a lame joke and a tic-tac, the inbreds eat it up like biscuits-and-gravy.

Rick Joyner before discovering civilization
Joyner says things like, “Key civilization markers are pointing to this year being one of the great demarcation points in history. Major changes are inevitable.” Big scary words for the 'breds to gulp down, but in reality this goober's not really saying anything of substance. He's just peddling fear like his pal Bakker in order to keep book sales up and speaking engagements booked. And just like Jim, Rick Joyner can never stop selling his scary stories, because to do so would put him right out of business. Isn't that right, Rick? If world peace were declared tomorrow, with all disease and famine obliterated from the earth, Rick Joyner would still be peddling his phony prophecies and doom-speak. It's the only job this pea-brained mountain man knows how to do, and whether it's honest or not is beside the point because Rick Joyner has mouths to feed. And judging by his big belly, it looks like the first bite always goes to himself. Ricky boy, do the world a favor: Go back to your cave, roll your big round boulder back in front of the entrance, and never come out again. If we need to hear from you, we'll knock.

'Alright fellas, time to start milking the statue!'
Time to start milking the statue. With all zombie eyes now firmly fixed on their flickering, rabbit-eared television screens, Jim's back with The Harbinger DVD set for $55 and telling us what a big seller it is. He really crows about how many sales this thing has had. He said the first printing was 200,000 copies, and jokingly brags “And I ordered most of them!” Jim continues stroking his own ego, telling us that he's responsible for bringing this book to the masses. The DVD set, he adds, cannot be purchased anywhere else because it includes tapings from his show. Jim turns to Zach, who has now become his go-to fat guy for any questions on product. Zach gives a quick breakdown of what's in the set in case the people at home are illiterate and can't read the on-screen graphic for themselves. And really, do Bakker's zombies even care what's in the box? Jim could send them a lump of coal and they'd be happy.

Jim staked his ministry on Harbinger DVDs
Jim just turned his sales pitch up, way up. He and Lori both are saying that we absolutely have to read this book. In his words, “I'll stake my ministry, Lori...I'll stake my life. In my lifetime, this is the most important message I've ever delivered on television.” That's interesting, Pastor Bakker, because shouldn't the most important message you've ever delivered on television be the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Are you sure you aren't staking your soul on this claim? He goes even further. “I believe I was born for this moment, to put the Rabbi on television.” So in other words, you're saying that you were born to be a sleazy salesman? A person adept at manipulating people, to cause them to believe that they are so very smart for buying your shitty products? Let's be honest here Jim. Aren't you just doing all of this so that you can cash other peoples' checks and make a living? Can we agree on that, Mr Serpent?

Jim Bakker, grave-robber
Jim must have gotten a killer volume deal on this book. Bakker doesn't dwell on things that aren't making money, and he's announced that he's replaying Rabbi Cahn's shows yet again over the next few weeks. Is he going on another vacation? Whoops, now he has a deal for Two Harbinger DVD sets for $100, a savings of ten bucks over just buying one. Why would you do that, Jim? Why are you charging people more for one than for two? Is that honest? You sir, are a scumbag.

Ooh, and now Jim's spicing it up a bit with thrilling video of an airliner full of people slamming into the World Trade Center. And there's one of the towers, full of people, collapsing. Nice Jim! Hey, you have any video of dead babies or something similarly shocking that can be used to sell your goddamn books?

Jim Bakker profiting off 9/11
The Serpent's forked tongue is tasting the air, seeing how many wicked lies it can spew forth today, how much deception can fill the air before it spontaneously bursts into flame. Bakker refers to things ending this year. “So many calendars end this year” he says, and “So many well-known prophets of generations say this is the end of things this year”. Bakker is trying to scare us. Then the Snake, staring into the camera with its beady, soulless eyes, reassures us that “It's not the end of the world.” In the same venomous breath, the Bakker Snake is telling us that the world is ending this year, and that it is not ending this year. And all this twisting of words is designed for one purpose: to sell product.

Jim Bakker, you are a disgusting, pathetic human being. You are the predator that slimes his way into peoples' confidence, only to then rifle through their wallets when they aren't looking. You cheated on your wife, banged Jessica Hahn, then to cover up your actions you paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars of hush money which was donated to you by well-meaning people. You oversold condos, knowingly and willfully, thinking that people would not catch on. But when they did, your entire scheme came crumbling down, and with it all the money that people gave you in confidence. Where is your private jet now, asshole? Where is the air-conditioned doghouse? Remember when you had two different sets of accounting books, so that you could hide all of your illegal activities from the IRS?

Hey Jim, hide under a desk in prison and see what happens!
During your trial, do you remember when you hid in your lawyer's office, under his desk to be precise, to pretend to be crazy and try and connive your way out of answering for your crimes? But you weren't crazy were you Jim, you knew exactly what you were doing all along. What sort of childish, undignified person concocts a plan to hide from reality under a desk? And when you finally realized that your idiotic plan wasn't going to work, and that you were in fact going to prison, you cried like a little girl for her mommy out of complete, unadulterated fear of what might happen to your manhood. I hope a lot of things happened to it, Jim.

Jim and Zach team up to sell us miniature gargoyles
I hope you wake up every night in a cold sweat, crying and sniveling to Lori or whatever other horrid creature lies next to you in bed. That's because you are an opportunistic rat, a person who takes advantage of those who are incapable of taking care of themselves. You're the kind of greasy subhuman that would cavort with an old lady simply to weasel your name into her will. The kind of animal that would rip the gold teeth off a corpse when nobody's looking. Yes, you were born a runt. Yes, you are physically revolting. But we all face challenges in life Jim, and many people with those same ego handicaps grow into stellar people. But you? You've sold your soul to be a lowly, pathetic foodbucket shark who strikes fear into the hearts of old ladies on a daily basis through lies and deception, with the sole purpose of making money for yourself. How in the world do you sleep at night?

'Our next item up for bid is a fabulous recreation of Christ...'
The sales aren't over yet. Bakker is selling a miniature statue of Jesus for $100, or three can be purchased at a discounted $200. Zach, his ego and waistband growing by the minute, tells us that this is the 'Crazy About Jesus' offer. Maybe change the name to 'Crazy About Money' offer?

Jim turns to a larger 18" statue placed over near Kevin Shorey. He asks Kevin to hoist it up for him. This one costs $1,000 and allows the buyer to have their name engraved at the base of the gigantic gargoyle Jim just erected. Kevin and Lori both look ashamed as they hold up the statue for Jim as he describes it. Good, you should be ashamed. You're ripping off old people by telling them the world is ending and they need to buy your survival food when you both know that simply isn't true. You don't even practice what you preach, in fact you never have. Why are you asking for money to construct buildings? Why are you taking money for cd sales? Don't you know the world's ending? You need foodbuckets!

Shorey sings as the Strangler lurks in the background
Now Kevin's given time to grunt out his Valley Walker song from in front of the Country Bear Jamboree. Kevin is singing from a musical track so the hack musicians in the back have nothing to do but pretend to play their instruments and smile, or not smile if you're Joey, the Morningside Strangler. He's the guitarist in the back who looks like a serial killer, and I think he's a little pissed off that he's playing air guitar right now. Throughout the entire song, he wears a scowl on his face while the overhead lights shine down on his greasy, bald head. It looks like he's scouring the audience for single, unattended men or women...people that nobody would miss if they suddenly disappeared. In front of Joey sits the pencil-necked bass player who actually seems to enjoy playing musical charades with Kevin. He wears a leather vest, an outback hat, and a too-broad smile on his face which screams 'simpleton' to me. Something is up with his eyes. Either one is lazy, both are crossed, or the guy is blind. Mr Bass Player, a word of advice: If Joey beckons you into his van to check out his new 8-track


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No Nonsense Norski said...


Tanya, THANK YOU for posting the 666 episode. I'm speechless. Hope they air that baby on the West Coast.

Joe C. - please be very careful. It may be better to bring this to the attention of your Missouri Attorney General's office than to pay a personal visit.

Things are getting too dang weird out there at the compound.....

We want to keep you safe.

Tanya said...

Joe C: I thought the same thing - the 666 episode is scarier in print, and that's saying something.

Wish I had something concrete to offer, I think its fantastic that you're prepared to address this head-on. Many would not. Go Joe!

Tanya said...

No Nonsense Norski/Joe C: you're quite welcome (re: transcript).

Now I feel bad, because No Nonsense Norski reminded me about your safety, Joe C.

So I need to amend my comment to:

I think its fantastic that you're prepared to address this head-on. Many would not. Go Joe - while staying safe! (I agree, it sounds like things are getting weirder by the minute on the compound. Jim needs to go down, but not at a personal cost to you.)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with some of the posters concerning Bakker's age. He strikes me as someone with one foot in the grave making a desperate race to regain as much money and fame as he can before his expiration date. What a sad man.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Thanks for posting 666 creep-fest Tanya.

I found Zach's response to the cockroach not too surprising. If anyone cares there is plenty of youtube postings of Heaven's Gate members giving their "human" video responses to their leader Applewhite. Zach response, "If that's what your heart's desire is, Pastor Jim..." would fit right in nicely. Wake up zombies! Morningside is a cult community.

All the best on Monday Joe.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Thanks for posting 666 creep-fest Tanya.

I found Zach's response to the cockroach not too surprising. If anyone cares there is plenty of youtube postings of Heaven's Gate members giving their "human" video responses to their leader Applewhite. Zach response, "If that's what your heart's desire is, Pastor Jim..." would fit right in nicely. Wake up zombies! Morningside is a cult community.

All the best on Monday Joe.

READ said...

To Joe C: Know your Bible!!!! "Grindstone" is not mentioned in Proverbs. I hate when people quote "Proverbs" when no such word or line appears there. It is a Pet Peeve with me. I had to correct you, sorry.

Buddy's Buddy said...

@ READ, lighten up. "Proverbial" doesn't mean it's necessarily from the Bible.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To Read 9:37 AM.

The difference is that a proverb is a fixed expression, while a proverbial phrase permits alterations to fit the grammar of the context.

There you have it. Joe has used the term proverdial in the proper context.


Kool-Aid Kid said...

I meant,

There you have it. Joe has used the term "proverbial" in the proper context. hehehehehehe

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...



