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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jim Bakker exploits 9/11 attacks to sell product, censors YouTube videos of his own show

Pastor Jim Bakker throwing a temper tantrum
If you hadn't already noticed, Jim Bakker and Morningside Church, Inc requested that the Foodbucket Fanpage YouTube videos documenting his slimy actions be taken down out of public view. This confuses me, Pastor Jim. Because if you're preaching the gospel, that divine truth provided by God for all mankind to hear, shouldn't you want this message being spread as far and wide as possible? Isn't that what a true man of God would want?

To be clear, the videos of Jim Bakker that were on YouTube were no different than those Jim puts out every weekday morning, they were only shorter in duration. Small clips, unedited and unchanged. The only thing added to them was my critique, which was apparently spot on since Jim couldn't bear having them available for the world to read.

Let me tell you a little something, Pastor Bakker. Real preachers don't sacrifice Christ's message in order to save themselves from scorn. In taking down videos of your very own show, you did just that.
Morningside Church Inc doesn't want God's message on YouTube?
 Wait, I take that back. You didn't sacrifice Christ's message to save yourself, because the truth of the matter is that you, Jim Bakker, didn't deliver any gospel message. You aren't a real preacher at all, you just play one on tv. You're a convicted con man who exploits old people, dumb people, and the tax code in order to leech yourself a livelihood. You had the videos removed because you don't want people getting clued-in to your game. Considering that nearly your entire show consists of peddling fear-buckets and other garbage, and that you are, in fact, a convicted fraud who served time in federal prison, it's not too hard to reach that conclusion. A real preacher wouldn't use their entire show to sell product, Jim. And if they were selling anything to fund-raise it would be sermon CDs, not Jim Bakker-branded Cereal.

While I could petition YouTube to reinstate the Foodbucket Fanpage videos, I don't have the time or the desire to fight Jim Bakker's Morningside Inc over them. However, I treat my own words and thoughts with far more reverence. As a member of the media and with Fair Use and the 1stAmendment on my side, you will not silence me here, Jim.

9/11 victims being exploited for a $55 book
You are corrupt, Jim Bakker, and you are a corrupting influence on everything around you. The kids you've duped into 'attending' your fake college have been corrupted by you. The presumably well-meaning Christians who follow you have been corrupted as well. Instead of worshiping God, they worship you. They give you money so you can spend it on 15-foot gargoyles and self-serving projects like Lori's House, then they come to this blog and defend you as if you were Christ himself.

You are so corrupting that you are able to use video of the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a scare tactic to sell product without anybody within your cult questioning it. Nearly 3,000 people died in those attacks, Pastor Jim, yet you have no qualms whatsoever with replaying those attacks over and over again, from multiple angles, to scare people into buying your products. And your followers, amazingly, see nothing wrong with this. I guess it's true what they say: One bad apple spoils the bunch. And guess who that bad apple is, Jim?

Try as hard as you want, Jim, but you will not silence me here. If we ever found ourselves in a courtroom over your trouncing of my 1st Amendment rights, it would be a dream come true for this blogger.

Ron Johnson arriving for court
It will be a circus atmosphere, because I'll make it one. I'll arrive to court wearing stilts and maybe a big parrot perched on my shoulder. Aspiring young actors will be hired to give both comedic and dramatic readings of each of my blog posts to the captive audience of 12 jurors, a judge, and courtroom spectators. Together, we'll watch exhibit A, your show. We will compare your shows to my posts and dissect them, over and over again. The jury will hear you speak about Lori's five abortions. They'll see you fake cry. They'll hear you give phony prophecy about Steve Jobs...remember that one, Jim? Remember when you forgot the late Mr Job's first name? It was hilarious, but you didn't laugh because you were concentrating on telling your lie.

Just as you lost pathetically in your first courtroom appearance, you would lose again in your second. That's because you are wrong, Jim Bakker, and you know it. As this blog gains more and more attention, the likelihood of you being investigated increases. You and Morningside Church, Inc can censor Jim Bakker Show videos on YouTube to your evil heart's content, but you will not censor my own thoughts and words without a fight.


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Kool-Aid Kid said...

A whoooeee woop liar.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this before. A crooked person or group of people will try to use scare tactics to try to shut up a blogger.

They know they don't have a snowball's chance of hell of winning such a case - especially since somebody like Bakker is considered a "public figure" - and public figures are pretty much fair game in legal precedent.

The American Civil Liberties Union would love to get in on this one. They helped me a few years ago with a Free Speech case and I won it with their great help.
Cost me absolutely nothing and complete justice was served.

Think of all of the issues that would be raised by a slander trial for Jimmy and some of his cultists. It would get good coverage in the media and I'm sure the IRS would be paying a lot of attention, too.

Craig said...

Lol Kool Aid Kid. Stupid zombies, empty threats from empty minds. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Bakker Backer ANON- (the one bitching about lawsuits)

Can you imagine how interesting it could get in a court room?

There would be all sorts of questions about how Jim is running Morningside and making key decisions when he does not appear to be an officer?

And regarding the Lori's House deal....has Jim EVER said

1. How much it will cost to build

2. How much money has be raised

Anonymous said...

lmao a blog that clearly states that it is "opinion and satire", good luck winning that baker and buddies...that just going to piss people off about you more when they hear about it baker will end up having to paying ron lol

Anonymous said...


Jim isnt allowed to write checks or handle money.

If he is making million dollar business deals that pose a problem?

Anonymous said...

i would love to see Jim on the stand in a lawsuit where he was up against Nancy Grace.

i think her license is current.

can you imagine how incensed and enraged Nancy would get when Jim answered?

Thats a blog dream...JIm on the stand being questioned by Nancy Grace

Anonymous said...

Jim is looking like a cry baby...wah..wah...wah....someone is on to me and is exposing me and that's going to hurt my I'm going to man up and be the man of God that I claim to be and I'm going to bring a lawsuit them!! I'm going to cry to Google and make them remove the clips of me spreading gloom and doom and especially the one that prove I'm nothing but a jackass...wah...wah...wah!! Yes, people we see the man of God he is. It says in the bible to not sue. But when has Jim ever done what the bible says to do. If what he is teaching is so right on, and his show is legitimately a Christian show and not a shopping network, then why is he so concerned? Jim hollers and screams that he is the only one teaching from the pulpit on how to get ready for all the coming doom and gloom that he's pedaling. He is self-righteously putting down other pastors and churches that aren't PUSHING products and using scare tactics to fill the offering plates. Maybe they should be bringing lawsuits against him for slander! Jim will say and do anything to line his pockets and God is never a part of the equation when he's counting his dollars. He puts down others pastors and churches who keep the focus on God. Imagine that a church and men of God promoting God. How scandalous an idea that must be to Jim Bakker!!

Anonymous said...

Bucket people aren't real bright either. I am not talking about JIM suing anybody. How many times do I have to say that? You guys have slandered enough people and told enough lies about other people, some of them really wealthy, that THEY might come after you for defamation. Jim's just the hook that might get you caught. One can only hope.

Anonymous said...

oooohhhhh, you're scaring me 5:38. There is not a person associated with this ministry that would stand cross examination by a defense lawyer!

Do you morons just sit and wait for someone to make a comment you don't like so you can pounce on them? Guess that's what you old folks living on social security do, sit around with your fear mongering pastor trying to figure out how to get the world before the world gets you. Such paranoia!

Well I'm off to work. So, sorry I don't have time to banter with you. Someone has to pay for your social security, medicaid, food stamps, heat and electricity...........

Anonymous said...

Just one more thing....I forgot the most important thing those social security checks are necessary buckets, I wouldn't want to you to kick the bucket

Better go I can't afford to lose my job. Wouldn't want your social security check held up......

bye for now, have a great day zombie. I know I will have a great day, I get to go to a positive environment with fun people!!!

Anonymous said...

My guess is that any defense lawyer you losers could afford would run screaming from the caliber of attorney that would prove your guilt.

Anonymous said...

If Jim has friends with millions and millions of dollars, then why was he on my TV just two weeks ago crying and asking for *someone* to write a million dollar check for Master's Media? Why is there any delay in building Lori's House? Why is he always claiming that the ministry doesn't have enough money to stay on the air?

With all these friends and their millions, it shouldn't be too hard to scare up some dough.

On air, Jim said they were going to use the old Lori's House location as a large garden, and he suggested they might get some pigs and cows to raise on the old site also. They showed footage of the area while he was talking.

Also, I was wondering if The Jim Bakker Show is broadcast internationally?

"In 1 Corinthians 6:1-8, Paul reprimands church members who have filed lawsuits against each other. Their pettiness, suggests the apostle, lacks eternal foresight and discredits the testimony of the church. In Matthew 18:15-20, Jesus offers principles for how two believers are to resolve a conflict. And earlier on, Jesus advised his followers about how to carry themselves if they are the object of a suit: "If someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well" (Matt. 5:40, NIV). What does this mean for us in today's ultra-litigious society?
As Christ's followers, we are called to live in unity. God wants us to be at peace with one another (Rom. 12:18). A suing Christian is usually enticed to take on the adversarial spirit manifested in the legal system. The predacious nature of our culture, the retention of attorneys, and the courtroom arena combine to form an atmosphere not conducive to reconciling relationships. A Christian who sues can become "caught up" in the system to the extent that he takes on a bitter, self-righteous, and disingenuous mindset.
This, in turn, can lead him to overlook the blessing hidden in conflict, an opportunity to demonstrate godly character in the face of adversity. It also minimizes God's concern about the "weightier matters of the law"—justice, mercy, and faithfulness (Matt. 23:23)."

truebucketfan said...

