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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jim Bakker scribbles on Zach, talks junk with Bill Whaley part 3

Gord Pedersen: 'How does that Silver Sol shit work again?'
This is the final post for this episode. If you haven't already read the first part, please click here for part 1 of Jim Bakker scribbles on Zach, talks junk with Bill Whaley.

I wasn't aware that Dr Gordon Pedersen was the man behind Silver Sol, but he's the one in the commercial so now he owns it in my book. He tells us some gobbledy-gook about his miracle tonic, explaining that the particles of silver are so tiny that they can 'enter a red blood cell'. He says this is good because there's nothing to 'irritate or agitate', and that the particles of silver are just there to 'kill the germs'. I haven't been following the Silver Sol scene, but this sounds very, very stupid to me. Why would anyone voluntarily ingest something that is going to enter their blood cells and 'kill the germs'? How does silver know the difference between a germ and a blood cell? This sounds like an experiment the Japanese would do on Allied POWs to see how long they'd survive. Why would anyone even waste their time with this? It's so stupid it's laughable.

This is what happens when you follow Jim Bakker's advice
I did a little looking on this Dr Gordon Pedersen. Don't let the white lab coat fool you, because Gordon Pedersen is not a medical doctor. He has a PhD from a toxicology program which sounds promising, but in this press release he's billed as the “Anti-Aging Master Formulator” which causes my quack-alert siren to whoop loudly inside my head. I don't feel very comfortable here, Mr Pedersen. Didn't this silver stuff turn some guy's skin blue like a smurf not too long ago? I think I'll pass on your miracle tonic this time around. My body already does a good enough job 'killing the germs' and you know what they say: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I'll tell you what though: When I'm on my deathbed, I'll take a swig and see if it does anything for me. Does it cure dying?

Jim Bakker's Blue Skin Ointment w/ bonus Amoeba Pot, $88
Zach announces a Silver Sol package for $600, then Sasha announces a case of 50 for $900. These packages come with Neti Pots. Why hasn't Jim told us the scary stories involving Neti Pots and brain-eating amoebas? Hasn't he heard about the people who have died after using them? It's strange to think that nobody on that stage has heard about the Neti Pot amoebas, and it makes me wonder if Jim's hiding the truth a little bit there so as not to cut into his own product sales. Blue skin coloring and brain-eating amoebas...that's two strikes against this Silver Sol package already. Yet Jim Bakker is still selling it with no mention at all about these serious risks? Doesn't sound very honest to me, Pastor Bakker.

Lori says "Wow!" while Jim gulps air
We're out of the commercial and back to the Junk Man Show with Jim Bakker. Jim asks a question designed to lead Whaley into a product demonstration, but the Junk Man's having none of it. These are direct quotes:
Jim:I've read that you help street people stay warm...One of the biggest problems people are going to have is when the power goes out. How do you keep from freezing?”
Junk Man:Let's go to the street first.”
Jim just has to sit there and take it. He's on the couch, leaning on his knee and staring at Whaley, but he's powerless to do anything. The old coot just keeps going on. For her part, Lori loves listening to this guy. She turns to the camera and mouths the word 'Wow!' as Whaley talks.

Whaley grabs his papers as Jim dreams of a happy place
Uh oh, Whaley just stepped over into la-la land. Now he's talking governmental conspiracy against the poor, the homeless, and the 'working people'. He's using the fingers on his hands to count off each targeted group. Jim, you need to step in and stop this now. A man uncovering conspiracy at this level is a man that the government will do everything to silence. The FBI probably has a file as a thick as a book on this Whaley character, hell there's probably agents in your audience right now keeping tabs on him. You don't need this kind of heat Jim, you don't need it!

The Junk Kook spices things up with conspiracy talk
Whaley has now reached for a stack of papers to expose a Senate Bill designed, according to the Junk Kook, to outlaw people from growing gardens. Lori's little mind has been blown by this conspiracy. We hear her off-camera saying, "Unbelievable. Unbelievable". With his stack of papers in one hand, Whaley employs use of his other hand to count off even more targeted groups. He's talking farming, saying something about us controlling the food. He then says, 'Guess who else we control?' Then bam, an edit arrives just in time. Just in time to save Whaley's life, and possibly everyone at Morningside. Whatever information he had was bound to uncover conspiracy at the highest levels of government. They will stop at nothing, Bill, nothing. Now I understand why you live 'off the grid'.

The Junk Kook's audio was cut. What secrets did he expose?
The edit was abrupt, and now it goes straight to Bakker. Jim feeds into Whaley's conspiracy a little bit, talking about some weird government crackdown on an Amish farmer selling raw milk. The camera shows Whaley with a smirk on his face while he points to his papers and speaks, but there's no sound because it's an edit job. Wow, I wonder how long he droned on for before the kids cut him off in the editing room? How much more conspiracy is lying on the Jim Bakker Show cutting room floor? Maybe Jim Bakker himself is part of the conspiracy to silence the Junk ever think of that one, Bill?

Finally, Bakker has taken back a little control. He moves from the Amish farmer straight into Lori's House, telling us that he's being called 'evil' for building a home to save babies. No Jim, that's not why you are called evil. You are called evil because you prey on the elderly and mentally-incompetent, earning their trust specifically so you can take their money. You are called evil not because you are building a home to save babies, Jim, but because you lie about why people call you evil.

Bakker: 'Oh my God, I've invited a lunatic onto my show.'
Jim turns back to Bill and pleads with him, “We can't get political. They'll put me away, Bill.” That's Jim's way of saying, 'Knock off the soapbox shit and get to the trinkets'. Bakker asks the Junk Kook how we can stay warm if the power grid goes down. Hey Bill, I'll take this one for you. Jim, the secret is layers. Thermals, jackets, whatever you have in the closet. You know the way you're dressed when you go outside in the cold? Just dress like that inside. Add a blanket if you need to. Burn some wood in a fireplace, maybe even roast some marshmallows! Next question please.

Whaley pouts after Jim shoots down his conspiracy theory
The Junk Kook was still thumbing the pages of his conspiracy documents when Jim told him to knock it off. I'm pretty sure he's pissed off now because he's acting like a bratty child who was just told to sit still at a Christmas party. He's back to flopping his hands up and down on the arms of his chair, and he has a little smirk on his face. Bill Whaley, a sixty-something man who once flew choppers in Vietnam, is pouting.

The Junk Kook doesn't like being silenced. Without neighbors, he pretty much lives in silence all the time save for his dumpster divin' wife. Deep down inside, I think what Bill Whaley wants are friends, people to talk to and people to listen. Unfortunately, years of living like a mountain man have made him strange. Picking through garbage is strange. Dreaming up conspiracy is strange. If he were a kid, he could break out of that strangeness bubble and live normally like everyone else. But the Junk Kook is already into his sixties. There's no changing a man who's had that much time to become weird. So, the Junk Kook's inner desire for friendship will never be satisfied unless he finds a friend who is also strange. And that'll just make him weirder.

Bill Whaley angrily snatches bag off table
Since the Junk Kook is pouting, he didn't accept Jim's first invitation to tell us all how to keep warm. Now Jim has to really prod him into action. Jim chooses his words carefully, saying “You have so many things, I don't know which ones you want to go to first. Do you want me to pick or do you want to tell me?” That bratty child who was told to sit down is now being told to pick a present and open it while everyone watches. Whaley angrily snatches an empty plastic bread bag off the table. This guy is cracking me up, he's really pissed off that Jim told him to stop with the conspiracy crap. He hoists the bag over his head and, in a condescending tone, asks everyone on stage what they would do with it. He has such a look of disdain on his face as he asks this, he's just dying to point his finger at everyone on stage and call them dummies.

Bill Whaley: 'I'm holding gasoline in my hand you dummies.'
After a pause, Bakker says he would throw the bag away. Kevin follows the leader and says he would throw it away too. At this point, I think they want to throw Bill Whaley away with the bag too. The Junk Kook looks down his nose at us and says, “I'm holding gasoline in my hand.” Kevin Shorey feigns shock at this announcement, and Whaley reiterates that the plastic bag can be converted to gasoline. He once again holds his prized plastic bag up, and then we get a very long, awkward pause. I thought my DVR froze, but nope that's just the deafening sound of silence on stage. Whaley has completely killed any amount of viewer interest in him with his pouting act, and now he's going nuts with the bread bag. Everyone, and I mean every single person on that stage, is on the defensive with him. They've all now realized that he's a lunatic.

Whaley's 'latex glove': The bane of canines everywhere.
The plastic bag is not just gasoline, Whaley tells us. It's also a latex glove that can be used to pick up dog 'droppings'. I'm very suspicious of this statement, Bill. Out in my neck of the woods, we don't associate latex gloves with dog crap. We associate them with people crap, and more specifically, the holes where the people crap comes from. Are you bread-bagging your hands and giving rectal examinations out there in 'off-the-grid' land? And who are you examining? There are exactly two people in those woods where you live, plus one unlucky dog. Please don't tell me you're...I just...don't you dare hurt that dog, Bill.

Bill Whaley's dog being inspected for worms
Whaley goes on about the multi-use bread bag. He uses it to store butchered chickens in the freezer, and god knows what else. He also puts his skid-marked underwear, ratty t-shirts and mismatched socks in the bag so they don't get wet. What about bread, Bill, do you ever put bread in the bag?

Bill wears the bags on his feet in the wintertime. He says he puts them on his feet, then puts socks over them to keep his feet warm. You're a military man, Bill. Isn't that a recipe for trench foot? Or do you use the water generated by your sweaty, suffocating feet for brushing your teeth?

Whaley ends his childish tirade by asking a question. With his prized bag once again held up with both hands and a voice filled with utter contempt, he turns to Jim and Lori and asks, “Why would I throw it away?” As he asks, he jingles the bag ends so that the plastic makes noise.

Jim talks Whaley down off the ledge as Lori daydreams
Jim got a lot more than he bargained for with this guest. Jim is sweating, oh man is he sweating. He moves to a new question, and as he poses it he sounds like a psychiatrist trying to keep a wild-eyed mental patient from setting himself on fire.

Bakker is really shaken. He says, “Bill, what you're telling us is we can use the things around us to survive. We don't have to lay down and die.” Whaley is folding the plastic bag into a neat square as Jim speaks. Bakker looks to the audience for applause and gets it, and then we see Jim with a look of worry on his face as he gulps down a mouthful of air. Disaster averted, but what's up next?

Bill Whaley loves knowing more about garbage than we do
Whaley has lightened up now. The tension was cut by the applause, and now Bill Whaley feels respected again. He grabs another piece of garbage, an empty spaghetti sauce jar. Actually, I wouldn't classify this one as garbage if you have liquids you want to store. It depends on the liquid, of course. I might use it for pickled eggs, while the Junk Kook might use it for urine bombs. Let's see.

God, Whaley is so obnoxious. He has a way of speaking that is demeaning to all around him. Lori picks up on it subconsciously, because now she's referring to him as 'sir'. He's an asshole without justification. He tells all of us dummies that we can use the sauce jar as a measuring cup. He also says that we can use it to serve drinks in. He suggests giving it to children to drink from, so if they break it they “don't break your good stuff.” You know what I would use your glass jar for, Bill? A baseball. I would tee that sucker right up, then shatter it into a million unusable pieces with a baseball bat. Oh hey, give me that bread bag too, it'll make a great noise maker. Just blow it up full of air, hold the open side closed, then clap your hands together quickly. Pop!

A frozen Jim Bakker tries to figure a way out of this debacle
Jim is frozen solid on the couch. Lori reacts well to assholes, she likes that sort of leadership, but Jim doesn't. He's not quite sure what to do here.

Now the Junk Kook grabs a 2-liter bottle that he chopped in half. It's not chopped well, it looks like he hacked it in half with a butter knife or clipped it down with nail clippers. I also can't rule out the possibility that he had his wife bite through it. Whaley is finding his groove now. He leans back in the chair and asks, “What can you do with a 2-liter bottle?” See that's the problem, Bill, it's the way you introduce your items. Stop asking us what we can do with your garbage and just show us instead.

Plastic bottle that Whaley's wife bit in half
You ask us questions that you think we can't answer in order to make us feel small. But it's not that we can't answer them, it's that we don't really care. You deal in garbage, the stuff I toss out with a smile on my face. Whenever I have to go back into my garbage to find something that was thrown out accidentally, I don't smile. I grimace and I hold my nose, and sometimes I even ask my wife for help because it's so disgusting to me. When you pose questions designed to make people feel dumb for not knowing the ins-and-outs of the garbage heap, you fail in your quest for friendship. Normal people don't like that.