1.(of a word or phrase) Referred to in a proverb or idiom.
2.Well known, esp. so as to be stereotypical.

Ron said...

Joe C: I'll be surprised if Jim even "grants you" a meeting. He seems like a guy that would have multiple layers of guard pigs insulating him from the outside world. You may want to bring raw meat as a bribe, and if they still come at you just give them a nice long pet under the chin and they'll become docile. If you encounter Jim's Hog-at Arms Zach, just rub his belly to immobilize him.

On a serious note though, I really commend you for taking action. Watch out for Bakker's Jedi mind tricks, he's a very charismatic guy. If he starts to sway you, just repeat to yourself, "I'm talking to a frog..i'm talking to a frog..i'm talking to a frog.."

Good luck dude!

Brother Dortch, if the comments are still giving issues, try clearing your cookies (a suggestion from blogger help forums). My transition to WordPress is far delayed due to a huge workload I have right now at the foodbucket factory. We're trying to infuse silver sol into bean buckets to make them healthier!

Again, good luck Joe!

Anonymous said...

Joe C. is a Marine, he'll be fine. I'd say even facing Kevin, Zach and Nolan at the same time would amount to a fair fight. Bakker is inconsequential.

Brother Dortch said...

Ron: I can't believe I am here! I had to "walk up" from the blogs where the links were showing (step by step, post by post) and, somehow I coerced by browser into to showing the links! Very weird. I am thinking it is the "secret codes" that caused it all!

Also, the WordPress thing STILL uses that old "reply" button and that is a royal pain. This format is more time efficient and I find Phil's blog very hard to read and keep up with because of that--just my personal opinion!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Brother Dorch,

What I have to do when the comments go 200+ is of course open Foodbucket page and go down to comment button but click on "time" button. Page will open again on Foodbucket. Scroll down to bottom of comments and click on "newest" button. You will see the newest comments now.

Brother Dortch said...

Kool Aid:

Where is this time button located?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Brother Dortch ,

The button showing the time is just to the left of the comment button. Click it and it will open Bucket page again. Scroll down to last comment and click on "newest" button. Page opens again and when you scroll down you will see latest comments. Good to go.

Brother Dortch said...

Kool Aid:

No such button here BUT all is still working for now anyway, I have a publish button and then a preview button but nothing to the left of preview.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Sorry Brother but I mislead you. The time button is right under Ron's post. See below. Click on the time button that says 9:46. I just want to make myself clear with you.

If Joey beckons you into his van to check out his new 8-track
at 9:46 PM 218 comments

Tanya said...

See, this is what I'm afraid of with the kids in the Bakker fake school. The school only has an "academic element" - which means the kids won't know stuff like definitions of words, and then will go on websites and correct people's use of language... incorrectly.

Brother Dortch: I wonder if you do have the spot that Kool-Aid Kid is referring to - it took me a bit of time clicking on everything to figure out how to open the comments when it gets over 200 (by the way, congrats, Ron to building a community). It's not an option that you might expect to see, it is the time stamp after Ron has finished writing the blog entry. It's in the grey stripe and says "at 9:46pm." It looks like you can't do anything with it, but if you click on the numbers it will open up the newer comments.

If people disappear from the comments after 200, this may be why. Its a strange choice that blogger has made...

Tanya said...

Oh, Kool-Aid Kid already answered. We must be writing at the same time. Meaning, I didn't see your answer, Kool-Aid Kid, and answer again. :)

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Thanks for helping out Tanya. :)

Anonymous said...

To Kool-Aid Kid: Do you look like the Kool-Aid Kid? Is that why you grabbed that moniker?

Tanya said...

3:38 anon: is that the best you can come up with?

I assume Kool-Aid Kid refers to the phrase "drinking the kool aid" - i.e., unquestioning belief without critical examination. That would take some knowledge of history, and perhaps some thinking of your own, so no surprise you don't get it.

(sure hope I'm right about this, Kool-Aid Kid - or I'll look silly)

Anonymous said...

He should change it then to "Not" the Kool-Aid-Kid. Am I right or am I right?

Anonymous said...

Joe, I would work on the news media first. Governmental agencies usually don't do much unless they are afraid of public attention through the news media.

Also, on your visit to Zombie-land, don't forget to take some garlic with you because it's supposed to ward off vampires.

Brother Dortch said...

Thanks to both Kool Aid & Tanya...Appreciate the help and all is finally well except that Blogger has made things rather crude in their page development.

Brother Dortch said...

To the Masters Media kids reading this posting:

As Tanya correctly pointed out in her posting above, you are attending a "college" that is not a college at all. Bakker uses the term "college" incorrectly because it sounds good and makes it easier for him to ask for money in his appeal for donations. He is banking on the fact that most people will believe him and not take the time to investigate whether the falsely advertised "college" is real or not. This tactic is identical to parading around, on live TV, a severely deformed child named, Kevin Whittum, while he sought donations to a falsely advertised "Group Home" for handicapped children called "Kevin's House". In that case, the so called "Group Home" that was advertised was never, not once, ever, used for that purpose.

According to Bakker's website, the media program (and THAT is the proper term, not "college") only has an "academic element" to it. It is not accredited in either the academic community or the spiritual community by anyone--therefore it is an unaccredited program where absolutely none of the material you are being taught is transferable to any accredited college anywhere on earth. That is the problem. When you attend a legitimate, four-year college which is accredited, you receive the proper form of education which is not simply a vehicle to allow Bakker to fire paid employees and replace them with free labor. What you really need to know BEFORE enrolling in a program, such as Bakker's, is that it will not replace the value of getting an accredited college education and that is why the program is not now, and will never be, academically acredited by anyone at any time.

Brother Dortch said...

(Please note: This comment is NOT about Kevin Shorey who had nothing to do whatsoever with a Bakker project known as “Kevin’s House”)

Anybody wishing to see Kevin Whittum on live television counting the money as it rolls in, along with Jim Bakker, for what was advertised as a group home for handicapped children that turned out to be nothing but a fraud is welcome to see this fraud unfold, on live television, here:

A previously posted link to a partial video tour of “Kevin’s House” was a black and white version and anybody wishing to see the same tour in color, with Kevin Whittum as the tour guide, can do so by clicking here:

Anyone that would like to see a clip of a partial interview with, what was then 19-year old Kevin Whittum, can see this clip here:

Kool-Aid Kid said...

I expected the moniker "Kool-Aid Kid" to never be fully realized by the zombies or hillbillies. To the uneducated it would be nothing more than an image of a big jug crashing through house walls. The use of "Kool-Aid Kid" on Ron's blog is a reminder to all of the dangers of cult activities like Morningside.

Urban Dictionary says it best:

Drink The Kool-Aid

A reference to the 1978 cult mass-suicide in Jonestown, Guyana. Jim Jones, the leader of the group, convinced his followers to move to Jonestown. Late in the year he then ordered his flock to commit suicide by drinking grape-flavored Kool-Aid laced with potassium cyanide. In what is now commonly called "the Jonestown Massacre", 913 of the 1100 Jonestown residents drank the Kool-Aid and died.

One lasting legacy of the Jonestown tragedy is the saying, “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.” This has come to mean, "Don’t trust any group you find to be a little on the kooky side." or "Whatever they tell you, don't believe it too strongly".

Mr.Wayne said...

You a Carolina boy Joe,I'm from Carolina,fort mill actually ,where it all went down for the Bakkers

Bring Jim Down said...

Joe C. how did the meeting go with Jimbo? Where you able to get past Grandma Maxine and Patty to be able to talk with the Frog?

Anonymous said...

To Kool Aid Kid: Actually, it was not Kool-Aid, but a similar product during the 70s called "Funny Face" drinks. Very similar to Kool-Aid powder drinks, Funny Face drinks went defunct. You should call yourself "Funny-Face Kid" for historical accuracy.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To the morningside witch @ 9:06,

Call it Kool-Aid, Cool-Aid or Funny Face, the end result was the same.

I'll stick with Kool-Aid Kid for historical accuracy.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe how utterly stupid the people who support Jim Bakker are. They are making a big deal over Kool-Aid! They don't question any of Jim's lies. They call themselves christians but are obviously biblically illiterate. They are more concerned about Kool-Aid Kid being historically accurate about Kool-Aid than Jim being biblically accurate. Duh, I can't say enough how frightening it is that there can be such stupid people! I do believe Jim's followers are stupid enough to drink poison for their leader. Actually filling their minds with his false teachings is poison.

Houston Chronicle 7-23-87 said...

PTL probe looks at use of funds raised for home for handicapped

Houston Chronicle News Services


Section 1, Page 9, 4 STAR Edition

FORT MILL, S.C. - As part of a widening federal probe into the PTL regime of defrocked evangelist Jim Bakker, government agents are focusing on the financing of Kevin's House - a $1.5 million home for handicapped children for which the ministry raised more than $3 million last year, according to the Washington Post.
Government investigators are looking into the possibility that hundreds of thousands of dollars donated for the home by PTL viewers were improperly used to pay operating costs and high salaries and bonuses at the cash-strapped ministry, according to law-enforcement sources.

Among hundreds of internal documents recently subpoenaed by the government, Justice Department officials requested all ministry records relating to fund-raising appeals and receipts for the home. The subpoena, according to a copy obtained by The Post, also demands tapes of Bakker appealing for cash for Kevin's House on "The Jim and Tammy Show," his former TV program.

Such tactics are under scrutiny, the sources said, as possible violations of federal laws against mail and wire fraud that prohibit raising money under one pretext, then spending it for something else. Prosecutors have empaneled a special federal grand jury, scheduled to convene in Charlotte, N.C., on Aug. 17, to begin hearing evidence in the case.

Appeals for Kevin's House last year ranked as one of the most popular fund-raising campaigns ever launched by Bakker. Often by his side as he pleaded for money was the centerpiece of the campaign: Kevin Whittum, a 28-inch teen-ager, suffering from a rare bone disease, whose adoptive father was Bakker's first cousin.

"The use of a crippled child to raise money was a new low in TV fund raising," said PTL Executive Officer Jerry Nims, who has foresworn such tactics...During an eight-month period last year, Bakker and colleagues made more than 65 appeals for Kevin's House donations, pleading that they needed money to build a permanent home for Kevin and other handicapped children.

