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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tired of Jim Bakker's deception game? Write your Senator, Representative, or IRS office!

Feel free to copy, paste, and print this letter, then mail it off to your Senator, Representative, or local IRS office. Even your local newspaper might be interested. Maybe your letter will be the one that sends Jim Bakker back to prison where he belongs!

Televangelist Jim Bakker exploiting tax rules for religious organizations

Dear Senator / Congressman [insert name here]

I am respectfully petitioning you to investigate what I believe is blatant exploitation of our tax code at the expense of the American public. Televangelist Jim Bakker, the so-called pastor who went to prison in the 1980s for tax fraud, is back on television again, and nearly his entire show is devoted to selling products. All of his show discussion, or what may be construed as 'preaching', is used as a lead-in to product sales. Here is only a small sampling of what he sells:

Dehydrated Food = $3,000
Camera Desktop Ornament = $1,000
Silver Sol Miracle Ointment = $100
Hand-powered survival flashlights = $20

The list of products for sale goes on and on. Jim Bakker stokes fear in his audience by telling them that the world will soon be ending, staple foods are in short supply, and that their dollars will ultimately be worthless as currency. He then heavily pitches them his goods for sale and takes their so-called worthless money. His sham ministry, of course, receives a tax-exemption while engaging in this behavior.

I presume that he gets away with this by the simple fact that he refers to these items as 'Love Gifts' as opposed to 'Items For Sale'. This is wrong. Absolutely, without a doubt, it's wrong. These are not gifts, they are items being sold in a business transaction. Bakker, in fact, has a warehouse where he stocks these 'gifts' for distribution to 'donors'. Would a church dispensing only 'love gifts' require a distribution warehouse?

Jim Bakker now hosts an unaccredited college at his Morningside community which purports to train 'students' in the art of television ministry. He charges these 'students' between $7k - $8k per semester. He then uses these students as free, unpaid labor to operate his camera equipment and produce his show. The tuition? Paid for through 'scholarship funds' solicited from his audience.

Jim Bakker's ministry is registered in the name of his mother-in-law, and he reportedly makes only $400 per week in income. You and I both know that his declared income is a load of garbage, and that the only reason he takes such little payment is because he still owes millions of dollars to the American public. One need only look at the various vacation properties he frequents to understand that he is likely laundering money through various figureheads in his ministry in order to personally benefit from the ministry's income while avoiding payment of back taxes.

I am utterly dismayed by the fact that Jim Bakker gets away with this exploitation of our tax code by engaging in product sales through his tax-exempt ministry. While he may not be the only one, he is certainly the most public and the least delicate in his blatant disregard for our tax laws. With his fear-mongering and deception of the naive, he also flies in the face of basic human decency. It's said that there's a sucker born every minute; that doesn't mean it's right to take advantage of them.

A quick internet search for 'Jim Bakker Show fraud' will uncover the many different websites / discussion forums / YouTube videos which record and publicize Jim Bakker's shenanigans. They are highly trafficked and are visited by multitudes of other like-minded Americans who are completely fed up with Jim Bakker. Our shared disgust crosses political boundaries, as we are both male and female, religious and non-religious, Red, Blue and Independent. We are Americans first and foremost, and we are disgusted with people like Jim Bakker who rip people off in the name of religion.

Action taken against Jim Bakker will go a long way towards restoring faith in the elected official. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. There is no favor to be won, only the satisfaction of knowing that truth and decency triumphs over lies and impropriety. Truth, justice, and the American way is what defines us, not thieves and cheats like Jim Bakker.

As a human being and an American, I ask you to please investigate Jim Bakker. If he is found committing wrongdoing, hold him accountable (once again) for his lying and thievery. It will take little more than five minutes of viewing his show to understand why he is so very wrong, and possibly criminal, in his actions. His show (The Jim Bakker Show) is broadcast Monday through Friday at 7am on your local religious television station.

Thank you for your time.


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Ron said...

I'll be working a new post later this week, but in the meantime here's something helpful for people who want to take action.

Also, check out the new YouTube channel listed in the right margin. Since I can only write up one show every few weeks or so, YouTube allows me to expose all those other things Jim Bakker does that fell through the cracks before.

Jim and Co: You're wrong, and you know you're wrong. Get a real job and stop leeching your paychecks from naive people who can't see through your lies and deception.

Anonymous said...

AMEN we must get this fraudster back into a jail cell where he belongs!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

OMG Ron! You've dropped the atomic bomb on that cockroach and his zombie posse. Cheers my friend.

Buckets R Us said...

Oh Boy! I have a feeling somebody's something is puckering up!

Buckets R Us said...

Watch history repeat:

Buckets R Us said...

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Buckets R Us,

I watched that youtube video a few weeks ago. I wasn't surprised at all to hear Bakker say, "When in doubt, build something else."

Yes, history does repeat.

Ron said...

I'll update this entry with that video, great find!

Anonymous said...

I'm a former 10 yr employee of JB. I've been gone from MS a year now. I can tell you stuff that would blow your mind. You haven't even begun to tell the real story of what is going on at MS.

fed up with the fools said...

Jim tells all the folks at Morningside they will be safe there in these last days. I wonder how they all feel now that tornadoes are getting close to home. Won't Jim love this latest round of tornadoes. I can already see him dancing with joy. I am sure his camera crews are on the ways to film the destruction. These storms are good for business! This is going to be a good day for Jim! Think of how much product he will be able to push now! His real concern isn't for the people whose homes are destroyed. We won't hear him praying for them, and for those who lost their lives in the storm last night No, like a good pastor he will be filming the destruction with glee!

Anonymous said...

The Psychology of the Foodbucket Trolls

Blog Troll
1.(n) -A pathetic and moronic person who maintains a blog with an unhealthy obsessive-compulsive drive

similar to a message board troll but one that puts a lot of untrue things about a person on their blog and pass it off as truth.

To create a blog for the sake of publicly shaming or embarassing someone. The most infamous examples of this to date are the Amir Tofangsazan "Sold a Broken Laptop" blog and the "Stolen Sidekick" Blog.

Using internet publication resources to ridicule or embarass someone.

This article provides a glimpse of the narrow view of a troll and explains that most trolls believe the majority of the people out there believe like they do, which is pure falacy:

This article explains the troll’s motive and how to deal with them:

fencesitter said...

well i finally hit the boiling point with jims show. Bill Whaley on the show today claiming he invented half this shit.

the worst one was when he put a two liter bottle in a box and said it could be a light bulb. ok ill just put a huge fucking hole in my wall/roof to get this shitty light that looked like crap when you had an led flashlight up to it.

Proud to be a troll said...

Proud to be a Troll rather than a dunce defending a con man

So glad the Bakker fools keep coming back here to prove over and over how stupid they are!

burnjimburn said...

bakker zombie

1. Complete idiot, often broke from paying jim. Knows how to cut and paste from the World Wide Web.

Starts by giving a numbered list, and then forgets to number anything else but the very first 1.

Has no critical thinking skill.

Erotic fixation on jim bakker. With willingness to forget RAPE.

Has no cogent reasoning, and commits logical fallacies repeatedly.

In your article you fail.
Because you have a questionable premise, suppress evidence, commit to a hasty conclusion, are inconsistent, false conclusion, evade the issue, use straw man tactic and your worldview is skew.

My conclusion is that zach drew is again on here.

burnjimburn said...

wow someone can look up a definition and automatically relate it to your argument. you forgot to cite where you took your definition. therefore you stole it. you are guilty of Plagiarism.

your a thief like bakker, a liar.
you are now discredited and also known as a piece of shit.

United said...

Good Luck on your meeting Joe C. Give him "What For!". Please report back with the results, I'm behind you 100%.

Anonymous said...

TO Whoever Bakker has instructed to infiltrate this blog:
You're just one of the mindless minion. You've bought into a pack of lies from the King of Liars. If you claim Bakker is a Godly man, then you're headed for Hell, exactly where Bakker is headed.
Good luck explaining this on judgment day, jackass.

Enthusiasm said...

I can understand Bakker's Bunch wanting to defend their boy. Loyalty is a fine and admirable virtue. That being said, you Bakker apologists need to come up with better arguments then the "sticks and stones" approach. I really have not heard anything of substance coming from your side. I'm not for or against Bakker I'm pretty much a fence sitter on this topic. But you need to present at least some sort of argument everything so far is resting on a pretty slim reed. Come on, get motivated, show some gumption!!!!

Anonymous said...

These zombie replies are too funny! They try so hard to sound smart, lol.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll try this again since it didn't make it through the first time.

1. Great letter. Should also be sent to networks that carry his show.

2. Couldn't agree more with what the above poster said about JimBob's response to the storms in Missouri.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Jim Bakker is a sick man. I can just see him in his office rubbing his tiny hands together thinking on how he can profit from the latest tornado situation around Morningside. The same man will appear on tv in the opposite mood and fake cry over this disaster.

Here's his press announcement:

From: Pastor Jim Bakker – Morningside Church, Blue Eye, MO 65611

Subject: Branson Tornado

We want to thank our partners who have called our studios to check in on us in light of the tornadoes in this area.

The tornadoes were not in the Blue Eye area and Morningside was not touched.

A tornado has hit in Branson and our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by them.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Kool Aid kid, Jim will show footage of the destruction with a fake tear in one eye, and a gleam in the other.

He will be especially caring and compassionate now that we all are pointing out how he has responded callously to victims in the past storms. He will put forth his best effort to show he is a christian pastor who is loving and caring. Does anyone remember him ever devoting a show in the past just to pray for storm victims?

Let's all count the amount of time he spends talking about the destruction, how many adds he will show for crap you need to buy so you are ready NOW! It's your time to buy his junk that will blow away in a storm, or float away in a spring flood, and on and on. We all know the routine, Jim is heading into his best sales season of the year. Doom, gloom....we'll be hearing about how the storms are starting earlier than ever, and with an intensity never seen in history! He will exploit this for all it's worth!

