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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bearded Bakker back from vacation

The Bearded Dragon
Jim Bakker has finally returned from vacation and hopefully he's all rested up because there are a lot of foodbuckets stacking up on the set that need to be moved!

Morningside's resident eunuch Zach Drew is back at the announcer's helm. He happily announces Jim's guests for the day. Naturally, foodbucket master Frank Davis is Jim's first guest upon return from vacation. Oh yeah, and Kevin Shorey. Do you think Zach realizes that he has taken Kevin's spot as the fat announcer?

Resident Eunuch Zach Drew
As we get our first glimpse of Jim and Lori, one immediately notices Bakker's beard. It's scruffy and gray and makes him look like an old Koala bear. Lori looks lighter, maybe she had some foodbucket-fat sucked out of her arms over the extended vacation?

Zach mounting his chair (right side)
Jim and Lori welcome 'Uncle Kevin' aboard, and as the camera pulls away we see Zach in the background struggling to navigate one of his big haunches up and over a chair on the opposite side of the stage, it looks like he's mounting a horse. Given the seating arrangements, I think Zach knows he is Kevin's replacement and doesn't want to sit near him. Either that or stage manager Mondo is worried about seating those two big bulls together and risking a full stage collapse.

Koala Bear -An animal indigenous to...
The Bearded Dragon announces that today is the 13th anniversary of the day he proposed to Lori. Lori uses this announcement to steal a little bit of the spotlight off of Jim's beard. She says that the proposal 'wasn't very romantic' then laughs obnoxiously. Bakker unromantic, well gee there's a surprise. She goes on to tell the story of being in San Francisco, living with her mom and volunteering at the Master's Commission. This is probably code-language for 'I was fresh off a drug bender, crashing out in a flop-house and getting free lunch at the local soup kitchen.' She says that Jim called and first asked her mom if he could marry her, which she calls 'sweet'. I would call that 'weird'; after all, Bakker was a sixty'ish ex-con and Lori was a forty'ish ex-druggie with five abortions to her name...isn't asking for permission at that point sort of academic?

Jim Bakker doesn't like being laughed at

Lori continues the story and says that after Jim asked her mom (which was 'sweet'), he then proposed to her over the phone, which was unromantic. She then bleats out more obnoxious laughter, this time directed towards Jim. Jim tries to defend himself, then Lori bleats some more. Uh-oh, Bakker's getting pissed now. He's trying to talk and Lori keeps bleating like a sheep about to be shorn. Jim shifts in his chair and grabs the arm as a look of anger sweeps across his face. He begins to speak and Lori interrupts with another round of baying, pointing a thumb at him as if to say, 'Get a load of the old man getting all hot-under-the-collar!' 

Skeeter clacked away and earned pity laughter
Jim finally regains control, but exactly how is shrouded in mystery since the episode is heavily edited in this section. We get some strange edits, time elapses, and now everything is fine and 'Grandma Char' is invited up to flap her gums about the whole thing. This old bug clacks away with some unfunny stories about Jim's proposal, and we see Jim give a long fake laugh to humor her. The woman looks like a mosquito.

Ahh, now Jim mentions his 'weeklong vacation'. Kevin points out what everyone already noticed but was afraid to ask about, the beard. The Crypt Keeper refers to it as the "Sean Connery Look", then we get an actual side-by-side comparison of Jim Bakker and Mr Connery.

Sir Jim Bakker?
Bakker gives a little mug for the camera, then attempts to imitate Mr Connery's voice. As Bakker attempts the voice, he drops his chin to his chest to try and get deeper while saying, "If I could just get that, [voice deepens] voice, you know." From off-screen, Kevin tries to keep the momentum for Jim by prodding him with, "Bond...James Bond." The ball's back in Jim's ungodly court now, and I can see that he's both embarrassed and excited to try the famous line in the voice of Mr Connery. He's dying to do it, but at the last second he pulls back from the brink with a very un-Connery-like statement of the word "Yes"(which wouldn't make sense in this context even if it was Sean Connery). And in case you're wondering, he sounded like Master Yoda, not Sean Connery.