Appeals were charged with emotion, as Bakker described how Kevin wept when he had to go home to Michigan after a family vacation at Heritage USA, PTL's 2,300-acre Christian theme park here.

History repeats said...

I remember when that "Kevin's House" fiasco, what Bakker and Tammy tried to do was use the Jerry Lewis theme and use this kid Kevin as a poster child, using the rational that it works great for Jerry Lewis why not them. I don't care much for Jerry Lewis either, but to be fair I really don't think he's a shyster or crook. Bakker's a strange dude and hismotives might have been somewhat shady with that Kevin thing.

Anonymous said...

may he rot in hell for the way he used and abused that crippled boy

Tanya said...

I've said it before on this blog's comments, and I'll say it again: the Bakker supporters never provide facts, and do not address key issues/questions. They rely on nonsensical comments, personal attacks (although the attacks are generally weak and poorly conceived), and picking on things like the use of the word "proverbial" (and note: the word was used correctly in the original posting).

So, not exactly covering yourselves in glory, zombies.

4:50 anon: should the Kool-Aid Kid change his name to "NOT the Kool-Aid Kid?" Well, that would be up to the Kool-Aid Kid, and the answer has already been given. But, if the answer given doesn't satisfy you (that it is a reminder), I think the name works on a couple of levels - here's a new word for you:

i-ro-ny [ahy-ruh-nee]: the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.

9:06am anon: "Funny Face Kid" - as I said above, pretty weak. The well-known saying is "don't drink the Kool-Aid" - if you have an issue with historical accuracy, I guess you could take it up with... oh... society.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anonymous @ 10:37 AM ,

The witches, zombies and hillbillies at the morningside compound overlook the obvious biblical lies vomited from Jim Bakker's mouth and would rather attack bloggers here.

Kelsey said...

I've tried posting a few comments, but they aren't showing up. Bakker's show today made me want to give it one more try...

Today he's screaming at the old folks that they'd understand him if they'd just open their Bible. He's trying to preach about the life of King David. On one point, he was correct, King David was a sinner that God called, "a man after his own heart". On the other hand, he had so many factual, biblical errors in his rant that I couldn't believe it. I would absolutely love it if Zach or any of the other media master's kids would challenge me on this. They were all bobbing their heads in agreement with Bakker while he got the whole biblical account messed up. BOSSMAN, PLEASE! I'm totally ready to hear you back up Jim's Bible recitation. After all, God speaks to you all, so I'm pretty sure you ought to know better than me.

Bakker shouts at the audience, shaming them because 'they don't know anything' and yet he preaches something that he doesn't have straight himself!

On another note - Joe - start with the media. Make a huge, gaudy sign and place it on your property. Take a tap recorder with you to visit Jim. Then, call the media. If your sign is big enough and brash enough, they'll put you on TV. Then try the local and state agencies.

Another gem on today's episode was when Jim said he had an Ipad, but it got stolen from him. Hope that Ipad was a gift, Bakker, because I don't think you could afford it on your $300/month SS check. And how does it feel to have someone steal from you, anyways?


Kelsey said...

On today's show:

1)Jim says that Bathsheba (a hot babe) was taking a bath on a roof. He makes a few jokes about why anyone would take a bath on a roof, and then says maybe it's because that is how they funneled the rain water back then.

Bible says, "From the roof he saw a woman bathing." 2 Sam 11:2 *DAVID* was on the roof looking down!

2)Jim says that Bathsheba's husband was killed, maybe murdered by someone. He never acknowledges that David planned the murder, but he stated several times that Uriah was killed.

Bible says: "You struck down Uriah the Hittite with the sword..."
2 Sam 12:7
David sent Uriah into the front lines of battle with the intention of having him killed "but the thing David had done displeased the Lord" 2 Sam 11:27

3)Jim said that David knew he couldn't con God.

Bible says: The Lord sent Nathan to David and told him a parable in order that he might see his own sin. Only after being confronted by one of God's prophets did David drop the lie that he had nothing to do with the murder. 2 Sam 12:1-10

4)Jim said that after the baby created by the union on David and Bathsheba died, David wept.

Bible says: "While the child was still alive, I fasted and wept. I thought, "Who knows? Maybe the Lord will be gracious to me and let the child live." But now that he is dead, why should I fast? Can I bring him back again?" 2 Sam 12:22

David STOPPED weeping after the Lord delivered the punishment.

**You know, all these things seem minor, but when you tell people you are a Pastor, run a religious "school" and preach to the multitudes, you ought to know very well the details of a story as widely known as this. Maybe the average person doesn't care, maybe it doesn't change the message... I don't know. But if you are a parent of a student at that school, or you attend the school, or you are in the audience, or you are writing a check - you should have confidence that all those years Jim was in prison "really learning the Bible" pays off in that he "really knows the Bible!!"

Bakker should know these things and be able to teach them accurately and in context.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

I did not visit the compound today as I stated I would. I have spent the day on the computer. I contacted (via e-mail), the local Fox station out of Springfield, Missouri and KY3 (Schurz Communications). I also contacted Fox news out of New York, ABC, CBS and NBC. I tried to keep my messages brief and to the point. I will soon be on my way to Blue eye to try to contact the Mayor to find out whom I need to speak to about permits ( for Morningside) as Planning and Zoning in Stone County says they have no jurisdiction. I am planning on visiting Jimbo sometime this week. If I do not recieve any responses from my e-mails my next step will be to start working the phones. It may not of been a good idea to visit Jim today as I woke up to the sounds of heavy machinery and my frame of mind was not such as a visit with him would of gone well. To Mr. Wayne, I am from Jersey but did boot camp @ Parris Island in South Carolina in the mid seventies and spent time @ Lejune in your fine state. Can whomever posted Jimbos off compound address please re-post. Thank you.

Kelsey said...

I just finished watching a few "GenerationNOW" videos. The best by far is "Meet Matt Musgrove" at:

He says Texas is the best nation in our country. He tells us he's the janitor in the program and sweeps, mops, and cleans up after everyone else. Then he refers to an African American student and says, "He's my ebony, I'm his ivory". He follows that by saying "no homo" (?) and "go Nascar".

Awesome! See it for yourself! I wonder why there are no comments under any of the videos?

Anonymous said...

To Joe C. Your more then welcome at our compound, don't let cold feet stop you. As the Pastor says "persevere is the key to success".

Anonymous said...

"You're more than welcome at our compound. Don't let cold feet stop you. As the Pastor says, "perseverance is the key to success."

I'll bet............... said...

Nolan must have posted the first one at 3:36.

Bring Jim Down said...

Joemama, dont give up the fight and let the zombie entourage stop you from meeting with Jimmy. But watch out for Grandma Maxine who has a mean left hook. Am I the only one who is so sick of watching those bobbleheaded zombie students shake their heads yes and say "that's right" to everything Jimbo says?

Tanya said...

Seems to me like Joe C has a plan, and although he doesn't have to justify a change in his plan because it is HIS plan, has a reasonable explanation for not going to the compound today. Hearing them building would tick me off too.

As for "perseverance is the key to success" - based on Jim's own words, why would anyone have to "persevere?" Jim said his door is always open and someone will transfer calls to him, yes? If multiple calls and messages have gone unanswered, based on Jim's own writing, Jim is ducking Joe C. Don't you zombies question anything?

Tanya said...

Jim has now changed his tune to "don't go to You Tube" to "go to You Tube and see the kids, see how much they love to entertain!" Keep spinnin', Jim!!

Its not so much entertainment, though, than watching uneducated, small-world minds running loose with cameras. This is the underbelly of the internet.

Kelsey: the "no homo" comment from Matt, in that off-hand way, really exemplified (for me) who these kids are. Apparently, Matt doesn't know, or doesn't believe, that a man (or boy, in his case) can express affection - even *gasp* love - for another man, and it does NOT mean that either man is homosexual. Matt saying he is "ivory" to Brandon's "ebony" was another thing (Matt's nickname on the screen was the "White Realist" and Brandon's was the "Black Realist") - these kids have such a skewed world-view that they can't even come up with nicknames that don't rely on skin colour.

Los Angeles Times 7-5-88 said...

Bakker Says Followers Would Riot if He Gave the Command

July 05, 1988|United Press International

FORT MILL, S.C. — Jim Bakker, ordered not to attend the Fourth of July celebration at Heritage USA, had an angry exchange with PTL security guards and warned that his followers would riot if he told them to.

Bakker and his wife, Tammy Faye, had attended a two-hour reception Monday at PTL's Kevin's House, a home for handicapped children.

But as the Bakkers--who lost their PTL ministry in a sex scandal last year--started to leave, they were blocked at the door by PTL security chief Gene Irvin, who told them that an order had been issued that Bakker not return to the theme park that evening.

The order apparently stemmed from a demonstration by shrieking supporters Saturday night when the Bakkers showed up at PTL's Main Street shopping mall.

"Human lives were in danger," Irvin told Bakker, shaking a finger at him. "We cannot have such scenes. You cannot come back here tonight."

"We don't plan to come back here tonight," said Bakker, his face reddening. "But let me tell you one thing, we haven't preached one word that wasn't peace. I am a peaceful man. If I said riot, these people would riot but I haven't said that."

Bakker then stormed down the ramp of Kevin's House.

Brother Dortch said...

OK, if you are following along at home, let's see if we've got this straight. Bakker illegally uses money that was intended for crippled children for other purposes. Bakker then quits his job in the midst of a sex scandal. The handicapped children's home was never a handicapped children's home at all. It was a home for his first cousin only and his family. After all of that, despite not even working at PTL anymore, he has the nerve to show up and let people tell him how wonderful he is for building the house without obtaining the proper permits thus causing severely deformed Kevin Whittum to spend his nineteenth birthday in the York, SC courthouse filing legal papers, with his attorney, to sue Jim Bakker after being evicted from this home.

The mere fact that Bakker would have the sheer gall to even show up there again shows what a complete and totally pompous ass he is! You almost have to laugh, to keep from crying, that people can be so stupid as to go anywhere near supporting an individual like this. It falls under the category of "Sad...but true!"

Anonymous said...

I say we should all avoid going to Morningside. If Bakker says: "RIOT" Grandma Maxine could throw her walker and someone is liable to get hurt!