I see Lloyd Ziegler is on the show to push Lori's House.. can Phil Cameron be far behind??

Anonymous said...

notice the lack of zombie student's posts in the last 24 hours? The students were trapped in lock-down by L. Ziegler and Jimbo for the last 24 hours for intense therapy

SusanD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

LOL Craig. Jim said on the show today that it was Frank Davis that forwarded him the first million for the Old Mill Inn. Take it up with 'unreputable' multi-millionaire Frank.

SusanD said...

The live taping was interesting today “The I Care II Club” is over. The new Club is called “The Legacy” People that now give will be on the new statue at Lori’s House.

The funny thing I heard today you send your old gold to Frank Davis, and he will donate the money to Jim’s new Legacy club hahahah yeah like I trust either one of them lol The good news Jimbo say is you can trade GOLD for Buckets

The talk came up about the stolen blanket again, Kevin suggested maybe it was a visitor lol

Jim says he needs only 300 thousand for materials for Lori’s House.

Cindy B. said...

Jim also asked today for a one hundred million dollar donation. He said what breaks his heart is that someone will die and give one hundred million to a secular college that will use the money to train up atheists. He said that if someone will give him one hundred million he could build a larger network.

Anonymous said...

Seriously @ 8:18?

You want to quote scripture about Christians suing other Christians in reference to the bucket people?

That's a good one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dortsch, did you and your other brother, Joe C skip town?

Ron said...

I love my attorney, but a lawsuit brought by Jim Bakker or any of his associates and designed to abridge my right to free speech would certainly attract the ACLU. The ACLU, if you aren't familiar, represents people for free when their civil liberties are stamped on, and they are extremely powerful. Legal representation doesn't get much better than that.

I asked yesterday for specific examples of where I have maliciously lied, or misrepresented in a manner which is not obviously comedic. I'm not surprised that there have been zero responses to that, because I haven't lied and I wouldn't lie about Jim Bakker or his buddies. The truth as I see it on The Jim Bakker Show is much more entertaining.

Besides, I have a very high degree of personal integrity and do not entertain liars. Why do you think I blog about Jim Bakker, the man who told us that the nation's corn crop would run out in August...LAST AUGUST. The man who claimed to hear prophecy from God about Steve Jobs, yet forgot Mr Jobs' first name when revealing the prophecy.

If you think satire and commentary about public figures is something that is easily censored in this country, check out The People vs Larry Flynt.

Sue me all you want, you're not going to fact, you're going to lose. And if Jim thinks he can have one of his buddies do it instead, go for it. Bakker will end up in the spotlight regardless, because the commentary I provide and the satire I create is derived directly from his show.

Perhaps this is exactly what is needed to put a spotlight on all these shady characters lurking on the fringes of Christianity and exploiting it to create personal wealth.

I'm buying my bird today.

KAK, did you email me? If so, I need more specific information.

SusanD said...

Wait to buy your bird, I think maybe Jimbo will be selling those next! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Oh, the research has already been done, 'Ron.' Line by line, precept by precept.

I'll bet those other bloggers who LOST in a court and were fined millions of dollars contacted the ACLU, too.

Anonymous said...

p.s. You can tell what a man of 'inegrity' you are by your blog posts and who you hang out with here on the bucket.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused.

If Frank Davis can write million dollar checks, I would think Lori's House would be the project to fund.

This is all really interesting.

So, the church is building a warehouse to hold product and it's being partly financed by the guy who sells them the product. interesting

perriernoiceplease said...

Does Bakker ever mention if his board of directors meets?

Is he on the board?

@tokyodisney said...

@ 1:07

While you are questioning integrity, how do you see Bakker not allowing ANY financial transparency?

The total lack of an open 990 that other ministries like CBN offer makes people question Bakker's integrity.
why would he NOT want to be transparent like CBN?

How can anyone defend an organization that refuses to release any financial information while peer organizations release their numbers, CBN, Billy Graham etc

SusanD said...

Anonymous 1:28 pm

Yeah why have people send their old gold to Frank Davis, or trade your gold for buckets....How does that work you send your Gold to Frank via mail..the gold goes towards buckets or donated to Jimbo new club.....Well the live taping today was just plain strange. Gold is hard for the irs to track since Frank is saying what its worth hahahah

Surly old coot said...

Jimbo and Frank Davis are in cahoots. He mentioned a while ago that he was part owner of Food For Health and Frankie is the CEO. That's why many of the products he peddles is from that company!

maybe it's for the best. said...

JoeC. what do you think of your hero Bakker now? If you throw Koo-aid-Kid under the bus, that might appease Bakker and Zach. Make the kid the patsy!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea, a day in court with Jim and his buddies. That will get Jim national attention on all the major networks again. If Jim and company want to be taken down that would be a good way to get the exposure this criminal needs again. I'm sure all the major networks would like to be in that courtroom!

Surly old coot said...

Joe C is a duggum turncoat and now supports Bakker. Ever since he got the payout he has changed and his words can no longer be believed here. Head South yellow-bellied Joemama!

Anonymous said...

Old coot, Do you work hard at being an asshole or does it just come naturally?

Chickens come home to roost. said...

I think the new disclaimer in the comment section is going to discourage a lot of anti-Bakkerites. I predict Tanya, Jessica, and the other one SusanD. are going to temper their comments to be less inflicting. Kool-aid-Kid might chicken out completely and abandon the site now tat he has been informed of his responsibility. It easy to be brave when no one challenges you.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? @12:37??

Christian suing Christian, Christian suing non-Christian doesn't matter outside the first reference to scripture.

"A suing Christian is usually enticed to take on the adversarial spirit manifested in the legal system. The predacious nature of our culture, the retention of attorneys, and the courtroom arena combine to form an atmosphere not conducive to reconciling relationships. A Christian who sues can become "caught up" in the system to the extent that he takes on a bitter, self-righteous, and disingenuous mindset.
This, in turn, can lead him to overlook the blessing hidden in conflict, an opportunity to demonstrate godly character in the face of adversity. It also minimizes God's concern about the "weightier matters of the law"—justice, mercy, and faithfulness (Matt. 23:23)."

Anonymous said...

I just want to take a moment to thank the Bakker supporters who post here.

You've done an excellent job of not bringing the gospel to a mass of unbelievers. Your lack of forgiveness in the face of humiliation and persecution remind me of the apostle Paul. Your bold, arrogant and prideful references to people with money show me that you trust in God's ability to do His will in His time. You truly believe that vengeance is the Lord's! And furthermore, you've taught me that God doesn't want me to rely on Him, and instead I should protect my family from the reward of Heaven by holding on to this sinful world as long as possible by bartering toilet paper for hair styling. I thank you for all the ways you've shown the fruit of the spirit to me: kindness, gentleness, patience and self-control, by telling me I'm going to Hell. I also admire the way you all "crack the code" of the Bible, because I've always thought that God didn't want to speak to me plainly and honestly so that I could understand His will. You've let your light on the hill shine forth! Surely, people will look at your good deeds and thank your Father in Heaven!

Thanks again!

Glad we could help. said...

4:21---You're welcome.

Watermelonjuicepoolside said...

I saw there will be 4th of July fun at Morningside.

If you go, do you have a choice between swimming at Morningside vs. Boating at the Bakker compound on Pokeberry lane?

I really hope camping isn't the only option. The grass under the tents in the video shots looks scrubby.

I'm up for either the boating on Pokeberry or feed store pool party

Anonymous said...

I would hope all the Pro Bakker people (at least 1) could offer some sort of explanation on how they rationalize Jim' or Char not filing a form 990?

CBN, tbn, Billy Graham, they all openly file.

Is there a valid reason a Bakker supporter can give for Jim not filing and thus being transparent?

Tanya said...

Chickens come home to roost: "temper my comments to be less inflicting"... do me a favour and direct me to the posts of mine that you find offensive, dishonest, or inflammatory to the point that they are slanderous. I understand that I am on of the more identifiable anti-Bakker *behaviour* posters - I have always been clear that it is Jim Bakker's behaviour that I oppose - but other than that, other than being easily identifiable, what have I said that needs to be tempered?

Chickens come home to roost - it is easy to be brave when no-one challenges you, so I look forward to your response. Dates and times, please.

Tanya said...

There are a couple more things I was thinking about...

4:38pm - would like to see an answer to that as well. This question has been around for some time, and has not been touched by any of the Bakker-supporters.

And: Jim Bakker has an ad on his website for his big July 4th bash, and has been promoting the big party on his TV show. He did nothing for Easter - either in celebration or to spread any message. How do the Bakker-supporters feel about that choice?

Grandma Maxine said...

Grandma Char is recovering from leg surgery so we all need to send healing vibes to her.

Does anyone know where Mondo has been?

Troll Zombie said...

I think Mondo is filming his own reality show in Florida. No joke.

Anonymous said...

Mondo's Reality Show:

007astonmartin said...

The Bakker supporters refuse to touch the question of why Jim does not file a form 990.

Its a form a non profit files, Churches dont have to file but many like CBN, Billy Graham, TBN file. It discloses donation amounts for then year, salaries, expenses etc.

Morningside Church refuses to file it....why??????

Anonymous said...