'Bakker. Jim Bakker."
Jim says he asked Lori's permission to not shave. He also told her that he's not going to have his hair colored anymore. We'll see how long that lasts. Lori then comes out and says she loves hair coloring, then goes one further by stating that she's saving up foodbuckets to use for bartering with her hairdresser when 'there's no money left'. I honestly don't know if she's crazy or just stupid. It's probably a mixture of both.

With Bakker's opening monologue / Sean Connery comedy bit done, he moves into the foodbucket doom and gloom. Jim tells everyone that they should expect more beards in the future when there's no electricity. But Jim, just go give Lori's hairdresser a foodbucket and let him shave you?

Kevin sitting in Zach's chair.
Jim asks Kevin for a song, but first Kevin's cue card says it's time for birthday gifts. It looks like Morningside has invested in a gigantic swivel chair for Kevin. Scratch that, for Zach...Kevin's fat flanks are merely warming the seat for Zach, who is still seated on the opposite side of the stage. I guarantee you Kevin will fart in that chair before he goes back out on the road, just to spite Zach. Kevin announces the first birthday: a 90-year old Bakker zombie who appears lost but happy. She gets a free Lori Signature Necklace, valued at $35.

Kevin turning in Zach's chair.
Jim interrupts birthday announcements to make an announcement of his own: Jim Bakker's Cereal. That's right, straight from Food For Health, you can now buy Jim Bakker's very own Organic 8 Grain Cereal. The cost is $25 for a 5 lb bag of feed, and of course they're all gushing about how great the value is. Skeeter Graham pipes up from her chair about how healthy the cereal is, though I'm fairly confident that ol' Skeeter isn't cracking into all eight of those grains with them fake chompers of hers. Jim Bakker Cereal: Bullshit in Every Bite!

Jim Bakker Cereal: Bullshit in Every Bite!
Kevin rushes very quickly through the rest of the birthdays and anniversaries, then gets to his song. I don't blame him. The big fella is probably getting a flat rate to be Bakker's lackey with the only upside being his chance to advertise himself and his website with a song. It's in his best interest to sing, and sing he does. He plops himself right in the middle of the crowd and tears into a song. It's a mediocre performance, but Kevin tries. He tries.

'Bakker's Breakfast Club' indeed
   We segue into a segment showing foodbuckets being created at Food For Health. Then Bakker introduces the man himself, Frank Davis, President of Food For Health. He comes out to a round of applause. Does this guy have any integrity whatsoever? He's flying out to Morningside and he's appearing on The Jim Bakker Show, cozying up to [convicted] Shyster Extraordinaire, Jim Bakker. Can the guy not understand that what Jim Bakker does with his foodbuckets is devious, dishonest and wrong? Frank Davis, must you take every bloody dollar handed to you, no matter how it's earned? Have some integrity for god's sake.

Where is your integrity, Frank Davis?
Jim ratchet's up the scare tactics, asking Davis, "The nation's out of potatoes, is that correct?" Frank Davis replies, "We are virtually unable to get any potatoes...until the new harvest." So you, Frank Davis, are okay with Jim Bakker misleading people about 'the nation's potatoes'? Why not say, 'No Jim, the nation is not out of potatoes." Instead, you answer tangentially to keep the aura of fear floating around all of Jim's inbreds, thereby padding your own slimy pockets. My wife went to the store recently and guess what she saw all stocked up, in multiple varieties? Potatoes, you turd. Potatoes as far as the eye could see.