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

I have come to the conclusion it may not be in my best interest to post too much about my p.o.d, (plan of day for those not familiar with the acronym). However, I will say I did speak to the Mayor of Blue eye this afternoon. He seemed very cordial and was very informative and up to date about the status of the permit process for the land Lori's house is to be built on. It is in fact in Brushey Creek Estates. He also informed me that the County of Stone was correct and they do not have any jurisdiction over any incorporated area within the County. He also informed me that the lawyer for the city of Blue eye had contacted him recently to inform him there will be an add put in the paper this friday concerning annexing said property into Morningside. According to the Mayor, the final decision on approval will be made by the city council of Blue eye. There will be a 2 week period afterward to contest their decision but you can only contest if you live within the city of Blue eye. I asked if that was a local law and he assured me it is a state law. I then asked him if Morningside itself is within the city limits and he stated," yes sir, all 600 acres". I also inquired as to what agency would be responsible for any construction permits and he replied that that would also be the responsibility of the Blue eye city council. I do want to reiterate,(Say something again or a number or times, typically for emphasis or clarity), that the Mayor was very helpful and professional. To the Lady or Gentleman that extended me an invitation to the "Compound" today, thank you. I will take you up on your offer and do actually have a visit planned in the near future. Maybe you can help me change my ways and see the light.

Tanya said...

Joe C: good call on providing a definition of "reiterate." We've seen that definitions/usage of certain words are beyond some who post here - despite their ability to look words up (note: if you are on the internet, and posting on this site, you can also search for definitions of words you don't recognize). Your plan belongs to you, and as I said to the Bakkerphile - you don't need to justify anything to anyone, or even make it public. I commend you for taking action.

To the Bakker supporters who post here: do you ever consider choosing a screen name, and then keeping that name, so others can follow the conversation more easily, and there is some accountability? Or will you keep hiding behind "anonymous," or choose a name we see only once?

Grandma Char Groupie said...

I wanted to share with all of you something I read from a handicapped woman that wrote this in another forum. Here is just a partial report of exactly what she had to say:

"...It's sad to see Bakker expecting those old people to come to work at an age when they should be retiring...I made a trip to Morningside and it was a mess. Disappointed, but glad that I didn't withdraw money, I doubt that I could live there anyway - prices too high and I was told that I could never talk to Bakker...May God forgive me if I'm wrong, but looks like you may be up to your old tricks."

Grandma Char Groupie said...

And here is a very well written posting from a gentleman on the same forum who had this to say way back in April of 2008:

"Jim is out there hawking expensive condos and pleasure places giving the appearance of leading souls into a feel-good mentality...This isn't the time that Christians should be seeking carnal luxury! Whether that is Jim's intention or not is beside the point. He gives that appearance and don't the Scriptures speak to that? Again - a true witness to salvation (and sanctification) is a changed life! I don't see that change - do you? You say he ministers there at Morningside? He might better get a job at a good hardware store if he needs the money and share his life in humility and service. Sorry - looks to me like he just misses the high life, riches and notarity. And don't forget he still needs to pay back all those millions he ripped off. Is there record of him doing that? Shame on you Jim! And this from a fellow Michigander - same exact age - and raised not far from your hometown in Muskegon!"

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Kelsey I agree with you about Matt Musgrove's "GenerationNOW" video. You really have to shake your head that he considers himself the janitor to all the other students ( and I use the term students loosely ). Maybe Jim considers Matt too goofy looking for a spot on the tv show couch as I have not seen him. Go back to the oil fields Matt!

Captain Video said...

I watched all or what I think is all of the Operation Now videos. I have come to 2 conclusions. 1. The students are all big and goofy. 2. For a training institution their videos are terrible. Who could watch those videos and decide they want to go there?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Yes the students are all big and goofy looking with the exception of Nolan. He appears sickly and frail at the best of times and comes across as a kid that if he ever sneezed hard enough he'd faint.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm ... false advertising again Mr. Bakker. Your Masters (at what?)Media pages announces:

DREAM it! Do it!
There is no Christian TV for young people. We’re out to change that.

Okay Mr. Bakker, read this:

By Kevin P. Donovan , Christian Post Reporter
November 2, 2009|11:54 pm
A ministry that produces Christian television programs geared toward young people has added a new reality TV series to its lineup of “cutting edge” programs.

“The Basement 360” will air Saturdays at 11 p.m. ET on INSP and also 24/7 at The program is also available internationally on Inspiration Network International (INI), which reaches more than 80 million homes worldwide in 118 nations.

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

If each U.S. citizen were given a dollar bill every time Jim Bakker told a lie we'd all be millionaires!

Anonymous said...

To "Bring Jim Down": I only nod my head if I'm in agreement with the Pastor, naturally I'll nod it, don't you if you're in agreement with someone. What's the big deal there? Joe C. if the Pastor treats you like a gentleman and tries to help, I hope you indicate it here.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Hello again my little morningside witch @ 8:45 AM

What "Bring Jim Down" means is that everyone is sick of seeing witches, zombies and hillbillies nodding their heads in agreement to all of the lies that fall out of Bakkers mouth.

bakkersajerk said...

jim does like bobbing heads, particularly in the bath house. Thanks anon. zombie for helping point that out.

Kelsey said...

Has anyone else noticed that the new space food being sold is now "Old Mill" brand? I wonder if the last company decided not to be involved with Jim anymore, or if he just wasn't getting paid?

Anonymous said...

You're all nuts, including me for taking the time to read this dribble!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

The witch is back @ 10:12am

No , you will be back again. Jim loves to have you whisper in his ear what's happening here because he's too busy writing his new book.

Are you getting extra dino cakes for doing that?

Make sure the zombies never find where you hide your broom.

Anonymous said...

Hey The witch is back @ 10:12am

There's a lot of dribble in the bath house.

Just ask Jim and Zach and Nolan and let em tell you all about it!

Anonymous said...

A couple questions for you astute followers of this blog:

1) Do you think Jim gives a guarantee on the buckets of food? If your not satisfied does he give you your money back?

2) Do you think it matters that the buckets of food have a 20 year shelf life to the people buying them? Does anyone believe that the old people buying them have 20 years left? Maybe they will leave those buckets of food to their children and grandchildren in their wills.

There must be laws against taking advantage of mentally challenged, and feeble minded people.

Anonymous said...

I noticed this site has really been racking up the numbers. I like it when the zombies give their take on things. Having an exchange between the two factions adds a lot to this site. Although I have to admit the zombies have a long way to go. The regular posters have more strong facts in their arguments and as a result have soundness on their sides. Keep bailing out Bakker Backers your boat is not sunk yet!!

Why isn't Tammy Faye ever mentioned? said...

Examples of Jim's declaration on his cap, "I CARE"

I CARE about selling overpriced unhealthy dehydrated food substitute products to old people who certainly won't need them to eat for 7 years, as their longevity clock is ready to chime.

I CARE about using "Last Days" scare tactics to influence these mindless sheep people (sheeples) to buy these buckets of overpriced salty dehydrated substitute food.

I CARE about being on camera much more than the others, so I constantly interrupt others when they are talking, I edit out comments from others who talk too long or say something I don't want broadcast.

I CARE about portraying myself in such a self-aggrandizing manner so I come across with such fake sincerity and humbleness, and the sheeple who have no critical thinking skills feel I am a "man of God".

I CARE about building a community with lots of structures as a testament to myself and my greatness.

I CARE about exploiting young people to think they are getting an "education" at my college, but am being used an manipulated by myself for my own means to be used as puppets on a string.

Anyone notice about 2 minutes after Jim talking about the overuse of salt in food, particularly pizza, the generous folks at Morningside give a coupon for the pizza restaurant as a birthday present.

The beginning "theme" music is canned; the musicians pretend they are playing.

Kevin is looking like he's ready to deflect from the tyrant; his expressions lately have been ones of disgust and anger at the humble Pastor.

Well, I guess the bottom line is that we are all free to support whatever ministry we choose and spend our money as we see fit; the morale of the story is that there are a lot of dumb, gullible, simple-minded people out there. Takes all kinds of idiots to make the world go round!

Anonymous said...

My biggest laugh lately is watching the mornigside band fake performing to kevin's pre-recorded music that he uses to sing with. The female band singer is absolutely the worst of the bunch. Fake. Fake. Fake. Everything on morningside is fake!

I like Kev said...

I like it when Kevin claps after one of his performances, I guess he does that to wake up the audience and get them clapping. What the production team needs is a guy like Nolan to stand on the side with a sign saying "CLAP!!" in big letters and maybe an airhorn to stir up that Geritol bunch.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

The Morningside tv freak studio has what I call the "Zombie Clapper" who's job it is to inspire wild clapping from the zombie audience. Watch the show enough and you can hear the zombie burst into clapping when Jim has just said something to amaze the hillbillies.

No Nonsense Norski said...

Hey there, Ron -

Time for a new post.

Those of us who missed the "666" show would appreciate your coverage of that gem.

We completely missed that week's shows, thanks to the fund raising efforts of the lame TCT network.

Anonymous said...

Joemama, we cant wait for you to have your meeting with James Orson Bakker and give us a report as to what was said. Dont let the mindless bobbleheads stop you from your mission!

Does anyone know what happened to Mondo? Is he in a treatment facility or did a flash mob get him?

Anonymous said...

I think the freak Mondo is still in the compound but the push right now with Jimbo is the fake school so he is out of the picture for the time being. He could I guess be away from the compound setting up his own reality tv show too.

bakkersajerk said...

HYG110 Bath House Sanitation. This class is for male students only. Learn how to clean and disinfect the bath house after male bonding sessions. Instructors: jim and Matt the janitor.

Brother Dortch said...

Hello Everyone!

Referencing the blogger above who said it is good that Bakker supporters, namely his own family, employees, and friends come here and comment too, I agree. I am glad to see the Bakker supporters here also and I want them to know that, as least as far as I'm concerned, they are welcome here. I just wish that these supporters could place their comments here using some bit of reason and logic that makes sense. For once, I would like to read something on here from a Bakker supporter that is written by someone with a fitting and proper education that shows all of us they are clear thinking and smart people. For your information, Bakker's own right hand man, Jerry Jones, not only has a four-year Bachelors degree, but also an MBA Masters degree too. Do you Masters Media kids think that is an accident? Do you think that it is ironic that Bakker would not even, himself, hire an important member of his staff without checking that they are properly educated in the field in which they are seeking employment? In his case, a four-year Bachelors degree was not enough. He opted for an employee, Jerry Jones, that has a Masters of Business Arts degree, commonly refered to as an MBA degree.