What can he build next..hmmmm...maybe a mother in law apartment at the lake home. He does owe her for ALL she does for him! Does he have a pontoon yet? Is Lori and Jim in need of another fancy vacation? Oh there are so many important things he needs your money for NOW!

Anonymous said...

Dino Cakes make excellent Hockey pucks.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how many buckets of food he takes out to his community to help the victims. Let's see how many people would even want that junk food. Let's see if Jim will go out with his media truck full of cameras, or will he fill it with supplies that will truly help the storm victims. Let's see if those Masters Kids will actually do some real ministry helping with clean up and the myriad of other ways the victims could use "ministry". I can hear it now in the offices at Jim Bakkers "They are on to us guys, quick load up the vans, get out there kids and look like you are being useful". Quick kids load up some of those donated clothes...let's make this look good!

I have made some great suggestions, let see of they Bakker zombies follow up on them now.

We know what the real Jim would do. Now that his creepers see our posts, I am sure they will advise him to pull back and act like he cares! Yep, zombies put on those "I care" caps, and for once mean it!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

The really scary thing about Bakker I believe is his reasoning process. My skin crawls at the thought that he will think God is helping his Ministery of Fear with this lastest distaster in his area. He will never say that on tv but I can easily imagine that is what he will think.

Anonymous said...

Jimbob probably had a disaster orgasim when he heard the news of the tornado.

Anonymous said...

5 will get you 20 that Joe C. is a no-show with Bakker tomorrow, just a gut feeling.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Hahn claimed that Jimmie rapped her. What happened with that? Was he charged?

Self proclaimed troll said...

"About generationNOW

generationNOW is a brand new Christian TV network directed to young adults 18-30 years of age. That deals with hard hitting issues including drugs, sex, alcohol, pornography, social acceptance etc. The topics that are all around us today. generationNOW will be talking about these issues through sitcom's, talk shows, testimonials, short skits, comedies etc.

The church today seems to be majoring in issues that the general public is not asking, our goal is to major on the hard hitting controversial questions that you only ask your Pastor after a few tequilas!

Welcome to... GENERATION NOW!"

This brings some things to mind.
1. We, the trolls of this blog, have hundreds of hard hitting controversial questions for Bakker to answer but not all of us have had a few tequilas.
2. Are the good little students hitting the tequilas once in awhile?
3. Who close to 30 would watch this crap?
4. Who not close to 30 would watch this crap?

Anonymous said...

What 30 year old wants to be preached to by an 18 year old live in Mom's attic with hands on her apron string kind of guy? Come on get real. Picture some kid straight back from Afganistan listening to a Mommy's boy like Zach or Nolan? Never happen.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 345pm

The "mommy's boys" on Bakker's Show to me would be Jim, definitely Zach and without a doubt Kevin. They all look and act like little boys that if they don't get their way would go "waaaaaaaaaa!" all the way to mommy.

Anonymous said...

At 4:02, All the way to Lori, who rules the roost. She gives them the eye at times which says in no uncertain terms "When this taping is over, I'm going to give you such a beating and licking that you're gonna regret ever messing with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

and just so everyone knows, Nolan is as gay as a day at the circus.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Check out the latest nutcase to join Bakkers zombie Morningside crew. He's damn creepy!

His name is Jan Douglas Bish. Here's his youtube video:

Like I said, he's creepy!

Lori's Locket said...

To the Anonymous poster, Tuesday, February 28 at 8:57 pm.

I'm certain we don't have the real story of what is going on behind the scenes at the Jim Bakker show, but I would be very grateful if would tell us some details.

We're sitting outside, thinking something is stinky in the state of Denmark, trying to pull together what information we can.

If you have the scoop -- or enough information that would help people get the JBS off the air -- that would be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Previous poster wrote what I was thinking. If you spent 10 years working for Jimmy Boy, let's hear about some of those things you tell us we couldn't imagine. You may have the ability to get this narcissistic nut case off the air for good. Think of all the little old ladies who are sending in their Social Security check money to pay for JimButt and his bipolar wife to go on fancy vacations and buy new boats and vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the you tube videos Ron. Eye opening! Especially the one with Jim and Tammy Sue. How can the zombies defend the guy when his own words condemn him!

Anonymous said...

OK, here's the deal...
I don't have any special power to get this SOB off the air, trust me, if I did, he'd be gone already. NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING is in his name at Morningside. He is a shifty and cunning snake, make no mistake about that. Yet, also make no mistake in knowing that he rules everything at MS with an iron fist. When I left there in March of last year, I talked to National Enquirer & Star about selling a story to them exposing Bakker. They wanted scoop on sexual stuff, which I didn’t have. What I do know…there is a hell of a lot of $ that passes thru MS that is “off the books”. I can tell you 100% for sure, that Master’s Commission is a total joke. All Bakker is doing is using those kids for free labor. You should hear how he talks to them in private. Now, make no mistake - I’m not trying to take up for the kids. If their parents are stupid enough to send them there, they deserve what they get. But the whole thing is a huge scam. Bakker treats his employees like dogs, and basically shows zero consideration toward them.
I was there for 10 years. As long as they were giving me a check, I took it.
Yes, maybe my eyes were blind to some things, but everyone has their limit.
I guess the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, was when Bakker was selling the radiation tablets last year. There’s nothing that would make me happier than seeing Bakker and Morningside eradicated. Anyone who truly wants to hear more can contact me at:

Kool-Aid Kid said...


Ten years is a long time to work with that cockroach and company. I have often wondered how Bakker talks to those so called students off camera, who for the best part appear very simple-mined.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

At 11:49, I don't know something sounds wrong with your story. Too many unanswered questions left open. I mean the truth is one thing you get my drift. Why were you fired/quit, sounds like all of a sudden you had a epiphany, I heard that before, along with the checks in the mail. That's the deal according to you, I need to hear both sides of a story before I pronounce judgement, I'm funny that way. A great man once said (I think he was Jim Bakker) you can fool some of the people some of the time.............

Kool-Aid Kid said...

I meant "appear very simple-minded" not "simple-mined". Laughs on me this time. LOL

Anonymous said...

You can believe whatever you want.
You want the truth? I was "let go" because word got back to Bakker than I thought his health kick that he was on at the time, was ridiculous. I refused to "jump on the bandwagon". I laughed at Kevin's fat ass on the trampoline. And believe it or not, I was ready to leave anyway. Have you ever wondered about Mondo? Here's the 100% truth. Mondo is only there for one reason. He protected Bakker's ass (literally) in the joint. If Bakker hadn't paid Mondo to protect him, he would have walked out of prison with a cork in his ass. Bakker owes Mondo. That's the ONLY reason he's there. And all the healthy food Bakker says he eats? Well let me just say, I know someone who works at wendy's in Branson and the Bakkers are VERY regular customers.

Chuckles said...

11; you ask a lot for the rights to that story? I would have asked the NE or Star for 1 million. That's a popular figure on this site.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that was Joe C. I just saw pulling out of Morningside with his pickup 4x4 loaded with foodbuckets and silver sol and a couple of trampolines and a box of books in the back and a big statue of Jesus bolted to the roof???????

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Nooooooooo Joe C!

Say it ain't so!

trying to help said...

If I was Jim, I'd turn on a TV show called "Cutlery Corner" they sell all kinds of knives. They have deals like 100 knives for 100 dollars, Jim could sell the knives with the survival buckets. Some of the knives are survival knives he coulod make a huge profit. Zach you should suggest it to your boss, might put you in good and show you're on the ball.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To Anon @ 1:28 pm

Sorry zombie but knives and Morningside inbreds would only lead to disaster!

Kelsey said...

I'm dying to know what happened with Joe C. today!

Anonymous said...

I bet Joe C. couldn't believe what a great guy the Pastor is. I guess the tide is turning in the right direction. I feel good and vindicated. Praise Jesus!!!!!!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Kelsey, Joe C is chatting a little about his visit on the Idol Worship Part 2 blog.

A little confusing with members on different blogs on Foodbucket.

Craig said...

I love the idea of Zombie Idol. It would be great fun to vote from my favorite morningside zombie every week. Please make it happen.


Anonymous said...

Okay I'm fairly new here and I've followed the recent posts by the nearby landowner who said he was going to talk to Bakker. Now, I read here that he is making comments about it on Idol Worship Part 2 blog. What in the %$*@#!$ is that? Why is he posting there and not here? What is he saying about his talk with JimButt? I did an internet search and could not find anything about it. Somebody, please fill me in.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Look to the right side of the page just under Members. See popular Posts? Under that you will see Idol Worship, part 2 post.

Kelsey said...

Thanks KAK!

Anonymous said...

To 9:11: It's his affair, he doesn't have to tell us "jack" about the meeting> Although, you have a point about making a big deal about it initially and then being closed mouth about it after the fact. Bakker is, well to quote Shakespeare: "A man can smile and smile and still be a thief".

Anonymous said...

I'm really kind of confused about this whole thing, Joe C. You invite us into your situation and then shut us out. I don't think it's unexpected that people would be writing here wondering about what is up with you - knowing what has been going on with you and the mutant frog.

Has your intent always been to get Bakker to buy your property? That appears to be the case, since I would know of no other reason someone would want to talk to this convinced felon.

I hope you can return and explain what your posts have been all about and what you have been up to. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Oh I understand why he can't say much. Obviously Bakker or people that work for him are keeping an eye on what's being said here, and it wouldn't be a good idea to divulge any details while he's working on all of this. When the dust settles, it will be interesting to hear what happened.

If my house was being surrounded by Morningside, I would want out, too. This is someone's life, and much more than fodder on a website. It's interesting for us to follow, but much more inportant for Joe C. to handle discreetly. When he started commenting, he probably had no idea he was going to end up in a meeting with the Frog himself.

Anonymous said...

"Loose lips sink ships" is a favorite saying at Morningside. Saying things like this is how Jim keeps those people quiet. Guilt, guilt, and more guilt keeps those people in line!

