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Sunday, May 20, 2012

An Interview with Foodbucket Fanpage blogger Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson is on a mission from God. The Colorado-based blogger's wicked satire covers the ongoing misadventures of televangelist Jim Bakker. Yes, that Jim Bakker, the man who once ruled the Christian television world through PTL and Heritage USA before spectacularly imploding in front of an international television audience. Jim Bakker was charged and ultimately served time in federal prison on multiple counts of mail and wire fraud, including a single count of conspiracy. He claims to be a changed man. According to Ron Johnson, he isn't.

Ron Johnson's blog makes for fascinating and often-times hysterical reading. I reached out to him through his blog, to see if he would agree to an interview with me. After multiple verifications of my identity, he agreed to meet me at a busy Starbucks in Boulder. He arrives early, wide-eyed and jumpy, with an awkward swagger about him. His brow is heavily furrowed, yet his eyes are warm and he wears a nervous smile. We greet each other, he shakes my hand, and I'm immediately hit with the sense that this Ron Johnson, the person receiving so much hate from his underground blog, is just a normal chap. I like him already.

[Stone] Thank you for taking the time to sit down with us Ron.
[RJ] Hey no problem dude. I'm honored.

[Stone] Honored?
[RJ] Sure. Who would ever think I'd be interviewed for making fun of some obscure televangelist and his tv show? Certainly not me.

[Stone] Are you surprised?
[RJ] [laughs] Very.

[Stone] You seem a little nervous?
[RJ] [laughs] I'm a nervous guy. Well, not nervous, but fidgety. It's hard for me to sit still because my mind is always running.

[Stone] Alright, so tell us a little bit about yourself.
[RJ] Well, there's not much to say really. I'm a pretty boring guy. I work a lot and I watch a lot of tv.

[Stone] By a lot of tv, do you mean The Jim Bakker Show?
[RJ] Actually, no. I only watch Jim Bakker when I'm gearing up for a blog post.

[Stone] [surprised] Really?
[RJ] Yeah. When I first started this thing, I would watch him pretty regularly to find out what kind of shady stuff he was up to. Now, I just don't have the time. When I'm writing, it's an all-consuming thing. I have to lay off a lot nowadays, otherwise I'd never sleep. My mind is very active when I'm writing.

[Stone] So describe your blog to me.
[RJ] Well, my blog began as just a hobby. I had watched Bakker during the preceding years [of the blog], and was just completely disgusted with him. So I thought, what the hell, I'll start writing about him online, giving my opinion on what I see going on.

[Stone] Just like that?
[RJ] Yeah, just like that. I had no idea where I was going with it, I just started writing. I remember one of my first posts, Bakker had this guy named Glen Eschelstein or Eschelman, something like that, he had him on and the guy had a big bleach stain on his jacket. Or maybe it was makeup. Either way, this Eschelman dude is on tv with a big obnoxious mark on his jacket and I thought it was funny, so I mentioned it.

[Stone] I remember that post, and I remember the stain. I think it was makeup.
[RJ] [laughs] You'd think someone would have caught that and fixed it before showtime, right?

F-B: Hairless Ape, Waterhead, Morningside Strangler
Directly over the Hairless Ape's shoulder is another person who makes me suspicious; I suspect that Jim may have actually hired a waterhead for piano duties. I know waterhead is not a nice word, but I first heard it from Jim's own mouth when he used it to describe a retarded person. And I think that's what I'm seeing wearing a blue vest and pounding away on the Morningside piano right now. Maybe Slick Jim reversed the musician payment deal on him, telling him that instead of being paid to play on the show, he has to pay Jim to play. However it happened, somehow, some way, he's there.

I don't know where in the hell the old piano player Chubbs went. The band is probably wondering the same thing. That is, except for Guitarist Joey. As discussed a few times over the past year, I suspect the smooth-handed Joey may be moonlighting as the Morningside Strangler, luring people into his van to check out 8-tracks, then giving his smooth hands a workout. I don't think Joey's wondering about Chubbs:

Guitarist Joey: "Ain't nobody seeing Chubbs again."
[Drummer] "Hey Joey, you seen Chubbertini around lately?"
[Guitarist Joey] [dismissive tone] "Nah, I ain't seen him."
[Pops the Bass Player] "Say, wasn't he going to help you install a tape deck in your van last weekend?"
[Joey] [gruffly] "He didn't show up."
[Pops] [innocently] "Didn't show up? That's strange. it's not like Chubbs to not meet his appointments. Say, you don't have his number lying around do ya? Maybe you can call him up?"
[Joey] [eyes lower threateningly] "No pops, I don't have his number lying around."
[Pops] "Joey, calm down will ya? I just wanna find out where he is, maybe ask around a bit to see if anyone's seen him."
[Joey] [smirking] "Ain't nobody seeing him, pops."

And now this new, defenseless piano player has been dropped in there with Joey, defenseless as a feed mouse in a snake tank. Will the Morningside Strangler strike again?

[Stone] [laughs] Now, I've noticed that your writing style seemed to change from those early posts. Would you agree?
[RJ] Oh yeah, for sure. I started out just sort of summarizing the show, giving my opinion of what I saw, drawing conclusions based on my observations, that sort of thing. Then at some point, probably around July or so, I started giving a narrative instead. The posts got longer, and in my opinion funnier, as I started writing what I thought real-time as opposed to having to go back in my mind and recall events to summarize the show.

[Stone] You seem to have gotten more comedic too.
[RJ] Well, I think it's always been satire. I'm not a professional comedian and I'm not an English major, so it's not that I planned to make it satire. It just is, that's the way I write naturally I guess. Frankly, it's the way I see the world.

[Stone] [laughing] Must be an interesting world?
[RJ] [laughing] Oh, if you only knew. It's like, anytime I engage my critical eye, which is frequently, I can't help but think of stuff which makes me chuckle. This applies to myself too by the way, my sense of humor includes self-deprecation, and if someone makes a joke about me, I laugh. If it's funny, of course.

[Stone] So your blog was always satire, but you just changed the way you approached writing? Is that correct?
[RJ] Exactly. I went from memory recall for summary, to real-time thought for narrative, if that's the correct word. I started watching the show and writing real-time as I watched. That's why my posts grew so large over time. It's not on purpose, it's just the nature of the beast.

[Stone] How do you want people to approach your blog?
[RJ] What do you mean?

[Stone] I mean, should people read it for humor, read it as an expose, or something else?
[RJ] I would say that people should read it for humor and for my commentary, but with a critical eye. I express my opinion about Jim Bakker and his guests, sometimes fiercely, but I could always be wrong. That's the nature of opinion, it's not fact and it can be debated. If I'm wrong about something, I'm more than happy to change my views. But you gotta show me where I'm wrong. I'm watching a television show and making jokes, giving my opinion on what I see, and drawing conclusions based on my observations. I think that is abundantly clear to my audience. If it isn't, then you shouldn't be reading it, and you probably shouldn't be handling knives or other sharp objects either.

Did Jim just return from Florida?
[Stone] So what you're saying is that when you say Jim and Lori are heading down to Florida to their plastic surgeon, that shouldn't be taken as fact?
[RJ] [laughing] How the fuck would I even know that? What I do know is that Jim and Lori look remarkable for their age, though please don't confuse 'remarkable' for 'beautiful'. Jim himself had his skin pulled back tight like a snare drum on the show once, there's a picture of it in one my posts. That shit was so tight his ears wiggled when he smiled. And every few months Lori shows up on the show with duck lips or wearing a hat. Indoors, by the way. She's wearing a hat indoors, which makes no sense and in some circles is considered rude unless you're bald. Lori is obviously not bald, so why would she suddenly show up wearing a hat on the show? To me, that means they're getting plastic surgery or botox. And when I think plastic surgery, I think Florida.

I know Lori has gone to Florida a few times because she's mentioned it on the show. So I connect the dots to impart my opinion in a funny way, within the context of whichever blog post it shows up in. So no, I don't know for sure that they go to Florida for 2-for-1 plastic surgery trips. Do I think they do? Yeah. I think them going to Florida for plastic surgery is more likely than them visiting some cross-eyed Ozark plastic surgeon who's going to fuck up their faces. Oh wait...[laughs]

[Stone] So it sounds li...
[RJ] [interrupting] Let me say something else to this effect too. I don't lie and I don't mislead, it's not in my character. I write what I think and I try and make it funny for readers. Yes, I feel an obligation to expose Jim Bakker and his buddies for what I feel is very suspicious behavior down in ZombieLand. But I don't need to lie to do that. The fair way to do this is to do exactly what I do: Express opinion through satire and commentary. Lying is, frankly, not an option for me. If anyone feels I've lied, just let me know what it is and why it's a lie. If I believe you, or if you show me evidence which corrects me, I would correct myself. The draw of my blog, I think, is that people can see that I'm not making shit up in the way I express my views. For all the jokes, there is also that seed of truth which I provide. I don't mean truth as in this part is true and this part is false. I mean truth as in, my readers are seeing the same thing I'm seeing. I had a comment once that said something to that effect, that I am able to put their thoughts into words for them to read. I don't know if that makes sense or not?

[Stone] Sounds like you take truth seriously?
[RJ] Absolutely I do. Everyone deserves a fair shot. Truth is fair. Lies are not.

[Stone] Do you have any proof-reading or editor or something, like a relative or friend to check your work before you're done with it?
[RJ] Nope, it's just me. I don't let anyone see my work before I'm done with it. It's all rough draft until that last second when I hit 'post'. The only thing worse than seeing my jokes out of context are seeing them unfinished. I consider myself an artist in a sense, and I don't want people seeing stuff that's incomplete.

[Stone] An artist eh? Do you paint?
[RJ] [laughing] I can't draw for shit. I guess what I mean is that...umm... I've found out through writing this blog that I'm actually a pretty creative person. I don't physically paint things, but I think I sort of paint mental pictures for people, and take them down a fun little road in their minds while they're reading. Let's face it, The Jim Bakker Show is atrocious to watch for a variety of different reasons. But I make it fun for people. I've even seen some people leave comments which sort of copy my flavor and style. I love it! That brings pleasure to people. Maybe it doesn't bring it to Jim and his buddies, but that's not my fault. They know what they're doing is wrong, so I really don't give a fuck whether our laughs are at their expense or not. I don't have sympathy for people like that. I'm a real polarized dude.

[Stone] [laughs] know they have medication for that.
[RJ] [laughs] Nah not like that. I mean, I personally feel that I exist on both ends of some sort of emotional spectrum. I am very kind-hearted. I don't like saying that because it's inappropriate to label yourself like that, but what the hell, as I get older I think I'm just going to accept it. I feel a very genuine, innate sense of wanting to help people, to add some kindness to the world. But on the other hand, I feel a powerful sense of justice. I suppose there's some interplay between those two poles. [thinking] I would explain it like this: Those people who are kind and unassuming, just normal people living their lives, when they are hurt by someone who is taking advantage of them in some way, then I have no problem at all with treating the perpetrators like dirt [laughs]. For instance, consider the death penalty. I'm all for it. I'd even support the death penalty for something like armed robbery. [laughing] It's not that simple of course, circumstances are important, but if it's cut and dried, like you took a gun, you terrorized a person, and you stole their money, then I say: Goodbye to you. There are good people on this planet, and you aren't one of them.

[Stone] Let me play devil's advocate then: What about bloggers who make fun of people in Jim Bakker's audience by calling them inbreds and zombies?
[RJ] I don't have sympathy for people who are willfully ignorant. They are perpetuating Jim's behavior and allowing it to spread to others who may be unintentionally ignorant. They are not helping the world, in fact they are detracting from it.

[Stone] But what if they aren't? What if they're just working a job to try and make ends meet?
[RJ] Well, if that is truly the case, then I'm sorry. I don't deny that some people over in ZombieLand might be in that situation. But consider it this way: If you are only working there to support yourself, then I hope you'd understand that any jokes I'd be making in your direction are just that: jokes. If it were me, I'd sort of be honored.

[Stone] Honored at being made fun of?
[RJ] [laughing] Yeah, why not? So I call you fat, or stupid, or cross-eyed? They're words, who cares. I'm not the prettiest guy in the world, I have flaws. And people I know make fun of my physical flaws, shit I make fun of them myself! So what? You're a character in the world I've created, and you're giving people laughs. Is that so bad? Geez dude, go smoke a joint and relax. Don't take yourself so seriously.

[Stone] I'm interested in knowing how long it takes you to construct a blog post. I know some of them extend to multiple pieces, and in reading the know they can get pretty complicated. That must take a lot of time?
[RJ] It takes a shit load of time. Hours upon hours, over multiple days. Keep in mind, it's not just the writing, it's the image capturing too. I probably take about a hundred and twenty pictures for each blog post. Then I choose which ones to use, edit them, and integrate them into the blog. Then I have to caption them. And keep in mind, all the while I'm still re-reading and re-writing the text to make it better.

[Stone] And this isn't your full-time job?
[RJ] [laughing] Nah. For awhile there, it felt like a full-time job though. Every weekend I'd be writing this shit, through the afternoon and sometimes into the night. It became too much man, that's why I started pulling back a little bit.

[Stone] So would you say it was burning you out?
[RJ] Oh yeah, definitely. But the responses I was getting from my readers was worth it. They thought it was hilarious, and I was very proud to know that I could make people laugh while also doing what I felt, and still feel, was a good thing. I was exposing Jim Bakker to the masses.

[Stone] I'm interested in that. Why do you think Jim Bakker needs exposing?
[RJ] Because he's insulting to me.