With regard to the corporate structure of Morningside Church, what is Jim Bakker's official title and role?

What is the official title and role of Charlene Graham?

Does Morningside Church have a CFO?
If so, who is that individual?

These are all questions answered by a form 990

Anonymous said...

Good question Tanya, I would like to know why Jim Bakker doesn't celebrate Christian holidays!

Tanya said...

Thanks, 6:59pm.

Its received little attention from the Bakker-supporters. In the week leading up to Easter there were repeat shows aired, and the week after Easter there was no mention of Easter (that I heard) on the new shows. That equals a total of zero references to Easter for 2012.

Yet, also for 2012, the Jim Bakker official website states: "The dates for our annual July 4th celebration have been set! July 2nd - 6th, 2012 will be the most amazing week of guests and seminars in the New Jim Bakker Show history, including performances from Tammy Sue Bakker and The Gloryland Pastor's Choir!"

The cynic in me whispers that perhaps a big party/celebration has the potential to bring in more money than Easter... but maybe the Bakker-supporters have a different answer.

Ron's Bird said...



Anonymous said...

I saw on another blog an agnostic pointed out that Jim says "Money is the root of all evil." Those of you who can endure Jims show and know how he quotes that scripture is this true, does he misquote this scripture? The agnostic said that Jim is again misquoting scripture, He then quoted the scripture correctly, it says... 1 Timothy 6:10 from the King James Bible "For the LOVE of money is the root of all evil; which while some covet after it, they have erred from the faith, and pierced them through with many sorrows." It's the LOVE of money that is evil, not money itself. If Jim is taking this verse out of context I find it amusing that an agnostic caught this and pointed it out.

Brother Dortch said...

Re: “The Road to Nowhere”

Good evening everyone and let me take a moment to respond to a blogger’s remark yesterday that a blatant lie was told here on this blog about “The Road to Nowhere”. That figure of speech, in quotation marks, was used in reference to a $250,000 road that was originally built to take travelers to the old, original, site of “Lori’s House”. That original construction site was cancelled. Any reasonable person would then ask the question, in regard to this road, that since the house was not going to be built on its original site, does that then mean that the road was built in vain and a new road would be needed? It is a simple, easy to understand, and extremely logical question to ask under the circumstances.

Let me try to explain it in an even simpler fashion. Imagine I told someone I had just purchased a $4,000 set of expensive and fancy rims for a new sports car I intended to buy. Months later, a friend comes up to me, who knows of my purchase of these fancy auto rims, and asks me how I like the new rims on my sports car. I then tell that individual that I decided NOT to purchase a new sports car after all.

What would their logical response to me then be?

We all know the answer to that question. My friend would then proceed to immediately ask me if I had purchased those expensive rims in vain for a car I did not even buy. Any logical person would do that.

Despite not purchasing the sports car at all, if I told my friend I purchased a completely different type of vehicle which had the same sized tires which therefore allowed me to use those exact same rims on this new, non-sports car, then the situation would still be a positive one despite the fact that I did not buy the original sports car I told everyone I was going to buy.

As we all now know, the brand new site of “Lori’s House” is located behind the male student dorm, also known as “The Tabernacle” and the original road actually stopped at The Tabernacle. I am sure that this road stopped there so the original site of “Lori’s House” could be worked on, and then have a parking lot laid, and then a driveway which would connect it to the new road.

There are a total, I believe, of 560 acres at Morningside, not counting the additional 85 or so acres that the church just bought. That is a lot of space to put a lot of things and “Lori’s House” could have been moved and placed in a wide variety of locations there to which this new road would not have applied.

The fact that Mr. Bakker chose to place “Lori’s House” in a new location that takes full advantage of using that exact same new road is a win-win for everybody. I totally and completely support this decision. Why? Because I feel it is in the best interests of everyone that another set of funds do not have to be raised for the purchase and construction of a brand new road. Simply put, it was a good and cost effective decision to make under the circumstances.

Brother Dortch said...

I see that several of you actually watched the live broadcast today, 5-15-12, and were made aware, as all viewers were, of a brand new manner, not involving U.S. currency, that one could acquire foodbuckets. On this show, Bakker starting telling how the bible says that in the last days people would throw their gold into the streets because it will be worthless. He then flashed an address on the television screen and asked viewers to send him their gold and precious gemstone jewelry. He made a stern warning not to send ”costume jewelry” because, if you did, it will be sent back. He specifically said he only is interested in either gold or some type of jewelry item that can be appraised because it has precious gemstones.

Specifically, here is exact what he said:

A)He said that Frank Davis (Food For Health) is a certified appraiser of gemstones and a graduate of the G.I.A. This is the “Gemological Institute of America” and that Frank is able to appraise jewelry with these credentials.

B)He then said the address on the screen is an address to which people can send their gold jewelry and other non-costume jewelry items directly to Frank, and this address clearly showed a Utah address with the header “Attn: Frank Davis” on it.

C)Bakker then said that the sender’s jewelry item will be appraised by Frank.

D)Bakker said the person who sent the jewelry will then be contacted.

E)Bakker said the person who sent the jewelry will be told what their jewelry is worth.

F)Bakker said the person who sent the jewelry will be given credit for the exact amount of the appraised value plus a bonus of either 20% or 25% more than the jewelry was appraised for.

G)Bakker then said that a donation to “Lori’s House” will be made, by Frank, in the amount of 10% of the exact value of the jewelry’s appraised value.

H)Lastly, Bakker stated that the sender of the jewelry would then be entitled to whatever their final value of the jewelry was to be used directly for the purchase of foodbuckets.

In the last days, people will throw their gold into the streets because it will be worthless—now send me your gold.

I have nothing more to say about this broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit

I just read the above post.

You have to be kidding me.

They want people to send jewlery in? I dont even know what to say.

I am ina bsolute shock

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if there has ever been ANY budget announced for Lori's House?

TBN is by no means an organization with a sterling reputation however...when they built their church at HolyLand Experience last year it was clearly stated that it would cost 20 million. They built it and really did no heavy duty begging for funds.

Lori's House seems to have been an on going project.
If Morningside file a form 990 it would be possible to see how much has in fact been raised for Lori's House but of course there is no 990

Khashoggi80's said...

If anyone has read any coverage of Bakker in the Branson paper, its at best sad.

The "reporters" churn out stuff about the operation that sounds more like a press release handed out by the Chamber of Commerce.

The Charlotte Observer was a REAL news newspaper.
This Branson paper most likely doesnt have investigative skills.

The St Louis Post Dispatch did an equally idiotic piece on Morningside a while back as well.

I dont think either paper grasps the utterly over the top nature of Bakker running or Char I mean, running a nonprofit with no transparency.

I will say I find the Feed Store facade in front of the pool very charming. How utterly clever.

The Pokeberry lane lake home really wasnt a surprise. I only hope Jim gets the time to use it,
with all the work and travel.

Tanya said...

Thank you for outlining how this new scheme of Jim Bakker works, Brother Dortch (10:13pm).

It is absolutely disgusting.

I hope that people are able to see the potential for abuse and exploitation in this system that exists at every step.

Aside from that - look at the numbers, it tells you what is valued:

As I understand Brother Dortch's description, if I send in my gold, and it is appraised at $100, then Frank will give me a credit of either $120 or $125 (they can't even pick one amount).

Frank will then give $10 to Lori's House - 10% of the "exact value."

The remaining credit of $115 (I took the higher bonus number minus the $10) buys foodbuckets - which, depending on whatever deal Jim Bakker has with Frank Davis, puts money right back into Frank's pocket.

How much money goes to Frank and how much goes to Jim? We don't know, I haven't heard Jim ever talk about that.

How does Jim's share of the money get used? We don't know, there is zero financial transparency.

I don't even know if I interpreted the process correctly - "bonus" money, "exact value," "final value"...

This is just my opinion: no credible and moral ministry would have such a convoluted, potentially abusive/exploitative system to raise money.

If anyone chooses to defend this "give me your gold" plan, please explain your thinking - because I don't see any redeeming qualities.

Brother Dortch said...


Let me be clear about something as I want the record to be totally and completely correct here. I have recited the above review of today's live broadcast (5-15-12) from memory with no DVD recording of the show or notes that were taken.

Mr. Bakker did not offer two different bonuses on top of the value of the appraised jewelry. He only offered one.

I believe the exact amount he stated was the appraised value plus 25% of the appraisal added as a bonus. Again, he only stated one amount.

The reason I stated, in my review, that he said it was either 20% or 25% was just in case the 25% amount, which I recited from memory, was not correct--and then it was 20%. I can assure everyone here it was one of those two amounts.

I am sure, and can state here with absolute certainty, he definitely stated, in that one amount he mentioned, you will be receiving one amount (only) of 25% of a bonus on top of the appraised value. If I am incorrect, and I don't think I am, then he stated the one amount (only) of a bonus you will be receiving is then 20%. as a bonus on top of your jewelry's appraised value.

Again, I do not want this to be the cause of any confusion. If somebody from the ministry will be as kind as to come on here and confirm the 25% amount I would certainly appreciate it. If I am not correct about the 25% amount then I certainly know I am correct about the 20% amount. It was definitely one of those two amounts.

I do not now want anyone to think that Mr. Bakker offered a "floating bonus". He offered one amount and one amount only and I believe I am correct in stating that one bonus amount was 25% on top of the jewelry's appraised value.

Regarding exactly how the rest of this scheme works and the other questions you have raised, I am clueless. You will have to ask Jim about that!