From the 2-liter bottle, Whaley says he can make a water filter, ice holder, and funnel. Bakker breaks free from his daze and jumps on the funnel idea. Jim grabs the funnel from the table and tells us how we could use it to add gas to our cars if we needed to. Does Jim not know that gas cans come with spouts? I'll go one further: Does Jim not know that funnels can be purchased for a couple dollars at Home Depot? With the dollar Jim gave Lori earlier in the show, they're already halfway down the road to funnel ownership. See how easy that is, Jim?

Papa Whaley took little Jimmy's funnel toy away from him
Whaley isn't having any of Jim's gas-can funnel crap. He takes the funnel away from Bakker like a parent taking scissors from a toddler and completely ignores Jim's suggestion. I get the feeling that the Junk Man is thinking, 'Thanks for humoring us buddy, but let's leave the survival stuff to the experts.' Jim was still talking as Whaley took the funnel back from him, he even looked to his audience for support while stammering out, “Isn't that a good..good idea?” I hate to say it, but I'm actually starting to pull for Bakker in this fight. Whaley's a total jackass and needs to be put in his place. If Bill were an ass because he doesn't like Bakker, I'd be on his side. He isn't though. Bill Whaley's an ass because Bill Whaley's an ass.

"...teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."
Ugh, the Junk Man tells us something about poking holes in the bottle, stitching it with twine, and adding bread crumbs to make a 'minnow catcher' for fishing. What happened to you out there in that Vietnamese jungle, Bill? What did you see that's got you so spooked? You're back home in America now, Bill. You don't need to do this, we are friendlies and you are safe. You can go to the store and buy bait from an honest man who is happy to sell to you. Hell, you can even skip the bait and just buy a fish! Don't worry, you will not encounter any VC here. No land mines, no crushed glass in your Pepsi. Just relax sir and calm down. Now please tell me: Are you carrying any knives or other weapons on your person right now?

'Wait 'till the Feds get a load of my urine bombs, muhahaha!'
Whaley is still obsessing over the bottle. He's showing us how he can add one of his black-painted glass bottles inside the larger plastic bottle, fill one of the two with soup (I don't know which), and cook the soup outside in the sun. As he's configuring this thing, it's making all kinds of annoying ripping and tearing noises as he tries to fit everything together. Why Bill? Why would I waste my time? What you are showing us is so unimportant, it really is. If I had a choice between doing all that menial crap to sun-cook my soup, or just eating cold soup...I'll eat cold soup, Bill. Really, I would.
[Bill Whaley] [showing me how to configure the soup cooker] "So you just take this piece here and add this part...wait, hold on, I think I'm missing something."
[Ron] [eyes glossing over] "It's okay Bill, I don't need all that stuff. I'll just eat it cold."
[Bill Whaley] [shock bordering on offense] "Cold soup? Who wants to eat cold soup!? Just gimme a second, there's a piece missing. We'll get your soup cooking in no time!"
[Ron] [looks at watch] "Bill, it''s fine. Can I have my soup back please?
[Bill Whaley] [red-faced and aggressive] "No you cannot have your soup back please, I haven't shown you how to heat it yet! Just give me a second."
[Ron] "These aren't seconds anymore, these are minutes now and I'm hungry."

Bill growls threateningly.

[Ron] [laughing] "Why are you getting so upset?"
[Bill Whaley] [screaming] "I'm not upset!"

Bill Whaley rubs his 40-grit palms together
Jim refers to Whaley's soup-warming contraption as a 'solar cooker'. I'm not sure that 'cooker' is the right word as I don't think anyone will be sizzling bacon in it anytime soon, but whatever. It gets hot, wow. Bill also says we can take a sand-filled soda can, paint it black, then set it in the sun to make a hand warmer. Ahhh, Bill knows just how to make things nice and cozy on those crisp Ozark mornin's. Bill really lays it on us thick with the hand warmer, even rubbing his hands together as he describes it. The sound his hands make when rubbed together are like sandpaper on a wood deck. Don't let the dumpy looks fool you, because the Junk Man isn't all about business: He's pleasure too.

The Junk Kook snaps rubber band off yet more garbage
Jim asks Bill what else he has for show-and-tell. I hope this is over soon because my Bill Whaley Junk-O-Meter is running into the red zone. I'm very near to experiencing a junk overdose, and I'm considering buying a furnace for all of my garbage to prevent it from falling into the hands of the other Bill Whaleys of the world.

Bill asks one of the Master's Media kids to pass him a piece of garbage that's out of reach. It's yet another crinkly piece of plastic. If this guy lived next door to me, he would drive me bonkers. I recycle. I have plastic and glass bottles wrapped up in bags on the side of my house, not stacked, just lying out there nice and clean, awaiting the few times each year when I have time to unload it all at the recycling center. If Bill lived next door, I just know that guy would be breaking my balls every couple weeks or so, asking if he could have my plastic. I'd have to tell him no, but then I'd realize that he's looking at my house and probably rooting through my garbage at night when I'm sleeping. I'd be powerless to stop him. It would drive me nuts.

The Junk Tornado unwraps loudly while Lori tries to speak
Whatever Whaley's next piece of garbage is, he has it encased in a plastic bag. Is that to keep it clean? He snaps off two rubber bands from the bag and starts unraveling the treasure inside. Meanwhile, Lori is talking, or at least trying to talk. She's saying something about the Master's Media kids, but Bill keeps driving on with his unpacking. He's like a Junk Tornado: All we see and hear is the crinkling of plastic, rubber bands snapping, and cups or pieces of cups flying about. Whaley's in his zone now, he has no time for Lori's child's play and small talk. Lori's voice trails off as she completes her sentence and stares at Bill, then we all listen and watch for a few awkward seconds as the Junk Tornado finishes unpacking. The ball is back in Whaley's court now.

Bill Whaley struggling to snug his water filter down tight
"This is a coffee creamer bottle. I just cut the bottom off of it." Whaley's face is glowing, he loves this stuff. "I went down to Walmart for $7 and bought me one of those Brita pitcher filters." Bill then drops one of those 'Brita pitcher filters' into his creamer bottle. It's a near perfect fit. Bill pulls down hard on the other end of the filter, you can see the strain on his face as he snugs the filter into the plastic bottle and seats it. He holds it up for us to see and declares proudly, "Now I got a water filter that'll filter 40 gallons of water anywhere I want to go with it." Bill, my good man...what you call a water filter, I call a smoking gun. Did you know that Jim Bakker actually sells expensive Seychelle water filters for over 3 times the price you just mentioned? In fact, the chair your sitting in was probably still warm from Dr Seychelle's last visit! Don't know who Dr Seychelle is, Bill? Well let me describe him for you, you might like him!

Detective Bill Whaley holds the smoking gun for all to see
First off, Dr Seychelle is not really a doctor at all, but Jim insists on calling him one and the fake doctor doesn't seem to mind. His real name is Carl Palmer. He has a face full of plastic surgery, is the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, and has what might be called a 'trophy wife' who operates as a 'Holistic Dental Hygienist'. That sound like your kinda' people, Bill? Or can I just call you 'Dr Whaley''ll make people trust you more!

You want conspiracy, Bill, well you just got one. A real one this time. You are now in competition with the fake Dr Seychelle and his froggy little buddy, Jim Bakker. You are on a show whose sole intent is to sell product. You, Bill, with all your quirks, are still at heart trying to help people. If you thought that's what Jim Bakker was about, you've made a mistake. The Jim Bakker Show is designed for product-sales, not people-helping. Showing people how to make a cheap water filter is a noble effort on your part, but in Jim's calculating mind, why would he give people something for free when he can charge them for it instead?

Jim got away from the $7 water filter real quick
Jim's subdued response to Bill's water filter: "Oh my lamb." Bakker had no idea this was going to happen and I can see the wheels turning in his mind, trying to figure out how to brush this under the rug as fast as possible without people catching on. We get one more sentence from Bill before edit: "That's how simple it is to have good clean water." Jim says, haltingly, "It really is. What's next?" Lori is next to Jim with a smile plastered on her face, but I can see her little mind chugging along as well. I'm pretty sure she caught on to the water filter fiasco too, but hell for all I know she's daydreaming about sex and crack-pipes. You never really know with minute she's thinking about abortion, the next minute she's thinking about balloons.

Biker Chick Max tries to remember how much Jim's filters cost
As I said, a heavy edit took place here. The next time we see Bill he's snapping a rubber band back onto the plastic-covered water filter set that took him so long to unwrap earlier. No statement on this, Pastor Bakker? Shouldn't you be suggesting to us all that we save our money on pricey Seychelle filters and just build Dr Whaley's $7 filters instead?

We're back to Jim's first question about how to keep people warm, and Bakker once again refers to homeless people as 'street people'. Whaley grabs a large tin can and starts pulling metal objects out of it while Jim is still talking. Clank, clink, clunk. I know you're off the grid Bill, but I think someone is eventually going to find you out there because of all the noise you make. Do you get a lot of hungry bears out your way?

Bill Whaley removes small metal can from large metal can
The Junk Man is glowing again. I get the feeling he could talk junk, garbage and scavenging all day and night, then continuing on into the morning. Bill Whaley fails among men, but at the garbage heap he reigns supreme. Bill grabs Jim's sharpie, the same one used to write on Zach's forehead, and draws a square on the tin can. He tells us that we can cut out the square of tin, bend it over a stick, and 'put a nail through it' to make a frying pan. I have to say, when Bil grabbed the Zach sharpie and started drawing I was expecting a little more from him then a piece of tin attached to a stick. Let's throw that one out Bill, it's sort of lame. Even a gorilla could figure that one out. And by gorilla, I mean Zach Drew.

'Scuse me brother, any sausage cans to spare?
If we want to make a heater instead, Bill tells us to add a couple inches of dirt or sand to the tin can. Then we take a Vienna Sausage tin can, add wax and some pipe cleaners to make a candle. Bill, this one's even more lame. Where am I going to find an empty Vienna Sausage can? Do I need to find a hobo in a train car and rifle through his plaid knapsack while he's passed out drunk? And if I already have wax, wouldn't I also already have a candle? Bill, did you know they make things called tealight candles that can be purchased for less than a twenty cents a piece? You need to get out more and stop handling so much garbage, I think all the toxic metals have started to turn your brain into pudding.

Bill's still driving on with his candle heater. He tells us to place the sausage-can candle into the big tin can, then take a "big 62 oz juice can", poke holes in it and place it over the top of this unwieldy contraption to make a tiny, ineffective heater. I wouldn't even know what a 62 oz juice can looks like, but Bill has the sucker memorized. You've been hanging around the garbage heap for far too long Bill. Here's a life tip: If you converse with more rodents each day than people, then you need a serious change of lifestyle. It's not healthy for your mind.

Jim asked the Junk Kook for his thoughts on the economy
Bakker wants some fear-mongering from Whaley to close the show with. Jim asks the Junk Kook, a man completely unqualified to give answers on, well, anything, if he thinks the dollar is going to 'totally collapse'. Whaley says that this year the 'financial institution' is going to hit everybody and it's going to hit us hard. Jim Bakker, of course, loves hearing the unqualified Bill Whaley predict economic disaster. He looks to the audience and says, "Now listen to what he's saying people. This is what I've been trying to warn you and warn you and warn you..."

I'll get by just fine without your plastic bread bag, Bill
Finally, the show winds down. Bakker asks Whaley to address the critics who call his gimmick stupid. Whaley tells us "your dollar's gettin' littler every day", and asks, "What happens when you can't buy this?" Bill, if I'm so stupid that I can't figure out how to stay warm with all the extra clothes in my closet, or how to crack open a can of Campbell's soup and eat it, then I guess I'll just die. That really sums it up for me, I'd rather lose out and die then spend my life living in fear of ridiculous things like roving gangs, dying of thirst, starving, or freezing to death. I'm not a settler on the frontier.

But let's be honest here: The scary world you describe is not going to happen in our lifetime. We don't live in Sudan, we live in America. Among other things, we have police, military, business, and multiple layers of government filled with fellow citizens who have a vested interest in keeping everything under control. The doom-speakers and fear-mongers like Jim Bakker know this too. That's why they take cold hard cash as payment for their products and speaking engagements. They prey on dimwits who've been watching too many scary movies. Think about it for a second: if Jim Bakker really thought the world was going to fall apart, wouldn't he be doing something to prevent it instead of catering to it?