Jim Bakker insults my intelligence
[Stone] In what way?
[RJ] He's on my television, telling me the world is going to end and that my money will be worthless, yet he's happy to take my money in return for all the junk he sells. That insults me because it assumes that I'm too stupid to see the hypocrisy of it. Add in the fact that this guy already went to prison for fraud, and it's just too much. I had to speak up, to speak the truth as I see it.

[Stone] You sound pissed?
[RJ] [laughing] I'm not pissed, I'm just frustrated. I'm a principled guy, and I know right from wrong. What I see him doing on television is wrong. He's scaring people unnecessarily. You don't do that. I don't care if his people are suckers, or stupid, or whatever. It's not right. Make an honest living, don't be a dickhead who has to stretch the truth and make shit up about hearing from God in order to make money. I like to think I'm above stooping that low simply to make a buck. Money dude, that's what it's all about for him. At least from what I see from his show.

[Stone] But in his defense, doesn't he have to make money in order to sustain being on television?
[RJ] He doesn't have to be on tv.

[Stone] But he's a televangelist?
[RJ] He doesn't have to be a televangelist. He can just be a preacher at a church. Nothing wrong with that. This would be like saying that, as a drug dealer, I have to sell crack to continue being a drug dealer. The solution to the problem, if I'm an honest man, is not to be a drug dealer in the first place. And that's not to say that Jim can't continue to be a televangelist. But if he is one, he needs to do things correctly. Jimmy Swaggart is back on tv, and you know what he's doing? He's preaching sermons, giving legitimate teaching, and selling bibles and cds to keep himself on the air. He ain't selling sleep bands and chintzy jewelry named after his wife.

[Stone] Now see, you sound pissed again.
[RJ] [laughing] Okay, maybe a little bit. But it's borne of frustration. I just want to see people do the right thing, bring some good into the world for a change. Not all this slinking in the shadows, preying on the weak-minded.
Larry Bates is on the witness stand. The tense courtroom is packed with onlookers and media. Ron Johnson sits behind his lawyer's desk, a blue-plumed bird perched protectively on his shoulder. Twelve jurors listen intently as Bates is questioned.

[Defense Attorney] “Mr Bates, can you describe the word 'integrity' to me please?”
[Larry Bates] “Sure. Integrity is being upstanding and moral.”
[Defense Attorney] “How about honesty, Mr Bates? Does integrity include honesty?”
[Larry Bates] “Yeah sure.”
[Defense Attorney] “Sure? How about 'yes' or 'no'?”
[Larry Bates] [slightly ruffled] “Yes, integrity includes being honest.”
[DA] “And being honest means not lying, would you agree Mr Bates?”
[Bates] “Yes, I would agree.”
[DA] “Do you have integrity, Mr Bates?”
[Bates] “Of course I do. What kind of question is that?”
[DA] “Very well. I would like to play you several video clips, Mr Bates. In these clips, you are going to see Jim Bakker on camera. After each clip, I will ask you one question.”
[Bates] [squirms in chair] “Okay.”

Jim Bakker weeping uncontrollably
The courtroom watches as video is played of Jim Bakker, fake-crying while talking about Lori's House fundraising.

[DA] “Did you see that video clearly, Mr Bates?”
[Bates] “Yes.”
[DA] “And do you think Jim Bakker was really crying in that video, or was he faking it?”
Larry Bates appears very uncomfortable in the witness box. A long pause ensues as Larry Bates considers his answer.

[DA] “Cat got your tongue, Mr Bates?”
[Bates] “I would say yes, he is really crying.”
[DA] “Can you repeat your answer, Mr Bates, this time addressing the jury?”

Bates turns nervously towards the jury.

[Bates] “Yes, he is really crying.”
[DA] “Thank you Mr Bates. Now please watch the monitor again as I play another clip for you.”

Tears stream down the face of a sobbing Jim Bakker
A new clip is played of Jim Bakker, this time choking up while talking about road building. A juror laughs. Bates again shifts uncomfortably in the witness box.

[DA] “Do you think Jim Bakker was really crying in that clip, Mr Bates? Or was he faking it?”
[Bates] “Where is this going? What are you getting at?”
[DA] “Answer the question, Mr Bates.”
[Bates] “I'm not answering your question.”
[DA] “Why not, Mr Bates?”
[Bates] [angry] “Because it's a stupid question.”
[DA] [petitioning judge] “Your honor, can you please compel the witness to answer my question?”
[Judge] “Answer the question, Mr Bates.”
[Bates] [turning red] “Yes, he's really crying.”
[DA] “Can you please repeat that to the jury so that they can hear you?”
[Bates] [turns abruptly to jury] “Yes, he's really crying.”

[DA] “Mr Bates, I have one final question, just for clarification purposes. Part of having integrity means not lying, right?”
[Bates] [face has turned bright red] “That's right.”
[DA] “I'm done with this witness, your honor.”

[Stone] Okay so let's move on. You left a comment on your blog a few months ago suggesting that you had another project going on in the background. Were you serious?
[RJ]Right, yeah a few months ago I mentioned that I had something 'bigger' planned. I had this idea that I was going to document myself covering Bakker, sort of create a cheap indie documentary. I know that my personality is a little different than most people, and I thought it might be compelling to see me doing what I do when I sit down to cover Bakker, because it's a lotta shit. But I ended up getting so bogged down in writing and working my real job that it just never happened. I had a whole idea thought out, I think it woulda' been really cool. I'll bet I would have had some of Bakker's numbskulls watching it too. Those people are fucking stupid man [laughs]. I'll bet Jim could physically grab one of those people by the cheeks, look them in the eyes and call them a dumbshit to their face, then turn around and sell them a bible for a hundred bucks. They are that stupid.

[Stone] [laughing] That stupid huh?
[RJ] [laughing] I mean, Jim actually sold these people magic stickers that were supposed to somehow give you more strength. [laughing] Do you know how fucking retarded you have to be to buy something like that? And now I've poked their cage. They're all starting to wander onto the internet and attack me like rabid lemmings. I don't need that in my life man, I got enough to take care of day-to-day in my life to not need to be calling the cops all the time on lunatic stalkers.

[Stone][laughing] You sound a touch serious in how you say that. Are you really concerned about lunatic stalkers?
[RJ] Yeah dude, Bakker's zombies are nuts.

[Stone] I'm going to read off a list of words to you, and I want you to give me the first word that comes to mind. Okay?
[RJ] [laughing] Alright.

[Stone] Lori Bakker.
[RJ] Airhead. [laughs]

[Stone] Foodbucket.
[RJ] Disgusting. [laughs]

Joey: "Wanna check out some 8-tracks in my van?"
[Stone] Guitarist Joey.
[RJ] [laughs loudly] Man I love Joey! He's my favorite character of the whole bunch!

[Stone] Why is that?
[RJ] I don't know, I think it's the Captain Stubing hairdo and the way he plays that axe. He also gets this look on his face sometimes like he's too cool for school, you know?

[Stone] So you don't really think he's a serial killer?
[RJ] [laughing] Nah man, no way. The only thing Joey's killing are guitar notes, and maybe a few hearts of lovelorn ladies. Those are jokes, it's satire. It's funny. In fact, and I mean this sincerely, I hope Guitarist Joey laughs at what I write about him. He looks like a cool guy.

Enjoying yourself in Moldova, Flip?
[Stone] [laughs] Okay, back to the word association. Philip Cameron.
[RJ] I don't think I can come up with a single word that's strong enough to express my feelings about Philip Cameron.

[Stone] What do you mean by that?
[RJ] I can't stand Philip Cameron. I think I've mentioned before in a blog post that I dislike Philip Cameron even more than I dislike Jim Bakker. Cameron is just...I don't see anything even remotely redeeming about that guy. At least Bakker is capable of being likable. Cameron doesn't even have that.

[Stone] Yes I've read your posts about him. They're pretty brutal.
[RJ] Right. I don't like him at all. I'd love to do a whole satirical blog on him in particular, but apparently the fat fuck likes to hide in Moldova a lot with his orphaned girls and boys so we don't see him that much. Ugh.

[Stone] Moving on. Jim Bakker.
[RJ] [thinking] Intelligent.

[Stone] Intelligent huh?
[RJ] Yeah, Bakker is a smart guy. Look at how successful he is at making a living, and how he makes that living? That doesn't mean he's a good guy, or that he should be lauded for it, but he certainly knows how to ring the dinner bell for inbreds.

[Stone] How do you think he does it?
[RJ] I don't know man, but he does it. I've always felt that he's successful because he has that 'aww-shucks' demeanor that everyone trusts. It's hard to believe that a guy that looks like a kindly old frog would be lying to you about receiving special prophecy from God, then use that as a means to take your money. But he does it, at least in my opinion he does. I don't know how anyone of sound mind could think otherwise after watching his show a couple times. It's pretty blatant.

[Stone] Is there redemption for Jim Bakker, in your eyes?
[RJ] You mean personally, with me?

[Stone] Yes.
[RJ] Of course there is. Everyone can redeem themselves in my view. I'm a fair guy, in fact that's something I pride myself in. If someone told me that I wasn't being fair it would be like an alarm going off in my head, and my thoughts would come to a screeching halt. For Bakker, if he folded up shop tomorrow and admitted that he's been wrong these past few years, then I'd be done. In fact, I would applaud him for it...publicly. People can change if they want to, and that change can be startling. I know, because I changed. So if Jim Bakker changed his tune, I would support him for that.

[Stone] So you would actually lend your support to Jim Bakker if he changed tomorrow?
[RJ] Sorry man, I know I'm being a little unclear here. My thoughts come very quickly so sometimes I figure them out while I'm speaking. Support isn't the right word here so let me clarify. [thinking] If Jim Bakker stopped running Salesville tomorrow, I would give him praise for it because he would deserve praise. I don't think I'd ever fully support him or stake my reputation on him, that seems fairly impossible to me. There are very, very few people who I mix my name with. [laughing]

[Stone] Like?
[RJ] The only person I can think of right now is my wife [laughing]. I wouldn't even put my reputation on the line for some of my family. Everyone has to prove themselves to me before I stake my reputation, and let me tell you...that takes a long time.

[Stone] I just have one more on this to follow up. So you don't hold grudges?
[RJ] I wouldn't say that I don't hold grudges. I think it's more accurate to say that any grudges I hold are temporary in nature. I am always open to changing my mind.

[Stone] So outside of the Foodbucket Fanpage, have you considered other topics to write about?
[RJ] Actually yeah, there's a few different things I'm interested in doing.

[Stone] Would you care to enlighten us or are you keeping them private?
[RJ] Well, what I do with Bakker could translate very well to politicians or other people who I consider to be shysters. I absolutely can't stomach politicians. They're all liars looking out for their own self-interests. I'd love to cover political debates or something like that, or maybe just pick whichever politician is the sleaziest and cover them, solely. The problem, unfortunately, is that the creative process for me comes very slowly. I could cover a political debate with satire, with nobody getting out unscathed, but I can't churn it out in a timely fashion.

[Stone] People want stuff quickly, you're saying?
[RJ] Right. Reading about a debate from a month ago, something that's already happened, I think people may just sort of move on and not care. But I could be wrong on that. Maybe people would be interested, maybe the timeliness of it isn't important when people are looking for laughs at the expense of disgusting people. I wouldn't know until I try, I suppose.

[Stone] I'd read it, sign me up!
[RJ] [laughs] Yeah, well, it takes time that I don't have much of anymore. You know what though? All these shitheads who can't stand me because I make fun of Jim Bakker and expose him, I'll bet you they'd love me if I went after a politician they didn't like. They'd be telling me I'm the best and go get 'em, that sort of thing. I really believe that. Superficial people man, they're really strange. Insult their God [Jim Bakker] and their vicious. [laughing]

[Stone] Other ideas?
[RJ] [laughing] Actually, yeah there are a few other ideas floating around. I'm a big mixed martial arts fan and I've thought about maybe covering the UFC and other organizations in a comedic way. Not in the sense of putting it down, because I love it. It would be more like, creating characters out of the fighters and sort of covering different fights while pointing out the humorous things I see while I'm watching. The ref's haircut. People in the crowd on their cell phones. Fighter gear malfunctions, stuff like that. That one might be a long shot, but it's something.

[Stone] So what about the...
[RJ] [interrupts] You know what I really wanted to do but I had no time? I wanted to cover the funeral of Kim Jong-Il. Did you see that thing?

[Stone] Yes I do, we actually covered it on an article.
[RJ] Yeah well, nobody would have covered it like me. That thing went on for hours and hours, with the soldiers freezing their balls off on the side of the road and everyone beating their chests in feigned sadness. I actually served in Korea when I was in the Army, so those wacky North Koreans always interest me. I only caught about an hour of the funeral, but I'm telling you, I could have made that thing hilarious. Oh man, that's really the one that got away.

[Stone] I'm sorry you missed it.
[RJ] Oh believe me, I'm sorry too.

[Stone] So what's up with the Foodbucket Fanpage? I notice that you're speaking about it in the past tense?
[RJ] For the past few months, I've been thinking of ending it. That's why the time between my posts started getting so stretched out. I think the time has come now. I just don't have the time or desire anymore, and I think I've said all that needs to be said. If my heart isn't into it, then I'm going to start writing things that aren't my best work. I'm not cool with that. It's either the best from me or nothing at all.

[Stone] So you're admitting defeat?
[RJ] [laughs] Call it what you want. I've poured a lot of time and energy into it, and I'm happy with what I've done and accomplished. I've brought a lot of enjoyment to people, brought a lot of critical attention to Jim Bakker, and I think my readers will remember Ron Johnson and the fact that I fought the good fight. I'm honestly sad to say goodbye to my readers, but I have my own life to live. At some point, you have to finish the chapter and start a new one. At the height of my writing, I was spending entire weekends hacking away on my keyboard. I would drive to work reviewing lines in my head, coming up with better ways to write things. My wife would speak to me at home, but all I'd hear was my inner monologue as I focused on my latest blog post. My wife never once complained, but now I'm complaining. I'm tired of writing about Bakker, I've been tired of it for a few months now.