With that being said, I cannot let the day go by without pointing out another fraud that was being fed to the Masters Media students today (2-21-12) by Bakker during the live show. In this show today he was promoting the many benefits of being a student at what he refers to as his "college". He said that the major television networks would not even consider hiring an employee that only had a four-year Bachelors degree in Communications. He said that all they are interested in is, as he put it, "the resume" and how fortunate they all were they were there in his "college" because they are building a fine "resume" such that the TV networks would want to hire them as employees.

Now, please allow me to respond to that remark with a direct appeal.

To: Mr Jim Bakker, Mr. Jerry Jones, Grandma Char, as well as ANY Morningside employee or ANY Jim Bakker employee or ANY Jim Bakker "college" student:

Please respond to my posting in very simple terms. All I would like you to do is one thing and one thing only and that is:

Please name for me, the name of so much as ONE FORMER MASTERS MEDIA "student" that is now employed at any major television network that got the job as a result of being a "graduate" of Bakker's "college". Please name the individual and the respective television network for which they are currently employed. I will interpret a non-response to my question as a factual statement that not so much as even one of the Masters Media "students" have ever gotten a job with any major television network and, as such, is further proof of the fact that Bakker is now, just as he did with a severely deformed and crippled boy named Kevin Whittum, using the public's airwaves to falsely advertise and twist facts around so that they sound good on camera--but, in reality, are something totally different.

Thanks! I'll be anxiously awaiting a response to my appeal. Have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

This Brother Dortch is correct. If I was a parent or even a wanna-be student one of my first questions would be how many former students are working in that line? Of course they would inflate the figure or even lie to corral another sucker. Still, it is a valid question to ask them, I know technical schools offering Associate Degrees would have those figures available, or at least a rough idea to satisfy an investment.

Mother of 2 Teachers said...

Brother Dortch is eloquent. Thank-you Brother D! Education is a strictly regulated arena that requires licensed teachers, etc. and all those requirements are put in place solely because these kids, ages 18, 19, 20 are at a very impressionable and vunerable time in their lives and need to be protected from criminals and con artists exactly like Bakker. If he weren't doing this in the name of the church he would be in jail right now.

bakkersajerk said...

I doubt even the fly by night TCT would employ Master Media grads. That may be a reason for Mondo to get his fake show going. Bro D, the sound of silence will be deafening, as they are with every question asked by Ron. The bakker backer(s) that come here never answers any questions, they just yammer.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

Very well said Brother Dortch but...

don't hold your breath waiting for a response!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

You really have a way of saying things Brother Dortch. Well done.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Had the pleasure of walking my property line this afternoon for the second time since we purchased in 2009. It was very obvious a survey had been conducted quite recently. Worked out great for me as I must say I was off course the first time I made the trek as I simply followed a fence line. Fact is the property line is about 30 yards closer to Lori's House site than I previous thought. Looks like a very good place to erect the sign!!!!

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

Excellent post Brother Dortch! May I suggest a theme song to accompany your most recent post? It is by Simon & Garfunkel and is called "The Sound of Silence" !!!

Tanya said...

1:17 pm anon: Jim was raving about the dangers of salt in a recent show, as someone earlier said, and it made me think of the Foodbuckets. He made a point of how dangerous salt is, and that there is so much dangerous salt in processed food - yet he sells highly processed garbage-food, and although I have not personally looked at the salt content of these packages of dried up "food," others have commented that they are high in sodium. Makes sense - its highly processed, and you have to add something to make it taste food-like, salt and sugar would be the things to add. Hypocritical, but very Jim Bakker, to preach the dangers of processed food, then make money off it.

Like others have said, I too am waiting for an intelligent posting here from a Bakker supporter. Surely one of you could answer Brother D's question, or even just say something in support of Jim that contains some facts... or makes sense. I'd be happy to read it.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

The doomsday food may have a low salt content or Bakker would not be eating it on his show. I remember when he never drank the filtered water on tv last year and can only guess that it scared the crap out of him. Does anyone know the actual salt level in these doomsday buckets?

bakkersajerk said...
A good conversation at this link about the sodium content of dehydrated food. Salt does not evaporate when the food is dried plus more salt is added as a preservative. Therefore, what is left has the nutritional value of salted cardboard.

Anonymous said...

To Tanya,

The one thing you can count on from Jim is to never hear truth. He always speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

I am not surprised that he is speaking about the evils of salt, and then PUSHING the high sodium food buckets. He also has spoken many times about evil potatoes and their glycemic effect, but now he is PUSHING the potato buckets. The last thing those diabetic and overweight zombies need are potatoes and sodium. Jim doesn't care how long his zombies live after he gets their money.

Jim also has frighten those old folks many times that the food buckets are running out, potatoes are running out etc. But everyday there is a new promotion and he's PUSHING bigger package plans for those buckets. He no longer PUSHES Bakker dozens, he's PUSHING 42 buckets for $3000!!

Don't hold your breath waiting for an intelligent response to any of your questions from the zombies. There isn't an smart zombie in the bunch!

Anonymous said...

“How do you know if Jim Bakker is lying?”

Answer: “If his mouth is moving!”

Kelsey said...

I kid you not - I was at Walmart this morning in the Easter decorations section and they are selling a Jesus statue nearly identical to Jim's for $49.99!

No Nonsense Norski said...

Joe C.

Should you decide to go ahead w/ the sign/billboard - I recommend using BRIGHT COLORS, for example, traffic sign RED and YELLOW to stand out from the hillside.

Two signs are always better than one, so you may want to put one on each side of the construction site, if you can.

If we lived closer to you, we would gleefully come help out, and you wouldn't even have to feed us BS (Bakker Slop)

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Any thoughts on what the sign should say?

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

If anybody has the time and is interested go to the Stone County Missouri home page web site and you will see Assessor- new aerial photography. Click on that and you will see a page that says immediate press release. Scroll down and there will be a highlighted link.Click on it. In the upper right it says parcel search. Type in Cuna and you will see my 8 acres. If you notice in the lower left hand any area of my parcel you will see an area that has no trees. I did not realize that was mine until I walked the property yesterday. This is a VERY good vantage point for a sign. Not only that, it is the highest point on my parcel and I can see myself having many parties in that area. You can use the i button above the map and it will show owners of all the land. The parcel to the left of mine is the 84 acres he just bought and he also has the property to my East. The 84 acres is still listed on here as owned by Divine. I will be leaving work early today and I am going home to get my chainsaw out and cut a path to my newfound "vantage point".

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

If I may add, the parcel just to my South is the Lori's House Parcel. You can tell in the photo where the land has been moved for the foundation.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

OMG Joe! You have a front row seat to all the construction of Lori's House!!! I had to zoom out on the map a little to see the foundation spot.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Yes, Kool-Aid Kid I do. On my way out to cut down some trees and make it easier to access my new vantage point. To the lady or Gentleman that requested I post if Jimbo did a good thing to post it on this blog. For your info I contacted him again and did not receive a response. That makes 4 times.

Sky King said...

For the same money (or maybe less) they could have bought a giant inflatable Jesus (like Macy's Thanksgiving Parade ballons) that would have been a big attraction for little kids. Filled with helium and floating around the place.

A former MMC student said...

To Brother Dortch,
My good friend Nate Parkhurst is a former MMC student and now has a high profile position in media production in NYC!

Kool-Aid Kid said...


Jim's first reaction to this sign idea of yours ( and I would bet one of the zombies that has been here has told him already ) will be anger. He likes to video all the construction projects it seems at Morningside (with the exception of the pool house) so it will be fun to watch him edit out any shots of your proposed sign.

Anonymous said...

Hey "A Former MMC Student",

Is this the same dude you're talking about?

Name is Nate I was in School for media for a year I did all hands on training with the daily watched television program the Jim Bakker Show which was hosted by Jim Bakker. I was trained in every area of production and have plenty of references and letters of recommendation. I love to direct that is my favorite part of media camera operation is another thing i like. I was the director for two teen shows one called Safelock which was broadcasting in Jamaica and another called the vision i was also Assistant director for the Jim Bakker show I also Have a lot of experience in editing with final cut pro studio.

Kelsey said...

That is some of the worst grammar I've ever seen. And the link is to a site for candidates looking for job openings... wow.

Anonymous said...

Sorry "a former mmc student" but I think Nate is strike one. Not much to write home about.

Next batter on deck!

Anonymous said...

I would think that Jim, being friendly with a lot of other Christian Broadcast Channels could set these students up in entry level positions, say for example Copeland Ministries, I mean they must help their own. At least it is an avenue that is available for placement. Come on guys, you know that some of these students (former) must have either gotten jobs in that field or went on for further education in that area of study. To hear those students speak, I admit they have something on the ball. Zach, and the new kid with the black hair appear very smart and articulate.

Anonymous said...

Actually Nate struck out ... next batter on deck!

bakkersajerk said...

Is that a real post by Nate? Yikes. If he truely is employed then it is remarkable. Oh, and thanks bakker backer for answering Bro. D.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with the Porn industry, Good money, won't starve.

Anonymous said...

Nate's resume (if you could call it that!) is a classic example of the lack of proper education obtained at Bakker's zombie school.

Brother Dortch said...

I am most familiar with Nate Parkhurst. Strike one! He was released from the Masters Media program for being the object of youngest Mexican daughter, Marie's, affection while she was still a minor and then went to work helping out at a farm. He was running farm equipment and other farm jobs until he got some type of position in NYC associated with either the Dream Center or some type of church there. As another blogger correctly pointed out, he is still looking for media work there in a legitimate broadcasting facility and is simply using the charity job as a stepping stone if and until that day will ever happen when he can have a real broadcasting opportunity. To this day, he has not been employed by a broadcast television station, much less a TV network, a day in his life.

If all of you remember Michael, another former MMC student who was seen on "America's Got Talent" with his family group "The Voices of Glory". Both he and his family were promised by Bakker himself, a lot of inner connections with major studios and, other than a few trinkets of Made In China junk, received absolutely nothing they were promised and Michael left the program within weeks after enrolling and now both he and his entire family are very anti-Bakker. They felt lied to and cheated by him.