How much did Jim Bakker pay for your integrity, Bill?
Bakker ends the show with one final pitch for his Wheat Buckets. The high hopes I had for Bill Whaley's integrity have now vanished, because Jim tells us that every $100 Wheat Bucket sold today comes with a free DVD of the Junk Kook in action. We see Bill sitting in his chair, twiddling his thumbs and smiling as if he just swallowed a canary. Bill must be thinking that he pulled a fast one over on Jim, but believe me Bill, the only one pulling a fast one in this relationship is Jim Bakker. You are a tadpole swimming with the largest toad in the swamp, and he's been swimming in this swamp for years.

The show ends, then we get a five-minute commercial for foodbuckets.


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Anonymous said...

If Tanya is actually who the above zombie says she is then I am sure Tanya would love to know why Susan Ruiz was treated in the manner she was while living at Morningside. I am very certain of that fact. Since @8:34 has the facts let us know the answer please.

Anonymous said...

Jim received a doctor's degree while in prison? That would have to make him a proctologist.

Brother Dortch said...

When reading through this blog's comments, you almost have to excuse the Morningside so-called "students" for their stupidity. When you are 18 or 19 you are at that age when you think you know it all, but find out later in life, you really knew nothing about being a grown adult at all. These kids are not the brightest bunch in the world and have opted, instead of attending real college, to get a worthless piece of paper from a program that will do absolutely nothing to them, or for them, which is why Bakker does not charge one person, except for Zach's Daddy, any money to attend the fake college. If my name was Zach Drew, and I knew my Dad was being taken advantage of in this fashion, I could never face my Dad again until I registered a major apology. I would then repay him the money he spent. That would be the only decent thing a good and very mature adult son would do.

Many of you might have heard Zach boasting over the air that he arrived at Morningside over 3 years ago and was almost immediately placed in front of the cameras. Zach then said the rapid advancement to the stage caused him to get a "big head" as he put it. He went on to proclaim that, because he had that "big head" about him, that God stepped in and pulled him completely off the air for a seven month stint behind the scenes where he was not seen or heard from at all. He added that he needed that lack of exposure because he was being immature and acting in an unbecoming way because of his ego acting up dur to the daily presence on Jim's show.

I feel what is happening here, by his comments on this blog, is that the afore mentioned "big head" is now back again and is spinning somewhat out of control. "The Bossman" routine sickens me.

Zach, and the rest of these Masters Media kids, obviously had no idea that Ron's blog even existed until they arrived at Morningside. I would like to think that, had they known of its existance beforehand, they might have been led to pursue another avenue in life such as attending a real college and then a seminary where they could contribute to Christianity in a positive and legitimate fashion.

I am sure this blog, by now, has been read by many prospective "students" and parents who have used the valuable opinions contained herein to affect an important change in their life--staying the heck away from Jim's three ring circus and doing something much better and far more productive with their lives. Can I get a witness? Amen!

Anonymous said...

I watched just a bit of TS appearing on the show via youtube. She came out singing and continued to sing even though pappy con started his fake frog crying. Why didn't she take more time out to greet him? The song was more important to her then daddy. So, she is like the old man. Use people to get what she wants. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

"The Return of Tammy Sue" episode, fake crying and all, is now posted for viewing in the video archive of Bakker's website.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Zach went to buy a pizza at Gilberti's and after ordering, the owner asked him if he would like his loaded pizza cut into six pieces or twelve. "Six please" he said, "I could never eat twelve!

Anonymous said...

Good morning zombies!

If you need proof that Jim was lying about how surprised he was that Tammy Sue returned, just watch the archived show again.

1. Tammy Sue comes out singing.

2. After the song they chat on air.

3. During the chat, Jim says that Tammy Sue has signed on to produce music on his label.

How could Jim possibly know that Tammy Sue was signed to his own label without having arranged this entire "comeback" himself?

Anonymous said...

Watched a little bit of the staged reunion of Tammy Sue and Jim. Tammy Sue has given Jim the will to go on. He said he was ready to quit because of the spiritual warfare he is going through to buy Morningside from the Crawfords. More crocodile tears as he pleads for money to buy Morningside. The old fools will be so excited about the Tammy Sue reunion they'll send the money.

Anonymous said...

I'd love it if just one person at the live taping said they actually saw wet tears in Jim's eyes during that reunion.

Beautiful show said...

The "Tammy Sue Returns" episode is the highest viewed show ever. It has garnered an audience in the Millions and millions, making it e one of the highest viewer watch shows in the history of Religious programming. Congratulations Jim and Lori, Kevin, Zach and the rest. Good Job. I'm sure even amongst the zombies who watched there was not a dry eye in any house. Kool-aid-Kid cried like a baby I'll bet. Nice, sweet. Incidentally, I would imagine it was a record sales day at Morningside. Great show all around.

Anonymous said...

I'd invite you on the boat this weekend Kool-aid Kid but we don't have facilities for "dish washing" so we can't use you.

Anonymous said...

You give yourself away every time you mention money - your true intentions are clear. So sickening.

Believe me, I didn't cry when I watched. I vomited a little, though.

Jessica said...

Bakker's daughter "Ms. Froglett" needs to make a buck too, so she is doing to daddy what he is doing to the zombies.....taking their money!

Will be entertaining to watch them begging and crying...and Lori will have a meltdown being upstaged by the younger Tammy Fay look alike.

Bakker prefers younger women to front him....(Jessica Hahn was 21 when begging her to minister to the prophet). Looking forward to episodes of "As the Zombies World Turns" and right down the alley of the old zombies. The younger zombies don't care...they just want to see their faces (ugh!) on camera.

...sorry (kinda)for the zombies who get screwed, but they have had many opportunities to get off the money train but they love, love their Bakker Judas.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Moronside Zach @ 942am

That's okay fat Zach, I'd rather be on the shore watching the Frog's boat sink from all the overweight fake moronside student onboard.
The local newspaper will have a headline reading " Whales Sighted On Local Lake". Read all about it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful show @ 9:22

"It was a nice sales day". Thank you for admitting to all of us, including the IRS, this show is all about sales, nothing about Jesus.

Millions tuned into to watch the dog and pony show to laugh at Jim crocodile tears of the staged presentation of his fat, goth, daughter's return, and for no other reason!

Anonymous said...

KAK-- Ok, you make $3.25, and flip burgers. As far as the tough guy stance------Dream on, Son!!!!!!!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Moronside Zach @ 1113am

Wrong again chubby. LOL Keep guessing.
Son? LOL

don't get it. said...

A father meets his daughter after an extended period of time and is reduced to tears. Why is that so hard for trolls to comprehend?? If you were away from your Dad (girls) for a few years, say you were in the Military and overseas, and he met you at the airport, he might cry, what's the big deal?

No Nonsense Norski said...

Finally viewed the first edition of Prodigal Daughter, Tammy Sue's Triumphant Return to her Frog Prophet Papa.

What a Cavalcade of Contrived Crocodile tears! Hallelujah! aMEN?!?

It's going to be interesting to see how TS and Lori get along as time wears on - and how the focus will change from Lori and Kevin and Zach to TS.

Anyone know a Hollywood screenwriter or producer?

Truth is stranger than fiction, and Boy Oh Boy, The JBS could be a BLOCKBUSTER movie.

Something along the lines of Ghostbusters or Animal House.

Hurry back, Ron! :-)))

Anonymous said...

The problem wasn't that Jim would have been crying at his daughter's return. The issue is that it was FAKE crying!! No real tears!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Baloney!!! What a crock!! You trolls don't know if they were fake or not. And as a result of not knowing you should not comment, it's all conjecture. I'd expect comments of the unknown from the Koolaidkid, but I'm sure the rest of you have a little more on the ball then KAK.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon "Oh Baloney" @ 1241pm

You are a stupid and a touch silly. I'm not a troll you dopey zombie. LOL Here's some ideas for you when you get tired of saying "OOOOOOOOh Baloney!" to everyone you disagree with at Moronside.

How about,
Oh Fiddle Sticks!
Oh Whiskers and Cream!
Oh My Stars And Garters!

Anonymous said...

The "crying with no tears routine" is what happened when Tammy Sue came to the show and one can easily tell if a person is really crying or faking it. Absolutely no where did Jim pull out a hankerchief or wipe away real tears from his eyes because there weren't any. It was the exact technique he uses to beg for money over the air. If you have not yet read the Iowa college professor's article which is posted in these comments then please do so. He interviewed Jim in prison and really sized the whole situation up well.

Anonymous said...

I think Kool-aid-kid is female not male. She lets the word "troll" bother her too much. Thatis feminine behaviour. Am I right Kool-aid?

The Professor Was Right said...

A leopard doesn't change its spots. It will be a matter of time before greedy Jim will be in major, quite possibly criminal, trouble again.

Real Tears Are On Their Way said...

Although Jim says that the devil is coming against him in his attempts to purchase Morningside, imagine for one moment that he is able to eventually buy it.

Even a blind man can see who is the mastermind of this place and who is raising the money for it. Jim collects Social Security, which he says he depends on to live, and takes home $400 a week.

Meanwhile, his wife, mother-in-law, and general manager, Jerry Jones, are all making much more money than Jim. Tammy Sue, when added to the payroll, will make more than Jim you can rest assured. Jim also has others he is paying who are making more money than he is--you can bet on it. This is not going to sit very well with the IRS or the Justice Department.

He raised money for food for Moldova which was never delivered and raised money saying donor's names will be put on a statue plaque which is not on the statue and raised money for a bankrupt college and then purchased 85 acres of land right after funds were raised for the college he said had no money. Sounds exactly like wire & mail fraud to me which is the raising of funds for one purpose and then spending the funds raised for another completely different purpose.

One day, he will again answer to The United States of America when the feds coming knocking and it is not going to be a pretty sight. It may even cause him to cry real tears that day!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To Real Tears Are On Their Way

Excellent post! ;)

Anonymous said...

To Real tears: Quite farfetched, just a lot of wind and supposing, with some reaching thrown in for measure. You say you never see Jim shed "real tears". I say I never see Jim sweating, Jim will be around when a lot of us are dead and buried. Falwell hated Jim, Falwell is worm food, Bakker lives on. Go figure.

Federal Bureau of Prisons Prisoner #07407-058 said...

Everything else about me is fake - my fake height due to lifters in my shoes, my fake doctorate, my fake reasons why I really went to prison, my fake help for a Moldovan orphanage, my fake concern for the people of Branson, etc.

Why shouldn't my tears be fake?

Anonymous said...

Jims new name... Jim Crocodile Tears Bakker. Jim "mmmmwhaaahahaa, ohhhhmwhaaa." Continues to talk in normal non-crying voice. Then "mmmmmwhaaaahaha, ohhhmwaaa." All of this sobbing with ABSOLUTELY no redness of eyes or TEARS! I'm a compulsive liar, just being truthful. I know Jim Bakker worships one thing, and that's himself and Satan. I just wanted to smack is ugly face so hard when he was pretend sobbing, and I'm not even a violent person.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for sure... Jim certainly WILL be around a lot longer than some of us. With all the sodium he's ingesting from those foodbuckets, he's being slowly preserved. Like bacon.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon Zombie @ 230pm

The reason Jim Bakker doesn't sweat you silly zombie is because the Frog uses the new deodorant called "Umpire". It's for foul balls. Zach can't use it because he doesn't have any.

Anonymous said...

KAK@307...LOL..Give em hell kid!!!!

SusanD said...

I love how Jim did his home alone impression when seeing Tammy Sue, Jim is a great actor lol !

Anonymous said...

Jim is a great all around guy. I wish you people here could get to know the real Jim. He's good and a lot of laughs. kool-aid-kid, you would really like him and he could get you into the program. Get you out of that dead end short order cook job. Think about it.

Big Fat Kevin Shorey said...

Did somebody say bacon?

Kool-Aid Kid said...


Jim's a lot of laughs? Really? I can just picture all you fake moronside students curled up around the fireplace with Jim Bakker as you all laugh at the photos in his scrapbook of his arrest. Big laughs all around I'm sure. Ha ha ha. Jim is making such a funny face when the police are taking the frog away. ha ha ha. No, I do not like him Zach and I don't want to be in your fake college. I'll stick with my job. Thinking is over as far as that goes.