I'm ready to do something different, and I've already started laying the groundwork for the next chapter of my life. We're new to Colorado, and it's beautiful here dude. Lots of natural stuff to see, shit that I like. I'm actually going to take a layoff from my job pretty soon and go back to school to study the earth sciences. And I suppose Jim Bakker is going to continue doing what he does. Oh well, I've done all I can. Either good will triumph here, or it won't.

[Stone] So the Foodbucket Fanpage is done then?
[RJ] Yeah, I'm done.

Thank you to all my readers.
Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” Mark Twain


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Ron said...

Thanks to all my readers, but it's time for me to move on.

I'll be changing the comments to require a profile with Google or Blogger. Sorry about that, but it's the only way I can ensure fair commenting since I won't be monitoring the comments any longer.

I can be contacted at the following email:

However, I won't be monitoring that email very often, and at least for the next couple months, I'll be out of the country on vacation and won't be checking email.

Thank you again for your readership. Take care.


Craig said...

Good job Ron. Have a wonderful rest of your life. Thanks for the laughs and this blog. I too think it had done its job. Other media have taken notice. Good bye.

Susan said...

You deserve a life. I can see that the Food Bucket could become all consuming. You will be missed. I will never look at Flip Cameron the same way again. I will think of you whenever he slithers on to the show. Don't hold your breathe, though, as Jimbo is too busy raising money for his own projects to have Flip on who would undoubtedly want a garuntee of a sizable chunk of change. I just don't see Jimbo playin' nice and sharing these days. Be well.

Jessica said...

Thanks Ron for all the hours you have put into telling your story in such an entertaining and laugh out loud funny way. I feel sad but I know all good things come to an end and timing is everything.

I have really enjoyed the chats with all the poster friends that gave of themselves to make this blog what it is. I plan to still post and will it make a difference? Who knows? No one can silence my tongue not even the zombies that have tried so hard.

Cheers Ron and I hope you will check in from time to time. I know you will be out of the country this summer, but keep in touch. We all have become friends even though none of us know each other. Strange how it works but nice just the same.

SusanD said...

thanks for all your laughs, and honesty. I know it took a lot of time away from you family to write this blog!

No Nonsense Norski said...

Totally understand.

Thanks so much for everything.

We'll miss you, Ron.

Happy Trails and Safe Travels.

...."Both Hands On The Wheel !"

Buddy's Buddy said...

Thank you, Ron.

Anonymous said...

What about JoeC? Does this mean Bakker has won? Maybe KaK can take over this site.

Anonymous said...

I'm surely going to miss this blog, Ron. I appreciate people who stand up for what they believe. But I also understand that things change in life and why you are moving on. One parting point I'd like to make to you: there are millions of very sincere Christians in this world. Fortunately, there are only a few Jim Bakkers. I hope that you and your readers understand that fact.

On "Christian TV," we see the worst that "Christianity" has to offer - a pseudo Christianity. It's the modern-day version of the Spanish Inquisition - hypocrisy and evil on display for all to behold. Well, anyway, I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors, Ron.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

Ron, that is so true what the above blogger said. Do not tar all Christians with the same brush. Millions of them are good people and quite sincere and thank God there are only a few Jim Bakkers!

Wishing you the best! Thanks again for all you have done! --GCG

Zach said...

Maybe it's for the best.

Uncle Jessie said...

If this is real then the bobbleheaded zombies have won and are now dancing on Grace Street! Please say that this is a joke and the fanpage will continue!

Did you know that waterhead and Jason Wert are kin?

Joe C call 417-779-9000!

Truthseeker said...

Does Lori wear a wig or have hair extensions?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ron for all you did to bring truth to the Jim Bakker ministry lies. The unsuspecting can come see the archives and be informed. I will miss your humor, it made Jim's shenanigans palatable.

I agree with Jessica, I have come to view many of the posters as friends and will miss the interaction. I will stop by and hope to see posts by those who are keeping up with the latest Jim Bakker scams. I don't have a strong enough stomach to watch it myself.

I agree with Grandma Char and the Anonymous poster, there are many good christians. Unfortunately many judge all christians by bad folks like Jim Bakker and those who support him. I hope in your travels you cross paths with good Christians! :) Best wishes in all your endeavors Ron!

Superjim said...

to 1:38'' They won. Fair and Square. God favors the righteous! VM day. Victory in Morningside! Praise the Lord.

Rob Bob said...

What a shame that James Orson Bakker has beaten Ron. After Ron was threatened with a lawsuit by one of his followers he gave up the fight!

fed up with the fools said...

You Bakkerites are very sick people. Rob Bob and Super Jim remember pride goes before the fall. Ron is not God just like Jim is not God. This matter is in Gods hand and it will not go well for you fools when God puts an end to all the evil in the cult. The arrogance you sick people are displaying here is seen by God. You speak curses and God will curse you! It will only be a matter of time and you arrogant fools will be eating crow! It could only be expected that you bunch of morons would see this a victory. This is what is to be expected from the wicked crowd following Jim Bakker.

Thanks Ron for everything. You're a stand up guy and I wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

Pretty much went to hell after the JoeC thing. JoeC just clammed up and that was that. JoeC for Mayor.......Anyone??

Rob Bob said...

Ron Johnson has caved in and is holding up the white flag. Morningside has victory!!!

Maybe now Ron can join Joe C in Florida as they both cracked under pressure...

Anonymous said...

I find the contrast in the discourse of the unbelievers interesting. The Jim Bakker followers shameful! The unbelievers behave in a civil way but the Bakker followers as always are acting very ungodly and immaturely.

I don't have to wonder which side God is really on!....

James 4:6
God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace unto the humble.

Good job Bakker supporters you have proven what you are made of here on this blog. You have shown who is really in you and who you serve. You have proven Jim Bakker and his "ministry" has nothing to do with taking the Gospel to the unsaved. If you think this blog ending means victory you're in for a rude awaking. God doesn't favor people who say they serve him and then behave they way you all do! Go look up the scriptures that tell you how to behave with someone you see as your opponent. Unfortunately I think your hard hearts are unreachable. Proverbs 3:34 He mocks proud mockers but gives grace to the humble. You are doing Ron and everyone who hates Jims lies a favor in showing your arrogance and pride. I know God sees what's in your heart and I believe He hates it even more when He sees it displayed in all it's vulgarity!

The mighty Christian said...

LEAD, FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE FREAKING WAY!!! Heavy artillary vs, Kool-aid-Kid, Tanya, BroD, Jessica, Craig has claimed Checkmate. I came, I saw I kicked their butts.

Grandma Maxine said...

I just saw Jim, Lori, and several masters commission students cheering and dancing on Grace Street. The mighty Ron Johnson has been defeated!

Anonymous said...

Betcha Joe C. was first to congrad. Bakker by phone>

Anonymous said...

Joe C was on the horn to Jim so quick it would make your head spin!

Ding Dong the wicked Ron is gone!!!

Anonymous said...

Ron Johnson's wife is the real hero here. She gave him an ultimatum and he had to give up the battle against Jimbo!

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

Ron, I know you have put a lot of time and effort into this excellent blog of yours and you deserve all the free time now you can get. I am looking forward to all the bloggers soon having to have confirmed accounts. That will be a good thing. Have a wonderful vacation in Europe or wherever you will be and thanks again for a job well done!

Zach said...

God spoke to Jim last night and told him Ron would give up. No weapon formed against Jim will prevail! The haters have been defeated, what a glorious day!

Mrs. Johnson, Jim would like you to come to Morningside for the celebration on July 4th as his special guest!

Painiac said...

Let's not debate who won or lost. Any man/woman who knows how and when to set their priorities is never a loster. It's not like he allowed this place to be shut down. It has taken on a life of its own and there is no reason for dancing in the streets at Morningside. As I have said numerous times, Jim is coming down and will come down from within, not from a blog. Just sit back and enjoy the show because that "man" has no self control. There is no "ministry", just one big infomercial....worse than the PTL days. He has crossed the line, returned to his vcomit and will make an ultimate mistake of pissing off someone who knows where all of the current skeletons are hidden. Watch the paper trail, my friends. BTW, there is one.

Jason Wert said...

Hairless ape? Geez...I was at least hoping for "Fat Weird Al".

Ron, I wish you nothing but the best in your new endeavors and I hope that you find whatever it is you want to find in writing and other creative production. We may not have agreed on very much but I definitely liked your wicked edge to satire and I think you would be very effective with a political blog. You could knock the crud out of the Onion if you set your mind to it.

I also appreciate you stood up for what you felt was right. Again, we don't see eye on eye on that necessarily but these days few people will stand up and take the shots for their views. I'm sure wherever you go people there will be better in many ways for your participation.

God bless you, Ron.

Lawyer dude said...

Dont let his above silly 3rd person blog fool you. Read the prior blog and you will see that Jim's pitbull legal team threatened and scared the shit out of Ron. Under the advice of his attorney, Ron took the youtube videos off quickly and has now decided to quit the blog rather than face legal action...

The wife also gave him an ultimatum after receiving the subpoena so he surrendered. Joe C now has company doing the walk of shame!

Anonymous said...

The blog has at least brought attention to the bakker deal.

I still can not believe that Jim Bakker of all people doesnt file a form 990.

The Pokeberry lake house and the condo with the feed store facade hidden pool were unreal. Even more amazing was that the lake house at least popped up when they were raising money for Lori's House.
If you need money for Lori's house why would you buy a lake house?

When you also add in that Jim enjoys a condo and use of the lake house while still owing the IRS it is even more shocking

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see Jim in
the National Enquirer and the UK Daily Mail

Tanya---throw us a bone before you leave

SusanD said...

It pretty bad when the National Enquirer laughs at you hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Pizza Power said...

Tanya and BroD. will never post another comment. They are too busy eating crow. Bullshit! Paniac, if the shoe was on the other foot and the trolls lost you would never hear the end of it. Finally Kudos to Mr Jim Bakker for the patience and Christian love he displayed by letting the trolls have their say. Until it became a little too much.

The best team won..........Zombies rule, trollls pay dues!!!!

Your friend Zach said...

Kool-aid-Kid: lol, lol, lol, now you're going to need to get a job, lol,lol, I told you so, lol, lol,. Your trouble was you backed the wrong team. lol,lol,. Well look at you now! lol,lol, See u in the funny papers. lol.

No hard feelings "kid". lol, lol.

Anonymous said...

Ron, if you come back to take a look at these comments:

is it really true that legal threats caused you to quit this blog. If so, I think you should be up-front about that to the people who spent so much time and effort participating with you here.

Those of us who are thinking about ways to continue the fight against these crooked TV evangelist would benefit from knowing more details about your experience.

Old codger said...

Tanya allways remember this and may it serve you well in the future: It is always impossible to defeat the side that has God on it. Good luck in the future. Your post were "enjoyed" and were "exceptional".

SusanD said...

ong this is like someone sent this story to several news places hmmmm strange

Jessica said...

Zombies you as always have confirmed to the world what your faith is all about. I have posted a few times that Bakker will end when he dies. Too bad, huh? Bakker is not connected to Jesus anyways, so Jesus isn't even involved and its just a money game.

This summer if any of the zombies are interested in the real world, try catching the Olympics this summer in England and check out the crowds and you may see a blogger with a hat that says "I Care". I believe Ron has earned a vacation and I know that he is a traveler. How do I know? Well, lets just say I know.

Jason Wert, to bad the zombies couldn't have an intelligent conversation and answer the questions about Jesus that many thousands of people were asking. It is so juvenile. Bakker is saying he wants to reach the world but can't stand anyone not agreeing with him. What a small mind and a desperate preacher.

I will say thank you for being decent and I know you are intelligent and not zombie ignorant. So, how can you respect yourself working in such a rip-off environment? You have to know its all about money. When Bakker is gone, I would suggest that you don't add this gig to your vitae as you seek employment elsewhere. Maybe you are there to take over when Bakker is just a memory and fades away. Just a thought.

Got to go. I am ready to catch your smirk and to cringe at the Bakker action so that I can post my opinion.

tokyodisney347 said...

None of the Bakker fans ever explained why Jim refuses to offer any financial transparency.

It's called a form 990 and unlike CBN Bakker doesn't offer it.

Along the lines of transparency I have never heard how much has been raised for Lori's not her Pokeberry lake house, the other Lori's house

tokyodisney347 said...

Do the Bakkerites wonder why Jim doesn't follow the lead of CBN or Billy Graham and file a 990?

Painiac said...

So many of you just don't get it. This has not been a game to win or lose. The Foodbucket Fanpage is alive and well. Bakker will bring himself down. End of subject.

Jessica said...

Zombies nothing has changed just because Ron has a new project. Its like a comedy on television, the producers knows when its time to end a show especially when it has big ratings, as this blog has.

I find it hard to think there are adults running around acting like children with no future other than groveling in Bakkers crap. Do any of you actually have a plan for your life? Or is all of your time going to be spent on fighting for Bakker. Can you not understand the world laughs at him. He may have supporters that are stuck in his past glory, but today 2012 he needs to stay under the radar and not show his face too much because there are a lot of people looking at him and not in a good way.

On my previous post, I mentioned the "I care" cap worn by someone at the summer Olympics. I wasn't referring to Bakker I was referring to a particular blogger. Just wanted to make that clear.

old codger said...

Where is everybody? The clock of anonminity has been lifted. Say your say?

tokyodisney347 said...

Branson paper today ran very interesting Lori's House it...portion pasted in below

However, he said things are moving forward on the project and he’s requested more donations to help fund moving the development to a new site.