Jim's uncited, scary news story
Jim goes on to proclaim from some uncited source, "The US has no remaining grain reserves." He then contradicts himself through the same uncited report by reading, 'the only thing left...will be 2.7 million bushels of wheat." Jim, wheat is a grain. Your own bible tells you so (See John 12:24 for starters). You are intentionally misleading people and contradicting yourself in the process. The Bearded Dragon's forked tongue is twisting and curling around in it's disgusting reptilian mouth as it lies and deceives the willing but unwise. And people wonder why I blog about Bakker? The guy is a warty toad. Meanwhile, Frank Davis sits and counts his dirty money.

Kevin Shorey doing what he does best!
Jim orders Mondo to begin cooking up some foodbucket slop for the audience to eat. Jim and Frank move into a pre-scripted discussion about beans so they can hawk $100 Bean Buckets (or as I call them, Fart Buckets). Now they're talking about rice, which leads to Rice Buckets. And now a twist: Fast Frank Davis is moving into selling Tomato Buckets; get yourself a 10 lb bucket for two-hundred big ones. I wish I had that bucket right now cause I'd splat a tomato right on Bakker's big head. Everyone in the audience, including Bakker and Co, are chowing down on the slop. We get the obligatory closeup of Kevin Shorey stuffing his face with a heaping spoonful of food. I think Kevin might actually like this particular foodbucket preparation because every stage shot we see shows him with his face buried in a bowl.

Money problems? What money problems?
Jim wraps up the show by reading down his product list, making sure to cover everything he's selling. He has various foodbucket deals for sale, and now Fast Frank Davis is including a tiny little solar charger with his foodbuckets. Jim connects the solar charger to his Ipad for demonstration purposes. You know, an Ipad, those expensive little gadgets that run from $500 to $1000 a pop? I don't see Lori with an Ipad yet, maybe she'll get one as a Lori's House business write-off once they pull in some more fear money.

Kevin puts his empty bowl down and gets a crack at one more song. He's not standing up this time though, that full belly of his is staying put in Zach's giant swivel chair for this go-round. He'll just sing it from there.


Nedzo said...

My My My, Jimmy Swaggart must be lovin' this!! LOL!!
Do we have any Valley Walkers out there???

Anonymous said...

All of this makes me livid. What burns me the most is how Jim Bakker knows how to market to peoples emotions. How dare he use a picture of a mother sheltering and holding her child after a obvious tragedy. Was it a picture of a Joplin victim? Was she a victim of one of last season's floods? It doesn't matter which but it is unconscionable how he uses tragedies to suck in people who are not using wisdom! I pray God brings a end to this criminal scamming people out of their money. One more thing Frank Davis talked about the potatoes being low until the next harvest comes in. Oh please, the next crop is due here in the next month! That is how I run my household. I buy seasonal! I buy grapes in the summer and even though we love them I won't buy them in the winter at the inflated out of season cost. etc. etc etc... Common sense tells you that is how people have lived throughout history!

Anonymous said...

I have lived in the country for over 20 years surrounded by potato farmers. They have a bumper crop again this year. In fact today starts a 4 day potato festival to celebrate another good harvest. I wonder why Jim would be concerned about no potatoes, didn't he say in one of his health food shows that they are bad for you and promote diabetes? Was that a sales pitches to sell those health books and products? I want to know are potatoes good or bad to eat?

Many in my family are farmers. Their corn and wheat crops are doing well. It's going to be a good year for farmers.

Anonymous said...

Gimme Jimmy would sell piles of dog crap, for use as organic fertilizer, if he knew it would bring in $$$ to his cult. How any so-called "preacher" could hock tents and parachute string bracelets to elderly retirees, and keep a straight face, is beyond me. No shame whatsoever with this guy. God did NOT call preachers to build and go through church members' condos when they are not home like what is going on in Morningside. Five years in the federal slammer for selling "lifetime partnerships" and now guess what...He's selling "lifetime partnerships" again. The only difference is that before he claimed to give you three nights a year in a hotel and today all you receive is keys to the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

i just love the "bathhouse". a couple of shows ago jim started babbling about designing the bathhouse and lori said "jim you know we're not calling it that anymore. its a showerhouse." haha. lori know what a bathhouse is. there is probably nothing in the sexual world that lori didnt take part in back in the day including gay bathhouses.