Grandma Maxine said...

A couple of things to ponder:

Do frogs cry?

How many times does Sasha say "wow" while Jim is pedaling the generator to the audience?

Where are you Joe C? said...

Tammy Sue has sure packed on the pounds while she's been away in hiding. Now she has more chins than a Chinese phone book!

Her husband left, she lost her home and now has no money or job so she has come out of the woodwork crawling back to Jimmy to sponge off of the mindless bobbleheads.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

To 6:50,
Haven't gone anywhere. Have not missed a post. Just laying low. Thank's for the laugh!!!!!

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Just want to confirm my comment "thanks for the laugh was in reference to the screen name and not the comment.

Anonymous said...

I am so friggin' excited!! There will be a live taping of the Master's Media GRADUATION on March 30th!

Enjoy your vacation, Ron. This ought to be a good one!

Jessica said...

I watched the return of the daughter, Ms. Froglet. Yikes!!!

Okay, I get it...reunions are sweet but this one was embarrassing to watch. I thought it was the Addams Family show.

This huge, scary person started to sing and she sounded like a "flat tire". Watching her....stomping her legs and bending over, singing with Shory. Good Grief! I couldn't take my eyes off the Gypsy as she snarled away.

Zombies prepare to cough up some more MONEY so Tammy Sue can get a total makeover. She looks like she can kick your ass if you get in her watch out Zombies there could be jealousy a brewing in Morning side.

WOW WEE!!!!! Where is Jesus in all of this?

The Frog is a Fraud said...

Jessica, how true. With TS we now have gypsies, tramps and thieves! Cher, where are you when we need you?

Anonymous said...

My dear food bucket friends... I hate to say it... Jim wasn't the only person fake crying, his grandson James was faking it too. James didn't shed a single tear. The only explanation is that they had their tear ducts surgically removed. Why?

Tanya said...

Finally got Episode 1 of the Tammy Sue show.

Fist I got a "teaser" - a short clip of her entrance onto the set, then a black screen stating this was the "biggest day of Jim's life" or something to that effect. That was to make sure nobody turned the channel, because the show immediately went into a 12 minute long commercial about the generator. I fast-forwarded that, but the recorder tells you where you are in the show.

So very telling that the biggest day in Jim's life had to be preceded by over 10 minutes of hard-core selling.

As others have noted, while many of the people on the stage produced actual tears, Jim did not produce any tears, merely "sobbed" in that cat-about-to-hack-up-a-hairball way that he has. In between promoting the upcoming CD of Tammy Sue on *his* label, that is. Not even a reunion can be free of selling opportunities. He had a name for the CD prepared: "The Soul of Sue."

Now Lori has to deal with Tammy Sue and Zach has to deal with James. Interesting times may lie ahead.

Tanya said...

Just did a quick fly-by of the students' YouTube channel - no video of them actually helping during the Branson tornado, but there is a video of Ariel where she says she is doing what they need her to do at the school - right now that happens to be taking out the garbage.

(note: in real schools,"taking out the garbage" is not part of the curriculum.)

There's been plenty of time now to edit the video that shows the students handing out food, water, and SilverSol to the tornado victims, as Jim said they did - they taped the destruction of the tornado and posted that video, so why wouldn't they tape/post something that shows Morningside in a positive light?

As others said in these comments ages ago - looks like this video proof doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

I saw James crying real tears. Naive kid was probably just so happy that his Mom and Grandpa were reunited, and doesn't quite understand what's really happening. I'm sure James had a lot of problems going back and forth between his mother and her estranged father.

I watched the second Tammy Sue show yesterday, and they do a GREAT close up of Jim sobbing. The camera is very close. NO TEARS! It's just odd. Even if it wasn't the complete surprise it was billed to be, you'd think that it would still be emotionally charged enough to squeeze out a tear or two.

That show yesterday was so disgusting, I turned it off.

Anonymous said...

Watching Jim right now praching to the church about the hatred in the church towards him and his family. Tammy Sue is the only one crying real tears. Does this man have no soul, does he not care what he has put his family through. I know he doesn't care about other people and their families. The people of hate are in his church, ministry, and village. I lived there and the hatred that was spewed at my family and I has made me leave the church. I will never have anything to do with christians again because of those people. But he claims they are a loving community. Jim selling lies to sell condos, nothing is new with Jim!

Craig said...

Calling people at morningside Christians is like calling zombies human.

Justt me said...

I've never seen such a bunch as you trolls. Tanya and the rest of this lot is just about praying that the whole Bakker clan develops Cancer and dies, leave them be. No way in hell can you convince me young James tears were fake or contrived or Senior Jim for that matter. Now we have the "Cassandra" Tanya telling us what the future holds for the show, she, in an earlier post, called a Bakker defender a "Psychic" cause he/she mentioned what the future might hold, so what's with this Tanya? If the show bothers you that much........Don't watch it. It is like a kinky sexual thing with you trollites and that show. I can see the young whipper-snapper Kool -aid-Kid watching cause of the girls on the show but what about the rest of you.

Anonymous said...

Joe C. is playing it close to the vest and cool. Does not want to jepardize and compromise his situation. No flies on Joe C.

You mean it's solar? said...

I just got my new issue of Hobby Farm Home magazine (May/June 2012 issue). On page 3, lo and behold, is an ad for something called the "Solar Generator". It looks very much like the one Jim is selling except it appears to be about 3 times stronger - 1800 watts as opposed to a mere 600 watts for Jim's version. It costs almost that same too. If you want to see it you can go to and check it out.

Just thought this was kinda interesting.

Anonymous said...

8:33 is a classic example of the sick, evil people at Morningside. It's all about them being victims. I don't wish you evil, it is in you, and more will come to you. What you do to others is what will be done to you all! God says revenge is His. I would be sorry for the way I treated people the way you evil people do. You obviously aren't christians because you show no remorse! You are the kind God says he will vomit out.

You people out there sure have a deviant obsession with sex. You bring it up all the time. Porno, sleeping around, having babies out of wedlock, you name it, you got it, all at your beautiful "christian" village. Don't preach when your sins are the is worst!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

I don't think I have the stomach to watch "The Munster Family Welcomes Home Daughter" episode so I'll wait until Ron rips that moronside show a new one.

Glad to know you're still keeping a close eye on your friends at the Bucket Joe C.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon "Oh Baloney" @ 833am

Holy crap you're back again "Oh Boloney". You are a silly old zombie but I'm beginning to miss you because I like how to talk.
You have great "old man" words that are funny, like "whipper-snapper". I can just hear you around Moronside yelling " You darn whipper-snappers shut up I'm trying to read my bible over here ... darn young whipper-snappers!"

Here's some new words for you to try,

What in "Sam Hill" are the young folk doing now!

"Dadgummit" I soiled myself again.

Anonymous said...

Tammy Sue used to be very pretty, and she had some great songs too. You can search her name on YouTube. On the last show Jim held a picture of her album cover and said "you used to be so pretty." I thought that was really mean of him. She looks like she's dressed for a funeral, what in the hell is she wearing!?

Anonymous said...

@11.51.. Yeah, I caught that too. An obvious slip from a persnickity old timer, no harm intended I'm sure. What in tarnation is that fellow in the above post asking where Cher is. Compared to Chaz Bono, this here Tammy Sue is a beauty queen of the 10th degree. Cher needs to worry about her own relations!!

turnstile said...

I think they realized they goofed and restaged the whole "tornado episode" to make it look like they got in there and kicked butt helping, like some people think the moon landing was staged. A day late and a dollar short, but I give them an "A+" on the PR salvage attempt. Clever bunch of rascals.

Kool-Aid Kid said...


Interesting comments from you. Okay so Man ( you )gives the Moronside crew an A+ on the PR salvage attempt but would God? I doubt that.

The Crew said...

Jessica is that photo really you? How about showing a wee bit more. Don't be ashamed of the gifts the good Lord has given you.

Anonymous said...

Yah, how about flashing a nipple.

Anonymous said...

When Jim asked St. John(sketchy, stoned, South African) how long the "generator" will power an iPhone, he replied "a very long time." WTF, they're charging a little under 2 grand for this thing, and they don't know the battery life on it. I bet it'll power that iPhone for about 30 minutes, at the most.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To The Crew and Anon244pm (same idiot)

So you never got a respond at 130pm as the crew so you come back as anon at 244pm again. loser.

Anonymous said...

Atta Boy Kool-aid-kid, keep these fools honest, We're gonna call you "the Watchdog".

Anonymous said...

Take the boat to lake Taneycomo or Table Rock Lake for some trout fishing if the weather is nice this weekend. Anyone know what the weather be like around Branson this weekend? Brown trout, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe C's Press Agent said...

I am standing by to be of service to my client. He knows I am here for him and, at a moment's notice, am ready to launch that national media campaign to expose the real truth. As you all know, the Masters Media student job placement figures are among the very highest in the entire history of college educational institutions. With both Nate Parkhurst and Charlet Wintercorn now running the NBC television network we may have allies in our truth seeking efforts!

Tanya said...

@ 8:33am: wow, where to begin. I said "interesting times may lie ahead" - is that what you meant when you said I told you what the future holds for Jim's show? (I may not be too far off the mark, if you watch the return of Tammy Sue #2 you can see Zach rolling his eyes in the background.) I do recall using the word psychic with regards to a Bakker-supporter - I believe I used that word when someone posted that they knew what I was thinking. Why don't you go find my post, 8:33am, and quote me so I can properly address your concern about how I use the word "psychic."

"A kinky sexual thing" with the Jim Bakker show? I cannot imagine where you got that from - feel free to explain it, if you can. I'd love to hear your explanation.

And finally - I have always maintained that my issue is that Jim Bakker went to jail for certain behaviour - and that upon his release from jail he returned to the same behaviour. That is my issue. I do not wish death upon Jim Bakker/his family, or any other twisted thing your addled brain can come up with.

Just FYI, 8:33am, my mother had Stage III cancer, and I was by her side for years of intense and awful treatment. I would never wish that upon anyone else, or "pray" for anyone else to die from cancer.

You, 8:33am, are sick. Just... sick.

Grandma Maxine said...

Where's Joe C.
Joe C. please give us an update on what's happening there. Is there any progress with the construction around you and are you still in negotiations with Jim to sell your property?

Jessica said...

"Justt me" posted that we posters seem to have a "kinky sexual thing" going on about Bakker.

I am more than happy to educate you about "kinky sexual things" This could be a great discussion on a panel at Morning side and teaching the young zombies what to avoid with old preachers, just saying!

Jessica Hahn on Larry King show on national television described how Jim Bakker and John Fletcher took her to a hotel room for the purpose of "sex". After Bakker was done with her, the gross other preacher used her while Bakker was watching or maybe he curled up on the floor fake crying, because he knew he was going to get caught by his preacher buddies. Trying to cover what he had just done to a 21 year old church secretary, he gave her $220,000+ hush money to silence her, which she gave back. She should have kept the money and sued Bakker and Fletcher.

No matter what you think of Jessica Hahn, it is a fact that taking her to a hotel room and telling her "when you help the shepherd you help the sheep" why that is just nasty. That is ONE of the reasons Bakker is screwed! He can never, ever erase what he did. The Bible says you reap what you sow, so hang in their Bakker lovers and support him with your passion and money, but it still will not go away. He can whine and fake cry all he wants, but oh well!

So "Justt me" zombie, be an adult and google Jessica Hahn Jim Bakker and then go to the graven image of Jesus and pray that we all will just go away.

I read this description on the internet (unfortunately for Bakker) it is public information and Bakker history...

Joe C Blu eye, Missouri said...

There has not been any further construction on Lori's House. There are issues being discussed. A very constructive meeting was held Wed, called together by a long time local resident. I will not go into what was discussed and thank you for not asking. I hope all issues can be resolved. I do feel there was a line of communication opened that had been lacking. I do feel it may be time to move but I must say, it has been great meeting my neighbors!!!

Brother Dortch said...

Bakker and the Masters kids were on the show a few weeks ago and Bakker, as usual, was throwing out over the air more complete and total B.S. than Carter has little liver pills. He was attempting to justify the purchase, within days after saying the "college" had totally run out of money, of the brand new hi-def TV studio being put in the student dorm and he had this totally assinine reason to give why such a studio was so necessary and important. He said the studio was a great idea and here is why. He said that if one of the "students" has an idea for a video presentation or show at 4:00 a.m. in the morning, they no longer have to wait to film it. They can simply walk down the hall and film it in the dorm at 4:00 a.m. in the morning!