“It’s going to take about $10,000 just to prepare that site,” Bakker said. “We’ve already invested about half a million dollars in Lori’s House.”

While the project is reportedly moving forward, paperwork has not yet been filed in the Stone County Planning and Zoning Office, according to Joy Wilson, director of the department.

“They have to go before the board for a zoning change,” Wilson said. “We don’t know how to zone it.”

Wilson said no one representing the project had signed up to appear before the board for the June meeting. The deadline to sign up for the July meeting is June 18.

SusanD said...

On the live show today, Jim is predicting if you don’t order your fuel less generator today it most likely be a year wait. Lol

Lori’s house most of the rock work is done.

Get your food before the prices go up. Jim will now be selling vegan food, he declared too many people are dieing from diabetes. Jim said he is declaring war on diabetes. That Branson had no vegan place to eat, is the only good place to eat was Giliberti’s. Lori chirped in that her Dad ate himself to death. Soooo with that said he unveiled his new 10 grain cereal, and his new soy nut butter, and all the money will go to Lori’s house.

Lori shared that Chocolate make Jim Gassy, and it’s horrible at night in bed…Ugh

John Lynch was finally being allowed to talk. He talked about Jesus and shame. Then omg shocker John Lynch is trying to hock his new book “The Cure” Does anyone come on Jim Bakker show without trying to sell something? Jim added books don’t really make a lot of the money for the ministry. Lol drum roll waiting for the price……..Video teaching, and the book ”The Cure” ,DVD, there are links you can go to listen to hours of teaching. 55 dollars for the whole deal and Jimbo will throw in his New Soy Butter.

I couldn’t watch anymore with Lori’s squealing and “Wow’s” hearing about Jim being gassy LOL

Hope you all have a good :)

tokyodisney347 said...

Today's Branson paper has a story about Lori's house.

It says they have already spent 500,000.
How is that possible?

Today's Branson newspaper check it out

SusanD said...

Today Jason Wert opened the live show with his bright blue shirt!

Lori was on a real high today revealing such great bits of information such as how she orders Az Highways Magazine. Lol Lori continues her strange stories about Jesus Freaks, and Hippies for Christ in AZ.

John Lynch, Jim , Lori, and their dentist Dr Talon opps Jim told Lori she should have used the dentist name, they all met for a Grace meeting. In this meeting they shared their pain. Sascha said she felt honored just to be there lol. Jim came to the conclusion no one is perfect, Jim pointed out not even John Lynch since he had to barrow a tie from Jim to be on air. Lolol

Jim said maybe it’s cause he is getting older he is loving the truth lately, he revealed how he hid for 45 year that he was molested as a kid!

Kevin had a question about the “room of grace“, since he had burned in his past about being revealing things about himself. Jim of course whined about his prison time, how his best friend dissed him and never spoke to him again, and his ex best friend told Jim he couldn’t afford him anymore. Lori told the first time she ever saw Jim Bakker, was when he was handcuffed on TV being hauled off to prison.

Jim said he wished he could show the load he carries. Because a man molested him as a kid. When his ministry collapsed people called him a homosexual, Jim didn’t feel he could share his pain.

OK I have listened enough since Jim is now crying, and scream to the audience.

Have good one,


Jessica said...

Hey Susan D Wow it was nice to see your post. I hope some of the others continue to post.

I miss Ron and the old times here on the blog. I enjoyed the laughs and comradeship I felt with all the posters like Bro. D, Kool Aid Kid, Tanya, Joe C and all the others. Even the insanity of the Bakker zombies was interesting. Ron is honest and was big enough to say enough is enough mission accomplished. He is a young guy so its normal to go beyond the Bakker con. Unlike the zombies who willingly trade their lives for a jerk like Bakker and the absurdity of Moronside.

Will by my joy to see Bakker implode.

SusanD said...

Good to see you too. Yeah I miss the other posters too. Thought maybe their was a new site, and no one invited me lol The only ones I don't miss are the idiot zombie with a IQ of 70.

I love what Ron did, and I know he spent a lot of time on this blog maybe he will take some much needed time off, and visit us if he gets the time!

Today was the first time I heard Bakker say he was molested on the live feed. I had to turn him off...he was making some strange growling noise at the audience.

I plan to keep posting here, I hope others do too

Painiac said...

OOOOOH. I need to catch up on the show. I have had doctors' appts. all week. I am a crippled little old lady who the docs is trying to push into a nursing home. The truth is that I am not safe alone but I am not ready to be shoved into a semi-private hospital room for the rest of my life and lose all privacy and self dignity. I wonder if Jimbo takes in crippled old ladies who live on $655.00 a month? Not in this lifetime!!!! I prefer the live feeds as they are so much more fun than when they "clean up" the tapes for later viewing. I am just waiting for him to piss off the wrong person and have them point the feds in the right direction. Pride commeth before the fall and that boy is loaded. Ta-Ta kiddos!!!

Jessica said...

Its strange to check the blog and the silence is deafening so I was happy to hear from you Susan D.

I know a little about Ron. I emailed him and he replied to me. He is going out of the country this summer and trying to stay on top of the blog would be nuts.

I said before on a prior post Bakker would try take this blog down. When you poke into the cage of a snake they strike with their venom in very serious ways which have nothing to do with Jesus. I saw Jason Wert's post to Ron and I thought is Wert so conceited that he thinks Ron would give a crap about his opinions?

Just my thoughts. Have a good evening.

Not4Prophet said...

Susan D. - I, really appreciated your recap of the first part of the live feed today. You should have watched the rest of it - it turned into Agenda City with that Lynch guy on his high-horse about Grace (i.e., do whatever you want, it will be forgiven) then Jimm talking about his life-long SECRET that he was molested ???? Is this supposed to explain all of his homosexual exploits? Could, I guess... but yet sickening that he was accusing an unnamed and never to be verified molester! cry some more Jimbo.

then Lori got on the rag about how 'everybody' wants to burden the pastors wife, right after the harangue by Lynch how Christians should bear each other's burdens. Lori made it very very clear NOT to burden her with your petty problems. Don't worry, I won't get that close to you ever, Plastic Crazy Woman....

Damage Control OUT OF CONTROL today. Lord Have Mercy on me.

I used to post under this name as well as 'truebucketfan' and am happy to see that loyal fans are still alive and kicking. Jim and Lori are true faking twisted slippery snakes....

Miss you Ron

SusanD said...

Very conceited on Jason's part since he posted and then ran away when asked the tough questions. lol

SusanD said...

I thought as I heard about the molestation he might get into his back rubs that Bro D use to post about...but no Jim just left it that he has hidden it for 45...OK Jim is 72-45=27 so was he 27 when it happened????

Jim the other day was going on about something saying people move to morningside then look at everything with a I am guessing that's why Lori was talking bout being burdened lol sometime the conversation gets confusing hahahahah

Least Lori did not mention Jimbo gas today lol

Not4Prophet said...

Right - he used to beg peoople to come live there in a 'place of refuge' or safe place, then seems unhappy with everybody, has problems with their attitudes or devil=spirited lack of volunteerism, blah blah blah!

Also at the end of the live feed marathon today = Jimbo said he would rather do the selling bit for what looked like the generator by hinself, because 'she is going over the edge'. then asked grandson James if he had to pee, and then it was cut off.

''''keep on keepin on.

p.s. I realized today that if I had charge of the Foodbucket Fanpage blog, I would have been a lot LESS kind to the Bakkers than Ron was~~!!

SusanD said...

When Jim complains about people that are at Morningside it blows me away how ungrateful he is lol

A lot of times before they cut the microphones I have heard Jimbo say I have to go pee pee he sounds like a kid hahaha

Yeah Ron could write so it didn't sound angry. I have to wonder how Bakker feels about all the newpaper articles about him lately?

Not4Prophet said...

-- I think he is super=aware of the bad press lately, thus the damage control on the show today. Guess he is not immune from criticism outside of his hillbilly hills.

Jessica - implosion is the perfect sentence for Jimbo and his gang!!

Jessica said...

Thanks to each one of you for your posts. I had to shake off the sadness over missing Ron but now its time to continue on. This blog is about Jim Bakker, not even about Ron. Who knows Ron could post incognito and that would be great.

Bakker zombies are scary for sure. I know men like Bakker and they practice something called "mind control". Why the zombies at, especially the younger ones, would sell their lives and souls for an old con man who will take everything and leave nothing is irrational and illogical. They sacrifice their lives and valuable time and its not even for Jesus.

Craig said...

It is typical bakker to claim he was molested while ignoring the facts that show he's the molester. Post some penthouse article essica, otherwise he's going to convince some future idiots to believe his stories.

Jessica said...

Craig, I will be posting some more J. Hahn interviews shortly. I had to get over the loss of the friends on this blog, not only Ron but Bro. D Kool Aid Kid, Tanya and many others who I can't remember right now.

I miss Kool Aid Kid and his Dino cake satire. He was sassy and quick and funny.

tokyodisney347 said...

Jessica and company,

did you catch the Branson paper's article about Loris House from this week??

It quoted Jim as saying he had spent 500,000 already on Lori's House

tokyodisney347 said...

i dont mean to sound gross but im surprised Jim didnt go into more detail about the molesting.

hem made Tammy sue tell about being humiliated in the grocery. Lori shared info on female issues from abortions. Seems like Jim would have been more candid

Is the foodbucket for GOLD thing still being discussed?

SusanD said...


I only saw Jimbo do the "Gold for Buckets" just one day. I am waiting to see if that is edited out. I am thinking that went over like a fart in a space suit lol

tokyodisney347 said...

Tanya....Kool Aid...Craig...Susan?

Where is everyone?

I wonder if they went over to Pokeberry Place....or maybe they went thru the Feed Store to the secret pool.....I'll bet a bucket of green beans they went to Gilbertis....oh all alone

SusanD said...

I am still alive I had the flu for 3

Not4Prophet said...

Susan D. and all - Are you watching the live feed today?

I saw he is still urging his zombies to send in their precious jewelry in exchange for cardboard food.

He gave us a hint about where all his 'nonexistent' riches are -- he hides money all over, saying he won't tell you where to hide your dollar bills because then you would know where his are!!! Always thinking, isn't he?????

As alwaays he can't go for 5 minutes without focusing on himself, his ghetto service, how he was in prison and how he has no worldly goods... he wants a woodstove in his bedroom. Good hiding place for those money stashes.

Not4Prophet said...

Yes Jim calling "us" pompous! HAR

(on live feed today) He is really on his soapbox today

SusanD said...

lol omg I am sorry I did not get out of bed sooner. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if maybe he believes his own BS lol

Painiac said...

I caught a bit of Jimbo today and am reasonably certain it was a rerun. He discussed the food for gold. Would that be fools' gold? That Frank is something else. He is a geologist, certified to appraise precious what Jimbo referred to "street value". Hmmmmm. It is sold at the going rate or scrap rate. Drugs are sold at street value. Frank is also a certified gemologist, just in case your older pieces that you no longer wear have good stones in them. Sorry Jimbo, I gave the older family jewelry that I no longer wear to my daughters and grandaughter. They are staying in the family, thank you.

Jessica said...

Google Larry Bates Class Action Suite and see how God is blessing him. Hope Jim Bakker is caught like this too. Larry Bates was one of the winners of Ron's Scammy Awards 2011 along with Bakker and I noticed on the website of Larry Bates the Foodbucket Fanpage is just a click away.

Not4Prophet said...

Good find Jessica. You would think the current JB followers would want to do the same, but I read an article that said after PTL Heritage scam, the big winners of that class action suit recovered something like $6.50 each. But just the same it would shed the true light for more people to see what his greedy face is up to.

Jessica said...

oops! Class Action Suit not suite.

I thought for a minute the zombies would jump on me for the spelling error. Then I remembered that Ron shut them down and left them in the dust.

Thanks NotforProhet for staying here and posting. I plan to watch the show tomorrow and watch Jason Wert smirk and wink at the camera and he brings on the frog and zombies.

Just a note..I went back and read Ron's post on the Scammy Awards 2011 and it is funny, funny. Actually, his posts were quite mild and he just stated the facts as Bakker said them on his show. I don't understand why the Bakker show got so angry and threatening unless they were hiding the truth and Ron was doing an excellent job of exposing it.

Not4Prophet said...

Ron saw
Ron recorded
Ron crossed over to
the twilight zone

God speed Ron
time to move forward
from the strange realms

please stay in the game,

-- would like to think you are still out there. not backing down - from mind-numbing bastards!!!!!

Jan Koczera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SusanD said...

Thanks for posting on Larry Bates suit...I am not really surprised lol

Painiac said...

Jimbo's game plan does not surprise me in the least. The riteous indignation and conspiracy theories got him considerable mileage and increased donations for a season. It would have all blown over if it weren't for fellow AG televangelists who were ready for payback and a journalist with the tenacity of a terrier who would not let go of the story. I remember when the personal excesses hit the news and there were implications of the ministry paying outrageous bonuses to cover them. Jimbo came on the show ranting that he was a victim of a conspiracy to bring down God's work. He had a huge box with him and threw down what he said were his personal receipts for every personal purchase they had made for years and could prove his innocence. It was great theatrics. He speaks of his close friends but you don't see them beating down the doors to be on his infomercial. He will bring himself down again.

Jessica said...

I went to a church wedding this afternoon. I do not attend a church and for the many reasons that Bakker gives me I am not a believer. If I were to become one it would be in spite of Bakker and his groupies.

While at this church reception I was all ears because the topic at this particular table was how many con preachers are on television. The unanimous answer was only one, you got it, Jim Bakker. The other TV preachers were in a laughable category but they didn't seem as detrimental to the christian faith as this bum Bakker. I was like a fly on a wall.