The IRS said...

Hehe you guys are hilarious. Does anyone else think Bakker squealed like a pig in sh*t after that terrible world-ending earthquake that hit the East Coast a couple days ago? He'll be selling foodbuckets for months after that earth-shattering event.

Also, Jay Bakker was on tv giving an interview tonight and I must say, he seems like a real stand-up guy. I don't agree with his interpretation of scripture, but I agree with him as a human being. Hope he does well in life.

Anonymous said...

Guest roster for Jimbob's show:

The same exact guests, or kooks, over and over and over again! Either no one wants to come on this show or Jimbob won't let anyone else come on unless they sit there and tell him how great he is. The Masters kids are dropping off like flies and the employees turn over just as rapidly. Sounds like a nice place to sell everything you've got and relocate to, Doesn't it?

Nedzo said...

I miss Trystan!!! Sasha must be the new chick of the day??
Did you see the PURPLE PEOPLE EATER "Dr. Sherlock Bally" on with Jim Yesterday???
He was completely dressed in PURPLE!!
He was Blabbering on & on and agreeing with Bakker of course!! LOL
I Love it!! How about it Swaggart, what do you think?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Watched the show today. Jim was screaming, and ranting, and raving. Thought he was crazy in the past but now I'm convinced he really is losing it! Guess it's going to be the nut house with padded walls instead of a cell with bars this time.
Even the scary looking guy with the purple shirt looked frightened.

Anonymous said...

This is a question for the moderator of this forum:

I believe that I saw somewhere on this blog that you posted that you were ripped off by Jim the first go around.

After the 50th shows it looks as though there are still a lot of fools left over. (I am not calling you and the others who aren't being taken in this time fools) Fool me once...shame on you...fool me twice shame on me...anyways, do you know any of those blind sheep following this guy over the cliff for the second time?

Do you know what is going on at that Morningside? Have some friends in the know and say it's pretty evil out there. Some real nasty people out there. They keep running the good people out. That is why there is a big turnover. If their gone you know they were good. Was it like that at Heritage?

Finally, How about starting something like a lie-o-meter where people can start listing all the lies and contradictions they catch Jim in. Maybe it could resemble Jim's thermometer he used for all those scam a thons. See how quick we can get to the top...maybe a prize at the one thousand lie registered. Maybe we can order a "I care cap" to give away for the grand prize. lol

Thanks for exposing all the deceit. Sorry he ripped you off once. Your doing a lot of people good with this blog. Hopefully people will use this to be informed and not get taken by this crook this time.

Anonymous said...

Sherlock Bally -- sounds like an alias... So, he left Trinidad to live in....wait for it.... OKLAHOMA?!? Gimme a Break! Between Sherlock's arm waving and demonic faces and Jim's screaming at the audience, this is a show for the ages. Can't wait to see where the theatrics go next.

Anonymous said...

I was watching this sucker parade show once and I heard Jim say that God spoke to him and told him to write a check for $50,000 to Flip Cameron. He said the request from God could not have come at a worse time since he had no money to give anyone at all. Then, just a few days later on the show, he said he had written a check to Flip for $100,000 and that Flip told him that would not be enough. So Jim proudly declared he would be writing another $100,000 check and giving it to him for a total of $200,000--when just a few days earlier he could not afford $50,000 because he did not have any money to give! Bakker has, and continues to, tell so many lies that he can't keep them all straight. Meanwhile, Flip Cameron sits there on the set feeling up the leg of one of the young girls from Moldova whom he is allegedly protecting from sexual slavery. You couldn't hire the best of Hollywood screenplay writers to even begin to make this shit up!

Nedzo said...

Flip & the Fliperinos will be coming back to Morningside in September. Maybe King Bakker will give another $100,000.00. to the Muldovian pimp??

Anonymous said...