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of a ministry going as far as saying to just send in your gold almost wanted to see a tiny bit of good but each time i try this shit pops up.

Tanya said...

Clarification received and understood, Brother Dortch!

So, please eliminate the floating bonus from my 11:11pm comment, as Brother Dortch has corrected me.

I will review, based on the clarification of Brother Dortch - simply to be clear that I stand in the same place on this topic, i.e., what the bonus is does not matter to me:

There is potential for abuse and exploitation at every step.

A minimal amount goes to Lori's House.

The rest goes to foodbuckets.

Depending on the deal Jim and Frank have, money goes in both pockets.

We have no idea what money goes where, if the money gets where it is supposed to, or what the ministry money is used for because there is zero financial transparency.

My personal opinion stands: no credible and moral ministry would have such a convoluted, potentially abusive/exploitative system to raise money.

And I would still appreciate someone who supports this gold money-raising scheme to explain their reason for supporting it.

Anonymous said...

This gold deal is so transactional.

I'm assuming this is a donation?

I cant imahine a church or even another tv ministry like CBN saying "send in your gold"

I'm really really shocked not surprised but shcoked

Tanya said...

Me too, 12:38am.

People may remember that a few days ago I posted a comment where I said in just the few months I've known about Jim Bakker's new show, I've become so used to Jim's rampant building projects that I did not initially question the construction of the Old Mill Inn while at the same time Jim was saying he had no money to continue with Lori's House. It wasn't a surprise to me, it was just what Jim Bakker does. Some comments on this blog gave me a booster shot of reality.

This, though, this convoluted transaction that hinges on viewers sending Frank their gold and precious gemstones - this shocks me.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone recall that phrase about turning shit into shinola?

Well on the show I just watched Jim turned shit into shinola.
He took a stroll down memory lane.
We went back to about 88 when the Bakkers were living in Palm Springs after losing PTL.

He tells this story about the family going to dinner and some mean people saying bad things in front of his then young son.

Ok, so he is trying curry sympathy via a story about his son being in an akward situation brought on by Jim himself.
had Jim NOT done all that shit none of that would have happened.
So in effect he says these people were so mean....yeah people were pissed at you Bakker.
He sinned, brings humiliation on his family and then wants to blame others AND gain sympathy
A real man would have said "I brought shame on my family" A real man wouldnt be a pansy and sit and say "look how mean the people were"

On top of that he says in the same show that his minsitry was stolen.
But Jim KNEW (this is in court transcripts Bakker backers) that well before Jessica Hahn.. as early as 1986 (year before) that david Taggert was taking enormous undocumented sums of money. he was told by tax attorney Michael Wigton that Taggert needed to be fired as he was in effect stealing and could cost the ministry its tax exempt status.
Wasn't Taggert ALSO stealing?
In case the Bakker backers bitch, I'll paste in a quote available online.
Taggert stole far more than falwell

Other testimony Friday included a former PTL tax lawyer who said he urged in 1986 that David Taggart be fired as PTL vice president if he continued not to document his expense accounts.

The lawyer, Michael Wigton, said missing records and huge salaries paid to PTL leaders made it difficult for him to defend the ministry's tax-exempt status to the IRS.

''I felt the time had come to take a stand. If these documents couldn't be produced, they needed to take some drastic action,'' Wigton recounted.

Taggart's boss, Jim Bakker, didn't fire him

Wigton, a former IRS tax law specialist, told the jury he repeatedly tried to get American Express records of David Taggart's spending.

American Express sent duplicates of the charge-card records to PTL, Wigton said, but those documents also were lost.

''It was like pulling teeth out of an alligator to get documents from everybody,'' he testified.

Anonymous said...

Prosecutor David Brown told the jury that of the $1.2 million the Taggarts allegedly took, $750,000 was in cash.

"People don't routinely use hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash unless they're trying to conceal something," Brown said.

"If you're not offended by how they lived, by the fact that the money came from PTL, money made up of a lot of small contributions--if you are not offended by all that, you ought to be offended by the testimony they gave in this courtroom," Brown had told jurors in his summation.

James Taggart testified that his brother handled all of their personal and professional finances, and David Taggart said he had authorization from Bakker to take large bonuses and cash advances on PTL credit cards.

Refused to Answer Questions

Bakker was called to testify at the trial but refused to answer any questions, citing his constitutional protection against self-incrimination

Brother Dortch said...

Also on today's live broadcast (5-15-12) Jim cautioned his audience not to send in expensive family heirlooms that are near and dear to one's heart. He said he was not looking for that. He said he only wanted an audience member to send in old gold that they have lying around the house and items such as that.

Why Bakker needed to caution any grown adult against sending in something they were not willing to part with, in order to obtain foodbuckets, is way beyond me. I can only imagine that was said to lessen the likelihood of someone accusing him of asking everyone not to keep any jewelry at all and send it all to him instead.

While giving his pitch, he placed in his hand, Lori's costume jewelry red necklace (while still on Lori's neck) and, as an example, told the audience he wanted everyone to imagine that each of the cheap red beads was an actual ruby. He then said that, if this ruby necklace was being appraised, each stone would have a value and the total value, plus bonus, would be the amount credited to you for purchase of foodbuckets.

As another example, Bakker held up a diamond ring that he said belonged to his sister, who was seated in the audience. The camera then showed Bakker's sister and they were discussing how the sister was going to use this actual ring to participate in this new program.

And finally, let me also be clear that the term "precious gemstones" is my term (a commonly accepted term in the jewelry industry) and not a term Bakker used on the air. We all know the difference between costume jewelry and jewelry which can be appraised. The difference is that jewelry which can be appraised contains precious gemstones, such as gold, the ruby Bakker mentioned in his example, or diamonds (which were on his sister's ring) and so forth.

Throughout his pitch, Bakker's own personal terminology of choice was simply "Old jewelry" that one has lying around the house and no longer wants to keep.

SusanD said...

Brother D,
I see you saw the live show Jim's catch phrase for his new plan was "Gold for Buckets" just when I think things can't get any lower I see this live show! lol I am guessing Jim isn't getting the cash he wanted, so he has this new gold plan lolol

Brother Dortch said...

Yes Susan,

I can only imagine in my dreams what the next fund raising scheme will be...

Stand by!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Bath House Stinker for Space Food Warehouse Manager!

Anonymous said...

Wrong Dortsch. The 'road to nowhere' thinking doesn't come from a logical critical thinker. It comes from a hyper-critical, quick to smear with falsehoods, creator of slander.

In this case, it comes from a fired ex-employee who wants to get even.

Dortsch, you seem to be spending a lot of time and keystrokes now trying to CYA. I don't blame you.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked to hear about this new fund raiser! For quite some time Jim showed a wheelbarrow full of money and said it soon wouldn't even buy a loaf of bread. He and Larry Bates promoted Bates gold business. Jim and Larry said gold would be the way for families to survive when the wheelbarrow full of cash is no good. Now grandma and grandpa are suppose to send that too? Wow!!!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Kind of reminds you of "SCTV's Solid Gold Telethon".

What kind of good christian uses comments like CYA?

Brother Dortch said...

As another blogger correctly pointed out above, Grandma Char is at home now recovering from surgery and I wish her a speedy recovery so she can get back on her feet again and back into doing the things she wants to do. Nobody wants to be stuck at home waiting for their body to heal and that includes me too. I know what it is like to be down and I would like to express my best wishes to Grandma for a speedy recovery.

Now Grandma, should that happen to be you who is dead set on revealing my identity on this blog (and, of course, I have no idea if it is or not) I have already given you, on more than one occasion, permission to reveal my name, address, and phone number (which is clearly information you would have) and place this information on the blog for all to see.

Still, I see nothing here but accusations that I do not think represent the true Christian spirit for which you should be standing in representation of both yourself and the Christian community you represent--not to mention your God above.

And, if that is you, Grandma, are you worried that placing the wrong name of a non-public figure individual on this blog would make you look like a foolish, defamatory, completely wrong, un-Christian like, hateful fool?

If you are, I don't blame you!

But, don't worry, I forgive you for it and there are no hard feelings coming from me. Get well soon, and have a nice day. I truly mean that too.

Anonymous said...

To 6:06,

It is a fired employee who wants to get even....waa, waa, was Jerry Farwell.....waa, waa waaa....It was Tammy's fault, or was it Jessica's....waa, waa, waa, it's always some one else's fault. The people defending Jim deserve to be on the road to nowhere! Actually every road leads somewhere, I wouldn't want to be on the one Jim is taking the gullible down.

By the way I do believe that Jim Bakker has the right to be on tv. Fools have the right to buy all his QVC products. The blind can lead the blind, just don't do it in Jesus name with church exempt status!

No Nonsense Norski said...


What the.......?

"Trustworthy" Ol' Frank Davis is a certified gemologist?!?

So, let's see:

Money will be completely worthless, so buy GOLD.

Send your GOLD and PRECIOUS GEMS to Frank for a trade-in (for Frank's "appraised value", of course.

And, in return, get FOODBUCKETS - as many as Frank & Jimbo wish to part with.

Talk about ARROGANCE! Their distain for their sheeple knows no bounds.

This is a con of biblical proportions. Gold & Gems for Powdered Food Flakes. WOW.