Looks like Jim laced the drink he offered Joe C., and fed him the lines he uses on the zombies too!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jim charmed the pants off of Joe C. I mean it's a little to late to say Joe is wise not to divulge too much, considering some of his earlier post. Maybe Joe C succumbed to that old Bakker charm. Stranger things have happened.

Craig said...

Joe is fine. Nothing like showing a nuclear option before a negotiation. jim gave him an offer no doubt, but I hope his other neighbor is named Abdul.

Anonymous said...

Joe C. would be smart if he kept his mouth shut on this forum and tried to work a good friendly deal with Morningside. Bakker might not have the money right now to buy any additional property but one day he will. To sell it to Bakker now while he is a small fish would be a waste. Hang in there and wait for Bakker to start throwing around his money like he did at PTL. I think Joe will strike a deal with Bakker, have to keep his mouth shut about it, then never blog again.

Craig said...

I don't think jim and morningside are going to last. Joe would be wise to take the offer if it exists. Otherwise, he'll end up living next to a ghost town like Heritage.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Although Branson was not affected as bad as Joplin, Tornado wise,we did suffer some major damage. I have been assisting other Meeting /Banquet facilities that were damaged to try and move their events to my facility. Been VERY busy. It ain't so Kool-Aid!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is dressing little Jimmy Bakker? A tight little jacket and sometimes a tie on top of jeans? What kind of hillbilly fashions it that? Come on Lori, dress his better then that.

Lori's aborted fetus said...

Momma Lori, why did you kill me? Why do you always brag about having 5 abortions?

zombie pride. said...

I don't get Joe C.! What's the big deal about living next to Morningside? It's not like living next to a Casino, Prison or Nuclear Power Station. Oh Wow!! He wakes up every day at 9 AM to the sound of construction. Woop de shit!!! Joe C. stop being a complainer, try living in a major city and you'll see what problems are.

Joe made good said...

I think Joe C. has not revealed what went on cause he would create a firestorm of anger by just saying the truth. That Bakker is a sincere, honest, square dealing man who has an open mind and listens with a lot of understanding to what the other guy has to say. You know as well as I do if Joe C, came out with his honest impression of Bakker the man,, there would be "hellsapoppin" big time!!! There was no "confidential agreement" signed, Joe C would have brought a lawyer, which he didn't. And if in fact an agreement was reached, that quick, Joe C. must have made out like a bandit.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Joe made good said...

hahahahahahaha ... thanks for that. Possibly the biggest laugh I will have today.

Anonymous said...

The zombies are back.....someone let the stepford wives out for the weekend again. zombie pride talking like a good little christian again.

Anonymous said...


YA, JOE C, just like zombie pride said, "what's wrong with living next door to a little construction noise." Get with the program! The end of the world is coming so we need to build, build, build NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!!!! What's wrong with you Joe that's what Jesus told us to do, Jims says so, it's in Revelation.

Cracker-Jack Kid said...

) bet if they were building the "shower house" and had the girl's shower and locker room facing Joe's house,(with a big bay window), Joe wouldn't complain. He'd just buy a pair of binoculars.

Tanya said...

Oops - look at that. I wonder if some people are doing what I did, and that is why we are split posting on 2 different blog entries... I've been refreshing the page on my computer, and I didn't know Ron had put up a new entry. That's why I didn't post here, anyways.
Better write that down... check... home... page... do... not... only... hit...refresh.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

One thing I can say for sure. When I decided to purchase this piece of property and home, I did so because it was quiet, beautiful and peaceful. After living in the "City" for 25 years, living in Vegas for 6 years, Living 1/2 mile from Rahway State Prison growing up (I decided I did not want to live next to a Nuclear power plant), I decided I wanted some peace and quiet. If I could of looked into my crystal ball and had a chance to see what the future was to hold, I may not of made some of the decisions that I made. To Cracker - Jack Kid, Really?

Joe C's Press Agent said...

Something is confusing me regarding my dear client, Joe C.

Joe claims he will put his property on the market and two of his neighbors are interested in it. If Bakker is one of those two neighbors interested in buying it, he would have made Joe a deal right away for the purpose of keeping Joe's home and property OFF THE MARKEt. Then Bakker could have bought it without any competition. If Jim advised him to put it on the market it could possibly be because Jim KNOWS who one or more of the interested neighbors or parties are and he may feel more comfortable in dealing with them when they own the property that he would in dealing with Joe. Excuse me, but something is a little bit fishy here--not right!

Tanya said...

Joe C: absolutely - if we have learned one thing so far (and keep in mind I'm a newcomer) it is that the zombies rely on idiotic comments like that instead of addressing any concrete issues or questions.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

To No Nonsence Norski: I hope there is not a billboard in my future. Thank you for this blog Ron. Communication is a wonderful thing. Kool-Aid Kid. If I had things my way the next stop would be Capua, Italy, where my father was born. Have never been there but it is on the "bucket list". I have to put my " nose to the proverbial grindstone" for a few more years before that happens. ( oh shit, here we go again.

Anonymous said...

I, for one second, would not put it past Bakker to know that a "For Sale" sign is in front of Joe C's yard and, next thing you know some unknown "Mom & Pop" come to look at it and offer Joe market value plus a $5,000 or other lowball profit. If Joe accepts this, don't be surprised if, within 30 days after the closing, the property again changes hands when the "Mom & Pop" turn out to be stooges for Bakker.

Please don't stick your neck in the con man's guillotine, Joe!

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Realizing I am going to sound hypocritical, I do not feel I should comment on my situation for now. I hope empathy is abundant.

Joe C's Press Agent said...

Joe C.,

Hundreds of thousands have been conned by this artist and I hope you appreciate the concern for your own personal welfare that is being expressed here. When you play with fire you could get burned!

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

I must tell you Press agent, I appreciate that. Gonna have to get you that raise I have been promising you.

Anonymous said...

To Press Agent: No one here gives two thin pennies about Joe C's welfare. They just want to know the particulars. I know I don't, I pretend to under my posting name. But in reality, I don't.

Giovanni'sPizza said...

They love Bakker in Capua, Italy. They call him Mr." Prima Vera" Jim.

Anonymous said...

The zombies are attacking Joe C and trying to make it look like those of us who care about Jim conning people are the bad guys.

The reality is they can't make a decent argument for their leader. They can't handle the truths that we point. Jim abuses the old folks, especially family members that he abandons. The sexual deviancy in his family is astounding. Jim and Loris love of money. The error of Jim's false teachings are blaring. So their tactic now is to cozy up to Joe C, not because Joe C truly is a good guy, but they want to appease him. Joe C can take this whole sham "ministry" and dismantle it!

Joe C has the the brains to follow up on his instincts, does his due diligence and is a real threat to Jim because of it. Joe is not dumb and can't be seduced by the con and the zombies that come on here and try to start trouble. That is all those evil people out at Morningside are TROUBLE MAKERS.

They are what Jesus called whitewash tombs, they look good on the outside but are full of impurity on the inside.

Los Angeles Times 7-25-89 said...

Ex-Aide to Bakker, Brother Convicted of Not Paying Taxes

July 25, 1989|From Times Wire Services

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — David Taggart, a former top aide to PTL founder Jim Bakker, and his brother were convicted today of not paying taxes on $1.1 million on PTL money they spent on fast cars, fancy homes and lavish gifts.

David and James Taggart were convicted on five counts of not paying federal taxes and both face a maximum of 25 years in prison and fines of more than $1 million. Sentencing tentatively was set for Aug. 25.

Both Taggarts sat quietly as the verdict was read. David Taggart looked at the jurors as they were polled individually. James Taggart continued to stare straight ahead.

Deliberations Over 2 Days

The jury of four men and eight women deliberated four hours and 45 minutes over two days before returning the verdicts.

David Taggart was Bakker's closest aide at PTL, and James was the ministry's interior decorator.

On his way out of the courtroom, David Taggart, accompanied by his brother, parents and two female friends, was asked for his reaction to the convictions.

"There's nothing to say," he replied.

U.S. District Judge Robert Potter set post-conviction unsecured bonds of $50,000. He ordered the brothers to call a federal probation officer every day and to appear at the probation office once a week until sentencing.

Bakker and his right-hand man at PTL, Richard Dortch, will go on trial next month on separate charges of fraud and conspiracy.

Government prosecutors built their case on how much money disappeared from PTL while David Taggart had control of the ministry's executive offices and on how grandly the Taggarts lived, squandering a fortune on good times with their friends.

Prosecutor David Brown told the jury that of the $1.2 million the Taggarts allegedly took, $750,000 was in cash.

"People don't routinely use hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash unless they're trying to conceal something," Brown said.

"If you're not offended by how they lived, by the fact that the money came from PTL, money made up of a lot of small contributions--if you are not offended by all that, you ought to be offended by the testimony they gave in this courtroom," Brown had told jurors in his summation.

James Taggart testified that his brother handled all of their personal and professional finances, and David Taggart said he had authorization from Bakker to take large bonuses and cash advances on PTL credit cards.

Refused to Answer Questions

Bakker was called to testify at the trial but refused to answer any questions, citing his constitutional protection against self-incrimination.

Prosecutor Brown said the verdict was "not about PTL. It was about David Taggart and James Taggart's obligations to pay their taxes no matter how much they own and what kind of life style they live.

"Greed doesn't pay. No matter how rich you are, you've got to pay your taxes."

Anonymous said...

For the Love of... will you stop rehashing archaic news and posting it like it's today's lunch menu. I know I speak for both the Bakkerites and Philistines who post here by saying move on to more pertinent news. Not this piddling picayune poop. All this "101' stuff is getting pretty boring.

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

You impress me very much as someone who doesn't want to know and that is the only thing I truly do believe in the stupidity you post here. Get a job! A real one!

Bath House Soap Patrol said...

OMG! It's another one of Bakker's "Bath House Buddies"


P.S.--He got that "Soap On A Rope" for Christmas but he keeps dropping it anyway!