Now here's the REAL TRUTH:

One student cannot film a show all by themselves. Who will run audio? Who will direct? Who will operate the switcher? Who will white balance and set the color on the cameras? And, what about the rest of the "students" who are asleep? Is it worth waking them up, after putting in a 16 hour day slaving away, just to get somebody's idea for a show filmed at 4:00 a.m.? How do you expect them to be alert and ready to work the next day for 16 hours, give them some of Lori's pills? Finally, the student dorm only houses male "students". The females are on Grace Street in un-rented condos. What about them? Are the women supposed to drive down to the male dorm and invade it at 4:00 a.m in the morning while all the rest of the males are asleep? What is Bakker attempting to do here--trying to turn this class into a repeat of the year one class where everyone was screwing each other in the dorm in the wee hours of the night with absolutely no adult supervision?

The whole idea sucks! As usual, for the frog, his entire reasoning is fake and phoney and classic Bakkerism behaviour.

Also of interesting note:

Bakker was saying how the kids were going to win souls for Christ in an unconventional way by speaking directly to the youth and addressing those unconventional and controversial topics directly to the youth. Immediately after that, Ariel chimed in that one of these topics was going to be the topic of "masterbation".

Dear Ariel:

If you would like to know the exact reason why ole' JimBob did not respond to your statement about masterbation, I think I might be able to help you out. Let us turn, not to The Bible, but to PEOPLE Magazine, in a published article called "Unholy Roller Coaster" by Montgomery Brower. In this exclusive article, Ariel, here is what PEOPLE published and had to say. The magazine is refering to Charles Shepard, a reporter for the Charlotte Observer, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his investigation of the PTL debacle. The Pulitzer Prize, Ariel, is the highest award a professional journalist can receive in his or her profession. Please remember this quote, Miss Ariel, and it should answer why ole' JimBob does not want to discuss masterbation with you over the airwaves:

"...Shepard recounts that one aide who traveled often with Bakker, a married man, used to give Bakker back rubs that Bakker took as a prelude to masturbation. Though upset and disgusted by his role as Bakker's geisha, the employee explained that Bakker compensated him for this arousal service with an unlimited budget, travel and his assurance that this was God's work..."

Although you were not around then, Ariel, the above should help you understand why there are so many millions of people in this world who despise the very ground this liar, sexual deviant, and con artist walks on and I am saddened that your Daddy, Pastor Dale Balenbaugh, would even allow you to attend the fake college. Please get out of there soon...real soon!


Your friend Brother Dortch

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To Anon @ 317pm

Thanks. Some of the Bakker Moronside zombies are not as obvious, but this one was a sick foot dragging fat zombie and was an easy target. Got ya bakker porno zombie! LOL

Ariel said...

Thanks Bro Dortch, and if Nate Parkhurst were still here he would be able to do all those things you mentioned.

In the meantime, we do need a high-def tv studio to reach todays generation and if God calls me in the middle of the night to film, then I will get other MMC students to join me and they will be happy to oblige!

SusanD said...

I don’t know maybe it just me but it seems that Jim is asking for money for Lori house, the new studio, Master Media School, now to buy Morningside from Crawford. But nothing is getting finished……Im having flash backs to the old PTL days. Lol

Anonymous said...

Dortsch, you’re a really sad person.

Here’s what you haven’t learned in all your years of studying the Bible, going to church, and working in a Christian environment:

You haven’t learned that entitlements do not apply in a servant-led social order.

You haven't learned that the reason you can't keep a job has everything to do with that inflated sense of entitlement.

You haven't learned that in order to be forgiven, you must forgive others.

You haven’t learned the basics of the faith – repentance, forgiveness, sacrificial service.

You haven't learned that pride repels God, while humility attracts Him.

You haven’t learned that you have no right to revenge.

You haven’t learned that unforgiveness leads to bitterness which leads to hate which contaminates your soul.

Before it was Jim… it was somebody or something else. Your wounds are deep and many.

You are a very toxic individual and it’s sad because you’re doing more harm to yourself than anyone else.

Every time you condemn Jim, you are pronouncing judgment on your own sins – which are many.

You need a major healing, Dortsch. You can’t go on like this without it - one day what Jim did or didn’t do won’t matter because it will be YOU standing alone before the Judge of the Universe.

Jim did right to fire you in your current condition.

Get some help – for you own sake.

If anybody that knows you or lives with you reads this - you're not doing this person a favor by not confronting them. It's not a loving thing to let them go on this way.

Joe C's Seamstress said...

Hey, Joe C! I see you lost a button on your jean jacket! I'll bet you thought no one would notice -- what with you standing behind Jim on "Tammy Sue Bakker Day #3" -- but I did. :)

I'll sew a new one on next time I see you.

Anonymous said...

Bakker's not gay. How could he be, if he got the hots over Jessica, that's not gay behaviour. I think maybe Falwell was gay, I always suspect men who accuse others of being gay as being maybe orientated in that direction. I don't believe in Bisexuality, I think your either one way or another. Folks who say their Bi. are ashamed of being gay and try to put a spin on their feelings, being attracted to the same sex is not necessarily gay behaviour, gay behaviour is being attracted with the hopes of sexual contact. No one ever came forward and said they had sex with Bakker. This "Jason" dumbell is stroking his ego, he believes he's the handsomest most desirable pansy in the world. Why should'nt all men be attracted to him.. They were lucky at Morningside to get rid of that creapstir.

Anonymous said...

Damn bro dortch... I think you were just served homeboy. LOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tammy Sue is living proof of the goodness of the Bakkers. She was a record producing Gospel singer with many albums sold to her credit. Where is the money? Why is she in poverty? Because the millions she did make went into the ministries coffers, not her bank account. All the money she raised for charities, millions. Now the shoe is on the other foot and she needs help, obvious answer... Let's help her, if she lived the high life I'd say forget about it, but obviously she did not. We all need to help, if we can afford to.

call it like I see it. said...

To 8:22. I've got nothing against Bro. Dortch and think he's a pretty decent guy. But I do have to say your post was good and pretty honest way to look at things. It was very postive reading. Good job. I think we can all substitute Bro D and insert our names in there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brother Douchebag @4:47am, looks to me like you can't spell. Ya can't spell your favorite pastime activity, masturbation.Brother Douchebag typed "masterbation" LOL!!! The funniest part is that he woke up at 4:47am to comment! Yo Bro Douchbag, GET A FREAKING LIFE ALREADY!!!! SHEEEEESH YOU FROM THEM HILLS BROTHER, YOU COUNTRY, AIN'T YOU!!!!? WHAT, IS MY VOICE HURTING YOUR EARS TWERP!

Anonymous said...

Ditto^^ bro d is one of them

Anonymous said...

You Frog apologists remind me of those people in the Jim Jones cult.

The Frog admits he didn't know much of anything about the Bible when he got arrested for being a public liar and thief.

All he seems to know about the Bible now is the Book of Revelation.

You all know the truth about The Frog. You are just in a state of denial. Like those Jim Jones cultists were. And you see what happened to them.

KaK Fan said...

Kool-aid-Kid is going to rip you another. Can't wait!!!

old dem golden slippers said...

Tammy Sue has a nice way about her. I can see her as an asset to the bunch. She is or has a sense of humor about things, the way she rolls her beautiful eyes is charming. She was a cutie as a child, with her moppet look. I see a return to PTL, but in a nostalgic way. Good viewing ahead for Bakker fans. Please trolls don't cast a lousy pall on it, just kick back and enjoy. Whatever you say doesn't really amount to a piss in a blizzard anyways.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon "The Sex Educator" @903am

"Bakker's not gay"

Jim Bakker is gay.

"How could he be, if he got the hots over Jessica, that's not gay behaviour"

The hots? You silly zombie, what he did to Jessica borders on rape in the name of God. Yes, that is not gay behaviour. Here, have a gold star to stick on your forehead.

"I always suspect men who accuse others of being gay as being maybe orientated in that direction. "

Damn it you stupid old zombie you were doing so good and now I have to take the gold sticker back.

"I don't believe in Bisexuality, I think your either one way or another." Lived a sheltered life have we? Poor silly zombie.

"No one ever came forward and said they had sex with Bakker." BUZZZZZZZ ... LIE ALERT! So what is it really like to live in a cave all your life?

"They were lucky at Morningside to get rid of that creapstir."

"Creapstir"? LOL LOL What century are you friggin from? Maybe next time you silly old zombie you will use this:


a weird man one may know or not know and he gives off a strong rapist/molester vibe. his presence just makes a person extremely uncomfortable.

Kind of reminders you of somebody doesn't it zombie???? Like Jim Bakker perhaps?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon "One Handed Typing Professional" @1053am

You like the word masturbation so well that you can spell it perfectly. The reason you know how to spell it so well is because you have studied so well, right?

Have you never heard of different time zones you zombie freak? You look so stupid pointing that comment out about the time. LOL


Anonymous said...

CAUTION/WARNING: You can dress these zombies up. But you really can't take them anywhere cause they'll embarrass you.

Anonymous said...

The Bakker losers don't have anything to do today, so they come here mouthing off their trash talk. Is business slow because there hasn't been any storm damage to go tape?!!!!

You low life drug addicts in the morningside fake school are a great example of the worthless kids of your generation. Alcoholic, drug addicts, sex addicts, porno addicts. The person who posted about the correct spelling of masturbation must know the spelling because that is all you study, sex manuals. Little boy do you find the bible to boring? It is obvious you little losers aren't learning anything about speaking and behaving in an authentic christian way, and you certainly aren't learning how to put on a interesting and professional christian program!!! I suppose masturbating is all you have to do in your spare time in out there in loserville. SHEEEEESH Douchebag GET A FREAKING LIFE ALREADY!!!!! SHEEESH HILLBILLY WE KNOW YOU ARE FROM THEM HILLS BROTHER!!!!!! WE KNOW YOU ARE COUNTRY, A COUNTRY BUMPKIN HILLBILLY!!!!! Are you vying for the lead loser of the pack award!!

There is no need for cameras and a studio at that taberbacle, unless it's to film all you christian perverts in your sexual escapades. You fake christian kids are learning well, you are taking after your fake perverted christian leader.

LOL @ the person who thinks Tammy Sue is cute. I guess you think a fat, roly-poly, goth girl is cute. So you people at this fake christian village are deaf, dumb, and blind! Then again from the looks of all the zombies in the crowd, Tammy Sue would be considered a svelte beauty out there, lol!!!!

Tammy Sue comes crawling out of her trailer to con old people out of their money now that daddies business is rolling in the dough again. Where is her loser husband? Oh, that's right she's divorced. Good little christian girl grew up to be just like her momma and daddy.

Now losers go back down into your bunkers out there in loserville. Have a big dinner of the high sodium bucket food for dinner, and then do us all a favor and wash it down with a big glass of the Kool-aid!!!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To old dem golden slippers

Sorry but your golden slippers aren't so golden anymore and that's because of all the BS falling out of your zombie mouth. Okay, I'll give you a minute to drool over Tammy Sue a bit more. I really shouldn't because you come across really creepy. Oh well, times up stupid bakker zombie. Now let's discuss the term "Whatever you say doesn't really amount to a piss in a blizzard anyways". I would imagine everyone at Moronside is sick to death of hearing you say that all the time.
Anyways, I'm going out on a limb and say you're male with that kind of christian talk. Since I'm guessing you are an expert in this activity I suggest you become the new meterology professor for Bakker's fake college.

Anonymous said...

If you ever get up to Branson and visit Mr Gilberti's place, may I suggest you try the ravioli. Very good. It is a homey place with a nice atmosphere, and a sort of friendly place.

Brother Dortch said...

Once again, the Bakker "Psychic Patrol" is on the prowl again stating my entire employment & life history and not knowing the first thing about who or what they are talking about.

Exactly like the issues with "Kevin's House" and Susan Ruiz, and the homosexual lovers, who have been named here by name, and now the Bakker-masturbating employee who was rewarded with an unlimited budget, free travel and assurances from Jim that he was doing God's work, nobody wants to address so much as even one fact herein contained.

Let's just sweep everything under the rug and pretend it did not exist! Let's talk about somebody we do not know and give all sort of predictions and false history and ignore the central issues that this blog is so very adept at exposing.