So, it isn't just people like us who post here, its basically the world. The popular description of Jimbo is that he is "a seasoned con artist" with no where to go but down. He is a big ugly stain in the world of Jesus. Of course, he has thousands of fans and followers because he takes in a lot of money, but the Bible says that many will say Jesus but there is no truth or love in their hearts and they will be cast into darkness forever. (I don't know the bible to well so I'm paraphrasing but you catch my meaning).

Thought I would share this event. Will post this coming week after I endure a episode of Jim Bakker and the Munsters.

Painiac said...

We should settle in for a summer of basicly re-runs. He sure would be smart to produce some new shows with new guests. This is getting old for the faithful. I don't expect to see much until the 4th of July. They will get plenty of footage off of that. It will go a long way when you mix it with lots of canned spots on the latest and greatest end times gizmos. What is the deal with the Old Mill Inn? He managed to sneak that project in under the diversion of Lori's House. If it weren't for the end times generator, I think Frank would be out of the picture. Something is up and I can't get my hands on it.........yet. I love the Fool's Gold program. That, too, smacks of the old days. While it was not formally promoted, Jimbo would made a big deal when some saint would donate an important piece of jewelry for the ministry or a valuable antique......hint hint. I hope the faithful realize that unless they designate their checks (per the memo line on the check)to Lori's House, the money is fair game to go into the general fund and be diverted where he wants it. I bet the Old Mill Inn (whatever it's true purpose is) will be up and running before Lori's House. There's just too much mileage to be made over the drama and demonic attacks against it. There will be a lot going on over the summer but we won't be seeing it due to the excessive re-runs. The infomercials will keep the cash coming in. Look for the "students" to take a greater role in the shows. Of course, that's what they are in training for. I wish there were some whistle blowers with current info. and weren't afraid of the little twerp that would open up.

Jessica said...

Today, Monday, I tuned in to the Bakker Munster show and after the usual junior high talent show introductions the real reason for the show today was to sell the dehydrated ice cream. After tasting and licking all the zombies said.."yummy so delicious". Then for some minutes Jim talked about scriptures and the usual gloom and doom. He never use to spend much time on scriptures so maybe they did take heed after it was mentioned many times on this blog that he never talked about the bible or Jesus. Sadly, maybe this blog helped him with his image and he is now doing damage control.

It is and always has been all about Jim Bakker until the day he dies. Full of vanity and conceit he is.

bucketsRus said...

Yep now he is peddling fake ice the hook for it..."You need comfort food in a time of need"...too funny! I just want to thank Ron for bringing this huckster to light...I remember him sniveling away when he was in cuffs...can't wait to see that again!

Jessica said...

I believe Jim Bakker doesn't care about people or Jesus or anything spiritual at all. He has proven over and over that he doesn't care about anything other than himself.

You only have to listen to him and watch him to see that he is only in "it" for money. I tried to watch him again and it is so obvious in what he is. No other minister on television does what Bakker is doing. No one other than Bakker is selling dehydrated ice cream and shoving it down the zombies throats! It it weren't so insulting it is nothing other than a silly show with silly old time religious guests who are there to sell books. Bakker thinks he is so smart and is getting away with what he does but one of these days its going to change. Perfect sociopath behavior and that sums up Bakker. What a rat he is.

Jessica said...

I guess I am posting to myself.

I re-read the post that Jason Wert posted to Ron after the final post by Ron.

He said that he liked Ron's wicked satire even though he didn't agree with many things that Ron covered.

What a condescending twerp. It is public knowledge that Bakker is a liar and a con artist. No one on this planet thinks of Bakker as anything else but a deceiver and liar. So in spite of the evidence Jason Wert is okay with Bakker and stands by him. Wow!

Ron wrote the truth backed up by facts but Jason Wert didn't agree with Ron so that means Wert is on board with Jim Bakker and knowingly supports the scam. He traded his education and integrity for a sham preacher just to line his pockets with money. He should stay there for as long as he can because nobody would touch him after his association with Bakker.

I just want Wert to load up on the freeze dried ice cream so that I can watch him get fatter and start getting that unhealthy color they have over there at Moronside.

SusanD said...

lol I think Mr Worm went after the money, since he seems to know the difference between right, and wrong.

I would never buy any food from them since everyone but Nolan, and Jim have turned into pigs hahaha

Jessica said...

SusanD, thanks for posting. I don't feel so alone out here in the big internet world when somebody posts besides me.

I emailed Ron and he emailed me back and he said he had 1200 views this last week so people are looking all the time and getting a chuckle I believe. I still laugh. Probably most people don't know how or don't want to take the time to get a profile. I actually had to have someone help me do the process when I posted as Jessica.

So this blog is being viewed and that just makes me happy.

Have a good weekend, SusanD.

I miss KoolAid Kid and his sassy humor and I really miss the Dino cake.

I even miss Mr./Ms. Anonymous and their hateful christian love to sinner like me. I shall always remind myself that they told me to go to hell. LOL Can it get any better? Showing the world how they really operate.

SusanD said...

I turned on the Bakker show for a while today to see Jim pawing through the relative that looks like him with a bad wig on box of gold jewelry. Jim said 1 ring alone was worth $1000.00. Wow how low can one man go, to want to hock a keepsake for MoronSide church?

I know people are reading this blog but for some reason fear signing up. I did see a posting by Kool-aide kid on another site lol I miss Bro D, and Kool-aide.

Anonymous said...

We (my husband and I) have so enjoyed this page for the last few months. We just lucked up finding it, and have had such good times reading it Jim Bakker is such a--well--I won't say it, but he does nothing but beg for money for his own self! And lately, he has just been doing everything he can to get more, while owing US--the government is us--6 million! We enjoyed the posts Ron made and the comments just as much. I wish someone would start another one...I just hate to see it go. TEA

Anonymous said...

I haven't had a single post make it on to the board for several weeks. I will cross my fingers that this makes it through as it has been a major disappointment.

Painiac said...

I haven't been able to get on either. Perhaps it was an end times conspiracy. Rerun time at mourning side.

Surly old coot said...

Finally I am able to post again. Where is everybody???

Grandma Maxine said...

Finally Ron wised up and allowed us to post again. Please come back Kool-Aid Kid, Bro Dortch, Jessica and all the rest!

Anonymous said...

It is so great to see these posts again. Where are you Brother Dortch?

SusanD said...

wow nice to have so many of you back:)

No Nonsense Norski said...

Anyone see Jimbo's latest piece of crap? The Sun Oven

One thing for sure: Bakker never fails to piss me off. What an insult to anyone w/ brains.

We would like to see Ron back here, too - the Bakker Game is far from over.

We need you, Ron!

Brother Dortch said...

Ron, what can I say? You have left a legacy behind which I have been proud to have been a part. I have been entertained so much by your blog that I have literally laughed so hard I almost cried!

Who would have thought that one guy with an idea would strike a nerve with tens of thousands of people? I remember the infancy days. There were few comments. Little by little, inch by inch, your baby grew and became an amazing small city. You are a man of integrity. The success of your creation still amazes me and it was an honor to take part in it.

I would like to calm the inquisitiveness of those who have expressed, in the past, that I would be a remarkable candidate to form my own Bakker blog and pick up where you left off, however, I have absolutely no desire to do so. I very much enjoyed the fair manner and professionalism in which Ron moderated this blog and the great amount of time he unselfishly gave to make sure each and every person who posted here had a chance to say what they wanted to say--regardless of whose side in this debate they were on.

As all of you know, I have posted many hours of humor, satire, and commentary here. But much like you, Ron, I began to hear postings in my head and entertainment pieces to share while I was driving down road or doing other things. In fact, I have two unfinished “works in progress” right now. One of them is “The Three Lori’s House Building Stooges” starring Nolan as Larry, Zach as Curly, and, of course, Jim Bakker as Moe. I promise you that will be a great one if I ever get around to finishing it. My second “work in progress” was another trip to Morningside as a guest host of the show, while Bakker is away, in which I was asked to host “The Morningside College English Teacher Auditions” in which prospective heads of the English Department would have appeared on the program telling why they should be hired for that position. Among the guests I would have included was the guy, who reminded me of “Buckwheat” from “Our Gang” that was a student in year one of the fake college. The second candidate was Mondo and the third was Lori Graham Bakker, herself, who would be Oh!-ing, oooooing and ahhhhhing and moaning and groaning her way into explaining why she should be chosen for the position. They would have you LOL for sure!

I wish we could have a banquet one day. I would love to say “Thank-you” in person and to meet all of the wonderful people who so freely gave of their time to make this forum so popular. Kool-Aid would be in charge of serving the dessert! Tanya, would be receiving a hug from me, personally. She always had the most sensible things to say and always made sure my i’s were dotted and my T’s were crossed. Joe C would not only be there, he would be given an honorary award for service to this blog and The United States Marines. Semper Fi!

Finally, thank-you to everyone who paid me the compliments you did and said the nice things you did. I have been spending the summer doing many things which are non-Bakker related and I have not even been watching his show. To say the least, I have been enjoying the much deserved time off from participating in this blog.

When I get back to viewing Bakker's show again, I am sure I may have more to say about this person who Jerry Falwell called a liar, an embezzler, a sexual deviant, and "the greatest scab and cancer on the face of Christianity in 2,000 years of church history".

In the meantime, I truly would like to say "Thank-you!" to all who have asked about me and I would like you to know that I am doing well and enjoying life this summer both in and out of church and let me say thanks once again to Ron for the great work he has done.

Finally, I also wish to thank all of you...the readers...since it is so nice to know you care and appreciated my efforts!

Surly old coot said...

Bro D. I sure hope your not referring to Santwanne as the "Buckwheat" on Jims show?

Joe C. deserves no awards as he is a cotton pickin liar and a con!

Johnnie Appleseed said...

YES!!! KICK Butt!! Finally a step in the right direction and back to normalacy. This joker Bakker is getting worst by the day. This is the only legit site where truly concerned people can express a non-sugar coated, butt kissing take on that nonsense. Glad to see it!

Painiac said...

I can't believe the excitement over the sun oven. When I was in elementary school, I learned how to make a sun oven and a stove top at camp. I am now in my 60s so this isn't exactly new "survival" technology. Jimbo is losing his magical touch. Warm wishes to Bro. Dortch.

Jessica said...

Delighted to see old friends posting again. Thank you Bro. D for your post as always a class act. Miss the sassy Kool Aid Kid and Tanya and others too. Of course, its not quite the same without Ron who Jason Wert said could peel an onion and the corrupt layers that it holds. Well, that was prophetic on Wert's part about the onion so he revealed he does know what Bakker is all about. No wonder they went after this blog. Bakker and the zombies have chosen to use the gospel to corrupt the message of the church and wink among themselves as they acknowledge to the world they are not accountable and, therefore, they continue to sell the new "sun oven" and the other products they arrogantly giggle amongst themselves as they show themselves to the world what cons they are.

I will continue to post the truth as Bakker continues to go after the money from his pathetic followers.

By the way, I emailed Ron. I found him to be a very nice honest and humble young person who believes in justice and fairness. If he wanted he could take Bakker to the wall but he, like normal people, doesn't want to live feeling stalked by anonymous shadows fueled by the money Bakker takes from silly fantasy seeking idiots thinking they are going to sit in heaven and continue the Bakker show. Wow, dumb and dumber.

More later. I'm getting my keyboard ready but first I have to watch the Bakker show and that is tough to do. Yesterday, Bakker was prancing around in short pants and his skinny, ugly shirt and it is gross. People were swaying to the music and Jason Wert is just unforgivable because he knows better. There must be a scripture somewhere in the Bible that defines a Jason Wert and his destiny.

Papa Smirf said...

All I have to say is Pastor Bakker is a true rennaisance man. He has taken Morningside to a new level. Look at all the infrastructure going up there, buildings being erected left and right. His show has taken a professional twist in these last few months thanks in large part to Jason. Kevin has lost weight, is tanned, and looking buff. The theme song for that show should be "I'm walking on sunshine, and it's time to feel GOOD!"

Jessica said...

I watched the show today. Whatever does the Jim Bakker Show have to do with anything other than selling junk to get money. Interesting that there are people that think this is what the gospel is. But then I have to remember that we are dealing with lower class individuals that love giving glory to a convicted felon and actually have convinced themselves that Jim Bakker is a man of God. What a leap from reality.

Most normal people want to protect their families from someone who has been in prison. Its time for me to post his prior crimes and charges so new idiots can rationalize the crimes that Bakker did time in jail. He has never been restored by anyone other than himself.

SusanD said...

I am waiting for the followers to pull the gold teeth out of their mouths for

typical said...

I would not be surprised if that land being cleared for all those new buildings were once Joe C land. I'm sure he is doing OK on Marcos Island in Florida thanks to Bakker. Most likely has Kool-aid-Kid as his houseboy.

Surly old coot said...

After he lied to all of us, that old fart Joe C. sold his land and is now in Florida on the beach living the high life!

Painiac said...

Jimbo has got to bring in some new talent and "better" end times gizmos. Even the younger Zombies are starting to nod off at which time he has to yell, "does anyone hear what I am saying?" Sorry Jimbo, for the most part the answer is NO!!!! That freeze fried icecream really did it for me. I loved the instructions that he gave the junior zombies, to let it melt in their mouths and savor the flavor. There are promises of more end times delites that he and poor James discovered on their top security secret food mission several weeks/months back. I don't know if I can stand the excitement much longer. When the excitement (?) over the icecream dies down, he will trot something else out. Pretty soon there will be a New Bucket Of The Month Club. You all know how he needs another club to keep those checks rolling in. Have a gret weekend!!

Painiac said...