Anonymous said...

Talk about boring, have you listened to one of Pastor Jim's sermons lately?

Anonymous said...

to 12:22: If you were holding a rope you could be referred to as "a dope on a rope".

I Smoked Crack With Lori said...

In the January, 1989, Penthouse Magazine article:

"The Devil in Jim Bakker: His Homosexual Lover and Pimp Tells All"

David Taggart, Bakker's top aide, was his homosexual lover and Pastor John Wesley Fletcher, who arranged the tryst with Jessica Haun, was his pimp. Fletcher also publicly admitted to having homosexual sex with Bakker on three occasions.

fed up with the fools said...

Archaic News, surprise, surprise another zombie opens his mouth and shows his ignorance!

Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.

Jim said I was wrong, money is the root of all evil....but his show is all about money and selling junk. Clearly against scripture. If Jesus was physically here, (and not in marble stature form) he would be overturning every table full of junk in Jims temple. There is nothing about the gospel in his show. He hides his money under a "church" name and a "ministry name" (I gag when I say ministry and church.) Only the worst of cons use the church to scam money from gullible people. Only a shameless person would not render unto Caesar, and pay his taxes. A real minister would heed all of Jesus's teachings including pay your taxes!

I am amazed by the fools that keep defending a guy whose family is neglected. His adopted kid is shipped off, rather than dealing with the problems this child is having. They call themselves pastors, but don't even take care of their own troubled kids. Wow, I wouldn't want to have a pastor like that to consult with if I had family problems! His own kids with Tammy Faye want nothing to do with his "ministry". They have already been through one scandal with Jim, guess they don't want to go through another.

Smart people stay far away from unethical and immoral people, especially those who claim to be Christians. The bible is full of commands to stay away from all that Bakker and his closest alliances are! That is why all you get from Bakkers people are insults and baseless arguments. There is not an intelligent or Biblical way to respond to anything Jim does. There is nothing ethical about him, his wife, his ministry!

Anonymous said...

The old news is still relevant until Jim Bakker either repays his debts or lives like a repentant sinner.

He hasn't done either one.

He's raised millions to build Morningside. Do you think anyone would have given him a dime if he went on TV and asked for people to give him love gifts to rectify his past sins so that a new ministry could be built without the stigma of the last?

Kelsey said...

"Jim said I was wrong, money is the root of all evil....but his show is all about money and selling junk. Clearly against scripture. If Jesus was physically here, (and not in marble stature form) he would be overturning every table full of junk in Jims temple. There is nothing about the gospel in his show. He hides his money under a "church" name and a "ministry name" (I gag when I say ministry and church.) Only the worst of cons use the church to scam money from gullible people. Only a shameless person would not render unto Caesar, and pay his taxes. A real minister would heed all of Jesus's teachings including pay your taxes!"

Amen! Jim is always begging for money to "keep the ministry going" as though God couldn't keep it going if that were His will.

God doesn't need your help, Jim!

I Smoked Crack With Lori said...

Better you think anyone, except maybe the fool above, would have sent Bakker a "Love Offering" knowing his or her money was being spent on a 23 foot boat?

Tanya said...

Before his incarceration, Jim Bakker raised money by selling junk and requesting donations for things like Kevin's House. He got out of jail and said he saw the error of his ways, yet here he is, back on TV, selling junk and raising money for things like Lori's House (and let's not forget the "school").

Therefore, it is reasonable to look at past behaviour and ask: what, if anything, has changed?

In addition, and I've said this before, these news articles that people post point out a bunch of "mistakes" - and depending on his mood, I've heard Jim say on his new show that he(a)made "a" mistake, or (b)"Man condemned him," or (c) God arranged the prison time to be his personal desert and give him time to study the Bible.

So when Bakker-supporters say that Jim has repented, I'd like to know: (a)which singular thing does he think he did wrong, or (b)does he think he did nothing wrong, or (c)does he think jail was arranged by God for a higher purpose?

There are plenty of questions about his current behaviour that Bakker-supporters could address, if you prefer - just look through the comments and you'll see them.

And perhaps someone from Morningside can tell me - does the Jesus statue have the plaque on it yet with all the donors' names? We used to see an 'artist's rendition' with the plaque on the base when Jim was still asking for money for it... in all the shots I've seen of it since Jim has moved on to selling his health food there is no plaque on the base.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the boat was donated. Ever think of that? No!!! Too quick to jump to conclusions, like always. Typical.

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

Did you all happen to take note that, when called to testify in the trial of his homosexual lover and brother, who stole 1.2 million from elderly people's retirement checks ($750,000 in CASH) that caring JimBob invoked the 5th and refused to answer any questions? Thanks Pastor Jim for being so helpful and honest to your supporter/victims. I would have thought certainly if you are such a grand "prophet" you would have known the questions being asked before they happened and would have therefore had the answers already worked out for the jury in your head. I guess the only type of head games you were interested in, Jim, were the type that you enjoyed so much with Fletcher & Taggart. What a true man of God! Let's hope your "students" turn out to be exactly like you. Wouldn't that make all of their parents (if they have any) so proud?

Morningside friend said...

Forgive them Lord. They know not what they do.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Morningside friend,

Don't hide behind the bible and just answer some of the questions posted here. That would be more useful than attacking with bible quotes.

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

The boat was "donated" all right. Yes it was! How true! It was "donated" to himself by himself using the money he gets from little old ladies like Grandma Maxine and others who think they are sending it to do God's work and find out from their children, after they visit this site, that their money actually was spent on not only the boat, but on the dry dock storage of it during the winter (per month), the maintenance of the boat, the thousands per year in high priced fuel the boat uses (could be hundreds in just one full day of use)and all the rest of the whistles, bells, and toys in the boat (electronic equipment, life vests, etc).

You Bakker supporters are either
a) the DUMBEST human beings known to mankind or...
b) the most selfish human beings known to mankind exactly like your trial co-operative hero Jim. You know, the guy with the donated boat!


Tanya said...

Insults, baseless arguments, and scripture - Fed up with Fools and Kool-Aid Kid summed it up.

Do the Bakker-supporters have anything to say about the most recent show (the most recent one aired in my area anyways) with Frank? Preaching pretty much went out the window, to make room for selling, selling, selling. Or how about the Jim Bakker cereal, or the two next projects Jim said he wants to put his name on - Jim Bakker peanut-free peanut butter and Jim Bakker Ginger Ale? How does all that selling and marketing fit into your perception of Jim Bakker as a changed man who just wants to preach?

Craig said...

The boat may have been donated but we'll never know since jim doesn't release financial information. He is building an insular communist compound void of man's law with jim as the supreme authority (even above God). Zombies, you are living in a mini North Korea. Has kim, err jim, commanded you to keep a picture of him prominently displayed in your homes?

Anonymous said...

How can a guy that owes the federal government millions in back taxes own a boat? Donated or not it is his property.

Anonymous said...

Where is little Ricky? Jeeze, I hate when Jim calls him that even though I don't know the kid. Maybe Lori got out the knife and aborted him and Maria for not towing the party line.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Even if you Bakker zombies had a BS detector that went off constantly when Jim opened his froggy mouth you'd still believe in his message. What a brainless bunch you all are. We're still waiting for just one of you to answer some of the questions posted here. Whenever Bakker is criticized or questioned here it is characterized as persecution by you zombies.

Chill out. said...

Jim Bakker did his time, he did it like a man. Once a man has done his time, repaid his dept to society so to speak, it is time to move on and give him a chance to prove himself. Jim has done everything so far by the book and legally, you may not agree with the law as is, but he has. We can't change the law to suit every occasion, if we did 75% of the anti- Bakker Klan (yes I spelt it Klan) would be behind bars, you know that. You folks are phony, if it was another convicted felon out there being hammered like you hammer Bakker, your liberal leanings would show and you all be yelling "NOT RIGHT"!!! "This man is a victim of mass hysteria and blackballing". "He's done his time, and paid for the crime". "Leave him be". Liberals, you phony baloneys will never cease to amaze the world.

Tanya said...

3:17pm anon: Jim escapes the consequences of his previous actions by having nothing in his name. He can put things under the church's name - a good way to avoid current taxes, for example, on a home - and there are his wife and mother-in-law who can have their names on properties, etc, for him.

Craig said...

@Chill. He didn't do his time as a man. Did you even read the accounts of his arrest and trial? Hiding under his lawyers desk, curling up in a fetal position. Lol. Fake crying and claiming monsters were after him. Lol. The guy is a wuss. And he hasn't finished paying his debt, he still owes taxes on the money he stole. Go, Chill Zombie, and straighten the picture of jim over your fireplace.

Buddy's Buddy said...

Ron, I love the letter you've written. Thank you! I will be sending it to our state Attorney General.

I would recommend everyone here do the same. In most cases, you can copy this letter and paste it in your state attorney general's comment form online. Easy-speasy!

If the Jim BS is televised in your state, then your Attorney General has some jurisdiction because it affects people in your state.

fed up with the fools said...

To the Morningside Friend,

At least you have named yourself correctly, you are a Morningside friend. You are not a friend of Jesus! Anyone who supports Jim and supports him in his corruption is an enemy of God!

JAMES 4:4 "Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God."

People of integrity watch the Jim Bakker show and realize it is worldly. It is all about the flesh.
People of God don't PUSH products to support their "ministry". Thank you to Kelsey who pointed out people of God don't need to beg for money to keep a ministry going, and they certainly don't sell junk to keep it going either!

How pious the Morningside friend is to quote the scripture "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do". LUKE 23:34 How about learning the truth about what God says about people like Jim, Lori, and all the other frauds of this sham ministry:

These people always cause trouble. Their minds are always corrupt and they have turned their backs on the truth. To them, a show of godliness is just a way to become wealthy. NLT version

As I have said before Jim and those who support him are nothing but troublemakers that bring shame to the Gospel of Christ.