WHERE are the IRS, FCC, Missouri Attorney General, ANYONE?!?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 6:06,

I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I saw your sarcastic and rude remarks. Mr/Mrs. Bakkerite you've hit a new low. A Bakkerite calling someone else a hyper-critical, quick to smear with falsehoods, creator of slander is as joke. In fact it made me laugh out loud so hard that I spit my coffee all over my computer screen!.....oh, well it needed to be cleaned anyways....thanks for the good laugh. Laughter is good medicine and you started me day out well! :)

You Mr/Mrs Bakkerite support this con man and then have the audacity to call a smart person, who is not gullible like you, unable to think logically or critically. Do you know what those words mean because they describe a Bakker supporter perfectly. (By the way I have a really good way for you to invest your gold, call me at 1-800-fools-gold, or that's

You're ludicrous remarks made my day. I have a busy day....I'm off to spend time with good friends who aren't such negative downers. Wish I could say the same for you! Try to have a nice day out there in negativille, and please try to lighten up, being so negative is bad for your health! Just saying! :)

Anonymous said...

You do dance, Dortsch.

Are you and Joe C dancing partners? It would seem so.

Why can't you say "I never worked for Jim Bakker and he didn't fire me?"

Simple statements that would make my assertions null and void. Go ahead, say it... then I'll be silent on the issue... promise.

But you did work for him, didn't you? And when you went to work for him, you LOVED the ministry and all things were just lovely. But when you were found to be an incompetent with a huge sense of entitlement (not the first time), you did a one-eighty and now you are committed to its criticism and demise. Ah! The internet. Ah! Anonymity! ...sort of. Seems anybody can find out who anybody else is ...if need be.

alwaleedbintalal said...


Can you please explain why the minsitry refuses to offer any financial transparency?

Your minister loves to say he helped found ( and did) CBN and TBN.
They file the form 990.
It shows all the financials
Can help me grasp why Jim refuses to do this?

Cindy B. said...

hey 8:46 you said "Ah! The internet. Ah! Anonymity!" and you posted those remarks under the name "Anonomous." isn't this hypocritical, or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

Do you want someone to share your ip location information and telephone area code zombie church person? Nice "hate" comments you have.

@tokyodisney said...

Do the supporters of the Bakker organization ever
explain why he does not file that form 990 and offer any transparency?

There seems to be lots of commenting but no explanation

Anonymous said...

Really jim? Not only will you take that filthy money from your zombies but you'll be happy to take their precious metals and gems too?
If any zombie is interested, I'll be happy to trade a case of powdered milk for a Rolex. Heck, I'll even kick in $50 for Lori's House.

Brother Dortch said...

Please everybody, calm down and let's all act like adults here, can we?

Grandma (if indeed it is her) has already been answered by me in as decent and as Christian-like manner as I know how to do. And she has also been answered with respect, which I would like to certainly be given the same benefit of too--if it is in her heart to do so.

I do not want anyone here to place her ip address or telephone area code out on this blog because ehe is, when posting as "Anonymous," entitled to the exact same respect as anyone else here is. The same thing goes for her daughter or her son-in-law. If they want to come and post here as "Anonymous" that is their right and I respect that right.

Grandma was here with us one day when a young man, who she later told us was an "openly homosexual" former employee who "just did not fit in" came here and had some negative things to say about Jim. She was offended by those accusations because she thought this man was attempting to accuse Jim of matters which no employer wants to be accused of. I will not go into what the young man said.

I knew the minute I read the accusations they were weak. Assuming exactly what the young man said was true, then Jim had not done anything which was either illegal, immoral, or even inappropriate...and whose side did I take?

Did I come on here and defend the young man? Or, did I come on here and say "I have no choice in this matter but to side with the Bakkers on this one."

Grandma, you were here. Tell the people whose side I took. Be honest.

I sided with you and your family and called for the posting to be removed because I felt, as a courtesy, it was the right thing to do.

I am sorry you were offended by my calling your new road, which lead to a cancelled construction site, "The Road to Nowhere" and if it will make you feel better this afternoon (and I know you are sick and I have already expressed by concern and regret for that situation) than I have now apologized to you, personally, and I think that takes a lot of honesty and maturity to do.

Now please be honest and tell everyone if I did indeed support you and your family here on this blog?

Yes, I have criticized. But I also have supported you too.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting addictied to reading this blog.. the grandma is grandma...
Can you Please possibly offer some explanation as to WHY Morningside will not file a form 990 and allow for transparency? Please?
CBN, TBN and many others file the form.
what reason would there be for not filing?

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to find if the ping comes from a MS office computer.

Craig said...

I am fairly certain that using gold as legal tender is not allowed in the USA. I think you are only entitled cash for gold unless there is some other legal agreement approved by congress.
Jewelry dealers and licensed pawn shops are not subject unless the amounts hit a certain level.
It will be interesting to see if a jewelry dealer or pawn shop is involved with the buckets for gold.

Troll Zombie said...

I don't see what the big deal is. Every Sunday I go to church, drop an earring in the offering plate, and pick up my 4 Star All American Vegetable Bucket on the way up to communion.

Get with it, people.

Mr Green Jeans said...

Grandma Char is a rickety old prima donna. I would like to know what her experience is that qualifies her to be in an administrative position. Running a soup kitchen or working in a flop house does not count as practical experience BTW. Now this Bakker has gold fever, how about the gold teeth and fillings of the geritol bunch who pass away? Would that satisfy your lust?

Anonymous said...

At least one media outlet is paying some attention!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

... he sells enema kits?

Craig said...

Lol. Maybe that's what the zombie was doing in the stall....

Ron said...

Bought my bird. I showed him the live feed of Jim asking for peoples' gold and the damn thing bit me.

Have a post I've been working the last few months, will try to get it out this weekend.

The gold thing is shocking, I don't even know where to begin? Don't people typically pawn their gold when they have no more money? Unbelievable this guy.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

You know what they say Craig, when the end of the world happens you can just bend over and kiss your ass goodbye ... and then take an enema.

Don't take the enema first! lol

Anonymous said...


They did make the UK Daily Mail!

Morning star said...

Kool-aid: Maybe you should change your handle. The Kool-aid company 'might' get the message you're enfringing on a copyright and hit you with a "cease and desists" order. I have a new name you could use: "fruity powder drink boy".

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail thought Silver Sol was for enemas!

They quoted the National Enquirer

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Jim will write the UK Daily Mail an email explaining that Silver Sol isn't for enemas?

fruity powder drink boy said...

Not sure if I like the new name you suggested Morning star. What do you think? Not very stylish.


Anonymous said...

Did the National Enquirer run a story recently about Jim?

The UK Daily Mail refers to the Enquirer but I don't see any mention of Bakker on the Enquirer website

Surly old coot said...

Maybe Jim will be melting down the gold and mold a "Golden Calf" out of it. Might change his luck.

Powder Drink Kid said...

This better?

No wait ....

Powder Kid said...

What about this?

It has a bit of style to it don't you think?

Moron star said...

This is what you should change your screen name to Morning star.

Do you like it?


fruity powder drink boy said...

Hi Mr. Coot!

How are you today? Did you have a good nap on the couch today?

This is me (Kool-Aid Kid). Just trying out a screen name that Morning star suggested.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else read the UK Daily Mail story today?

It was really a light weight piece but still...

gilgamesh said...

To guys like Bakker, any publicity is good if it generates sales. A negative comment sometimes works wonders to spike sales. It's a funny business. If you want to damage someone the best psychology is to totally ignore. That hurts the worst.

fruity powder drink boy said...

to gilgamesh,
That goes for anyone in business. Good publicity about your product will increas sales and a poor one will hurt. It's not rocket science to figure that out. The Toyota sticking accelerator pedal recall is a good example. I don't know why a business would want to be ignored and still want to be successful.

Surly old coot said...

Bro D and Joe C are Phone E!

Just got up from my afternoon nap, how you doin there Mr Kid?

Curious One said...

Joe C has anyone here called your number and discussed with you what happened at the meeting and since?

fruity powder drink boy said...

Having a good day Mr. Coot.

truebucketfan said...

NOW Wrong

My current opinion of James Orson Bakker

Zack (not the Bakker Zach) said...

Joe C. come clean. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool me. Tanya, Bro D and the rest will give Bakker a bitch slap for being a phoney and that's fine, but for you it's all praise and glory. Like you crap ice cream or something in their view. What went on at that meeting? None of this call me jazz you're tap dancing through a manure field with that curve ball. You made an agreement to disclose what happened. After the meeting it was "well you see" and "can't talk now, call me" nonsense. I think we earned the right, the need to know. Come clean,

Lottery guy said...

Mr Bakker: I will donate $1,000.00 to the Morningside Fund if Kevin, from a standing position can touch his tippy toes with his finger tips on TV. A PROMISE.

Anonymous said...

This UK Daily Mail story today is the first time I have seen any news reporting of the current Jim Bakker operation.

As mentioned above it does reference the National Enquirer.

Surly old coot ,thinks & said...

The ironic part is, that if today or tomorrow you see a guy with a beard holding a sign saying "Prepare to meet thy Doom", you'd call him a crank. Can somebody please explain what the difference is. Hi Kool-aid-Kid!

fruity powder drink boy said...

"Prepare To Meet Thy Enema"

Hello again to you Mr. Coot.


The Dude said...

Jim C. should change his name to Puss C.

Uncle Henry said...

Zach and The Dude are so right on about Joe Chump!

Tanya said...

Jim Bakker asks for gold for foodbuckets and Bakker-supporters are silent on the issue.