Gotta question. I have had the yuck for about a week and been sleeping about 18 hours out of 24 and have missed Jimbos live program on the internet. If have caught the rerun durring the middle of the night if I could tollerate the line up. Today, several times, I have tried to pull up the Sid Roth shows from the archive. It won't come up but remains on the archive. I tried to get to it on U Tube and a google search. I keep getting a message that it isn't available. Wassup? Did old Sid say something that didn't go down well with Jimbo? While I haven't been a big Roth fan for years, I do catch him once in a while and was curious how he and Bakker would get along because he is not afraid to be politely confrontational if he disagrees with someone. Any input out there? I did catch a few minutes of the junior zombies wolfing down the freeze dried icecream again. Now they are mixing the different flavors to come up with a new high. Lori was making obscene noises again so I had to click off before puking again. Y'all have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Notice how Tanya would, in her post, criticize the anon. poster. Saying how they lacked guts and would not hat the balls to put sign off with a legit name. Funny thing was, when the format was changed and a log-in was required she booked on out and got scared. In a unrelated note; kudos to the jurors who sent that douchbag Sandusky away for life. Paterno you rot.

Disgusted said...

Let's hope that sentence is a trend. There's a pervert who worked at a Christian group home for the disabled of all kinds who was arrested earlier this month,in KY, for 10 counts of rape and 20 counts of sodomy on a female adult who functions on a seven year old level. He pled not guilty as he said it was a consentual relationship. More charges are forthcoming. I know this is off topic but it just disgusts me how someone can preach one thing and then turn around and victimize the helpless. I'll shut up now.

Los Angeles Times 9-1-89 said...

Amazing Disgrace : Jim Bakker's Now Battling Not Only With the Law but to Keep a Grip on Reality

September 01, 1989|GARRY ABRAMS | Times Staff Writer

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — When Jim Bakker is having a problem and is called before the government, that is Christianity being called before the government. That is the Body of Christ's problem.

--Jim Bakker in his 1980 book, "Survival: Unite to Live"

Nine years ago (1980)in the same book where he equated himself with an entire religion, PTL founder Jim Bakker wrote of a premonition. He believed that "God's clock is in the final hour," meaning that the world would end soon.

He may have been right--but not in the way he intended...Bakker's apparent mental collapse underscores concerns expressed before the trial began here Monday that Bakker was in a fragile state of mind. Moreover, court records, the testimony that had been presented against the television evangelist and his own behavior, indicate that the former high-flying head of PTL is a man who lived grandiose dreams but denied his own nightmares.

In fact, denial or avoidance of hard realities was a Bakker hallmark.

Ambidextrous said...

I don't know what this Bakker guy is trying to prove. His buddy Sid Roth is kinda spooky if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling my wife that the current version of the Bakker show reminds me of the 1976 movie, "Network."

In that movie, a TV anchor played by Peter Finch has a complete nervous breakdown and goes psychotic on the air.

But his psychotic rantings get good reviews, so that TV network gives him a special program and promotes him as "the mad prophet of the airways.' He comes up with a vent that is still used on TV today: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Anyway, in recent episodes I've seen and heart Bakker, in a supposed joking way, say things like that he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and that he has become crazy.

With this, along with the manic crying and laughing spells, Bakker appears to me to be turning the fictional "Network" into reality.

Painiac said...

Jimbo has never tollerated the pressure cooker of his own creation and that goes back to the 700 Club days. He has said, himself, that he had a "nervous breakdown" there and was off the air for a full month. I don't know if that is his diagnosis or if he actually saw someone for it. I doubt that Tammy was the only one popping pills and that she was the sole reason that they would be off the air at PTL for periods of time. To this day, he admits to dark days when he can barely make it on the set. The last time I recall him talking about it was the day that Tammy Sue made her surprise entrance. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he is an untreated/selftreating bipolar. The pressure is mounting there as he is building at an old rate. The scale isn't as large but it is the same dynamic and the pressure is great for his income base. I wonder how he will hold up under the Fourth of July plans. That is going to cost them a bundle before they start seeing badly needed profit for construction. Heaven only knows what sort of garuntee Flippo will want. Lots to think about as the old guy is deffinately on the fragile side. Stay tuned, Kiddies.

Rum and Coke said...

I wonder if Joe C. will be one of the flag wavers at Jim B's big 4th of July event?

No Nonsense Norski said...

Yes, the show seems to be reaching a sort of fevered pitch.

I can't watch as often as I used to, but whenever I do catch the program, there seems to be a desperateness about the whole thing.

Jimbo is on a Merry-Go-Round, and that sucker isn't about to stop anytime soon.

He's got to keep pitching for dollars, and even the best snake oil salesmen burned out like a wet match.'s just a matter of time.

Grandma Maxine said...

Joe C. is one of Jimbos biggest fans and will definitely be traveling from Florida to be a part of the 4th of July shindig!

Cant wait to see you all there for the festivities!

Cindy B. said...

What ever happened to Bakker & the church buying Morningside from the Crawfords? Every time this subject comes up Bakker says he doesn't have the money to buy Morningside and doesn't know where the money will come from to buy it. Yet he continues to spend millions on worthless building and studio projects that are going to cost him money and not make him money. What's up with that? If this continues it would seem logical the Crawfords might just sell to the first buyer who can afford to pay and that could spell trouble for old Jimbo.

So excited said...

Watching Jimbo and his Jumbos is not my idea of a happy holiday. Besides my daughter, SIL and grandkids will be coming. SIL is on the pastoral staff of a huge AG church and if he caught me watching Jimbo and the Jumbos he just may try to throw me in a nursing home. I wonder if Flip is now King of the Jumbos? That would make a marvelous program. They could line them all up and viewers could vote for the largest Jumbo..........for a love offering of course.

Painiac said...

I have wondered about the same thing. Jimbo does not realize that he is dealing with a businesman, first and formost. I am willing to be that Jimbo has welched on more than one handshake. I know it is easier to raise money for emotion packed projects. On the other hand, he will not be secure until he owns the land he wants. It would serve him right if the balance of the land is sold off to the first person who can come up with the cash. At that point, Jimbo will be landlocked or be forced into a very expensive agreement with the new owner. I think it would be great for some humanitarian to buy it up and build subsidized housing for the elderly/handicapped. That way, our hero wouldn't have to travel so far to meet the needs of those in times of trouble. Now that would be quite a mission. No wonder our boy is looking a bit green around his froggy gills.

Powdered drink mix said...

Joe C will be at the 4th shindig if he has to hitchhike from FL. He's not going to give up a free meal from Bakker (with Dino cake ala mode).

Not4Prophet said...

-- haven't been able to read the comments for a while, so am pleasantly surprised to see the old fires still burning. I enjoy each comment, they are right on the Love Gift.

Thought of a jingle for an early cigarette commercial, "are you smoking more and enjoying it less?" Since Ron's retirement, that is how I feel about watching the show now. Lori makes me ill with her preposterous postsuring, posing and preening. She is really on her high horse now that she will be the warden at Lori's Little House of Horrors....

And yes there does seem to be an air of frenzied simmering panic on the set. It is interesting to watch if only to see the pressure-cooker blow.

Painiac said...

Rerun time at Mourningside. Our hero has a limitted number of potential guests who want to be a part of his infomercial. Jimbo looks like he is ready to blow. The 4th of July just be too much for the old boy.

Painiac said...

Another question. Jimbo has announced that the new production studio is about to open. The kids have done a great deal of the construction to include wiring and plumbing. There were shots of the kids wiring the new facility. I don't know what the law there is, but in this neck of the woods, one must be a licensed electrician and plumber must do that work. Anything else is illegal. There must be a final inspection before it can be opened and they must provide documentation that the work was done and signed off by licensed workers. How is our hero going to get by with unlicensed work? This will be interesting to follow.

Joe C's friend said...

to Panicky^^^: Maybe those kids are certified electricians and plumbers. Ever think of that? Don't jump to conclusions. Remember Pastor covers all the bases. Morningside is a big deal, they don't do anything half ass. Relax and chill out and stop reaching.

Buckets R Us said...

Joe C's friend said...
Maybe those kids are certified electricians and plumbers. They don't do anything half ass.
WOW...thanks for the laugh of the day! Maybe "the college" is now a trade school...Well at least Zac can show his "plumbers crack" next time he is wiring something...Watch the next thing we will here is that there was a fire at the compound!

Sasha said...

Please send your broken and unwanted gold and diamond jewelry to Frank Davis, and in return he will send you 125% of the market value back in food to help you survive in the last days!

Painiac said...

No thanks. I sold my pieces that the girls didn't want to a jeweler aquaintance who gave me estate prices instead of a token price above scrap rate. Most used jewelry is purchased at scrap rate. The metal is melted down and stones are cleaned and reset in a less expensive metal such as sterling. Of course, sterling is getting pricier too. I needed the money to get a piece of medical durable equipment that Medicare would not pay for. Even with a script from the doctor and a second opinion letter from another doctor, some pencil pusher at Medicare said I didn't need what was requested. Everyone have a great weekend.

Grandma Maxine said...

Frank Davis gave me a wonderful deal and I now have enough food for the revelation ti

Backyard carpenter said...

Those kids couldn't qualify as "tool fetchers" and "tool passers" never mind as tradesmen. You'd ask them to fetch you a stilson wrench and they'd come back with a pitchfork. Same thing goes for Bakker, that pussy, he does not even use tools correctly. He held the hammer in a choke hold when I saw him using it. Same with the drill.

Painiac said...

Several years ago, a friend of mine was seriously considering getting a condo at Mourningside. It would put her much closer to her kids and grandkids and she loved the idea of easy access to Chrisitan activities. I begged her to rent a two bedroom unit for ten days-two weeks and take her daughter and SIL with her as the SIL is a contracter and started out his business career as an electrician. I told her that she wouldn't get a good feel for the unit in one or two nights and I wanted Mike in there to check the place out from his perspective. He said from what he could see, the place barely made code.....there was lots of "gingerbread" but shoddy workmanship and a lot of obvious materials were seconds. He further said without constant preventative maintainance, the units would be a disaster in a relatively short time. After talking with some of the lower profile residents, his concerns were confirmed. One of the residents told her not to let anyone know what her financial state was or she would be pestered to death. Of course, it is no big problem to obtain somebody's financial picture these days. They left early after finding out what they needed to know.

Topeka Teresa said...

While most people with common sense know that there are some highly questionable mistruths being spread by Jim Bakker and that, even after five years in the joint, he obviously hasn't learned his lesson about misleading people, I would like to comment on one thing in particular I heard him say on TV.

He was talking about people coming to live at Morningside and about it being a "safe place" and brought up the fact that some of his "safe place" is located in a valley. He then made the remark that tornadoes don't strike in the valley. This statement is grossly false and untrue.

Not only can tornadoes hit the valley, but mature tornadoes can actually intensifiy and pick up even more power when expanding into a valley region.

It would do all of these blind and brainwashed supporters of Bakker well to start questioning things they hear and not continue to believe everything that is being said to them. This is just one example of a mistruth I heard and I am shocked nobody called him out on it and just let it slip right on by. Amazing.

No Nonsense Norski said...

Topeka Teresa,

The Frog Followers are so hypnotized by his rhetoric and stellar sales pitches, they scarcely hear what he is actually saying.

The average IQ level must hover somewhere around 50-60 and his sheeple are unable to discern truth from fiction.

Given that theory, the JBS can be viewed as a positive - thinning out the gene pool - sort of thing.

Not4Prophet said...

Topeka Teresa and No-Nonsense Norski -

Great points. So many of Jimbo's Godly proclamations are like a riddle. If his 'safe place' in the vallley is tornado-proof, then why is he spending $$$$$$ from his belivers on a tornado shelter? I believe it is in the basement of Lori's House of Horrors, and he is making the Olde Mill Inn tornado=proof.

What we have here is a immortal human being who does not want to kiss his sorry ass GOODBYE.

Not4Prophet said...

I actually meant Jimbo is a MORTAL species homo sapiens who does not want to kiss his skinny ASS Goodbye

Painiac I appreciate your matter of fact posts... keep them up

Painiac said...

Something else has caught my cynical eye. Is it just me or do they seem to be making little progress at Lori's House or the mill? It seems like we keep seeing them pushing the same stuff around. I know the programming is top heavy with reruns but our hero is not very specific about where they are in the construction. Durring the PTL days, he was giving live updates on the sites and you saw progress. Everything sounds very vague. It sounds to me like he is stretched too thin and plugging holes in the dyke rather than making real progress in any one project. I have said it before but I think he is making a big mistake looking to the 4th of July week to bail himself out. The cost of that week will be enormous. I know most of his guests are second and third tier guests but they don't come cheap. I doubt that any of them are donating their time and services. You know Flippo is going to want a large cut. Just housing and feeding the guests will be costly. My guess is that the guests will take up the lion's share of vacant condos. Just how many people does he think will show up there in their campers or want to camp in the heat? They can stay home and watch the festivities over and over in the comfort of their airconditioned home. Their 4th turn outs have been disappointing in the past. With all that he has hanging over his froggy head, it's going to take a lot to just break even. Tammy Sue has moved to Mourningside and Jimbo has given her a condo as he promised when she made her surprise appearance. I'll save my theory on that one for another day.

Buckets R Us said...

Sasha said...
Please send your broken and unwanted gold and diamond jewelry to Frank Davis, and in return he will send you 125% of the market value back in food to help you survive in the last days!
That's right "Sasha" I'm sure you will also be wearing that jewelry...but you will need a lot of it since you are getting bigger each week...LOL

Not4Prophet said...

On the live feed that is on right now, Jimbo is bouncing from fake-crying to berating his viewers who 'don't get it' like a true maniac.