Anonymous said...

Kool-Aid Kid: We don't have "bullshit detectors" we operate in an environment of trust, don't see the need for one. But if I did, I'd ask to borrow yours.

Tanya said...

@ Chill out: Jim did his time like a man? Guess you missed all the documentation in these comments about Jim hiding under his lawyer's desk, crying real tears, and so on. Not a stellar beginning for taking the consequences "like a man."

And give Jim a chance to prove himself? He's had years, and what has he done with it? Let's see... gotten back on TV, induces fear, manipulates/exploits, and has gone right back to raising money (selling crap) to build and live in some pretty nice digs (just go look at the family photos of his "little cabin").

We know that Jim now keeps nothing in his name, and that is how he avoids the consequences for what he did - this certainly is not within the spirit of the law. Its also not ethical no matter which way you slice it.

Kool-Aid Kid said...


Are you telling me you have complete trust in all that Jim Bakker tells you?

The sad thing about my BS detector is that I accidentally left it switched on beside the tv during the Jim Bakker Show and I'm guessing it was too much for it because it has not worked proper since.

Anonymous said...

To Chill Out:

You named Jim correctly, "a convicted felon". Yes, we will keep "hammering him". Why? Because he's back in business doing all the illegal activity he did that sent him to prison the first time. Talk about a "Klan" that is a good name for all of you out there in Bakkerland! Jims Klan. Not all the people posting here are liberal, I am very conservative. You are no expert on crooks and cons! You accuse us of illegal activities, but you can't figure out that Jim is going to go down in the history books as one of the biggest cons of this century!

Phony = Your ignorance is blaring. Let me educate you on phoniness....

Not genuine or real - Jim's fake tears.

Making a false show - Jim everyday on his unprofessional "Jim Bakker Show" telling his lies.

Intended to deceive or mislead - MCC choir just formed 4 weeks ago. Misusing the book of Revelation, and so many other examples to recount them all here. Let's talk about misappropriating funds.

Having no basis in facts - This applies to everything that comes out of Jims mouth. Twisting scripture for profit is evil.

To appropriate dishonestly for ones own use. - New cars, new houses, fancy clothes, big lake home, extravagant vacations, big boat, Lori's house, God told me to buy out Morningside, etc. etc. etc. What happens to the cars, condo, lake home, etc when Jim dies?

I could go on and on but the Bakker supporters just don't care to get educated.

John 16:3 They do these things because they have not known the Father or Me.

Brother Dortch said...

Hello everyone!

JimBob was on TV last week saying that one day, when he is gone, you are going to possibly see Zach taking his place because:

"I am teaching him how to raise the funds."

He also mentioned Sasha as a possible female co-host with Zach if she stays around which still remains to be seen. He used to brag that "Little Ricky" was going to be the heir apparent but that all stopped when "Little Ricky" expressed no interest in so doing. Now Bakker is contradicting himself and talking in circles, as usual, by saying Grandson James will be his heir apparent which makes no sense if Zach is going to be in charge of the TV ministry. Too many lies coming on at the same time.

When Bakker dies, he will leave no bank account, no valuables in his name, and basically have nothing decent to leave to anyone. The television ministry, as you all know it to be now, will be completely removed from the air and Lori (who has said privately many times she hates living at Morningside and wishes she were out of there completely) will sell out and Morningside will be just another old folks condo development in the Greater Branson area.

I welcome the input of the former Bakker employees on this exact same subject. Thanks everyone!

Tanya said...

Somebody said in a previous post that Zach's dad is one of the only people actually giving Jim money for "tuition." If that's accurate, then Jim has to keep saying that Zach is his "preacher boy" and is being groomed to take over - gotta keep daddy happy and the money flowing. But wait - now Grandson James is in the picture. A bit of a pickle, but...

Its all OK for Jim because he can just keep on keepin' on - no difference to him, lies, false promises, manipulation - nothing new. I do wonder what its like to be a "student" or an employee in the midst of all this, though.

Brother Dortch said...

Thank-you, Tanya, for bringing this fact up. It was, myself, on a previous post that mentioned that Zach's Dad is not "one of the only" but, instead, is THE ONLY PERSON who Bakker views as an easy mark to extract the $7,000 to $8,000 per year "tuition" from (plus food expenses) to allow Fatty Zachary to waste his life away for what will soon begin his fourth year of a "college" that has no fourth year program or no any year accreditation in place! All of the other "students" attend there for free.

At the risk of alienating the Bakker supporters, who read this blog on the daily and are not intelligent enough to know what this word means, I would describe Zach's Dad in one word:


To hear Bakker boast about it, Zach's Dad is a good businessman who knows a lot about business which, when intrepretted, simply means that he is easily manipulated into believing that having his son waste years of his life being bullshitted to by a bisexual felon is, somehow, valuable. As others here have pointed out, the value here may simply be in having Zach out of Daddy & Mommy's house where he is not sitting on the couch eating chips and playing video games anymore.

One would think that Bakker is presenting the true Zach Drew on TV and that both of them are indeed friends. In reality, this is not the case. We have had at least one other member of Bakker's close inner-management staff come on here and state they were present in person, at a meeting with Bakker behind closed doors at Morningside, in which Jim Bakker, himself, referred to Zach as use his exact words...

"Completely useless"

That is what Bakker said. Zach Drew is:

"Completely useless"

Those are Bakker's words, not mine and, to the other management level employees of Bakker at Morningside, please jump in here if you were present to hear any such references to Zach being made, by Bakker, and say exactly what you heard Bakker say.

It has been alleged on this blog by other Morningside insiders, either employees or students, that Zach Drew has a drinking problem, in addition to an eating problem, and that he uses many swear words and foul languauge once the cameras get turned off. I, personally, have seen online communication between Zach and an underage girl advising the girl that one of the thrills in life she has to look forward to is having someone buy her liquor to drink while she is underage. Obviously, to post something so stupid online for the whole world to see, when you are supposed to be Bakker's Bitch Boy Pastor, is not the brightest thing in the world to do.

If you ever attend the live taping at Morningside, you will see the true Zach in action. While all other people have jobs to do, Zach just mopes around aimlessly with no focus on anything--as if he is completely bored to be there and is deliberately being kept out of the loop. Many of you have already heard Lori tell her story that, once the show is not being taped on a particular day, Zach just wanders around alone at Morningside and often makes his way into Lori's office asking her if it is OK if he can preach to her one on one. Now, you all must know in the shape Lori is in, how much she appreciates that divine opportunity!

When all is said and done, after four paid years of this nonsense, the bottom line is that the 23 foot boat that is docked behind the Pokeberry Lane "parsonage" has, in large part, been significantly paid for by Zach Drew's Dad and both Papa Jim & Mama Lori will gladly put up with the kid's drinking and laziness until his Dad's financial well runs dry!

Anonymous said...

"Once a man has done his time, repaid his dept to society so to speak, it is time to move on and give him a chance to prove himself."
Is this another student that does not know how to write in English? "repaid his dept.." Is that department? Anyway, Jim might have legally repaid his debt to society but he never repaid the millions to his donors who gave him money so that they could stay in his hotel. Sell the boat and pay back some of your past fans.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well... It looks like miss sasha has her own YouTube account(I think its impulsivesasha or something similar). She has a vid of herself shaking her tatas in some crumby bar. The song she's dancing to is about sex, drinking, etc(the new jlo dance track). I think these "Christian" kids are a little too "generation now". One more thing, I can guarantee you she had a couple drinks, watch the vid yourself. Praise Jesus, and jlo sasha, lol.

Anonymous said...

Morningside Friend:

"Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do." Is what Jesus said to the crowds that shouted "crucify".

Are you really going to use those precious words to defend a MAN whose getting negative comments on a blog?

For shame - where's your reverence? You've just proved again that those at Morningside worship Jim Bakker is Lord.

Brother Dortch said...

Re: Doug Chapman

For those who don't know, Doug is James' father who Tammy Sue divorced many years ago. Over on Phil's blog you can feel free to email an individual there who claims to know both Tammy Sue and Doug well and claims that Doug stole from him. Well, in addition to being an alleged thief, Doug Chapman is also a liar too. Biker Doug has told so many lies I do not even know where to start with this idiot but here is what I do know. The story he tells over there about James and his brother Jonathan getting ready to leave Morningside & start their own ministry is pure B.S.! James is not leaving Morningside or going anywhere. Jonathan, James' brother, walked out of Masters Media after Bakker fired Doug Chapman from Morningside despite Doug having a new wife and just conceived infant baby he needed to support. Jonathan was so upset at this he left right along with his Dad and said to hell with Masters Media and went out for less than one year with Bill Ballenger to the high schools he appears at as an INTERN. Jonathan is now 21. I also know that Doug Chapman had serious drug issues for many years. Bakker hates his guts and the only reason he is over on Phil's blog supporting Morningside is because he does not want to further embarrass his son, James, more than he already has. He is pure deceit and total trash and is not to be trusted in anything he says. It would not surprise me if he is still on drugs to this day.

Anonymous said...

To anon6;49: "Judge not be ye judged".

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking through the shady cast of characters in the JB scamming ministry.

Jim - felon, liar, thief. Brother Dortch and other have done a great job of posting all the truths of this character that I don't need to go over his long list of crimes.

Lori Graham - Says she's a x drug addict, food addict, abortion addict. But now she is a plastic surgery addict, shopaholic, vacationaholic. Think addiction, think Lori. Partner in crime.

Grandma Char Graham - Don't think your sweet grandma. This grandma takes other grandmas money and funnels it to her felon son in law, and _______aholic daughter. Her daughters first marriage is to a drug addict, abusive man, who "forces" her to have 5 abortions. Where was this good christian woman when all that was happening?

Do any of the zombies ask where the adopted daughter is? The girl gets in trouble and she is out of there. I looked through the family pictures on the JB show website. This poor girl was shipped off and is out of the family. Her sister got married, she wasn't in any of the pictures, Christmas, she is still missing. No sight of this girl for a loooong time! I know people who don't purport to being "Christians" and have had troubled children they have needed to send to institutions for help. They look forward to having their kids come home for the holidays and other family events.