I will give the Bakker boys one thing. They do know the correct spelling of the word "masturbation" and I'm sure, when they are doing that to Jim every night at the bath house, they are given assurances from Jim that they are doing God's work!

Anonymous said...

Kool-aid-kid does your Mom know you are on her computer again? You know what happened last time when you forgot to delete the porn history. No Chuck e Cheese visits for a month.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon "One Handed Typing Professional" @303pm

You're back again Jim Bakker zombie fake student. That comment I made about you really made you upset didn't it. LOL! It made you look real stupid. You better google time zones and learn something.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

If you were 18 or 19 years old and found yourself locked away in the mountains, in a compound which is basically an old age home, with nothing to would be going crazy and doing dumb shit too! Knowing the REAL history of their greedy and selfish and lying leader just makes them act crazier since most of them feel as though they have nowhere else to go.

Anonymous said...

Dortsch, that's a pretty weak defense. You can do better than that - even a little sock monkey could do better than that.

Anonymous said...

Grandma Char Groupie. If we were locked up with you we would all systematically blow our brains out with a shotgun.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon "No Brains" @ 319pm

No no no you stupid silly zombie Bakker student!!!

A shotgun would leave too much of a mess for the janitor to cleanup. Just drink the Kool-Aid.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

You can tell it's Saturday and a non-work day at the compound, can't you? Why, there's nothing at all to do until midnight when Zach gets to meet Jim at the bath house and do some more of "God's work".

Anonymous said...

That's right GCG, but I think Nolan has been doing a lot of "God's work" too! LOL!!!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

"No Brains" Bakker zombie student read this:

A cult suicide is a term used to describe the mass suicide by the members of groups that have been considered cults.

Interesting comment you made at 319am "No Brains". Just saying .....

Morningside College Masturbation Team Chauffeur said...

Hey! Can anybody tell me how to get to Heritage USA? The team is needed there by Monday for a history lesson and we can't be late!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To Morningside College Masturbation Team Chauffeur


EXPLAIN THIS!!!!!!!!!!! said...

Groupie: a person who seeks sexual intimacy with a muscian, celebrity or public figure. refer to: Grandma Char "Groupie"--- Granny are you into that kind of sick stuff. I thought you trollskis and trollites were supposed to be the upstanding ones. Or is it one big facade with you all. Get someone else and you can have a genuine "menage a trois". DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Close Friend of Jason said...

Say there big boyz...where can I join that team?

Anonymous said...

I have a family member that is convinced Hahn was hired by the Mafia to take Jim down when he refused to give them a piece of his action. Anybody else heard anything like that? I did a search but could not come up with anything to verify this.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Zach goes to his eye doctor for an examination. They start talking as the doctor is examining his eyes. In the middle of their conversation, the doctor casually says, "Zach you need to stop masturbating."

The guy replies, "Why Doc? Am I going blind?"

The doctor says, "No Zach, but you're upsetting the other patients in the waiting room."

Grandma Char Groupie said...

Quit talking about Grandma Char. I think she's absolutely beautiful!

Tanya said...

Sure is an uptick in activity on the weekends.

As usual, not any relevant comments on the core issues.

I see the "in the know" poster who said s/he had a friend at Morningside and that I was actually Tammy Sue has not bothered to post again with any useful information. And no Bakker-supporters have commented on the lack of a video showing all the help the students and Jim Bakker gave to their neighbors after the tornado. Or commented on Ariel's video where she says that she is currently taking out the garbage, because that is what the school needs her to do. I could go on, but why bother.

Anonymous said...

Kool-aid-Kid sees a guy masturbating in the Doctor's office, he ask the guy if he can be of some assistance.

Morningside College Masturbation Team Chauffeur said...

I just took a head count. We seem to be missing that fat fellow with two earrings. Oh, wait! I am now being told Ariel took him out with the garbage!

Kool-Aid Kid said...


I knew the discussion of masturbation would get a comment from you eventually "prophet" zombie Zach. LOL

Brother Dortch said...

Dear Tanya:

I feel your frustration about not getting substantial issues discussed here on this blog. Everytime I start asking questions, they all scatter like chickens from a gunshot! The Masters kids are not the most intellectual bunch on the planet and why Jim even allows them to comment here is beyond me since they do absolutely nothing but provide a negative influence on how the word of God has obviously NOT entered any of their lives. If it had, they could not, or would not, ever say the things they do here. It is living proof of the fakeness of the whole money raising scam.

It seems the most intelligent discussions here come from regular citizens or former or present employees and not the kids themselves--who are too immature to say much that one would deem as being anywhere close to intelligent. The biggest thing I have learned from them today is the correct spelling of the word "masturbation" and I am sure that comment did not come from Grandson James. We have all seen his writing before and it is obviously not him!

As you know, I once came on this blog and welcomed all of the Bakker supporters here because I was under the impression that they could offer a logical perspective, as well as facts, to back up what they were trying to say in regard to Bakker's organization. Instead, all issues simply get ignored and name calling ensues instead. Shame on all of them! For once in my life, I would like to see one of them address the issues I have presented here with facts, as supplied by notable and award winning investigative journalists, instead of childish comments. I don't think I will live long enough to ever see that day.

Anonymous said...

What about the Kool-aid_kid?????

Kool-Aid Kid said...

What about me? Zach Zach Zach give your zombie head a shake. If I'm pushed I shove right back at you. You haven't learned that yet?

You know something Zach, that joke I said about you was unfair but considering how you participate with the ugly Frog with his robbing of people's money on tv ... you have it coming Fatso.

very well said...

4:44 kak.. We accept your apology.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

If the Morningside students back off on the "Bucket" then I will too.

Anonymous said...

To Kool aid Kid; Only if you agree that Morningside is a pretty fine place for young and old to learn about Christ.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Prove it first. Tell me why you like living at Morningside? I want to know.

Anonymous said...

No way! Typical trick question. When it comes to things of this nature I don't need to prove what exist. It is called "Faith", if you have not learned this yet, you need to, there is always hope. Got to go now, we have a meeting. Keep flipping those pizzas!!!

Kool-Aid KId said...


There is faith and there is blind faith. Do you know the difference? I know what faith is thank you kindly. Hope? What hope do you have? Fipping pizzas? I don't work at a pizzaria Zach. You won't believe me if I told you want I do for an honest living, but i know what you do. It's not honest Zach. Open your eyes.

Not a Morningside. said...

Kool-aid-Kid, I think you are a pretty honest person in your views maybe a lot more honest then "some" of these Morningside people. You seem passionate, but that is what youth is about. Your passionate about the right cause. Good Luck!!!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Hey Not a Morningside

Thanks! ;)

Brother Dortch said...

Yes, there is jokestering going on on both sides BUT there is one major difference here that is significant and very worth noting.

Kool Aid is not claiming anywhere to be a "man of the cloth and a humble servant of God for 50 years". He is not calling himself a pastor. He is not "fake crying" to raise funds in God's name and then spending those funds on luxury items like a 23 foot boat. He is not presiding over a so-called "Christian Community" that takes a woman, who buys one of the largest and most expensive condos in the entire development, and declares that this woman is a "witch". As pastor, Bakker had the unique ability to step in and immediately STOP the "witch hunt" and, instead, chose to do absolutely nothing. That makes him just as guilty as any and everyone who ever looked at Susan and called her a "witch". Kool Aid does not use a fake school, which preents "students" with a completely useless piece of paper and then tells them this paper is worth more than a four-year accredited college degree. Kool Aid has never once, ever, raised
money for a "group home" for handicapped children and then kept over half of the money he raised for this home which, among other reasons, landed him in federal prison for five years.

Can't you kids see that a true "pastor" is held to a much higher standard than an ordinary citizen? Don't you kids have sense enough to know basic right from wrong? Didn't someone teach you early in life that, if someone goes into a bank and holds the place up, they are a criminal and their actions are completely and totally wrong in accordance with the standards forth in a decent and lawful society? If you kids are smart enough to know that bank robbery is wrong, then why can't you also be smart enough to know that any "pastor" who is having a married male employee jerk him off is obviously a pastor who has some very severe and troubling mental health issues that need to be delt with in a doctor's office and not on this so-called "pastor's" TV show where he continues to raise money in God's name and then spend the money for non-God related items?

Bakker has committed adultry, homosexuality, financial fraud, lies, and other sins--all the while he is calling himself a "pastor". He continues to hide funds from the government to avoid paying his taxes to this very day. As you kids hear on TV every day, he does not even take responsibility for any of these sins. When Tammy Sue shows up he said these words on television:

"A group of people planned my destruction."

Kids: BAKKER HIMSELF CAUSED HIS OWN DESTRUCTION! Don't be so dumb as to be mislead by these lies which are being told everyday on this television program.

The sooner you all learn that, the more mature you will become and the more able to deal with the reality of life in the real world. When you leave Morningside, you will be on your own completely. If you were to walk into ANY major television network and show them the piece of paper Bakker gave you, as soon as they get done laughing, you will be escorted out the door with no job and the people at the network's office will have a funny story to tell about some misguided youth coming in thinking association with Jim Bakker was going to, somehow, be beneficial in the world of professional network television broadcasting. Association with Bakker will work against you and not for you because of the fact that most people have a clear cut sense of what constitutes right from wrong--and everyone knows that what Bakker has done and is still now doing is unethical and purely wrong!

Tanya said...

Brother Dortch: yes, we have said the same thing repeatedly - underneath the joking there are concrete and serious questions, and views from all sides are welcome. Yet most of what we get is nonsense.

I personally backed off from the name-calling (which by the way, is called "flaming" on the internet) and we can see it made no difference.

I also find it interesting that any person who opposes Jim Bakker's behaviour is now a "troll" - when in fact, comments pro- and anti-Bakker fall into the "trolling" category.

For example, going crazy over a typo or misspelling is one of the "trolls" that a Morningside supporter posed all those weeks ago. Or a comment simply intended to be inflammatory - like 10:53am - that is trolling.

Here's the thing - I personally have asked some posters to explain what they meant... for example, the poster who said I wanted Jim Bakker and his family to die from cancer, and that we have a "kinky sexual thing" for the show. This poster has NOT explained anything - which is typical trolling on the internet.

So... any chance of a useful discussion? How about 5:12pm? There's a difference between faith in God - which as Jessica pointed out, no-one on this blog has questioned - and faith in Jim Bakker, which is what it seems you are talking about.

And lastly - lots of posts about jobs that involve making pizza, or flipping pizza/burgers, delivering pizza... those are all honest jobs that people all over the world do, and they use their hard-earned money (typically at minimum wage) to feed themselves, their families, pay for school... How do you justify using these honest jobs, that real people do, as an insult? It really shows a lack of respect - to the people that are out there working hard.

Brother Dortch said...

I don't care how much money a young person either has or does not have. Everytime you turn on your TV set and see college football being played, these are schools which are FULLY ACCREDITED colleges and they are located in every state in America.

Kids: go to your home state first. I say that because that is where tuition is cheaper. Out of state residents pay a much higher "Out of State Resident" tuition rate. Then, sit down with the free guidance counselor who will explain to you how to obtain a very low interest student loan which will permit you to obtain a real education at a real college or university.

After you graduate, enroll at a two-year accredited seminary and, upon graduation, your name will be on a list where churches search for pastors to lead their congregation. When hired, you will make a decent salary, have a church parsonage, and your total duties will be to preach, visit the sick, and keep office hours daily for the church members. You will NOT, in any way shape or form, be forced to lower yourself to selling "sleep wristbands" or generators or condos or "beans just like grandma picked and snapped" and other such complete and total nonsense. If television ministry is in your future, work yourself up to a bigger church that has THE CHURCH COMMITTEE pay the bills for it, in a church which is owned by all the people who are members of it and a church where all funds are 100% transparent and open to the public to see. You will NEVER see yourself inside of a prison cell using this standard.

This nonsense you see on Bakker's circus is a church that is set up to make Lori and her Mom rich and nothing more. The so-called "partners" own nothing and are not partners at all.

This information is provided for all of you and I really would like to see some of you, including Ariel, take me up on my advice. You will certainly thank me for it later on in life. Can I get a witness? Amen!

Ariel said...

Bro Dortch, you dont know me so stop judging! We are trying to do Gods work and reach this generation by spreading the good word. What does it matter which state we come from? Many of us got a full scholarship and we are learning a skill we can use in the future, so stop the hating!