Ron, the temptation to skewer Tammy Sue's hairdo today must be huge. Right now Jimbo is rambling on and on while she has been standing waiting to sing for about 10 minutes. The little Napoleon hs to be in total control, and delights in jerking his family around.

JoeC's friend said...

Pastor Jim can buy and sell all you heathens. The 4th of July event is looking very good. Good times are guaranted for all! Thanks to all who sent in their broken gold for the "Gold for God" campaign.

Anonymous said...

Joe C's friend,, what planet are you from that you think any of the folks on this blog sent gold to Jim? BTW, that is exactly where the gold goes --- to Jim.

United Press International 5-6-87 said...

Church Defrocks Jim Bakker
May 6, 1987 | United Press International

Jim Bakker, the beleaguered former television evangelist and PTL founder, was defrocked today by the Assemblies of God Church for, among other things, alleged "bisexual activity." Reasons for Bakker's dismissal "include conduct unbecoming to a minister based specifically on his confession to a sexual encounter with Jessica Hahn and his alleged misconduct involving bisexual activity," the Rev. G. Raymond Carlson, church general superintendent, said.

the crew said...

You can also send "unbroken" gold items if you wish. Every item helps the mission of salvation. Bless you all.

truebucketfan said...

U R Fishin' in the wrong waterin' hole

Painiac said...

Flippo, you naughty boy!!! Do you really expect us to believe that you and Jimbo have not been in communication durring the last six months? I almost choked when he said he had no idea that there was a "crisis" with Lori's House because they had not been speaking because he (Fippo) was embarrassed over his problems. Are we supposed to believe he hasn't been catching the show on tv or the internet. The girls from Moldova say they constantly watch Uncle Jimbo on the internet. When these fools lie about one rather big thing, you must wonder what else they are lieing about. Have a good night a great 4th.

Jessica said...

I have been away a week or so to attend to my mother who had a stroke. I was glad to read all of the comments when I turned the computer on. Great!

During this time I went to Vegas...again and I took about 5 pieces of gold jewelry, rings and chains and received $910.00 in cash. My point is...for just a few pieces of jewelry and diamonds....I came away with that amount. So, you can imagine how much money Bakker gets when idiots send him their gold and he in turn sells it. What a worm he is to make it sound like he is doing them a favor and using it for the ministry.

While in Vegas I saw a couple of pimps and cab drivers that reminded me of the Bakker show groupies and downtown Vegas a lot of Lori, Sasha, Tammy Sue look alikes. The Bakker girls all have that cheap, scaggy know what I mean?

Just my opinion.

Not4Prophet said...

Jessica good to see you back on here, and best wishes to your mother.

Parallel to what you wrote about the scaggy skank look of the girls Bakker surrounds himself with, I was just thinking that the Jesus statue with the baby lamb looking lovingly into Jim I mean Christ's face, I swear it was modeled and probably consigned by the egomaniac Jim. No Jewish Jesus has that short nose, high cheekbones and those puffy cheeks. I think he would like to believe that the lamb represents all the lost lambs that he 'takes care of', including Lori, his many so=called kids, and all the zombie lambs. Take a close look and see what you think.

always a joker in the deck = Jessica said...

Jessica = bullshit..... close to a million dollars .....Even Bakker can't throw the baloney like that. JoeC for Mayor!!!!

No Nonsense Norski said...

Just popped in to check out the 4th of July Celebration.

OMG! The Rankin Brothers really know how to make the skin crawl right off the body! Ewwww!

Ewww! Ewww! Ack! Ack! Ack!

JoeC's friend Mabel said...

Bakker's PR folks need to set up something concerning the "Jim Bakker Show" on Wikipedia. I went to try to find something and the cupboard was bare. Get on the ball folks!

Painiac said...

The last thing Jimbo wants is solid info in a consolidated location. He doesn't want a paper trail that he does not control. I have caught bits and pieces of the 4th of July Info-Thon and was really disappointed with the line up of guests. I know it is asking too much but it would be wonderful if he would take the special days like the 4th and not turn it into a major fund raiser.

They are setting up a delivery room at the House? That would require licensing as a same day surgical center even if C sections were transfered to a local hospital. As a midwife, I know that most babies ease their way into this world with no trouble at all. Given what he has planned, it will be under such scrutiny that it will be a nightmare and liability insurance will be a problem. Not smart, Jimbo.

LoriTurnsMyCrank said...

The other day on the live feed Jim mentioned that he had read on the internet something about him making money off his daughter's weddings. He couldn't remember where he read it and said he doesn't read negative shit about himself. Seems to me that I read that statement too, right here on this blog, which goes to show that Jimbo has been here, reading all the juicy tidbits about himself. Also, they have a heli-pad on the property now. Jim will be raising money for a Lori's House helicopter next.

p said...

I got quite a chuckle over the helipad. Come on!!!! The VIPS are not fighting eachother to get in there. Those days ended decades ago. Now who do you think will be using it? Does this mean the ministry will be leasing a helicopter to get Jimbo in and out of there in a hurry? I think I would have kept that little detail to myself if I were him as it screams that they have money to blow. Not the image one wants to project when trying to fund raise. After last week, we have a fresh batch of reruns to feast on. Oh, yummy. Please, no more sun oven and junk man. Too much.

Kool-aid-Kid's little brother TANG said...

Heli-pads are always a good idea in the event of a medivac emergency. The sad part is by the looks of some of the folks you'd need a "jolly green giant" helicopter to lift and evacuate them.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I was watching a re-run yesterday, but it was a show that featured The Easters gospel duet.

On the show, Bakker started bawling like a baby and said he had had one of the worst days of his life the day before.

If this was a recent show, I wonder what happened to Jimbo. Any thoughts?

By the way, the Easters lost any respect I may have had for them by fawning all over Bakker so they could sell their book and CDs.

Not4Prophet said...

I picture a 'Rosemary's Baby' scenario at Lori's Little House of Horrors. Instead of wealthy satan-worshipping elite New Yorkers, the band, gospel choir and Hallelujah zombies will surround the unknowing mother. Then the baby will be ceremoniously delivered to Faker Bakker to offer his blessing..

The helipad might be in lieu of medical facilities, so Life Flight is available for any possible litiginous snafus.

Dippy Hippy said...

Was JoeC at the 4th of July bash hosted by Bakker? He needs to get his grassroots mayoral campaign germinated, so I imagine he was greasing palms there.

Cindy B. said...

I caught a little bit of the live 4th of July festivities and I found it very interesting that Flip Cameron now says that Moldova has passed a new building code law which declared both of his Stella's Houses in Moldova unsafe for habitation. He even said that someone in Moldova told him that if either of his two Stella's Houses would collapse and kill some of the girls inside it would not be good for Flip. He now says, after raising hundreds of thousands of dollars with Bakker for these houses, that he is going to have to build a brand new house to combine both of the present houses into one and no mention was made of what will become of the two existing houses he now has there that he has spent all of that money on. Interesting. Very interesting but so typical of Jim Bakker projects LOL!

Cindy B. said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that all of this was told while fake crying without so much as one real tear streaming down Flip's face even on the close up shots.

Painiac said...

Not happy at all. Last week, for the first time in a year, I mentioned on this site that I am a midwife. Since that time, I have been bombarded with the side bar ads for midwife schools everytime I hit enter. My laptop is almost six years old and I baby it, cleaning out spyware twice a day plus defragging and scan discing. I don't have problems but I am a nut about keeping it clean as I could not afford to replace it if there was a major problem. My brother would not think twice about helping me but I try not to ask for help unless I need help with my meds or something like that. Of course, my antique tv died right before last Christmas so I had to ask him for a new one for Christmas. He's a loving brother, well off, but a real tight wad. He litterally has the first dollar he ever made, framed and hanging in his office. He has always been single with no kids as he was married to his job. I am his only family. If he found out I needed something and DIDN'T ask for help, he would be furious. I ramble. Again, I am unhappy that one can not mention a job without getting slammed with the ads. So far, it hasn't occured elsewhere. Enjoy the reruns.

Not4Prophet said...

Reruns and boiler plate begging, that is what we get

Second verse, same as the first...

LoriTurnsMyCrank said...

@Painiac ... Very interesting. I'll give it a try ... my occupation is: Seeker of Large Natural Breasts. Wish me luck!

Bakker is A OK said...

To Bakker Unbelievers: "And I will execute great vengeance upon them with furious rebukes; and they shall know I am the Lord". Ezekiel 25:17

Grandma Maxine said...

Joe C. was there for the July 4th festivities with a big smile on his face shaking hands and kissing babies!

Anonymous said...

Mr Joe C is highly respected with the Bakker homeboys and homegirls.

Painiac said...

Jim Bakker is A Ok........

Where do you get off promoting rejecting Jimbo with rejecting God? That is very cult like thinking. I find it pretty spooky. Most posters here ARE believers and find his behavior unacceptable.

Not4Prophet said...

Paniac `````

Well-said. Jim puts the fear of the wrath of God out there every program, yet at the end he grins like a goofy clown and says 'God loves you, he really really does'

Amen and amen.

Grange said...

Joe C. for Mayor! He's EARNED your support. Joe C. will do the right thing for our community.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the solar-powered generator: Many experts on the internet write that a marine battery will provide a similar amount of power at a small fraction of the cost of a solar generator.

Bakker is A OK said...

Many "so-called" experts I'll bet!^^^^^^^^^

Jessica said...

I haven't paid much attention to the ignorant hillbillies at Moronside until I read this post. As usual, the zombies are waddling after Jim Bakker and the crowd gets sillier and stupider as time goes on.

The comment that was revealing was:

to the "Bakker non believers" that God will take vengeance.......blah blah blah. As a Christian I think your suppose to believe in Jesus not a Jim Bakker. Bakker is suppose to be a vessel and a clean one at that. But, we know different about Jim Bakker don't we? Lets just get honest.

Least we forget....Bakker conspired with another idiot preacher to seduce Jessica Hahn and had sex with her at a secret location. Now, folks, he did this while he was preaching and raking in a lot of money selling Jesus and was married. In the Bible days he should have been stoned like the harlot he is. He has admitted he committed adultery and kind of laughed it off like he does everything..that it wasn't really his fault, he was set up by some bad people.....on and on. Yuk! What a weasel and all the zombies clap their hands and throw money at him and kiss his ugly butt like he is a good guy, just misunderstood. He is a convicted con man and served five years in prison. John Edwards lost his political life by doing less. He just lied and wept like all con men do when they get caught.

Can you imagine a school or any credible company hiring Jim Bakker for anything? He has a criminal record and so guess what he has to do to survive? He's good at it and so he accumulated dummies in Missouri and profits every day by selling Jesus for thirty pieces of silver and more. You zombies make the rest of the world laugh....but you suckers deserve what you get with Bakker. Wait until he drops dead. When the dust settles and the money is taken by Lori and company you all can pat yourselves on the back and go on to the next gig. Seriously stupid.

Topeka Teresa said...

These are the same dumb idiots who probably think Larry Bates is a fine Christian seller of gold and silver and refuse to believe Jim Bakker is homosexual too.

go chew. said...

Homosexuals are not evil. You, the anti-Bakker bunch, including the above, seem to throw the "gay thing" around a lot. There are many Homosexuals I would let babysit my kids. Conversely, there are few anti-Bakker folks I'd consider for that chore.

ashamed by the sick state of affairs in the church said...

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about love.

While we yet sinners Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

Jesus said in Luke 6:27 "Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you."

The bible was written for believers. The code of conduct written in the Word of God MUST be followed by those confessing to be believers in Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 2:12 Live upright lives among the Gentiles that when they speak against you as evil doers, they may see your good works and glorify God on the day He visits them.

The church is full of evil people doing so much damage to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I will believe that Jim Bakker and his followers are real Christians when I see them obeying the commands of Christ......

1 Peter 2:1 Therefore, rid yourselves of all evil behavior. Be done with all deceit, hypocrisy, jealousy, and unkind speech.

The hypocrisy in the church is bringing the judgement and wrath of God we are seeing now. No amount of survivalist supplies will save their sorry souls when God says enough!

beege mccowan said...

Kudos to you for attempting to unveil this travesty (Bakker using gullible christians to build his pocket book. I have wondered for so long why the "followers" aren't educated enough or sensitive to the leading of the "spirit" to see that Bakker's "dooms-day" survival kits are directed at those who don't understand the Bible. Why do you need one if you are a christian?

To make matters worse they attack those who are trying to educate them that this is a scam. Folks, it really is. I watched the PTL Club for years but gradually the money was the Bakker's inspiration not the Lord. Sorry, but it is there for you to see if you only will. "In the last days there will be many deceivers..." some will be quoting and preaching the word.

Jessica said...

I watched a portion of the Bakker Munster show and ugh!! Maybe I am too smart and that's why it is insulting to watch people running around screaming for Bakker like they are in an asylum for the mentally ill. They don't seem to even care about Jesus, I guess he's not exciting enough. Strange! These people can't help the world because they can't help themselves.....they are stuck on Bakker and the TV cameras.

Bakker went to prison for the very thing he is doing today...taking your money. My wish for the followers of Bakker is that he takes every penny they have and when they realize what he has done to them and they have been screwed I say GREAT! They listen to Bakker tell then the world is ending and they should spend money to store up food, generators, and lets not forget those jumpers and jewelry and sleep bands, tents, mill grinder, vitamins, lets see....I can't recall all of the products...oh yes....Dino's piano keys and books and it goes on and on. Yet, when they are warned about Bakker and his scams they fight and threaten people who disagree with Bakker. So, go ahead and keep sending and giving your money and time to him and watch what day he will die and it will be all over and the zombies will be left with ZERO.

Cannot happen soon enough...all of them deserve the big dose of reality.