Money laundering, divorce, sex scandals, abortions, babies out of wedlock, tax evasion, horrible family values, and, and, and,.... So in the cast of main characters of this sad reality show we have everything that is an antithesis to what they preach. These same christians wonder why so many of us say "no thank you"!

Anonymous said...

Zach also is caretaker and Captain of the Morningside boat. He recently got his USCG certification. I think that you folks might be a little to hard on Zach, he really is a "good ole boy" and nice guy. I think he will be Bakker's "right hand man" in the future and has very strong admistrative skills. He's pretty smart.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To Anon @ 8:35 am

Okay you're back again and it's very obvious it's you because you attack with bible quotes each and every time. Is it so hard for you to answer some of the questions posted here?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon @ 848 am,

Your posts are always strange and this one is no different because you start with attacking Zach and end with praise for him.
Is he an idiot or a genius?
By the way Fat Zach is not the caretaker, that's Matt's job.

Anonymous said...

the zombies reappear to defend their Zach boy. Zach has good administrative skills, is a good "ole" boy, he's a smart, nice guy...really! You believe that, do you have any tangible evidence to back up your claims. Please post if you do. We really want to know what makes him "pastor" material. The only thing I can believe that you said is that "he will be Jims right hand man". The better way to word that would have been to say "Zach is Jim's next partner in crime".

Does "USCG certificate stand for useless, student, in the Con, Game? You're assessment of him being the captain of the morningside boat, and caretaker was very witty. Now back to taking your drugs for your pi-polar problem.

Have a nice day in your little screwed up world out there at morningside.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say bipolar problem to the Bakker Can they really infiltrate our minds and make us as dumb as they are. I am thinking I have to be careful in their company. I sure wouldn't want their stupidity transferring to me through their witchcraft spells.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, they will be blowing their curved rams horns to ward off the witches at Morningside!

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 8:35am:

I'm so glad you brought up Matthew 7:1. Flip back a few pages in your Bible and check out Matthew 6.

Here's some highlights:

1 “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven."

19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.

24 “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?"

27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?"

31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

And here's a little tidbit if you'd read a little further in Matthew 7:

15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. 16 By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them."

21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!"

The problem is that you have no savings left after purchasing your condo and your Revelation food. Maybe you've ticked off your children and extended family in order to live in this pseudo-Christian end times cult compound. Whatever your reasons, you are heavily invested in this sham ministry, and to look at Jim Bakker and how he produces his show, what the content of that show is, what donated ministry dollars pay for, and how misguided Jim is in basic scripture, it would mean admitting that you've made the biggest mistake of your life!

Do you really, really, really believe that Jim Bakker is God's mouthpiece on Earth? An annointed and chosen prophet of God? Do you believe that God is commanding us to store food, while it is clear in black and white HE says "do not worry about what you will eat and drink..."? Do you think Jim Bakker is telling the truth and the Bible is telling a lie??

Wake up!!!!

fed up with the fools said...

AMEN!!!! Thank you Anonymous for the wisdom that you shared, and for backing it up scripture that is not taken out of context!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

See how it's done zombie Anon @ 8:35 am? Notice how Anonymous posted bible quotations along with explaination that was in context to your situation at the compound. Simple concept and I suggest you do that next time you post. Now, grab your walker and go downstairs and stare at the giant statue that you probably help pay for.

Brother Dortch said...

Re: "Prophet" Bob Jones

This is something I have been meaning to post here on this blog for quite some time now and I apologize for just now getting around to doing so. It is a very disturbing, but true, account of a good ole' boy Arkansas Pastor named Bob Jones. Please note that this Bob Jones is not to be confused with the Bob Jones of Bob Jones University who is a totally different man.

Bakker and Zach often cite quotes from Bob Jones as being a man of God. If you had occasion to see the "Jim Bakker With The Morningside Masters Media Students" episodes currently in the show archives on Bakker's website you heard Zach quote Bob Jones and Bakker also mention Bob Jones while the editor, after the fact, inserted a color photograph of Bob Jones for the viewing audience to see.

Located right next to Morningside in Blue Eye, is the state of Arkansas, and it is the home of Bob Jones who is an associate of Bakker's friend, Pastor Rick Joyner. Bakker also believes Bob Jones to be a "prophet" and that is why he allows Zach to quote Bob Jones on the air and that is why Bakker has his editors splice in a full color photo of "Prophet" Bob Jones for his audience to see when they are referring to him.

Now, get ready for this! You might want to sit down for this one, OK?
I'd hate to cause anyone to fall on the floor in shock. I certainly don't want anyone to get hurt!

In 1991, Bob Jones was reported to church leaders at his Vineyard Church after two women came forward and said that Jones had abused his power as a pastor. The two women confronted Bob Jones for sexual misconduct in "using his prophetic gifts for sexual misconduct." Apparantly, Jones had the women in his office and claimed that in order for them to get right with God the women should stand before him naked during prophecy at which time he fondled them. When confronted by the senior leadership of Metro Vineyard Fellowship, Bob Jones admitted the facts of the case and was removed from ministry. On November 4, 1991 Bob Jones said: "I have been guilty of sexual misconduct, and I deeply regret this. (I have not committed adultery.)"

What? That's right! He wanted points for not having intercourse with the women!

In his statement that he dictated and signed before the Metro Vineyard Fellowship senior leadership on November 4, 1991 Bob Jones also stated:

"In recent months, I have manipulated certain people for selfish reasons on the basis of my prophetic gifting"

And now guess what?

HE's Baaaaaaaaaaack!

And is now a Jim Bakker approved "Prophet" worthy of a quote and a nice color photograph which is airing nationally of The Jim Bakker Show!

Insert your own comments on "Prophet" Bob Jones, an associate of Rick Joyner & Jim Bakker in the comment box below and now it's our turn to hear what YOU have to say about this wonderful man of God!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Thanks Brother Dortch. I first stumbled across this clown a few months ago when I googled a search about Rick Joyner. The guy looks like an alien! Both of these freaks are down right strange and I'm guessing Jim is sucking up to Jones in hopes that he can find time to appear on Jim's tv circus act.

Wait and see...... said...

"No servant can serve two Masters", Pastor Bakker is very sincere in his love of the Lord. He demonstrates that daily in his sermons, money is the necessary tool to spread that message, it is secondary. It is maybe what can be referred to as a "necessary evil", as much as I hate to use the term. However, I also can be wrong. If he is in fact pulling a con and evidence, hard evidence, not the innuendos, glib talk, and hearsay second hand stuff I've seen and read about. He should be punished in the most severe manner by life imprisonment.

Brother Dortch said...

Dear Wait and See:

Thank-you for taking the time to post here in this forum and I am glad you saw fit to share your views with all of us. Your opinions are important and are always welcome here.

Like you, I also strongly believe in exposing a true con artist with "hard evidence, not the innuendos, glib talk, and hearsay second hand stuff I've seen and read about" as you say.

Can I get you to go to the bottom of this page and you will see a link called "Older Post". Will you please click on that and there you will see over 700 comments about a variety of topics concerning the various frauds perpetrated by Jim Bakker. Among them is the topic of "Kevin's House" which is backed up with media reports from some of the most trusted news organizations in the world. Also, you will see links to videos and still photos which will aid you further in relating the true and sad tale of severely deformed and crippled Kevin Whittum who was stolen from by Jim Bakker and, please keep in mind, Kevin was a relative of Jim Bakker!

Take a look at this subject in full and ask yourself if only 5 years in federal prison is too easy of a sentence to serve for such a major fraud and con.

Finally, you will also see an "Appeal Question" that I posted which can easily be answered in one short sentence concerning the job placement qualification skills that Bakker constantly lies about in relation to his so-called "college". If you are able to, please answer my appeal question and we all would love to hear exactly what you have to say about "Kevin's House" too.

Have a nice day! Thanks again for your posting.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Wait and see ...

Finally, a well thought out comment from the pro Bakker camp. Thanks.

Wait and see......... said...

Thanks Kool-Aid Kid: Although I'm not what you would call "in their camp". The ones in the camp I've noticed have blinders on with a severe case of near close mindness. I say "watch him, watch him very closely" and analysis every word. These Ministers should not fear scrutiny and should in fact welcome it.

Craig said...

@wait and see. Does the boat and cabin help spread the word? Does the end justify the means? jim can make all the false claims he wants as long as he is doing to it make money for morningside? He can claim he's running a school even though there is no accredited teachers or classes? Sorry waiting zombie, better go dust off your portrait of jim before another zombie reports you.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Summer. We're going to have some good times on that boat. We got a bunch of those life jackets that Nolan demonstrated so we feel pretty secure about the inner city bunch that can't swim, like Sasha, Vernon, Shakier and Twanae. I'm gonna land me some Steelheads and Trout. I feel spiritual knowing that the Apostles were fishermen before being made fishers of men. See Ya on the lake.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon @ 1253 pm

I'm guessing you've got a little down time before zombie bible class with the frog starts.

Grandma Maxine said... if you worked for Jimbo for 10 years and knew what he was doing, what took you so long to leave?? If you were there so long and saw so much behind the scenes, tell us some things that we dont already know.

Joe C. is a fraud and is really Zach in disguise since after the "meeting" all of a sudden he is praising Jimbo??

ffernedirelec said...

Momma Lori, why did you kill me? I was a boy. I wasn't like Little Ricky. I would have preached on TV like Zach. Then you took a vacuum cleaner and sucked me out. You dirty little whore!

Anonymous said...