Brother Dortch said...

I am not of the belief that the above poster is Ariel Annise Baker as evidenced by the fact that the above poster is so dumb that he does not even have the necessary intellect to understand my prior post. The real Ariel is not that dumb and I will, therefore, not be responding.

Bring on the REAL Ariel said...

I totally agree with you Brother D. The key words in what you wrote above were "I really would like to see some of you...take me up on my advice" and that fake Ariel is not one of those who would ever be smart enough to even get through the first six weeks at a real college. Very well said!

Ariel said...

That figures Bro Dortch. Former MMC students Trystan and Santwanne answered the questions you posed earlier and recently called you out, so now you have no response. I have chosen to be here and we all are doing gods work and would appreciate your prayers and support! Have you seen me selling any love gifts?

Morningside College Masturbation Team Chauffeur said...

Now wait a minute! That fake Ariel has a lot of talent. I was just told he is the "pivot man" & one of the captains of the team!

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

The real Ariel was on TV selling the useless wheat grinder and using the grinder to grind wheat and she was also a part of the bread baking video commercial with foul mouthed Sasha and she will be selling much more useless crap once she learns how.

I cant find Love Gift in the Bible said...

Ariel and crew, you aren't doing the Lord's work, you're doing Jim Bakker's work. The Bible never mentions 'love gifts' btw.

Jim Bakker is a phony and people in religious circles laugh at him. You young naive kids are being pimped out by Jim. He is a convicted con man who knows how to fool people and use them for his own personal gain. Jim doesn't give a rats ass about you, your future, or Jesus for that matter. He only cares about himself, that's why his show is called "The Jim Bakker Show" instead of something related to gospel. It would be like people saying that "The Jimmy Fallon Show" is about Jesus. With a name like that?

You can ignore what people day all you want but the fact of the matter is that you all are functioning as Jim Bakker's whores, doing whatever he asks to bring him more and more money. Zach took a pen to the face for god's sake. That's not what Jesus would do to his disciples, that's what a pimp would do to his ho. That's how little Jim thinks of you.

Good luck to you kids after leaving the cult. It's going to be very hard to erase your mistake. Just look at Zach, he's forever immortalized on an internet blog as one of the biggest imbeciles on the planet. Imagine if some real internet trolls got ahold of his picture with the numbers written on his forehead while he smiles?

Los Angeles Ministry Worker said...

I find it very odd that the only two success stories offered up by the Bakker students are of two students who were both either thrown out of the college (Nate) or forced to leave (Charlet) after having relationships with Bakker's daughter and grandson. In Charlet & James' case, both were above the legal age but James, himself, was threatened if he continued to see her so out she went.

One of the primary signs of being in a cult is brainwashing and these students in the workshop are completely brainwashed and are telling themselves how valuable being Bakker's slave will be when so far none of them have gotten a job in the entire history of the program. Sad, too sad and no matter what is said here the good and very truthful advice being offered is simply ignored.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that, in the real Christian community, Jim Bakker is a joke and his ways are to benefit himself only and no one else. An example was the day Jim asked James what the students did for the tornado victims and James said he gave one man a bottle of Silver Sol and also said they gave out a few bottles of water. Bakker then puts this out over the air and expects to be credited as a minister who helped out the tornado victims of Branson when, in reality, all his students were doing was filming the damage so he could cash in on it later on. He will answer to a much higher authority one day for all the lies he has told and continues to tell.

Craig said...

These morningside people are brainwashed zombies of jim bakker's marketing cult. We cannot deprogram them on the internet. Just look at their stupid posts, full of defending the indefensible. It's here for everyone to see. Keep on commenting zombies.

Jessica said...

I noticed the zombies are using sex stuff to attack the comments they don't like. This is a new king of attack from them so Bakker and Lori must be mentoring the zombies on sex and how to avoid it unless your in a hotel room with a young girl or in a back seat of a car OR "kinky three-way sex", abnormal sexual practices, and abortions. I didn't find scriptures on these topics.

You never hear zombies speak of Jesus, prayer, healing, forgiveness of sin (only ours), compassion, gentleness, reading the Bible.

I would never speak in a bad way about Jesus and any religion. No one on this blog does that. But, I will speak out about Bakker because I don't like him. He is a cold hearted s.o.b. and he doesn't even like zombies.

Cheer up....get ready to paint that ugly make-up on...glue the eyelashes and squirm around and pander and giggle to the camera..its a hoot for us and Bakker is laughing all the way to the bank.

Just saying..........

Federal Bureau of Prisons Prisoner #07407-058 said...


Joe C's Seamstress said...

Hey, Joe C! I see you lost a button on your jean jacket! I'll bet you thought no one would notice -- what with you standing behind Jim on "Tammy Sue Bakker Day #3" -- but I did. :)

I'll sew a new one on next time I see you.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

Almost all of these underprivleged young people look at Bakker's workshop as a free place to live and some free food to eat except for Zach, whose Dad is paying Bakker to keep his son there. Morningside actually is keeping them from being homeless and/or on drugs again and is keeping some of them from being sexually molested too. They will say and do anything to avoid having to go back home again. Education has never been their strong point as you can clearly see in their postings. If they were smart, they would see right through the self proclaimed "prophet" that was kind enough to tell us all about both 9-11 and the earthquake in Japan AFTER THE FACT!

Tanya said...

re: Ariel posts - whether that was or was not Ariel from the Morningside school, there are 3 points I'd like to make:

(1) Ariel has been on the show when Jim Bakker is selling "love gifts," so yes, that makes her a part of the selling - same goes for anyone else who participates in that show.

(2) Ariel was (I believe) a participant in the "Master's Media Choir" performance - Jim claimed this was his school's choir, when in fact, a few of the students were placed into a pre-existing choir (the Gloryland Choir). Jim's claim - that the school had its own choir that performed after only 4 rehearsals - was a lie, therefore, all the students that participated had a part in this deception. When this was discussed in these comments, no-one from Morningside/the school addressed this issue -- so the fraud continues.

(3) March 31,6:45pm "Ariel" said: "we are learning a skill we can use in the future" -- there has been plenty of discussion in these comments about Jim's Media school and what it does and does not provide... but let's look at some concrete evidence of what is being learned when it comes to media:

Go to YouTube and find the students' channel (generationNOWiptv). There is a new video with Zach Drew titled "Life's not Fair." Zach is wearing a shirt with a graphic - the easiest thing to make out in that graphic is the word "MAFIA," so keep an eye on that word (I think the word above it is 'worship'). Now watch the video for about 20 seconds. See what happens? The word "MAFIA" appears backwards - looks like the students flipped the image but did not think of what that would mean regarding the graphic... and then either did not notice it later, or saw it and posted it anyways (it continues to happen throughout the video). Any way you look at it, this is sloppy work - the kind of performance that won't cut it in an actual job.

Sunday is often a busy time on the Foodbucket. I'm sure there will be trolling and flaming, and yes, both of those things can come from those who are pro-Bakker *and* those who oppose Bakker's behaviour. But amongst all that - will anyone choose to rationally address any of the issues raised in this blog and its comments?

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

Has anyone noticed that every time Brother D enters in a posting, not only do his questions get ignored but he also gets a free history lesson on exactly who he is and what his employment history is and what his Christian history is, etc. and all this is being addressed by people who have absolutely no idea of who they are talking to or talking about? It is the exact same thing that was done to Susan except that, at least with Susan, they laid eyes on her first. Here, the supporters with no evidence, just assume things and proceed to profess knowledge of a person they cannot see and have never met. Although it is sad, I can't help myself from laughing! LOL !!!

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

Oh, and by the way. The exact same thing happened to me also. I once came here and told a story about attending a live taping at Morningside and was immediately accused of being a fat lady who sits in the audience just for the free cookies and Dino cakes. Then they accused me of waiting for everybody else to leave for the day so I can go table to table and pick up the uneaten cookies at every table and take them home. All of this came from people who have not a clue who I am or what I look like and they call this place "a community of love & worship at Morningside". This sounds like a modern day version of "The Salem Witch Trials" to me and I am actually very embarrassed I even went to this fradulent festival in the first place.

Paranoia Strikes Deep said...

I feel your pain, Awaiting. Just as long as the money is rolling in the issue of morality is a non-issue to Bakker. He has, personally, violated each and every moral issue in the book. He throws parties for babies in his family conceived out of wedlock and flashes photos of the baby on his Christian TV show. Then he preaches morality. He runs a so-called "tabernacle" which is a sex den for the teens. Then he preaches morality. He literally lies through his teeth and boasts and brags about things he had nothing to do with like inventing a water filter or Whitney Houston. Then he preaches morality.

He uses Christian dollars to promote the looting and robbing of stores by Mexican flash mobs and gets afraid to death of his own employees, either past or present, who post here. He is fearful that even more of the actual truth of Moronside will be exposed. One is only paranoid when one is in fear of something and it is very obvious something is happening at the compound that he does not want exposed.

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

I remember the day we first started talking about Ariel on this blog right after she arrived at Morningside. She had been there no more than two weeks. A Morningside resident or employee came on here and said Ariel is fat and she has a "muffin top" sticking out of her jeans. Imagine, someone at Morningside having the nerve to call somebody else fat! I was called fat and they have never ever seen me. I was called a thief and they don't know who I am. They then accused Ariel of being in love with herself. They then reinforced their comments with the fact that "I am there everyday and I know". Ariel had no sooner arrived at the compound and the hating of her began.

If this is what the love of God in a Christian community is all about then please count me out. If this type of Christian love keeps happening at Morningside, the next thing that is liable to happen is that Ariel may become the next witch! And, by the way, those "Dino Cakes" are rock hard when you get them and are only good for one thing--door stops!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dortsch: Were you fired from Morningside?

Cindy said...

I like Kool-aid-Kid's style of posting. He is not afraid to go blow for blow with Zach, an obvious larger person. He pays back the zombies in their own method of operation which I;m sure irritates the heck out of them and confuses them in the process. Brother Dortch is correct, the kid does not pretend to be some kind of self-righteous posturing disciple. He adds a lot of levity to this site with his brand of humour. I would say he is one of the most popular posters here.

Anonymous said...

Tanya's post at 6;00 was excellent!

Anonymous said...

the poor zombies think they will just ignore the issues and try to launch personal attacks so that the central issues will just go away. actually, it makes the zombies look and act even more like their crooked leader. let's hear about your cult leader doing some of that "God's work" that is just one of the questions on the table that need discussed here! or, are you too busy doing "God's work" to answer it? LOL LOL !!!!

Anonymous said...

all of tanya's posts are very good!

Anonymous said...

To 7:58

What does it matter if a person was fired from the Jim Bakker ministry or branded a witch and ran out. What matters is that they didn't fit in at this cult which is a huge compliment to them!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Any person not staying at Morningside has done themselves a favor. Now, can someone comment about Jim doing some of "God's work" he had his male employee do? That is the issue here among many others.

Anonymous said...

Brother D is not a public figure and he does not raise money for one purpose, supposedly doing "God's work" and then spend the money on another completely different purpose. Nobody has accused Brother D of having an employee masturbate him. And nobody has granted Brother D a federal tax exempt status. Just answer the questions zombies and quit trying to skirt the issues.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. The last I checked, Charles Shepherd of The Charlotte Observer did not win The Pulitzer Prize for reporting on Brother Dortch, he won the award for reporting on Jim Bakker.

Quit Being A Fool said...

Absolutely amazing! Since when did this site become a Brother Dortch site about his life and times? Are the Bakker zombies so desperate to not answer any questions or discuss any issues that it is now time to slam Brother D just like they do Ron, Tanya, Kelsey, Kool Aid, and everyone else who posts here? No matter what Brother D has done, the Bakker issues will never go away so quit pretending they will, you fools!

Anonymous said...

Tanya and KAK,are you guys Christians?

Anonymous said...

To 9:53

Are you a christian?

We know the people of Jim Bakker ministry and the people of Morningside aren't christians. So if your one of them we have our answer.

Anonymous said...

This is 9:53: I'm not at Morningside, and yes I am a Christian. Just wondered where you guys are coming from.

Anonymous said...

To 9:53 as well

Is you car mechanic christian?
Is your hairdresser / barber christian?
Is your plumber christian?
Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

I guess I got my answer. Thanks

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Hello "I'm Not A Morningside".

I think you are the real thing.