I really do want to hear from one or more Bakker-supporters: gold for foodbuckets - yea or nay?

And man, this is such a dead issue, but OK... Zack, when I shower someone with "praise and glory" you'll know it. I post my opinion, and in the case you are referring to, I believe that a person has a right to privacy.

Someone will probably call me condescending over this, I'll say it anyways: people write "we made a deal," we "earned the right" and on and on. What deal? In a "deal" both parties give up something tangible to get something. Just saying: 'oh we gave moral support' does not meet that criteria. Personal information is a tangible thing. What did anyone here give up?

I realize I am helping keep this ridiculous back-and-forth alive by commenting on it, so I'll stop now. I just hated reading about this alleged "deal."

Oh - and hey, fruity powder drink boy, how's it going? ;)

Craig said...

@Uncle Henry
Did you ever dial the number? If not, then you should change your name to Uncle Pussy.

The Dude said...

As mentioned above, you have to read this. The guy is a internationally known ass clown.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think posting ip addresses and area codes are great. But why stop there? If you know a person's real name, address, or any other personal information, let's post that too.

Let's start with Ron. I know quite a bit about him.

Surly old coot said...

Tanya Tucker there was no deal with Joe C and it is not ridiculous. He made all of us a promise and where I come from your word is your bond. After the meeting with Jimbo that yellow-bellied weasel became mum, and now gives some phoney number to a daggum restaurant. He admitted he blatantly lied to us which tells me hes no fellow Marine and nothing that comes from him can be trusted.

Anonymous said...


did you read the UK daily Mail story?

they left out the secret swimming pool behind the Feed Store facade and Pokeberry House parts.
it sounds like there is a national enquirer story in the works from the Daily mail piece

Anonymous said...

The Bakker supporters have still NEVER replied to the posts asking why Morningside/Charlebe Graham (Jim's boss)
doesnt file a form 990.

Jim continually spouts off about helping found TBN and CBN yet will wont do like those ministries and file a 990.

Craig said...

@6:50. bakker zombies never respond to questions. I'll answer for them. Everything bakker and morningside is fake and phony. They certainly can't give the information required for a 990 because it would only expose the fraud.

Anonymous said...


Are you surprised there hasnt been more media interest/

Craig said...

Keep laughing. Frank certainly does have a reputation and his dealings with bakker only amplify it.

Craig said...

I am surprised. I thought maybe some other Christian organization would go after him. However, there are some gossip papers paying attention to the fraudster.
Remember, the Enquirer outed John Edwards. Lol.maybe the right people are paying attention after all.

Tanya said...

6:48pm: I did read the UK Daily Mail story. Fluffy, as someone pointed out earlier: quick history, information that looks like it was retrieved from Jim's website, and a touch of conjecture. Still, it is a recent (May 16, 2012) article by an international paper, published on the internet and available to anyone with an internet connection - which means that Jim Bakker is, as people have said in these comments all along, not going to be able to exert the image control he was able to before the internet. And, I found the quote at the end interesting: "He appears to have no shame. He's milking his worshipers..." - same as 1:35pm, I could not find a recent National Enquirer story on Jim Bakker - the most recent was Dec/10 where they wrote that Jim Bakker was "brought down" decades ago... so what's the National Enquirer up to, and how did the UK Mail know about it? Time will tell.

I agree with the unnamed source about the "no shame" - especially given this gold for foodbuckets sickness... that the Bakker-supporters don't want to comment on at all.

Tanya said...

6:50pm - welcome to the merry-go-round. As Craig said, that is how it works here. Relevant questions that are posted do not get answered. Instead we get all the other stuff you see. If the question eventually irritates someone, for whatever unknown reason, you may at some future point be told the question was answered already so drop it. That happens on occasion, too.

I looked the 990 up, the site states the 990 was updated in 2009 to require "more disclosure of potential conflicts of interest, compensation of board members and staff, and other details having to do with financial accountability and avoidance of fraud."

Given that is what the 990 form is intended to do, the motivation to avoid it seems clear to me. And, I'm guessing, clear to you, 6:50pm. Anyone who does not want to file it likely does not want that information public. Jim Bakker is avoiding the 990, therefore...

Anyways, I think your question will join a lot of other good questions that go unanswered. You may get a 'because he doesn't have to, so drop it'... but I don't think you will get a comprehensive response. I could be wrong about that, we'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous stalker / Load of hot air,

You do not have my permission to post my personal information.

With that said, go for it. Post everything you've got. I'm calling you out on your threat to publicize my information, because I know you're a big windbag.

Do you know my real name? Do you know my home address and my telephone number? Let's see what you've got. Are you the same one who said you 'hate when people don't live up to their word'? Well, time for you to make good.

As I've said before, you know what I let you know. But hey, maybe I'm wrong. We won't know until you post my non public, private information without my consent.

You're only getting one crack at this. Then, I'm taking a page out of your Lord Jim Bakker's book and censoring you. You will then sit in silence and anger towards me, all because of my clever satire and commentary on Mr Goldsmith himself, Jim Bakker. When Jim and this powerful "mystery man" sue me and lose, they will be exposed and investigated for what is, in my opinion, highly improper conduct. And you will be cashless and goldless, yet still positively furious that I was able to bring some good into the world.

So you better make it count. Put everything you've got out here in one fell swoop, because it will be the last comment you leave. Are you heading out with a bang or a fizzle?

Think long and hard before you do though. You do not have my permission.

-Ron, any further posts are not me

Tanya said...

Ron - I'm glad you addressed that, I've been waiting so I can say:

6:19pm - personally, I found your post to have a touch of a threat about it. You didn't have the balls to just say what you meant, you posted insinuation.

Here's what I know about Ron:

Ron, like many people, does not like what Jim Bakker is up to these days. Unlike many people, Ron chose to take action and do something about it. He takes time out of his life to maintain this blog, which goes beyond simply writing the labour-intensive entries, he monitors the comments as well. When someone posted a criminal accusation, Ron stepped in and removed it - in that moment, protecting Jim Bakker. Ron allows negative comments about him to stand, even though he could delete those. Ron has integrity, and he has demonstrated that consistently.

I'm only sorry that in maintaining this blog, Ron has to deal with twisted minds like 6:19pm.

fruity powder drink boy said...

Whoa there anon 619pm!

Why do you want my ip address and area code? Not sure what you're up to. Don't you like the Bucket the way it is? You must do because you pop in often.

Hello Tanya and Mr. Coot. Hope you're having a great morning.

The Dude said...

It has been a few months since I have been able to watch the Jim Bakker Hillybilly Hour. Jeeze, in the first few minutes I see Jim wearing this uber gay Sgt Pepper jacket, Bakker's daughter who looks like she just stepped off Hee Haw, the announcer with some type of puffy hairdo, a fruity looking biker dude wearing a leather beret, and a married couple from up north wearing some funked out outfits. This show is only getting better with age.

Welcome Wagon said...

"Welcome to Morningside: Where having an opinion is a punishable offense!"

fruity powder drink boy said...

A very old man in young guys clothing = funny crap happening.

Anonymous said...

Really now.... you bucket jerks get so upset when someone does back to you what was done FIRST by one of your own. It was a bucket jerk that said they were going to publish MY ip and area code.

I just said that what's good for one is good for all. Let's start with Ron.

No Ron, I am not interested in posting your real name or anything about you though I do know who you are. I don't know why you try to hide that. I would think that the notoriety you seek with your 'blog' would be served well in admitting who you really are.

You say you're afraid some idiot will try to harm you. Well, how do you think Jim and his family feel about all of you when you troll every little piece of information you can possibly find about them and use it, if possible, to harm them?

As you go along with this mission of "bringing down Bakker," you will get to experience what he experiences every day of his life, and that is that there's a cost to be paid for notoriety and the cost is that people like you will dive into the personal lives of ...people like you.

Scarey thought, isn't it, DOC?

Cindy B. said...

I stumbled upon this artice by accident this morning and thought I would share it.

It is a very short artice, easy to read, and even has an attached video too. It compares the Seychelle water pitcher, which looks exactly like the one Jim sells, with a Culligan faucet filter. You can read the article and watch the video but here is what the last paragraph of it says:

"So, if you're weighing your water filter options, go with a faucet filter. It costs less up front and far less to replace over time. Plus, you won't have to make room for it in your fridge. We'll drink to that."

fruity powder drink boy said...

Did somebody hire a hitman or am I reading into this wrong?


Anonymous said...

Are you crazy, Kool-Aid? I'm talking about trolling and using information you find to harm people.

You should have that concept down.

Surly old coot said...

Morning Mr Kool-aid-Kid, aka Mr fruity powder drink kid. I'm gonna settle this JoeC. nonsense once and for all. I for one don't believe this JoeC did what some of these agitators say he did, things like that don't happen in the real world only these muck stirrers and scalliwag's "Marshmallow World". But let's say (for the sake of argument) it did. JoeC, would be required to sign a confidential agreement of non-disclosure, and even if he wanted to, would be bound by law to remain silent. That's should shut up these nosy priers to other folk's affairs. Thank you kindly.

fruity powder drink boy said...

You think I'm crazy?

Are you going to hurt me too?

Morning Mr. Coot. Top of the morning to ya. Still wearing this new screen name. If I think it makes me look fat I will get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

p.s. You DO NOT have permission to publish my personal information either.


fruity powder drink boy said...