Joe C. knows what side his bread is buttered. I don't fault him, that's the way of the world, we help our benefactors and there is no harm in a man changing his mind about an issue, Business is business. All's fair in love and war and all that jazz. Italians, and I give them credit, have a history of changing sides it's in the national character og them throughout history. No shame in that.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

I have been called more things in the last 3 months then I have my entire life. Now I am being called a fraud. It is also stated that I am praising Jimbo. Please show me where I have "praised" anybody. Also, my bread has not been buttered nor have I changed my mind about any "issues' on anything. You can knock my people all you want Anon. We know who we are and I happen to be very proud of my heritage. I have found it in my best interest not to post anything about my situation on line at the present time. Surely anybody out there that was in my boot's would feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

Didn't a zombie state that Bakker boat was a little boat not to worry about? If so why is knumbnuts getting his USCG certification?

Anonymous said...

Joe C. - when you play in the pigpen, you're bound to get dirty.

Anonymous said...

Just a safety course, that kind of certification. He's the Skipper to Bakker's Gilligan. You go out on the lake, even a pond, with that guy at the helm, you're putting your life in his hands, no thank you. Add Kevin to the equation and it's like the "Three Stooges" on the high seas!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Joe C. is just getting the hell out of Bakker's backyard and I don't blame him. I'd puke everyday if I had to see Bakker building another theme park next my property. Joe C. is not Fat Zach and he's not in a dirty deal with the frog.

Craig said...

The seat cushions on my my boat are USCG approved too. I guess one of them could be Jim's left hand man since we know jim is a switch hitter

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Catching up with Jim's vomit-fest tv show of the junkman part 2. What is this all about? Really stupid show. Kevin, for god's sake start memorizing the words for your songs and get you butt out of the swivel chair. Reading lyrics from a sheet of paper is totally wrong Kevin and looks cheap! At one point as Kevin grunted out a song the camera swung to the band and caught the band's singer sticking out her tongue when she was supposed to be fake singing. LOL LOL

Anonymous said...

To 3:30, Your comment can be taken a number of ways. Are you a zombie?

Kelsey said...

Is the 70,000+ visitor counter on the main page unique visitors or page views?

Anonymous said...

Duh, Kelsey... try refreshing your screen and see.

Kool-Aid Kid said...


Duh, Zombie alert!

Joe C's Press Agent said...

Joe C.,

I am working more hours to counter these negative comments. That is why I needed a raise. They are now thinking you are Zach. Now we both know that will be bad for your reputation!

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

Yes, a zombie came on here, after it was discovered that the church bought the 23 foot boat, and they said not to worry about it cause it was only a rowboat! LOL!

Grandma is feisty. said...

To Press Agent, Don't let Joe C. lowball you. After the Bakker deal I'm sure he's loaded and can afford to increase your fee by at least 10%. Expect to see him on the Morningside Yacht this Spring......incognito. Good name for the yacht would be "Praise the Lord II".

Tanya said...

Re: Zach and the tuition
Ah, Brother D! Thanks for correcting my imperfect memory. I hedged my bets with "one of the only" - I was sort of sure it was you who posted originally, and mostly sure you said "THE only," but wasn't 100% sure. So I was a bit vague, didn't want to misquote anyone.

Craig said...

Hmm. Why is Joe getting grief? My thought is that the zombies hate to think of their money going to buy his property. Relax zombies, jim spends your money in much worse ways.

Anonymous said...

Man... Some real wackos on here.

Tanya said...

Who is the "real" Zach? The first time I saw the GenerationNOW You Tube channel discussed on Jim's show, Zach said the "real him" is the idiot seen in the videos - the "Bossman," demanding water and creepily side-glancing at the woman who handed it to him, the Chunky Diva storming around Morningside demanding that other people do the manual labour of taking cameras out of a truck... one quick edit later we get Zach saying no, no, the Zach in the videos is a character, improv, a way to reach the young people on their level. I'm going to go with the first answer - which seems to be supported by another commenter - Zach is a spoiled man-child and stashing him at Morningside is probably a good deal for his parents.

@ Wait and see: you don't find anything fishy about Bakker's claims that he is out of money, yet he then very quickly buys expensive video cameras? How about his Jim Bakker cereal and the possibly upcoming Jim Bakker peanut butter and ginger ale? That seems a bit more like marketing and a lot less like ministry. If nothing else, at least look at the "school" Bakker is running. No course descriptions, you can enter at any time of the year, no fixed end date, writings from former students that show appallingly poor grammar (i.e., students aren't being taught how to communicate in the business world), poor output from the current students (meaning poor quality of videos), and so far not one answer to Brother D's question: name one student who has gotten employment in the field.

Its nice to see your comment, I'm just not sure what you are waiting for.

Craig said...

Tanya. Zombies don't answer questions. Wait and see was baiting us. He or she doesn't think jim will get arrested or have to account for anything he has done.

Buckets R Us said...

Anonymous said...
Well, well, well... It looks like miss sasha has her own YouTube account(I think its impulsivesasha or something similar).March 5, 2012 5:56 AM

Yes I saw the same thing...She is also on a few other obscure social networks...and yes as of a few days ago she used the same name (impulsivesasha) in one of her posts from the compound...

Buckets R Us said...

Anonymous @ March 5, 2012 5:56 AM

Just watched the 3/5 show and while JB was talking about the only commission having a choir Sasha chimes in saying "With White People"...way too funny...

Tanya said...

5:56am found a gem - Sasha does have a YouTube channel, it is called "impulsivesasha," and although I could not stomach more than a few minutes of a couple of videos, here are some highlights:

You can see various students dancing/shaking in a dark room with glow sticks (the caption said it was on their lunch break).

You can also see Sasha in a photocopier room with some fellow-students, Sasha said "I was assigned to watch papers come out of the copy machine." That must be the academic element to the school. When Brandon came into the room, Sasha referred to him as the "token black student."

The fact that these students think its a good idea to post these videos is mind-boggling. Not just their personal videos, I'm including the generationNow videos - for a dose of the ridiculous you could check out Zach's 'dramatic reading of Hosea.'

Tanya said...

Craig: I'm hoping for some accountability in Bakker's near future - you're right, some posters don't appear to think that will ever happen.

Anonymous said...

On tonights show, Jim was trying to prove one of his points by throwing his arms crazily in the air. He then said something like "hope nobody out there takes a picture of this". This is my solid evidence that jim/morningside cult visits this site.

Kool-Aid Kid said...


The frog is painfully aware that he is under scrutiny here on Ron's and other blogs. No doubt about it. I'd say watch for more comments like that on his tv barf-fest in the near future.

Buckets R Us said...

Also at the end of last night's show (3/5) JB says "Thank you Mr. Crawford for keeping morningside alive". Wonder if he was referring to Joe C.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Dropped in on Kevin Shorey's site and found that he's a bit slow on updates ... he's still trying to sell Valentine gifts. What caught my eye was this statement.

"The eight solo albums Kevin has recorded feature many of the songs he has written. Several of the songs from Kevin's recordings have been featured as singles on the Christian radio Top-40 list."

mmmm, Top-40 list eh? Okay so I looked him up on under the heading of Christian songs but no results found for you Kevin.

Then I thought I would try which claims to be celebrating four decades of great Christian music. No results found for Kevin again.

Kevin you won't be pulling my leg would you? Help me out here.

Tanya said...

Uh-oh, so Kevin has not only learned to sell crap, he's learning to lie? There was hope for a brief moment when he disappeared from Jim's show, but I guess Kevin is turning more fully to the Dark Side.

Kelsey said...

So! Rick Joyner's Ministry owns the defunct Heritage USA?

He's trying to build, with a major project of renovating a 21 story building into a retirement community... why bother when the world's coming to an end??

Built by former televangelist and PTL founder Jim Bakker as part of the Christian vacation destination Heritage USA, located off U.S. 21 near the state line, the project unraveled in the late 1980s after Bakker left amid a scandal.
Since 2004, MorningStar, which runs a church, camps, schools and a conference center, has been restoring the buildings on the site, but the tower has sat untouched. When the county wanted to demolish it in 2007, MorningStar offered a plan to renovate it. The county approved the plan, but set deadlines for the ministry to show finances and the ability to finish the tower - or face demolishing it. Those deadlines have passed, county leaders maintain.
On Monday night, MorningStar leaders blamed the county for sabotaging its plans and driving away financial backers when it announced the ministry had defaulted on the agreement.
Rick Joyner, MorningStar chief executive officer and spiritual leader, said the ministry isn't responsible for a "single day of delay" on the project. Last week he threatened to sue if county leaders reject the ministry's plan.
Joyner said Monday they need to restore their trust in one another: "We've got what it takes to get this job done, but we can't do it if we're at war," he said.
County Manager Jim Baker said after the meeting that ministry leaders left out many facts of their dispute, including the county's repeated requests for proof of financing and willingness to give the ministry more time.
Ministry leaders said they have $700,000 in a bank account set aside for the immediate renovations but asked council members not to make financial statements public.
After the meeting, Joyner said that "short of the world collapsing," the ministry will see the project through.
On whether anything could deter finding financing for the tower, Joyner said, "We've got fallbacks. We've got friends who could write a check" out of their personal accounts if necessary, adding that they're trying to build a ministry, not a private business.
After the meeting, Councilman David Bowman of Fort Mill said he needs to review the proposal again. The county has until March 19 to decide whether to accept it.
Bowman was hoping to see more details, including photos and renderings, and was disappointed that ministry leaders spent most of their time "telling us how bad we are" then asking for trust, he said. He called the group's accusations against the county "completely unfounded."
Some neighbors of the tower asked the council to consider how much time the county has given the ministry and questioned whether the ministry could be trusted.
"In this case where there's nothing concrete, you've got to judge the future by the past," Dan Ritchie said after the meeting.
About three dozen people came out in support of the ministry. Richard Osgood had a deposit on a tower residence and worried he'd never see it finished when he and his wife learned about the renovated condos in the nearby hotel and moved in.
Seeing the tower complete "means a lot to our outreach around the world," he said.
It will provide a "training area where people can do what they would like to do for the Lord," he said.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has donated to this Ministry can use the boat. Let's get that right out in the open, anyone who donates in the future can use the boat also.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon Zombie @ 936am

The only thing that is out in the open is that the Frog is once again involved in deception.