Jason Wert you already have the Moronside look, white, fat and silly. You should take a good look at yourself and see what we all see. What a waste of education and time. Why wouldn't you want more for yourself. To settle for the Jesus/Bakker crap for your existence is very sad.

Cindy B. said...

Jessica, you said it all so well and I couldn't agree with you more.

Painiac said...

So this is supposed to be a summer of prophecy..............and reruns,particulary reruns. I suppose that works for those who can't get enough fear in their lives. I am appauled, looking at the audience and knowing that many of them were victims the first time around. You gotta give Jimbo credit where credit is due. He IS giving former victims free camping "down in the valley". Somehow, I just don't see many of the seniors, such as myself, camping in this blistering hot weather. I know they can forego Jimbo's large tent and get a nice three room tent at Walmart on sale, keep it closed up and buy an airconditioner. Everyone needs an air bed and a fan to keep the airconditioned air moving. The simple truth is that the average senior can not afford what he is promoting and selling. After paying my rent and electric, I have $200 dollars to last me the rest of the month. That covers med. co-pays, cab fares because I can't ride a bus anymore, and cleaning materials and paper goods. Yes, I know to clean with vinegar and baking soda to save money and clean more naturally. I have to put $10 a month aside to get the grandkids a little something for Christmas. I couldn't order their budget food packages as I can't eat most of their food due to dietary restrictions. Then there is the shipping cost which is way over priced. Contrary to what Jimbo implies, Frank sells the same food to other wholesalers who undercut Jimbo and often offer free shipping. I find it interesting that the helipad just had it's ribbon cutting. I think it is a good idea to have one just in case a resident or camper needs to be airlifted for life saving medical care. On the other hand, when my medical issues became really serious I made the quality decission to move in town from the sticks and got an apartment across the street from the regional medical center. Truth be known, I am betting that it was built in case one of the Lori's House girls needed fast hospitalization. That is a good thing but let's get honest about what we are doing and why. Y'all take care, and stay well hydrated. It looks like we are in for a long hot summer.

Bakker is cool said...

Was that the trio "Voices of Glory" on the Bakker show the other day? These anti-Bakkerites said a while back that the group had it with Bakker and his shenanigans and departed. What's up with that? Please be accurate when posting a comment folks, it hurts your credibility. Voices of Glory seemed very content.

bakker thinks he's cool said...

I am not following Voices of Glory's career, but sure have not seen them on any other paying-gig. $$$$$$ talks, dont ya know

Topeka Teresa said...

Considering that they received money to appear, plus free lodging, plus transportation, plus the fact that their career is going absolutely nowhere these days it does not surprise me one bit. I'll bet Bakker never mentioned the fact that both Michael and his brother quit the college after just a few days, did he? Talk about credibility, how about the recent show, just a day or two ago, which was a college "graduation" show where Jimbo mentioned to the kids that with the certificate he was giving them they could now take that to any network and implied they could get a job with it. Where is the credibility in that? Can you name one student who took the certificate to one network and got a job? I would say credibility is definitely not the subject Bakker supporters want to talk about if they are smart. And, will somebody please tell Jason Worm to stop wearing the exact same pair of blue jeans, blue shirt, and that awful orange red sport coat every day. It does not fit him right and he looks like he just stepped out of the Goodwill store on a sale day. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Was that Joe C, behind Bakker at the log cutting ceremony? The guy with the blue "I Care" cap on. Bakker opened a pretty good size camping area I'd say, it has everything you need. Bakker's theme song should be "Ain't nothing gonna keep me down" or maybe "I'm walking on sinshine, and it's time to feel good!!"

Anonymous said...

A theme song for Jim Bakker? Bakker's theme song should should be the rap tune "Back That Ass Up"

Grandma Maxine said...

Yes, that was Joe C. at the log cutting as he is now a resident here. As far as former students who have graduated and become successful here are a few names: Trystan, Santwanne, Charlotte, Braydon, Nate, how many more do you need?

His friend Tristan said...

Kool-aid-Kid should be back next month. He took some time off to focus on getting his GED.

Painiac said...

Masters Media Graduates? How many months were the Hayes girls there and are now graduates? Huh? Masters has some great programs but not everything that carries their name is created equal. They need to standardize the schools and get rid of the wannabes.

lol said...

Good Grief Grandma Maxine you have been eating to much of that bucket food. The high sodium is messing with your blood pressure and your brain is shutting down.

Tell us again about the past graduates successful careers in christian television. How many are producers, directors, is there a camera man in the crowd. Hello are any of them at least doing janitorial work in a christian company? How many are in the mission field? Please do update us on those stats!

Jessica said...

A few inaccurate posts regarding Ron Johnson's blog.

Ron did not take his videos off the Internet, Bakker, the felon, had them removed. If you go to his website it states that they were removed by the Bakker people. They couldn't stand or afford the truth to get out in such funny detail because it showed the world what a scum Jim Bakker is. Ron Johnson was never intimidated by the Bakker freaks! I imagine he felt like Jim Bakker and his wacky, ignorant, groupies were no longer worth it. Like if you really enjoy scamming people in the "Name of Jesus" and profiting for yourself....then so be it.

Secondly, someone posted about needing credibility when we post about Bakker. Actually, in order to watch the show and post comments I have had to leave my credibility behind. I have had to get down in the dirt and feel around because its unbelievable that people exist that don't mind being deceived. I would do this to anybody if I knew a convicted felon who spent 5 years in prison was teaching at a school that my kid attended, or preached at a church that I attended, or, worked in the same place I did...then, yes I would post about it. Think of all the politicians, school teachers, police officers who are liars and cheats that we read or hear about and the press exposes them for what they do. You probably think that is cool, but when someone rattles the cage of Bakker its poor Bakker. I don't think John Edwards is walking around with groupies (like Bakker's supporters) throwing themselves at his feet, or taking on anonymous posters to the point of falling on the sword for Bakker. Someone posted Jim Bakker is cool. Why? Because he takes money? Why are we not speaking about Jesus. Not once has anyone from the Bakker show tried to preach a message of salvation and show an example of how wonderful it is to be a Christian. Isn't that weird? All I have ever received from the Bakker camp is....go to hell and quit saying bad stuff about Jim Bakker. Not once. If there is another God, other than Bakker, then Jim Bakker, according to scripture, will be called before God and will be accountable for why he had the opportunity and didn't even attempt to convert me. When I go to hell, because I am a sinner, like Bakker, he will stand before God and explain why he didn't consider me worth saving and showing me why being a Christian is the best choice.

I was asked why I bother with this idiot show, etc. Well, even though its hard to look at you people, and all the fake crying that is done in the name of Jesus, blah, blah, blah...I hope one day I'll be part of Bakkers final chapter.

When my kids come into the room they ask to watch the Bakker Munster show because its great for a laugh especially when Lori and the girls grind away and moan and groan. Up in Hollywood there are people in bars that check the show out for a laugh. Bakker and Lori go good with peanuts and beers. Don't you all feel proud? Now give some more money so Bakker doesn't have to whip himself into a frenzy.

I Don't Swim With Jimbo said...

I heard Jim say the other day that Masters students now can graduate after only nine months instead of the past one year requirement. Considering how dumb and misled these poor souls are to begin with, lowering the requirement to graduate does not make any sense at all. He also said that one of his book keepers found some extra money out of the Lori's House and Lori's House road donations and so he built another swimming pool with it right near the new Lori's House site. What a great thing to have in these last days when money will soon be worthless, a second new swimming pool!

Painiac said...

Nine months in an accredited Community College will only get you half way to an associates degree. The Now web video awards were a joke. Just who decided who the winners were and what was their competition. It was all rank amature stuff and one would be insane to circulate it as an example of their work. On Drew's piece, the audio and video were not in sync. The high schoolers at my grandson's church are putting out better stuff. Pastor wouldn't allow that stuff on his web site. It really is sad.

Cindy B. said...

Props to Jessica! I am loving what you say and I always totally agree with your views as you see the happenings coming from Bakker's compound. Great job girl! When the students are not embarrassing themselves it becomes Bakker's turn and he often makes himself look like a total and complete fool. He said one of the Now videos had "gone viral" and was becoming a big web sensation. If you look at the kid's YouTube channel, the video, which features some tattooed kid with his baseball cap turned backwards talking to a mannequin, you see that this video has exactly 414 views and a total of 5 comments--all of which appear to be from other fellow Bakker students. For a video to "go viral" means that is has one-million views so no, this video has definitely not gone viral. LOL!!!!!!!!

Painiac said...

Please, a little respect now. You are referring to a Generation Now Video Award Winner in the comedy division. I am glad I didn't see the competition if there was any. It would be best if they keep the quality of their work a secret, if possible. Jimbo is slipping fast. There was a time when he showed a little class and intelligence. It's long gone.

Call a spade a spade. said...

BALDERDASH!!! Bakker makes money the old fashion way, he earns it. A little sweat equity and rolled up shirt sleaves has done wonders for his vision. He never begs off the US Government, what he gets is donated by kind followers. and what's wrong with that!! You trolls bitch and bitch and Bakker keeps going on. Like a steam roller or General Sherman tank he paves a straight course and riff-raff like you can't do a damn thing about it, ce3pt bitch and complain. Jessica do something constructive instead of blowing your money at places like Suckertown Las Vegas. Donate. Joe C. for Mayor and to all Bakker friends: God Bless You, bigtime!!

truebucketfan said...

Just as a practical issue, Jimbo's Love Gifts aka impulse panic items, are routinely made obsolete, so the buyer is stuck with lesser versions of his crap.

I wish I had kept track of the now-useless or inferior products and their cost that he peddles on this infomercial that he calls his show.

1. First it was the backpack that Lori developed, that had a few packs of wallpaper-pasty survival food, a flint fire starter, small packets of water, and various and other sundry wimpy camping items.

2. If my memory serves correctly, then came a parade of paranoia items, such as 'sleep bands', radiation cell-phone force-field stickers.

3. Introduction of the squeeze-bottle water purifier that was totally clumsy, inferior and a joke! I'ms sure they were ordered by the minions anyway. After the flockers had these, they were then sold the SAYCHELLE super duper $$$ water pitchers. More $$ thrown at Jimbo.

3. Then the biggie ($$$$ for the ministry), SILVER SOL EXTRAVAGANZA --continuing on with the paranoia theme -- It seemed like the connection from the Silver Sol guy lead to Jimbo's ministry's salvation FOODBUCKETS, versions 1, 2 and 3... bigger and better!!

It goes on ad nauseum to this day..

Obsoletion = your money wasted

Painiac said...

Yeh, but you've gotta love that freeze dried icecream to top them off.

truebucketfan said...


LOL talk about nauseum!

Jessica said...

Someone that posted just told me I should donate my money to a charity or Bakker (the real truth)instead of going to Vegas to gamble, blah, blah, blah!

Sounded jealous to me. Must get tired of kissing Bakker's butt so they can appear on television. But brainwashing does take a toll. Also, I'm not using the word "bitch" unlike the poster for Bakker. You should have your tongue slapped with some Bakker soap. Oh he hasn't come up with that yet...surely he has some kind of ointment that would work on filthy talking christian. I can swear to, but I chose not too.

Anyways, just for the other posters who may think I am an airhead and only want to gamble, drink beer, and laugh at the Bakker Munster show and encourage others to join in, I donate to causes like: Breast Cancer and Abused children. Sounds like worthy causes to me. What do you think? Would I be a better person if I sent Bakker and his groupies $100 instead of donating to relevant issues? Check this out: Bakker is a non-issue other than he is a convicted preacher and begs for money. Wait! He has groupies to do that for him. He just fake cries and prances around like the little dynamo he thinks he is. Do you zombies actually like his face? Just think this Bakker face dragged Jessica Hahn into a hotel room and initiated her with his version of Christlike ministry. (My opinon only on whether he dragged her or not). I think he and Pastor Fletcher plotted the tryst. Isn't that sickening zombies? Can you even write your checks to Bakker and not want to gag? Maybe not. He certainly has changed the world for Jesus. Can someone get back to me while I'm gambling and drinking beer and let me know how many souls this group of Bakkerlites, including the wizard Jason Wert, have converted to Jesus in 2012? I'll make it easy because some of the groupies can't count beyond 35 1/2.

I'll wait for the number and if it sounds good, I'll play in on the next trip to Vegas.

5 will get u 10 said...

Mark my words! The Bakker bunch will over book those camping facilities like they did the PTL condos. They have about 100 plots and end up renting out 100,000. History will repeat itself. Donating to any religious thing is a gamble in itself, similar to going to Vegas. You're gambling that there is a heaven and you'll end up going there by your contributions.

lol said...

Calling a spade a spade has a filthy mouth. Filthy mouths, filthy minds, filthy sex addicts. Who knew these were qualities of a christian! One thing these Bakker christians never fail to do is entertain us with their boorish, nasty behavior.

Painiac said...

Hey LOL!!!! Perhaps a few zombie mouths need to be scrubbed with Silver Sol. WE would never hear the end of it if we addressed them in that fashion. As it should be. If I can't communicate strongly without vulgarity, I need to go back to school. Perhaps ghetto mouth is proper Now Generation communication.

Call a spade a spade said...

To lol, go to hell! I could give two shits what you think about me. You stupid person!

truebucketfan said...

Nothing shocks anyone anymore!!

Phi Cameron casually saying all his orphan's homes have to be torn down and he needs a fortune now to rebuild - even bigger and better!@!! Okay for him in his little mind, but NOT Okay for the U.S. of America to rebuild the World Trade Center again, let alone bigger and better!!

Jim Bakker casually inserting in his cry-fest show that he was molested, made it sound like it was a good 'church' person who was the molester, and the cause of his downfall. Guess that is the new low level he has sunk to.

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