I'm still not sure why he wants it. wft? oh well.

Anonymous said...

Geez Louise! Kool-Aid, have you changed into a drama king when you changed your name?

fruity powder drink boy said...

I've had a screen name change (maybe ... not sure) not a friggin sex change!


fruity powder drink boy said...

There now. Much better. Look at you, all fired up to kick everyone on the Bucket in the balls. Now look what it's done to you. High blood pressure!! Yup. Calm down ...
Here's some cake. ;))

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kool-Aid, Dino's carrot cake is good for whatever ails ya!

Not sure it will help with your cross-dressing problem though.

fruity powder drink boy said...

hahahahahaha ...

Good one.


Cindy B. said...

Kool-Aid, You might want to buy him a Bakker enema kit for that good joke. You know, as a gift. LOL!

Anonymous said...

@ 8:12 am

You seem to support Bakker.

Could YOU explain why he doesnt file the form 990 which provides financial transparency??

Bakker LOVES to remind us he helped found CBN and TBN. They file the form 990.
He loves to mention Billy Graham.
His ministry files the form 990.

Could you shed some light?

Anonymous said...

Okay, to you psychos who think you are scaring people here to make them shut up about your True Idol and Lord, Jim Bakker.....

These tactics prove that you are not Christians, you are Bakker followers/lovers only. A real Christian does not go on public blogs and deliver veiled (or not so veiled) threats to people.

If people are writing untrue things on here about Bakker and his contingent, THEN JUST WRITE ON HERE ABOUT WHAT YOU PERCEIVE TO BE THE TRUTH FROM YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVE.

And, don't forget, the Bible tells us to TELL THE TRUTH. So, tell your version of truth the way you see it and let it stand on its own merit.

Don't give us a bunch of this "the boggie man will get you if you don't watch out!" crap.

I, for one, am not a bit intimidated by you and I resent the hostility that is a part of your religious hypocrisy.

fruity powder drink boy said...

"Not sure it will help with your cross-dressing problem though."

At least you see this blog for being what it is. You have me being a cross-dresser! LOL I have you as a zombie! LOL I'm not a cross-dresser anymore than you are a zombie in reality. You aren't realllllllly a zombie are you? ;))

Anonymous said...

Lot of wisdom in that Kool-aid-Kid fellow.

fruity powder drink boy said...

The way I see it when someone comes on the Bucket and hints at physically harming Ron then something has to be said. That's the way I read into his comments. Hopefully he has calmed down. ;((
Maybe he didn't mean it that way but again that's the way I took it.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked by the rudeness and lack of decorum presented on this blog by what are supposed to be Christians. I don't believe the Bakker supporters to be victims of Jim Bakker anymore, I believe they are getting what they deserve.
Their inappropriate speech and conduct defending a known felon who is once again scamming them does not represents Christian conduct.

The following quote by Mark Twain fits the Bakker supporters:

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.

Tanya said...

fruity powder drink boy, I also interpreted the statement as a thinly veiled threat.

Here's what I am unclear on: 6:19pm anonymous states that it is great to publicize ip addresses and area codes - not sure where those two things came from... an area code for what? For a phone number? A postal code? Then the anonymous says he knows "quite a bit" about Ron, so "let's start" with Ron.

This statement indicates that the anonymous has information about Ron and would like to publish it. To what end? The anonymous doesn't have the courage to say.

Then, the anonymous comes back and claims that it was a "bucket jerk" who first said they were going to publish the anonymous' ip address and area code, and that the anonymous is *not* actually interested in posting information about Ron.

So what do we have?

An empty threat - I don't get the point of that.

A claim that someone here said they would publish this anonymous poster's ip address and area code. I have been here a few months now, and I do not remember any comments about ip addresses and area codes. (Brother Dortch has spoken to an anonymous about personal information, but that is separate to this)

Ron, you have your answer - its "fizzle."

Just sayin said...

Does anyone else think that Chubbs (the Morningside keyboard player) looks a lot like Jason Wert? Could they be brothers???

Jonathan (who is Jims grandson and James' brother) wants nothing to do with either of them or the ministry!

Tammy Sue looks so unhappy and depressed and I havent even seen her crack a smile...

Jessica said...

Just got back from Vegas and turned my computer on and holy crap there is a bunch of threats towards us posters here on the Foodbucket. This is not kosher, or in your case Jason or whomever,...not very God like.

Bakker is a public figure and unlike years ago we have the internet and he is available to anybody who wants to research his life and make comments about him. All the information I read online didn't shed any tears for him.

Life is hell when those roosters come home to roost. Its that sowing and reaping thing the bible speaks of. We don't get to chose how the reaping goes down. But, there is help on the way. I see the brain child Jason Wert standing by his man and holding his arms up as Jim faints by the wayside and cries foul.

The truth is the truth and it always finds a way of coming out.

fruity powder drink boy said...

Hello Tanya,

Ya I have no idea what his point was for asking for ips, phone numbers, ect.
The way he comes across on the Bucket I sure don't want a call from a creepy person.

Get behind me Satan!!! said...

Jessica how did you make out in Sin City? What casino games did you play or are you a Poker/Blackjack player?

fruity powder drink boy said...

Welcome back Jessica!


Morning star suggested a new screen name for me (Kool-Aid Kid) and as it is I'm still test driving it. lol

Old Fogey w/senior discount said...

When you have a blog like this getting threats is common place. It is the nature of the beast. Of course blog like this are going to attract all elements of characters, from the good to the sickos. In fact you're more likely to attract sickos who have no outlet, no job, no friends, no hobby,no dog, no interest other then the internet. If I was Ron I would not pay to much concern to internet tough guys.

Surly old coot said...

Your my kind of gal Jessica although I prefer Atlantic City. If I was a few years younger I'd give you a run for your money!

Hi Mr. drink boy, how are you today?

Rome7x said...

This whole deal could easily reach a nice conclusion.

If Bakker would just file the form 990 it would show the financial health of the ministry, revenue, salaries etc.

Why would he NOT file?
Do the Bakker fans have any opinion?

fruity powder drink boy said...

Nice to hear you're up and about Mr. Coot. I'm having a very good day.

Old Fart said...

Surly old coot: I agree Jessica is OK.

Not a Bakker fan, but understands. said...

Best strategy is "Don't ask don't tell" and if they accuse "deny". Best phrase to use in any difficult situation is: "prove it".

Anonymous said...

To get behind me satan @ 1:50,

That would be quite a feat if you could get behind yourself!

I believe Jessica behaved better in "sin city" Vegas than any Bakkerite does in that sin city called Morningside!!!!

By the way Mr/Mrs self righteous Christian I know many of you Bakkerites spend time in Vegas yourselves. I know judgement from heaven is going to fall fast and hard and I pray it's not far off. God is more patient then I am. If I was assigned to judge you the ax would have fell a long time ago! Judge not lest thee be judged. Can't escape and your time is coming!!!

Quit calling yourself a christian, you're an embarrassment to those of us who are Christians!

dying breed said...

If I had a meeting with Bakker and he tried to buy me off I'd tell him to shove it. I don't have a price, you can't buy me. Sometimes pride has to go further then your wallet. I'd tell him I was not raised to elevate money and material things to a position where as I had difficulty looking at myself in the mirror. In fact if I had a meeting with Bakker and he tried to buy me off I'd get angry. His henchmen would have to drag me out of there. This is not brag, but fact.

Surly old coot said...

Dying breed, we all feel that way, all except that yellow Joe C! He doesnt have any pride and was bought and paid for so Jimbo could start the construction at a new location without any more opposition. He can't look himself in the mirror and is to embarrased to tell us what happened!

Ron, via my spokesbird said...

Not much time to read comments today but want to let you all know that a big post is coming up this weekend...for those who want to know about me, you're going to get it straight from the horses' mouth. Whether you support my efforts or stalk me because of them, I'm confident that you will enjoy hearing about me, from me.

I'm anticipating Saturday night or maybe Sunday, but it will be this weekend for sure.

Last post from me today.

Anonymous said...

This blog is addictive.

The UK Daily Mail made no mention of the swimming pool behind the Feed Store or the Pokeberry Lane lake house.

Perhaps the Daily Mail should do another story

Anonymous said...

A few other news sites/blogs have reposted the UK Daily Mail story so its getting some play

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jim was upset that the Daily Mail thought Silver Sol was an enema?

Do you suppose he got mad?

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, on one of the shows, Bakker DID say that you could use Silver Sol in an enema. I don't think that was ever intended as the sole use though.

Anonymous said...

JUst caought I guess yesterday's show.

Jim was showing his kooky jacket.
He said he got at Santee Alley in Los Angeles.
Very very aappropriate as this is an area known to sell fake/knock offs.

Jessica said...

Thanks for asking about my Vegas trip all of you that posted to me. It was nice to get off the Bakker crazy train and hang out in this sinful town and chill. Had a couple drinks and toasted the Bucket posters and Ron.

The zombies are starting to really irritate me so I may dust off my Penthouse article and post more of the interview with J. Hahn. I know the CEO of Moronside likes to act like that whole story is ancient history and no longer matters. Oh well, I'll just keep posting away.

Hey Kool Aid Kid. Its hard getting use to your new name...hard to remember all of it. But, your way cool no matter what name you have. The zombies called me a name a while back.....they called me a sinner! Then they told me I was going to hell too. What the heck is wrong with the christian s over there in Bakkerland? They should be trying to save my soul from hell, not sending me there.