Please try again folks. A former MMC "student" has NEVER, not once, gotten a job at a television network and I will await word here, from anyone who can prove me wrong. That goes for you too Jim--who I heard on a repeat broadcast today ask Zach how many years he has been in the Masters Media program--to which Zach replied: "In two months I will be in my fourth year". Bakker then looked over at Zach and, on live TV, replied: "We're going to have to give you a DOCTORATE IN BROADCASTING or something!" which caused me to almost want to hurl.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Just cut a path through some very thick brush to get to my actual property line. If you will go to you tube and search for sjcyankee ( no spaces) there is a short video of how close my property line is to the site of the next money machine for Mr. Bakker.

Growth is good said...

Joe C. What's the big deal? You should be happy that the area has come alive, it will thrive and you're property value will increase. Better then having swampland. Think of the jobs and revenue it will bring in. For every one dissatisfied customer like yourself I'll bet there are 10 happy campers. There always has to be a malcontent in the bunch. If you don't like it move. Face the fact, that's your only option, you think the Chamber of commerce is going to side with you?? HA DE Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

To Growth is good. The only part of your post I will respond to is that moving is my only option. I'm not going anywhere. God spoke to me about 2:30 this morning and said stay right where you are.

Growth is Good said...

To Joe C: Fair enough.

Santwane said...

Nate is a country boy and is not very well spoken, but he is very good at production, editing, and camera operation!

bakkersajerk said...

Growth zombie:
Your willing to bet if we round up 11 random adults that 10 of them would like to live next door to a zombie cult and only 1 would not? I'll take the bet, but how are you going to pay up? jim has all your money, and I won't accept slop buckets or silversol as payment.

Kool-Aid Kid said...


I just feel bad that Nate got robbed of proper education that would have been a huge asset especially if he had difficulty in communication prior to entering Morningside. Working in media demands a skilled communication education. Morningside, I believe, has failed him.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

to bakkersajerk, how you gonna pay? I'll bet you don't even have a job and live in your Mother's cellar or in the garage.

Tanya said...

2:44pm: you believe that Zach is intelligent? Maybe you missed our earlier discussion - look at Zach's YouTube intro and see what you think then:
If you think that is a good, intelligently done video, then there's no hope for you.

Well, we got one answer to Brother D's question - thank you for that - but the candidate is a "fail." I agree, that is some of the worst grammar I have ever seen - not a good way to present to future employers.

And, at 5:49 we have returned to the usual Bakker-supporter reaction - weak personal attacks. Well done.

Ron said...

Haha some of these comments really crack me up!

Joe C, I love your dispatches from the frontlines! If you erect a billboard, may I suggest enlarging the image of Bakker on his way to prison and pasting that sucker up for all to see?

Some other ideas:
-A picture of Jim's obnoxious gargoyle accompanied by the commandment forbidding the creation of said gargoyle.
-A reminder that the IRS pays big money to whistleblowers, accompanied by the hotline number and the words, "Is Jim Bakker paying his fair share?"

Or you could just put a big flashing neon sign up that reads, "Live Nude!", with an arrow pointing down towards Lori's House.

Zombies, do you realize that poking our cages only serves to reinvigorate us in our efforts to see your Dear Leader back in a courtroom?

I'm planning on cracking into a new post next week when I get some free time, sorry for the delay. In the meantime, I'm considering posting my letter to a congressman here for all to print and use if desired. That will also reset the comments to make it easier for you guys and gals. Would you all be interested in that?

I don't like muddying up my posts with something so different, but it might be helpful for people who want to take that next step towards bringing Jim Bakker into account.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Zombie @ 5:49,

You forgot to end your comment with HA DE Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You and the freak Growth is Good are the same person I believe.

bakkersajerk said...

Wow 5:49, you figured me out. I just hollered upstairs to mom to if she'd cover for me if I lose. After I told her the bet she said there's no way in hell I lose that bet and to double down, she's good to cover.

Anonymous said...

Is the Santwane posting comments the same black guy that use to be in the Masters Program? If it's you please share with us what you are doing. Share with us why you left the Jim Bakker compound and MMC before you made it through the program. Tell us why you weren't a happy camper when you left. Like many of the kids in your class you left the program at the end of the first year. I'm sure you couldn't wait to get out of there. If you have a job I bet it has nothing to do with christian television, or for that fact nothing to do with Christian ministry at all. None of those kids are in any paid ministry positions. Many of them don't even have jobs!

Brother Dortch said...

Ron: This post is for you and feel free to delete it after you read it as I will post for the rest of the forum when I get done with this one. I suggest when you post the next article, place exact instructions to everyone on how to hit the "time" link which appears after your completed article as Kool Aid told me about. That was so good to know and solves all of the problems. Hitting that "time" link is something neither I or the average poster could logically figure out because it really makes no sense but, once you know it, will always bring up the comments past 200. I am sure there are many out there who feel as though their computer isn't working right due to not being able to read past the first 200 comments. Also, under your "links" to other articles, please post the "ANOTHER Former Employee Speaks Out.." to accompany the first employee whose link is already there. Thanks!

Brother Dortch said...

To the young person that mentioned Nate Parkhurst to me earlier:

I am going to assume you were just joking with me since I am 100% certain, if Nate is your friend, you knew prior to posting that Nate is not an employee of any major television network. I am also certain you knew, prior to posting, that Nate has never been an employee of any radio station or television station in his life. That said, I still would like to thank-you for contributing--even though you attempted, as your former college president probably taught you to do, to pull the wool over my eyes.

May I please be allowed to echo the comments made by the anonymous poster @7:11 p.m. above and ask you, myself, why you are not currently employed in the field of media and why you left the program? If you attempted to obtain a job with a media outlet and they saw your resume as a former Jim Bakker student, why do you think you were not hired? Also, did you enjoy seeing Jim and Lori fight, in front of you, while you were there? Did you notice that glassy-eyed Lori might be on something that led you to believe she was kind of “floating on air?”
Please share with us what your experiences were. Did you happen to take note of the fact that when Jim canned his number one male student, Nate, one of Nate's close friends, the number one female student, Trystan, immediately left too? How did you feel about that? Did you happen to take notice of the fact that, once Bakker perceives someone as NOT being a good candidate for media work, he will send that person to the shipping department for them to work in the warehouse? Do you think this is fair? Imagine coming to what you thought was a “Media College” and then, all of a sudden, you find yourself in the warehouse unloading trucks and shipping foodbuckets. Do you consider this to be false advertising, misleading, and even maybe a little illegal? Finally, what about Jim himself? Did he ever lie to you or mislead you or make you feel as though you could not wait to get the hell out of that place? I’ll bet he did! Tell me about it…I’m all ears. OK?

Was Considering Being A Student said...

You know, it's funny, Brother D, but something weird happened to me when I was there. I was walking down Grace Street and Jim came up to me and asked if I could meet him and his friend Nolan down at the bath house around midnight that night. He then had the nerve to ask me if my name was "Woody".

I immediately got in my car and drove the heck out of there-- haven't been back since!

Brother Dortch said...


Thanks for sharing!

Tanya said...

Jim has had students up on the stage with him for the last little while - I can't remember if this was in the TV show, or the live stream, but after going to Sasha a few times for answers to questions, enough that it was clear he was singling her out, Jim said he went to Sasha the most because of the "sparkle in her eyes" that told him she was ready to preach.

That is what he said, but what I think - just my opinion - is that Jim is mindful of who he puts on stage, where they are seated, and that he puts the camera on Sasha often due to her physical appearance. Jim really is a master manipulator. Do you other students notice the blatant favoritism, who gets to be on stage and who does not? Do you ever question it?

What struck me about the most recent TV show I saw is that Jim talked about churches that just put on "shows" and had singing and preaching but no-one really communicates. Jim thinks that is bad. But then, Jim went on to say they should have an 'American Idol' style singing competition, only with Christian singers. He said they wouldn't call it "idol" 'cuz that's bad... I think he said something like "Jesus singers." He said send tapes, and they'll bring the singers to Morningside, Kevin could judge - Lori piped in that she wanted to judge, too. That kind of sounds like a show, Jim. And if Jim feels this way, why is he running a show of his own - and musing about the possibility of doing a Christian American Idol?

I have a couple of questions for the students. I'm familiar with the post-secondary academic world, the variety of options out there, and the questions you need to ask yourself before you invest your time in a program. When you researched Jim's Media program - I'm leaving out the "Masters" on purpose, as there is nothing that I see that qualifies it as a Master's level program - what was it that made you decide this was a good choice for you? Now that you are there, is there something concrete and valuable about the program that we on the outside are not seeing? And, I have to add this because it made me see red when Jim said he should give Zach a doctorate - Jim can bestow any academic title he wants, it will not mean anything outside of Morningside. I guarantee that.

Anonymous said...

To Brother Dortch,

I appreciate your postings. You have a wealth of reliable and good information. Your list of what is expected of the Masters Students was comprehensive and factual. You did miss one important part of the students jobs, painting the fake cobblestones on the floor.

One has to wonder why the kids put up with this substandard school. They get nothing close to any educational training. What has scarred these children to the degree that they don't recognize, or don't care, that they are being used and abused. From what the kids have shared about themselves most have been sexually abused, many have had drugs problems. From the reports many are struggling with sexual addictions as well. The star student had to leave the program because of his relationship with Jim and Lori's minor daughter. The kids in the program are living proof there are many unfit parents. The unfit parents, hand their children over to unfit parents, Jim and Lori. These kids are not tomorrows leaders, they are treated as slaves, and demeaned. They will never grown in confidence and esteem to be more than the chore boy/girls. Zach is a very good example, his low self esteem is now expressed through cockiness and arrogance. He has a grandiose delusional idea of himself. Jim has built him up so he can use him. There is nothing of pastor, or teacher, qualities about Zach. The biblical definition of a leader is one who is a servant to all. By Zach's own definition he is "the bossman". It is all so sick and pathetic. I am amazed Jim and Lori can get away with advertising this sham program as a school. Everything about Jim, Lori, MMC, and Morningside is very unprofessional. It's nothing but a dog and pony show.

I don't think there is any question that eventually the Feds will step in and shut it down. Unfortunately there will be many scarred and broken people before it is done with for good. Such is the sad state of affairs in christianity today. So many unwise people. The people supporting Bakker need to turn off their tvs and open their bibles. JB fans need to heed Jesus' warning that they "need to be as shrewd as serpents". They are being seduced by the worst of serpents!