Wait and See said...

To Craig: No sir, I'm not trying to "bait" anyone.

Ron said...

Hi Kelsey, the for some reason blogger likes to speak in page views instead of visitors. Yes, those are page views. My guess is that actual visitors are between 1/3 to 1/2 of that number. I have some metrics available but they're not a complete data set so it's all a guess.

Haha Joe C, hang in there dude! Hey just take some of the grief you get in stride, you gotta admit some of the comments are funny. Maybe down the road somewhere you'll be able to disclose some info, but if you gotta be mum on it I understand. Put a whoopiee cushion on Bakker's seat if you get a chance!

I'm currently working a post that is turning out real nice, but it's still at least a week out. Have a lot of other stuff going on that takes me away from my true calling ;)

Grandma Maxine said...

Joe C. - when you play in the pigpen, you're bound to get dirty. Why dont you disclose what was discussed during the meeting???

I've heard it all now-today on Jim Orson Bakkers show he said that little Ricky was a brown rapper and he prophesized that he would be a rap star!!

The Morningside phone number is 417-779-9000 so lets all bombard them with calls letting them know how we feel about what Jim is doing at the compound!!

Fan Man//not spam said...

Grandma Maxine..... You're the number 1 poster and most respected on this site as far as I'm concerned. You tell it like it is and I love your "take no prisoners" "lead, follow or get outta da way" modus operandi. Keep up the kick butt work!!!1!! Maxine forever...Bakker never!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma Maxine said...

Thank you Fan Man and you're correct I call it like I see it and dont BS. I still say Joe C. is a phony baloney and everyone here needs to call the compound at the above number and express their feelings!

Anonymous said...

I think maybe the Pastor intimidated Joe C. I don't know for a fact but the Pastor can be pretty hard boiled. I don't mean to say he scared Joe C. only he knows that, just that he impressed Joe. I don't think Joe is a phony though. Just cautious.

Anonymous said...

Now Joe C. has to move because everyone know he is a big Pussy. Left his balls at the gate of Morningside and went home to needlepoint with mama.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that calls Bakker "Pastor" is a zombie. So obvious from your comments that it is true in your case. Bakker does have power but only over morons and hillbillys.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

If Joe C. left his balls at the gate of the compound you can bet big time that Jim Bakker raced out and grabbed them because he was never born with a pair. Probably will have Fat Zach sew them on.

Missionary said...

We need a boat, as an Evangelical movement to spread the word of the Gospel to the islands. It's what Evangelicals do. Spread the Gospel and Message and get converts to the flock.

Craig said...

@wait and see. Sorry to accuse of being a zombie if you aren't. What evidence are you seeking to convince you that jim and the zombies need to be stopped? Please be specific and I am sure someone here can provide you truthful answers.

Tanya said...

@wait and see - in addition to what Craig suggested, you could also address my response to you @5:52pm (about the money shortage claim, the marketing, and the school).

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Hey, anybody see a set of balls laying around? I seem to of lost mine.

Craig said...

@missionary. Lol. Those heathens on the isles of Tabelrock need some witnessing.

Craig said...

Lol. It looked like your typing was a little higher pitched. Wow, jim is really a man looking to get balls, who whoulda thunk?

Tanya said...

Jim's upping the ante now - if someone would only help him (i.e., send him money) in the next 60 days he can buy Morningside. These numbers he comes out with slay me - 30 days, 60 days, I can't see any rhyme or reason to it. And, the Master's Media Choir - which as we've already talked about is no such thing, it is a preexisting choir that Jim wedged some of his students into - is going to be the greatest gospel choir of all time.

I will say this though - the students must be learning a little something about editing and composing shots. Jim went on for a bit about prioritizing healthy eating so we are ready for the End Days and don't die early... the students kept the overweight Preacher-Boy out of the shot while that was going on. That was a good choice. (and one tiny note: growing a beard around the edge of your face does not actually make you look any thinner).

Kelsey said...

I only caught about 15 minutes of the show last night, but it was a winner.

Jim said they are going to buy all of the hills around Morningside and build an enormous amphitheater to hold thousands so that everyone can travel there to hear the prophets speak. Run, Joe, run!!

He also went through all the terrible things his family went through as a result of his imprisonment. He calls it the time "when the world collapsed'. He's sniveling and not crying while he's talking about Tammy Sue and Jamie. He said "they" auctioned off all of Jamie's toys - so don't blame him for his mistakes because he's had a hard life.

I can see why all the folks are convinced he's a changed man, because this was the most sincere I had seen him, and I'm sure in person he's very compelling. The only thing he left out was taking ANY responsibility for the devastation he caused his own family. He's still spinning it all as a set-up.

So which one is it - are you a repentant sinner that found God in prison? Are you a persecuted prophet of God that Satan tried to destroy with other people's lies?? It can be one or the other, but it can't be both.

I wish I could have seen the whole show, because my feeling is that Jim was responding directly to some of the conversations that happen in the comments section of this blog.

USA Today 3-7-12 said...

Moldova votes to legalize chemical castration

CHISINAU, Moldova (AP) – Foreigners convicted of sexually abusing children in Moldova will be mandatorily castrated, according to new legislation introduced Tuesday.

Parliament approved the law by a majority after lawmakers said the impoverished nation was attracting pedophiles from the West. It will become effective July 1.

The new law states foreign and Moldovan nationals found guilty of pedophilia will be chemically castrated, while courts will rule separately on those found guilty of rape.

The move was immediately criticized by the Council of Europe, the pan-European human rights group, which said chemical castration should involve consent, and offenders should be properly informed about procedure while the law should have been preceded by a public debate.

Valeriu Munteanu, a Moldovan Liberal Party lawmaker,
said the measure was necessary after public outrage over several cases involving U.S. and West European nationals.

"The Republic of Moldova has been transformed in recent years into 'a tourist destination' for Western pedophiles and there have been cases where rapists have repeatedly offended even after they served prison time," said Munteanu, opening the debate.

The measure has broad support in Moldova, one of Europe's poorest nations, where many believe that the country has an international reputation as a top destination for sex tourists.

There have been nine convictions for child sex offenses in the country in the past two years — five of which were of foreigners from Western Europe. Child sex offenders risk prison sentences of up to 20 years and in some cases life sentences.

Chemical castration involves the administration of testosterone-suppressing hormones every three months, which are intended to curb sexual drive and male fertility.

The new legislation follows similar developments in other countries, which have been moving ahead with laws allowing mandatory chemical castration for sex offenders.

The Czech republic has mandatory chemical castration for some offenders, a matter which is decided by the courts, and Poland legalized the procedure in 2009 for offenders who rape minors or close relatives.

Russian lawmakers in October gave first-round approval to a bill that would impose chemical castration on repeat sex offenders in apparent reaction to a string of highly publicized pedophile scandals.

The Council for Europe in February called on Germany to do away with the practice of surgical castration, calling the procedure degrading to convicted criminals. In a report released in Strasbourg, France, the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture acknowledged that the German procedure is voluntary and carried out only under extremely well-controlled circumstances. The committee also criticized the Czech Republic in 2009 for its use of surgical castration.

A spokesman for the committee on Tuesday called for "safeguards" against the potential arbitrary use of the procedure so that it would only be used with the agreement and full understanding of the offender.

"There should be free and informed consent before the commencement of treatment," said Johan Friestedt in a telephone call to The Associated Press. "There is a tendency to adopt such laws without much public debate."

Elsewhere, in Britain, Denmark and Sweden sex offenders are offered chemical castration drugs on a voluntary basis. In the United States, several states have laws allowing chemical castration.

In Turkey a draft proposed last year by legislators from the conservative, Islamic-rooted ruling party for the chemical castration of pedophiles and rapists received little support and has since been shelved.

In France, a bill brought before France's National Assembly, the lower house of parliament, proposing making chemical castration mandatory for those convicted of raping minors younger than 15 failed to pass a constitutional committee, and was dropped.

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

The last Heritage USA Amphitheatre he built with scammed money sure looks nice, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

You people are incredible.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Amazing to watch the frog use his grandchild James a tool to rob bank accounts on the March 6th tv barf-fest. James is the perfect "Mini-Me" for Jim and the only thing the clone needs is to start wearing ugly black rimmed glasses.

Kelsey said...

To Anonymous @7:49am:

I'm assuming you live at Morningside and hear a lot more preaching from Jim than we do over the television. What is your perspective? Do you think Jim did some illegal and immoral things, went to prison, and is now a changed man? Or do you think it was a set-up to get him out of PTL?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

An obvious question comes to mind when you hear old man Bakker talk with the dreams of a young man. The question is, who is going to maintain these projects like Lori's House, The Farm Factory, The Fake School, Rock Of Ages Park, Morningside condos, ect. if Bakker were to die in a year or two? Lori? Fat chance. The weeds would take over once again.

Kelsey said...

I don't think Bakker is trying to buy Morningside from Jerry Crawford. In an article I read recently, Bakker's buddy Rick Joyner owns the now defunct Heritage. Joyner is trying to rebuild, but the county is rejecting their proposals because they don't have the financing to back up the proposed remodel. Joyner is quoted in the article as saying they "have friends that would write a check out of their own pockets." I believe one of those friends in Jim Bakker. He's probably trying to raise some funds to back Joyner, because a newly remodeled Heritage would lend Morningside more credibility, and then these two false prophets could use each other to swindle people en mass.

Pilgrim's Progress said...

The good Pastor has helped lots and lots of people during the decades. It's funny you only bring up the issues about folks losing investment money. What about the people who made money? I'll bet you lots of investors who were smart enough to see the potential of the former PTL and Heritage at it's grassroots level and invested money "at the right time", made out fine, not only Mr Joyner and Mr Chapman but hundreds of others that we never here about. "You gave them eyes, but still they cannot see".

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