Tanya said...

Fruity powder drink boy, I'm going to start with you and post your ip address and your area code!! How do you like that, fruity powder drink boy? Scared, DOC?

No, I didn't mean that... but I do know who you are, fruity powder drink boy. Just think about the cost to be paid when you comment...

It makes no sense, does it? I also noticed the blustering as the anonymous immediately backed off... gotta puff up those feathers while retreating. An ip address and an area code... strange. Of all the things to choose, the anonymous chose ip address and area code.

And still no comments from any Bakker-supporters about gold for foodbuckets - or the 990 form.

At times I find the comments frustrating due to the lack of concrete responses - but when I take an objective look, I see that the Bakker-supporters only highlight what everyone is saying about Jim Bakker and Morningside. The more outrageous the post, the more they call people sinners, heathens, cockroaches, and wish them a nice trip to hell, the more they support the negative perception they are flailing against.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya and Jessica,

There is a stark difference in your posts compared with the posts from the Bakker supporters. As I started to read your post Tanya I started to get that sinking feeling in my gut of "here we go again another Bakker supporter steals your name and continues the smear campaign". It's sad these people call themselves Christians. As a christian I'd choose to hang out with the bucket people any day over the superficial christians in Bakkers cult. I'd rather be friends with civil, intelligent people over evil ones. The church has been hijacked by people like Bakker and his people. They are destroying the name of Christ and the credibility of the church. They will stand before the Lord and give an account.

Anonymous said...

May 16, @ 9:30 a.m.

May 16, Dortsch @ 10:34 a.m.

These are the not-so-veiled threats to post MY ip and area code.

Why are you all you bucket jerks not enraged about these threats that came from your group? Who started this? YOU DID

Talk about intimidation. Talk about threats. Are you blind?

Tanya said...

7:52am: I said, if you read my post, that I do *not* know where the ip address and area code, whatever "area code" means, came from. Meaning, unless someone said they would "expose" those two things before my time here - and I've been here a few months - then I do not remember seeing *anyone* talk about it... except the person who said he would post Ron's info. Understand now?
It would help if you point me to the first post where someone who opposes Bakker's behaviour said they would do what you are "enraged" about... right now, its just one more thing that a Bakker-supporter is claiming that I cannot verify. You can change that.

6:46am: a little joke. I tried to make sure that I ended my post with something that made it clear it was me... glad it worked. ;)

Tanya said...

7:52am (+ my 8:20am post) - I just realized I missed part of what you were saying. My apologies. I'm off to work, but I will look at those dates/times when I can. Maybe you are right and someone else made a threat. I'll be back later.

fruity powder drink boy said...

Chill out Anon752.

I assumed it was you asking for my information. I'll look back. It was you threating Ron that was strange. That was YOU right?

Hermes said...

I think the Baker supporters might be kids or people who dont have a grasp of how a nonprofit functions.

The question put forth repeatedly has been, why wont Mr Bakker file the form 990 like CBN, TBN and Billy Graham?

He frequently mentions his connections to these ministries. All three file a 990.
Why does Morningside Church not file a form 990?

Mr Green Jeans Jr. said...

What's with Bakker's ensemble, the jacket he had on the other day looked like a bullet proof vest. If I were you folks I would not worry too much about threats. Just tell them to do what they have to do and you'll do what you have to do. That should scare them away.

Merv the Perv. said...

Silver Sol for enema? I like it! Sounds like some kind of kinky sex thing.

Anonymous said...

The National Enquirer ran a story that I guess will be in today's edition.

Its the same as the UK Daily Mail story about Silver Sol enemas

Anonymous said...

Both the UK Daily Mail and National Enquirer missed the biggest aspect the you would assume after the PTL debacle that Jim would have total financial transparency.

Brother Dortch said...

Hello Grandma @May 18, 2012 7:52 AM (or whomever is blogging today for the Bakkers)

Yes, you DO get credit for being half right. I stepped in and, ONCE AGAIN SUPPORTED YOU by telling anybody here NOT to put that information out. You are correct there.

But you were not correct, I feel, as a blogger or a Christian, for what you posted yourself at
May 16, 2012@8:46am. That is why I am taking 50% off off your perfect score. You are only half right.

It was YOUR remark that actually began this entire mess. You posted this statement (5-16-12 8:46am):

"Ah! The internet. Ah! Anonymity! ...sort of. Seems anybody can find out who anybody else is ...if need be."

That was a treat made, by inuendo, to me by saying what you said and it obviously offended someone.

It was THAT inuendo remark right there which caused another blooger (not me) as "Anonoymous" to issue the remark in his/her post that said at 5/16/12@9:30am:

"Do you want someone to share your ip location information and telephone area code zombie church person? Nice "hate" comments you have."

When I read that posting, I immediately stepped in and, despite just being threatened by inuendo, told all parties to calm down and act like adults and I stood up for Grandma by saying NOBODY should come on here and do what was mentioned by the party at May 16/12 @9:30am who said "Do you want someone to share your ip location information and telephone area code zombie church person?"

Why did I say that and stand up for her, or whomever the Bakkerite is? Because even though they are all three public figures, when posting as "Anonoymous" they have the same rights and courtesies as everyone else. And THAT is how this whole mess began. Then it just snowballed from there. I have read the postings and know this information is accurate.

Now let's put it to rest, shall we?

Here's a novel idea. How about using the blog for what it was intended to do--discuss issues? Issues about Jim's ministry only and let's all leave the rest of this petty, diversionary nonsense to the 15 year olds on MySpace! Sound good anyone?

Anonymous said...

I was reading about Heritage USA and some testimony from Peter Bailey.

That huge tower at Heritage was never finished and the current owners are back and forth on whether to tear it down.

I've heard Bakker say it was completed. it looks completed but clearly is not. There are recent interior pics on the net.

PTL started selling memberships in the tower in 1984 and by 87 it still was not done.

The testimony i read discussed that as the money for the Towers came in it was used across the board on a variety of projects.

That said, interesting to see the way cetain projects currently drag on and on and on.

If Jim would allow some sort of audited look at the books there it might make people feel better about giving, provide budgets, timelines, info about how much has been raised and exactly how much more is needed

@tokyodisney said...

Could any supporter of Bakker please answer the question of why the ministry does not provide transparency via a form 990?

This is a logical question.
It has been posted several times.

Brother Dortch said...

To 10:36am

I have heard Jim talk about the towers but I can't recall hearing him ever say they were done. I am sure Grandma or someone could chime in here and set the record straight. I also heard Jim boast one day that Heritage USA is back in full swing again and is almost to its full glory (or words to that effect) and I did not believe it then any more than I do now.

If you were to go to Fort Mill and look at it, I am sure you are going to see a rusted out, and unkempt former theme park that is only partially restored with just a slight amount of the old space being used, which I understand is owned by separate people or entities.

It is my opinion Heritage USA will never be back to its full glory--at least not in our lifetime.

And to Grandma or whoever is posting for the Bakkers: No hard feelinga your way. I even have anti-Bakker people, with limited brain skills, calling me bad things so I am used to it. Hope your recovery is on track and you will be up and around soon. I was very sorry to hear about what happened to Marvin Winans yesterday in Detriot. That is sad.

Take care everyone. This will be my last posting today. Have a great afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I am still baffled on the Lori's House project.

I think it was posted that they announced it and started raising funds January 2011.

Has there ever been an announcement regarding how much has been raised and how much more is needed?

fruity powder drink boy said...

Sounds good Bro D.

Anonymous said...

To 10:44 guy/gal, None of your Goddamn business! Donate to the cause and you'll have access to the info. Cheapskate!

Ron said...

I take internet stalking and harassment very seriously. On advice of law enforcement, I am ceasing any further interaction with the anonymous person or persons who have repeatedly harassed me here, over multiple days and weeks and across multiple, anonymous posts.

I am a non-public person who writes a blog providing opinion, commentary and satire on The Jim Bakker Show. As a non-public person, my privacy rights are protected.

*If* my stalker was *directed* to harass me, that is an additional crime and the person(s) directing them will be held accountable. *If* my stalker and the person(s) who *directed them* conspire to hide any communication which directed them to harass me, or have shared any non-public information about me among themselves for the purposes of harassing me, that is a crime.

These are all big *ifs* and are for law enforcement, not myself, to determine.

These are not civil issues, these are criminal issues. Stalking and harassing behavior, online and via anonymity, is a criminal offense that is punishable by jail time.

Any further harassment or threatening behavior will again be reported and filed with my local police department.

Aside from my other responsibilities, I am a caregiver for an elderly person in poor health. In showing that person the pattern of harassment I have been subjected to, they also feel threatened and have expressed this to local law enforcement.

If necessary, I will also contact my local investigative reporter and advise him of the harassment I am being subjected to as a result of writing a satirical blog about The Jim Bakker Show. For expressing my opinion, and only my opinion, about The Jim Bakker Show, I am being threatened.

SusanD said...

Anonymous 10:57 am
When Jimbo was asking people to write a check for 1 million dollars, he said or 3 million so we can finish this project.....but who knows how much he has raised prior to this.

truebucketfan said...

I am hearing Jim's "Love of money is the root of all evil" rant with new ears. People should not love and want to hold on to their money, they should send it all to him. He with his black strait-jacket on today,

Rob Bob said...

Brother Dortch, who are you calling "Grandma"?

Tanya are you a Canuck?

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