Anonymous said...

To Tanya,

It is well known that Jim is desperate for guests. He has been searching out the next christian singing star. He brags he discovered the Winans, Russ Taff etc. He wants another one of those glory moments he can brag about.
I believe he felt he had done this with the Voices of Glory group. Michael the lead singer spent a short time in the MMC program. It was not long before he left Morningside with eyes wide open. As someone stated earlier this Godly family wants nothing to do with JB ministries.

Many good and Godly people have moved there, been shocked by the carnality and evil in that place. They move away as fast as they can. These people are not haters, as the Bakker worshipers accuse them of being. They are true followers of Christ, who hate lies and deception. The real christians see that Jim and those who worship him are nothing but impostors.

Brother Dortch said...

Thank-you for all you've said. I appreciate the comments and I would like you, and the rest of the bloggers on this site, to know this:

I am offended by Bakker defacing those who have dedicated their whole entire life to academic pursuits and excellence in education by looking a mentally substandard person in the face and stating he will give them a Doctorate degree. I wanted to throw up when I heard this--exactly like I did when I heard that a deformed, crippled, child named, Kevin Whittum, was robbed of over one and a half million dollars by this con artist. A prison cell is the only place a person who performs such acts should reside. That day cannot come soon enough for me. I will miss the fun, the laughs, and the good times a Blog like this provides, however, it is far outweighed by the removal of this vermin from the rest of society.

Anonymous said...

If Jim's school is to train youngsters to take over the Christian TV business he is going to have to train them how to write a resume. If they can't resume then won't be able to get a job and thus they can't redo Christian TV.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

In the Masters (?) Media application Jim is more interested in getting the feel of an applicants emotional history than list any structured class courses and teachers. I would like to see how Jim would answer these questions. LOL

Enter NA for “Not Applicable,” P for “Past Issue,” or C for “Current Issue” If you answer P
or C, please explain on the line provided.

Inability to concentrate
Laziness / Lack of motivation
Learning disabilities
Night terrors (dreams)
Nervous disorders
Problems with social relationships
Problems with parents
Reading comprehension
Sexually Promiscuous Lifestyle
Suicide attempts
Thought of suicide
Trouble making decisions
Use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.
Unstable Job Record
Witchcraft / Occult

Grandma Char Groupie said...

The resume ??? of Nate Parkhurst...
Another fine reason why NOT to attend the college. Man, Jim really taught him well, didn't he? I don't see how anyone could look at it and not have the instant desire to immediately place him in upper corporate management!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if you were to look at the resume of Zach it would list all of the companies he has been associated with: McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Sonic, Jack In The Box, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and many more!

Anonymous said...

So true anon@ 8:44 am

Matt would have been the janitor at McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Sonic, Jack In The Box, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and many more!

Grandma Char Groupie said...

Hey, did you happen to catch Jim saying the other day that "God spoke to me" and told him it was time to buy Morningside and own it all by himself?

Now that's funny. I didn't know God's name was Jerry Crawford!

Anonymous said...

To Kool Aid Kid; And I think you and the idiot Bakkersajerk are one in same.

bakkersajerk said...

I don't normally speak to Masters Media grads, but when I do, I tell them I'd like my order to go.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Jim's fake media school course outline:

No outline given but a "DOCTORATE IN BROADCASTING" or something is given to a student that sucks up to him for 4 years.

A "Real" Media School would have a course outline much like:

Undergraduate Courses
Digital and Creative Enterprise
Digital Media
Film Studies
Media Studies
Media Studies with Cinematics
Media Studies with Television
Media Technology and Production
Photography for Digital Media
Television Production
Web Design and Technology
Postgraduate Courses
Digital Arts and Media
Digital Filmmaking
Film Studies
Informatics By Research
Media Studies
Music Video
Cert/PG Dip/ Professional Media Practice
Web Technologies

A "Real" Media School would also list the staff and their qualifications.

Just saying... said...

I notice that the craven Bakker Haters who post here never bolster their innuendos and rumour with any substantial facts and reasoning. Just a lot of weasel words and weak accusations that would not even qualify for a article in Wiki. You may be able to pull the wool over each other's eyes, in fact I'm sure you do, that seems pretty simple. Let see some facts, figures, not just malarkey. Are you able to? Let's see it!

Grandma Char Groupie said...

I also don't normally speak to Masters Media grads, but when I do, I usually tell them there's a wet cleanup in Aisle 3 !!!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To anon @ 9:16 am

If Bakkersajerk
and myself are the same person why have you addressed him as an idiot and not me?

Here, you should have said,

"I think you and Bakkersajerk are idiots and are both the same person".

There, makes more sense now doesn't it.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Hey! Just saying,

What facts, figures, and not just malarkey are you wanting to see from us?

Oh, and thanks for popping in for a looks-see.

Do you live at Morningside?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

I guess the jokes on me! On my post at 9:16 am I stated bakkersajerk was a he! bakkersajerk could be a she of course as well.

Sorry for the error bakkersajerk


Grandma Char Groupie said...

Re: Just saying...@9:32 above

Welcome! Finally a Bakker supporter, for the first time in the history of this blog that has the substantial facts and reasoning on their side and not a bunch of weasel words! Excellent! Will you please scroll up and answer Brother Dortch’s appeal located at February 21, 2012 @3:55 p.m.? Then come back with the answer which we all will be waiting to read. If you do not come back and answer, we’ll just assume you don’t have any substantial facts and reasoning and that all you are trying to do is pull the wool over our eyes. Remember, we’re just looking forward to just facts, figures (person’s name & television network only), not just malarkey. Are you able to? Let's see it!

bakkersajerk said...

Hey Kool-Aid (oh yeah)
You were correct. But I am still an unemployed idiot that lives in my mom's basement. LOL

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

I just received a phone call from Jerry Jones, G.M. @ Morningside. He acknowledged my recent e-mail and assured me they wanted to be good neighbors. He informed me the Pastor will be traveling this week but upon his return a meeting will be scheduled for next week. I do appreciate being contacted and would like to state Mr. Jones was very cordial. I look forward to meeting with Mr. Bakker.

Anonymous said...

Joe C. You seem to be a rational and fair guy, who calls a "spade a spade". I'm going to enjoy reading your impressions of the whole Bakker scenerio cause there is a lot of maturity and thought to your post. I'm a Bakker supporter but that does not matter, I take people like you and their words.

Mother of 2 Teachers said...

To the anonymous poster @11:34 a.m.,

I am glad you are here and I share the same feeling others do about Bakker supporters being welcome on this blog. I mean you no disrespect at all, but as the Mom of two teachers, as well as a former teacher, myself, I am having a hard time following what you are trying to say in your last sentence. In it, you write:
“I'm a Bakker supporter but that does not matter, I take people like you and their words.”

I certainly understand everything written up to the word “matter” but then you place a comma there and proceed to end your thought with a sentence fragment. “I take people like you and their words” –Where are you taking them? What are you going to do with them when you get there? See what I mean? How about this:

“I take people like you and their words as being sincere.”

Is that what you meant to say? Again, no disrespect to you intended as I also like Joe C. too.

By the way, if you happen to be Jerry Jones, himself, why don’t you come on here and simply use your real name? This way a lot of unanswered questions could be answered and Bakker could at least give the appearance that, like his hat says, “I CARE”. If you are not Jerry Jones, please accept my apology.


Anonymous said...

Probably meant to say: I take people like you "at" their word. Would that be poor English?

Mother of 2 Teachers said...

Yes. That would be correct but he used the term "words" as plural and that would not be.

Tanya said...

'Just saying' at 9:32am said "I notice that the craven Bakker Haters who post here never bolster their innuendos and rumour with any substantial facts and reasoning."

Have you actually read all the comments? There are links to information, there are newspaper articles copied/pasted into the comments - and beyond that, you can do what some of us have done: look at the Master's Media application, look at the quality of the videos the students put on YouTube, look at the content of the videos, examine what Jim Bakker says during his shows (and instead of blind acceptance, think for yourself, notice the contradictions), research the history of Jim Bakker and compare it to what he is doing now - all the information is available to you.

Of course, if reading comprehension and critical thinking are a challenge, disregard the above.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Good post Tanya!

Mother of 2 Teachers said...

Tanya, this blog is lucky to have you. Very good posting!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Oh Brother!!!^^^^^^^^^

Kool-Aid Kid said...


You forgot to say ", Where Art Thou?"

bakkersajerk said...

Just met another MM grad. He was very cordial and polite. My request for paper instead of plastic was handled promptly.
BTW, I think the zombies may have done something to Joe C., remember those hills have eyes.

Anonymous said...

The education they get doesn't even qualify them as a "bag boy", even if he's doing that he's making out very, very well. Considering.

Grandma Maxine said...

Would somebody please tell that pencilneck geek Nolan to eat a sandwich and that mophead Braydon to get a decent haircut!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri @ 11:00 am seems to be a different sounding Joe C to me but who knows. Never known Joe C to call Jimbo "Pastor" that's all. Maybe the Morningside zombies broke into his home and stuffed Dino cake in his mouth and forced him to eat it.

Anonymous said...

Nolan's a hipster.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

To bakkersajerk: I can assure you they have not got to me although I have been craving some of those delicious looking Potatoes and String Beans.

Kelsey said...

For the "Just saying" poster:

I went point by point and dissected Jim's recent discussion on King David. I wrote what Jim stated and what the Bible said. Those weren't "weasel words". Your welcome to go back, read my post, and respond.

Anonymous said...

Joe C. is welcome anytime. He would make a wonderful addition. Being so close he could help house and feed some of the guest in his spacious home when they visit the show, save them a couple of bucks. a very Christian thing to do.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

Still waiting for the craven Bakker suppoter with all his substantial facts and reasoning to answer Brother Dortch's question. Damn! I must have run him off!

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Damn Kool-Aid, I was wondering what that foul taste was in my mouth when I woke up this morning.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Now there's the Joe C I know!!!!

Glad to have you back.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

Joe C.,

Good advice--If you go into Bakker's office and see a bar of soap on the desk and it drops to the floor, promise me you won't bend over and pick it up!

Ron said...