You need to use that handle so I know you. You should stick around but need to know that "Bucket" people believe in this blog and what it stands for. No need to ask me beyond that okay?

Anonymous said...

I don't think so, KAK. This is a little too rough for me.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Well if you change your mind "I'm Not A Morningside" I will be here. I'll watch for your name. ;)

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Trolls. Run people off for just asking a simple question....

Anonymous said...

Way to go trolls.

Run people off for asking a simple question.

Anonymous said...

God prefers kind atheists over hateful christians. I agree!

From the hateful comments by the Bakker supporters I feel for Susan Ruiz and the other people who have lived at Morningside. They have every right to share what was done to them. I believe they have an obligation to warn people so that there won't be anymore people abused by the people at Morningside.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon "troll" A 1044am

You silly sick troll. Now sit. Sit! There , good troll. Here's a small piece of a dino cake for you but you must promise to be good, right? Right? Good, now you must understand that some people get uncomfortable taking zombie god bakker to task. It's not for everyone. Right? Good little ugly troll. Here's another piece for you, now go run along now.

Anonymous said...

It's not for most decent people. Only the atheist trolls that have a whole lot more motivation than Susan Ruiz... whoever she is.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon "troll again" @ 1111am

I give you two dino cake pieces and here you are trying to bite me? Really now. Bad troll. Bad!
No more for you. Out you go!

Anonymous said...

to 11:11,

Another hateful "christian" who supports Bakker. Are there any good people that can speak in a kind way that supports Bakker? It would be really nice for them to present themselves, and their case, for Bakker in a way that doesn't make christins look bad.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha - all the good kind people are athiests. You can tell that alright.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon " Laughing Zombie " @ 1142

I like your laugh. Kind of creepy ... but I like it. It suits you. Really it does. To respond to you I will say there is good and bad in everything. Good christians and bad christians. Agree zombie?

Anonymous said...

Hi 11:42,

Do you think you are a kind christian? Not all atheists are good or kind but one claiming to be a christian certainly should always be kind.

Love is Patient, love is KIND.

A KIND answer turns away wrath.

The fruit of the spirit is ...KINDNESS.

Not everyone who says "Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, "Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?" And then will I declare to them, "I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.

A rude, unkind christian is a total contradiction to the Gospel of Christ. The people who come to this forum to defend Bakker instead of God and refuse to do what is right in God's eyes will be dealt with.

It is also a contradiction to say that your ministry is about spreading the Gospel and then come here to this forum to do the exact opposite. The Bakker ministry seems only intent on reaching those who are just like them. That is what the bible calls "the blind leading the blind!"

Anonymous said...

People like Susan Ruiz have more then an obligation they have a duty to come forth if they were wronged. It's the sneaky ones like this Jason character who'll lie cowardly lies which hurt this sites credibility. I still can't get over that scum bucket and hope someone does him a fancy face tatoo makeover. Cowardly little runt!! I think I know who he is and he's a real troublemaker, rumour monger, bitter hateful rat. And for shame that these ignorant trolls automatically assume he was a victim. If there was a "witch hunt" these guy would be at the head of the pack. You trolls are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Froggy went a-fishin' and he did ride, a pole and a Master Baiter by his side, uh-huh, uh-huh.....

Anonymous said...


It is mouthy sick people like you that keep people from speaking out. Some christians that have been treated in a evil way by you evil people at morningside are in the process of prosecuting. You can be sure your sin will find you out in a court of law. You can fool some of the people some of the can intimidate some of the people some of the time....but you can't fool or intimidate all of the people all of the time! Revenge is mine says the Lord....What's going on in the Jim Bakker "ministry" is not unnoticed and won't go unpunished!

Tanya said...

Thank you to the two posters who had something positive to say about my posts. As you can see, that is generally not the reaction I get.

OK, so - second time that someone has asked me if I am a Christian. The first time it happened, I gave a response, and guess what? That poster did not post again, identify themselves, and continue the discussion.

My question (to myself)at the time: if it was important enough to ask in the first place, why was it *not* important enough to continue the discussion?

My suspicion at the time was that it was trolling - yes, that does count as trolling. Want to know why? If you come on a message board, ask a question that is "loaded" - and in this particular setting that question IS loaded, because we have seen what some people have to say (only some, I know) to people who they decide are not Christian (not necessarily based on any evidence, just that they have decided) - then do not post again... you have trolled, and therefore, are the troll.

Its the *implication* of the question, you see - the implication that if someone is not Christian, then x, y, z. Take your pick, put anything in for x, y, and z. In these comments, with the way it has been going, some people (only some, I know) seem to feel that if you are not Christian then what you say doesn't matter, or you are a bad person.

I have never questioned anyone's faith or belief in God. I have never questioned the existence of God. I have never commented on religion. I have never asked anyone what their particular beliefs are.

Still reading? Want to know why?

Because that is not why I post here.

I post here because I see Jim Bakker get out of jail, and return to the same behaviour that got him into jail. I also see him setting up a fake school, promoting a fake choir, claiming a fake doctorate...etc.

Tell me how my personal belief system is relevant to the things that I post about - then we can see where that discussion takes us.

Now to skip to a different topic - I asked if there could be some concrete discussion today about the issues raised in these comments, amongst the flaming and trolling. So far I see nothing. Just more of the same...

Oh, and 12:25pm - have you been reading the comments? It didn't go quite the way you are saying, perhaps you didn't understand. Ron removed the comment because it could not be proven, and gave a good explanation of his reasoning. I posted that *if* it was true, I was sorry... go back and you will see the "if." What blog comments are you reading?

Wise up. said...

It's a fine thing to be a forgiving Christian but these trolls forget that sometimes people deserve what they get. It reminds me of Virgil in "Dante's Inferno" telling Dante to knock it off and stop crying over the souls in hell, cause these people got what they deserved, they got their just reward. That the way it is and the way it should be. How do I know, maybe Susan got what she deserved.

Anonymous said...


To Jim Bakker, and those who claim that his ministry is about taking the gospel to an unsaved world, and then treat the unsaved in a way that will distance them further from God are in for a rude awaking! I do believe you all will get what you deserve!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon"Divine Comedy Expert Zombie"@1236

"Wise up". I bet you say that a lot around Moronside you stupid "poet loving" zombie. No dino cake for you today. Bad zombie. Now go back to reading more Dante!

Anonymous said...


I bet they do say "wise up a lot around Morningside" bad they don't! Now they are quoting from "Dante's Infeno" in an attempt to make themselves sound like they have some semblance of intelligence. We know the truth, no one affiliated with Bakker has an ounce of brains. Keep up the good work KAK exposing the jerks.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Yes Anon@108pm,

This is the type of Bakker zombie that if he or she ever walked into a room you would immediately dislike it because it wreaked of arrogance. It's master has trained it well.

Anonymous said...

Just back from a leisurely and relaxing day on the boat. Did I miss much here? You guys need to get out from your cocoon and enjoy the day. Even around here we say "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Going to start softball practice in a little bit, grab a quick bite and I'm outta here. Adious Kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kool-aid, you forgot my morning paper delivery today!! PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR JOB!!!

Tanya said...

@ Wise up: "maybe Susan got what she deserved."

For the sake of argument, let's say you are correct and some people get what they deserve. (I don't have any information other than what people say in these comments, by the way). Who else do you put in that camp of 'deserving what they got?'

Maybe Jim Bakker got what he deserved.

OK, see that sentence above? Pretty inflammatory to someone if they believe in what Jim Bakker is doing, and believe he was set up, right?

Does anyone have anything to say about any of the issues raised that is not trolling, flaming, inflammatory, insinuating, suggestive, or downright mean?


Tanya said...

Look at that - another insult at 1:40pm based on an honest job that involves getting up in the middle of the night and delivering papers.

Sometimes I hear the paper being delivered around 2-3am. The delivery person throws it from the sidewalk so it makes a loud thump, but I don't begrudge him that, because he's up and doing his job in the middle of the night... probably for minimum wage. And I know I don't want to be up at that time, in the cold (if its winter) doing that job.

Seriously. Listen to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I know some people who are loaded yet they work at penny-ante jobs on the side because they are cheap bastards. The same thing with some of these "can/bottle" collectors you see picking up cans on the roadways. They have money and are not starving, they just love money so much they'll do most anything for a nickle and a dime. Then they never give to charities and think when they ndie they are going to take the cash with them. You're sadly mistaken and when you die the state will get it or you will have a nice fancy funeral.

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

If I were Jim Bakker, and thank God I am not that dumb and corrupt, I would be totally embarrassed and ashamed my people act in the manner they do. They come onto this site and offer, by their actions, that each and every thing said about them is all true! Shame.

Example: "maybe Susan got what she deserved"

Who died and made the people at Morningside God? Are you all so dumb you cannot see the harm and foolishness in everything you are saying?

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

I guess then the hate directed toward Ariel after she arrived at Morningside and Charlet Wintercorn were all acts of God too? What a terrible crime Charlet committed--dating the, at that time, 19 or 20 year old grandson of Bakker. And what about little Marie who has had no parents now for soon to be 2years? Yes, that must be God's will too. Have a problem with your daughter? Just ship her off to Alabama and let someone else raise her. You people are downright stupid if you believe that any of this is the word of God in action.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Hey Zach let's play a little baseball right now. Okay? Good.

"Just back from a leisurely and relaxing day on the boat" Lie! Strike one Fatso.

". Going to start softball practice in a little bit," Lie! Strike two Fatso.

"grab a quick bite " Lie! Strike three Fatso.

Your outta there Zach!

Quit Being A Fool said...

And let's not say a word about Bakker being repeatedly jerked off by a male staff member and Jim telling him he was doing "God's work" as reported by Charles Shepard of The Charlotte Observer and then published in PEOPLE Magazine.

Can we assume then that if Jim and Zach are taking turns bending over in the bath house it is God's work in action then too?

Please, people, get a functioning brain in your head that works before making yourself look so stupid and dumb! If you do not have one of these in your head it may be best to not say anything at all.

Tanya said...

@1:59pm - um... OK. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, but have you heard of wills? If you make a will you can direct where your money/property goes after you die. Some people, and this is true, make wills and leave money/property to their children, other relatives, charities, pets... you may have also heard of it as a "last will and testament."

Anonymous said...

You gotta say one thing. All that participation in sports sure has helped Zach lose weight, hasn't it?
Maybe he and Tammy Sue play sports together?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

If they let a fat double chinned out of shape goof like Zach huff and puff around a baseball field then Moronside had best have a doctor close by. Sad. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a boxing match between Kool-aid-Kid and Zach.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Boxing match? LOL .... I thought you had softball pratice Zach? Pretty long "quick" bite Fatso.

Oh what the hell ... strike four!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Jim and Zach will be showering in the bath house together following the game? LOL !!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wait! Yes, they will be! Zach has some more of "God's work" to do! LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Where do I start with the zealous Bakker supporters comments the last couple of days. There is so much rich stuff here, where to start in exposing them for who they are, FOOLS!

To 1:59 Again you attack people who work. Honest, ethical, hard working people sure get under your skin! You people out at Morningside running a scam operation should really keep your mouths shut about hard working people! What is wrong with you people? Why do you have a problem with people earning their money in a honest way? Is it because you have no code of ethics and Godly integrity! An honest way to make a living may seem like menial work to you crooks, but at it's not stealing from naive, foolish people. Why do you Bakker fools have such a problem with people who aren't like you lazy a@@ed people, collecting welfare and government entitlement program checks!

You have no right to judge what people do with their money. You and your boss Jim steal from people and do nothing to help others. All your savior ever has been is a man in love with money. Tell us Mr/Mrs self righteous, what charities does Jim and all of you, his people, give to? Food to the Moldova orphans, oops that couldn't ship. Food buckets and survival gear to storm victims in Branson, oops, that was only a photo op. Lori's house? Maybe her niece and other family members can have their illegitimate babies delivered there.

Man, I just can't believe how foolish you people are! You deserve to die and be given a pauper burial. That's all you will be able to afford after giving your money to con man Jim so he can live like a king! Folks who work hard, even if it collecting cans out of a ditch deserve a better burial than con men!

By the way it wouldn't hurt you louses to volunteer to collect garbage along the roadside. Oops, that would be helping the community, and that is something you people know nothing about it!

Anonymous said...

The ironic thing about the Junkman's Book of knowledge is that the people who really need it the most (homeless) can't afford to buy that book.

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