Joe C: Amazingly coincidental that after publicly posting here about Bakker's repeated brush-offs, his goonie has now returned your call after seeing your plan of action listed here. Yes, I agree with you that your plan of action should remain private going forward. Does Bakker only care to contact you after he learns that you are taking action? You'd think four voicemails would be enough, but as we've seen, voicemails do not work with Jim Bakker. Fear of public exposure is what works.

May I suggest that you tell him you want a million dollars for your property, plus a 15-ft gargoyle created in your honor. Jim'll just have to lean on his zombies to give more.

Bakker execs, I have a question for you: How do you sleep at night knowing that your paychecks are coming from little old ladies who are frightened into handing over their money by Jim's scary replays of 9/11? How can you possibly be comfortable in your own skin knowing that Jim Bakker, for all his talk about disasters, catastrophe, worthless money and the coming end of the world, is expanding his domain and beginning even more construction projects?

Shouldn't he, and you, be hoarding foodbuckets and Silver Sol as Jim instructs others to do? Why accept money as payment from Jim when he himself states that it will be worthless soon, and that your shitty foodbuckets will be worth more than a Mercedes?

When Jim fake cries on-stage to really turn up the heat on those old grannies at home, do you squeal like a satisfied little piglet, knowing that your paycheck is growing larger with each fake sob?

Seriously, was it that hard to find a real job? Or are you so completely talentless that being employed by Jailbird Jim Bakker was the best you could do? You are disgraceful, and I mean that with all sincerity.

Hey Brother D, I wasn't aware that yet another Morningside employee spoke out, lol. I'll link to it sometime this weekend when I get time off from my job, thanks for the heads-up.

I'd also like to add to what Dortch said about this blog. If Jim Bakker renounced his actions tomorrow and ceased his game of deception, I would have nothing more to write about. My blog exists to expose him and his cronies for the snakes that they are, but I have no desire to hound people if they cease their immoral activities. That goes for everyone associated with the show, including Jim Bakker. You stop and I'll stop.

Once you've seen the light and come into it, you will receive only words of encouragement from me. That goes for Zach Drew, Kevin Shorey, or anyone else there who admits they were wrong and changes their path accordingly. Otherwise, enjoy the show. It only gets better from here ;)

To all you kids at Jim's school, you are 100% being fooled by Bakker. Consider this: Not one person on this blog has anything to gain from doing what we do. Nothing. We are here, solely, to expose Jim.

Jim Bakker, on the other hand, has millions of dollars to gain by pimping you all out like prostitutes. You are being used, abused, and when you provide no more value to Jim Bakker, you will be gone. It really is just that simple. Listen to the advice you get from people here, because it is good.

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

Joe: Ron is right. The only reason you are being granted a meeting is because Bakker fears national exposure. If you sell him your property at fair market value you are a fool. The price is now at least one-million dollars for sure!

Anonymous said...

Joe C of Blue Eye,

For a love offering of only $7,000 I'm sure Jim would be happy to throw in some bonus meals!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

The reason why I think it took the Morningside suits so long to respond to Joe C is that they were consulting with their lawyers on the matter. You are correct Ron. Fear of public exposure is what works with that snake Bakker.

Naturally said...

Jim will lowball Joe C. Jim is savy he must know Joe is unhappy (joe let his feeling be known many times here), I'm sure if any of those folks monitor this site (which I'm sure they do) they are well briefed on Joe and how to negotiate with him to their advantage. Like I said I'm sure they monitor this site "keeping friends close, but enemies closer".

Grandma Char Groupie said...

Kool Aid,

That is still no excuse for common decency esp. since this is not the average Joe, but the Joe that lives right next door to you. You return the call promptly and say you got the message and you will schedule him in at the first opportunity. Then you thank him for calling. Instead, Bakker treated him like dog crap and I am sure it will cost him now.

Anonymous said...

Bakker does not care about JoeC., he's a business man. If he knows who JoeC. is, he certainly is not worried, unless it's a mind ploy, not returning calls is indicative of that. He'll have JoeC. sit in a chair that's 3 inches lower then his, so he can look down on JoeC. Bakker knows all the right moves.

bakkersajerk said...

Glad to see the zombies didn't eat your brains Joe C. Ron is right though, you scared them in public and they know you can do more. You are a sharp man but best keep your cards to your chest from here on out. I hope you do well when you face the zombie master.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

I totally agree with you Grandma Char Groupie. I was not defending the zombies just guessing at what they were up to that's all.

Do I still have to eat Dino cake?

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Would like to thank you for this Forum Ron.

bakkersajerk said...

Okay. I'll change my screen name so the zombies may read my links and non joking comments. I still think jim is a jerk.

Craig said...

I'm back. I'm sure I'll still offend the zombies, but at least I won't be alone.

Craig said...

For the zombie wanting facts and numbers:
6 million. That is what the fake pastor owes to the USA. Untill he pays that, he is a thief and has robbed from not only his followers but from every citizen of this country.

Tanya said...

I don't think the Bakker-supporters understand what is going on. Ron just explained why his blog exists, and why there are those of us who post here - I'll share how I came to this blog, and maybe that will shed additional light.

I had nothing against Jim Bakker when I thought he was off TV and no longer scamming money. That he misappropriated and misused funds is not slander, it is fact, as evidenced by his conviction and jail time.

One night not too long ago, I was channel-surfing, and I came across the Jim Bakker Show. I was surprised to see him on TV given what I remembered about the scandal (and as I've learned from actually reading comments here, and other websites, I only remembered a fraction of what he really did). So, I watched the show - and what did I see? Jim Bakker, settled into his new compound, using fear to sell trinkets and garbage food to people. Basically, making money off the fear of others.

That led me to look up Jim Bakker, which brought me to Ron's blog, and I've stayed - because it bothers me that a convicted felon is out there taking advantage of people again.

Now that Jim is promoting his "school" I have another thing to add: I am angry that Jim is taking advantage of impressionable young people, most of whom seem to be from high-risk backgrounds (e.g., addiction, abuse) - using them for free labour while promising them they will be able to go out into the world and work in media.

Students: I have years of post-secondary education, I work in my chosen field, I know how the game is played. Even if I assume that you are all highly trained and competent... OK, let's just assume that. As of now, it is a given that the Media students are fantastic at editing, presenting, composing, any and all of the skills needed to work in the real world. I still guarantee you won't get hired.

Do you want to know why? Because there are thousands of other young people out there, with the exact same skills, PLUS a degree/diploma from an accredited institution.

That is how the real world works.

(Kool-Aid Kid, Mother of 2 teachers - thanks! It's nice to know some people understand what I am saying.)
(and Craig - nice to meet you... again)

Lori's Dealer said...

The master commission kids, or at least some of them (don't know how many) are in Dallas, Tx today, must be a conference or something. They are staying at the Hilton in Duncanville. I guess they didn 't want to stay at a Hillbilly Inn! This is where zombies' money goes. Wonder if Jimbo is telling his zombies of this trip? Bet he won't mention where they are staying. Nothing like being humble. I am sure there is a motel 6 or even a red roof inn around.

Jim's realtor said...

Joe C. I have been asked to give you an offer on your land. We will gladly give you 7 years of food for each acre you sell us. If you act fast we will throw in 5 nights in the trailer park. If you sell us the whole farm I have been authorized to throw in the key to the bath house.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Wow Joe!

Now there's an offer you can't refuse.


Book store keeper said...

Jim wrote a book called, "I was wrong" I hear he is working on the second installment, "I am still wrong" Give him your hard earned cash and he will love gift you a copy

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

To Jim's realtor: Throw in a case of Silver Sol and you have yourself a deal.

Pay the two dollars.... said...

Joe C. You will never be offered 1 million for your property, that is just wishful thinking and you should not even pretend to ask that sum, you should insist on fair market value. Asking 1 million cause Bakker did not return your phone calls is ludacris and juvenile, you were Marine, you can't be that much of a prima donna that your feelings were hurt?? Fairness means fairness all around to the buyer and sellar, go for fair market value and ignore these petty asinine opinions about millions and millions. Never happen ifthe property is not worth that amount.

Anonymous said...

Catching up with some Bakker shows today. Just watched Feb. 10 - 2012 #2012.

For God's sake can someone explain to me why Kevin dresses so sloppy? Come on Kevin, a suit jacket, untucked buttoned shirt (that hangs under the bottom of your jacket), old ratty poor fitting jeans and brown loafers just screams unprofessional. Dress the part Kevin and your career will be taken far more serious.

Anonymous said...

Kevin has an odd shape, cloths that fit him don't come easy. Maybe that area does not have a Fat Men/Boys/Women store. Imagine his underwear??

Anonymous said...

He wears underwear?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the poor man has never had the opportunity to graduate anywhere with a performing arts degree. No I don't have to guess. There's no way on earth he could have.

Associate of Lori's Dealer said...

Joe C., Sell him your land for fair market value and you need your head examined, don't do it.
And to the rest of you, lay off Kevin, he'll have a Doctorate degree before you know it!

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

I agree that Joe C should not make a fool of himself and give the snake any kind of deal. One million Joe C, or nothing at all! Stay there with your sign and enjoy life if the felon doesn't want to pay up.

Kevin will have his Doctorate degree all right--as soon as the next shipment of Cracker Jacks arrive at the Morningside store and Jim hands it to him!

Anonymous said...

Joe, wise up!! Bakker paying millions for land that is worth a fraction of that is almost as bad as the "hush money" paid to Jessica Hahn. The Board of Directors would skin Bakker, he knows that, he would be ruined, it ain't gonna happen. You want a profit, that's fine, but don't shoot yourself in the foot. Or if you like your home just stay put. But don't expect any concessions from Morningside. From what I know they have the local government, press, radio, TV, business association on thier side. Youhave Grandma Char. Think!!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

But isn't it the local government, press, radio, TV, business association that will see Joe's sign? Think about that.

Hang in there Joe C.

Anonymous said...

When was Mondo's Birthday? I'm going to send him a belated birthday card. Feb 21st, honest George Washington's Bday? How appropriate!!

Associate of Lori's Dealer said...

If he can pay $279,000 with church funds to keep a whore quiet...and man, what a fine investment that turned out to be...he can pay one-million for land that he will never be able to own anyway that will make him millions back by fleecing the public. I am sure Joe C is smart enough to figure this out.

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