You guys are sick

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment....Phil cameron does takes those girls out of a life of hell....What the fuck are you shitheads doing,nothing but sitting on your lazy asses

Anonymous said...

Wow, what comments by the wonderful Bakker supporters. Shows what good christians they are....not. It's just what Jesus would do swear at people who make Him upset. Yep, that's being a good example of Jesus. As a non christian I wouldn't even swear like that.

How do you know people are being lazy? Because they are taking the time to comment on here? Why are you on here making those ugly remarks? I guess that makes you lazy also.

As for me I am not scamming people out of their money. I put in a honest days work for a honest days pay. I've never been in prison. I pay my taxes. I don't cheat on my spouse. I don't steal money from good people to pay hush money to some whore I had sex I need to go on? Talk about sick!!!!

Your angry, ugly, comments prove the negative stuff said on here about Jim Bakker and his cult followers is right on.

Sincerely From,

One who never has never been and never will be a Bakker groupie!

Ron said...

Wow, just starting to watch last week's episode with that 'Dr' Sherlock Bally character. I'll post a recap later this week; my work schedule returned to normal so I should be back on schedule with my posts.

Regarding the question wondering whether I was ripped off by Bakker before. No I wasn't, that was just an illustration I used to respond to a critic. There are plenty of people who were ripped off by Pastor Jim, so if someone would like to repay those people in full, then I'll gladly cease blogging about Bakker. Otherwise, I'll stop when Jim stops.

Personally, I don't like Bakker because:
a) he's ugly
b) he's dishonest, deceitful and immoral
c) he makes more money than me, specifically through b) above

In short, Jim Bakker is everything that's wrong with the world. Philip Cameron is even worse.

I like the idea of tracking Bakker's prediction record, plus some other suggestions I'm considering. It just takes me time to implement them.

Thanks for the comments guys and gals, hope to have a new post by mid-week!

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of tracking Bakker's prediction record on both this, as well as the other Bakker blog site, because on these sites you get much closer to THE TRUTH about the slippery snake than you ever will by watching his daily Fleece Fest on TV! Oh, and if any of you are ever visiting me, I'll let you use the bathroom for free and not charge you a hefty sum of $$$ for it!

Ron said...

I try and label each prediction with 'Bakker Predictions' so they're easy to follow up on, but yep a snapshot of some sort would make it nice and simple.

To be honest, I'd charge Kevin and Zach to use my bathroom in case they damage it.

Anonymous said...

I must comment on the girls that this christian pedophile is bringing across State lines and out of countries. I am shocked that he could swing it. He isn't helping these girls he is helping himself. I am not against churches but what I am against is middle aged men who descend on young girls under the disguise of "taking them off the streets, etc." In the "real world" this would be viewed as suspect and there should be investigations and I think that is what I am going to do....So,all of you Christians that are crying about Jim Bakker and the show let me ask you, why is it okay to profit from young girls. Do you really believe that God has anything to do with this show or any of the other preacher shows? Its all about the money. If its not Bakker its the Paul Crouch and his show and on and on. That is all they do..perform. I appreciate the churches that actually have services and preach a gospel and just ask for 10% tithe and not take the whole hour to sell food, jewelry, videos, etc. When did the gospel change so much? Its when preachers lives caught up with them and they don't have money for retirement and in Bakker's case he didn't pay his taxes so he probably doesn't even get social security and it goes on and on. So I believe his agenda is "money" and all of you that support him will understand that its not about God or you...

I will get back to you after I research the law on this nasty, dirty old man and the young girls that he handles. Why doesn't his wife sit up with him and the girls and at least try to be respectful. Its very shocking to see how Christians can sit there and support him when they wouldn't let their daughters or grandchildren be in a situation like this...or maybe they would. Same old scam...older men who are so concerned about the young girls in another poor country..they don't try to recruit girls from the USA because they know better. That is why we have IRS and laws to keep watch and protect. Shame on the money changers who talk only about money gifts and rarely about God.


Brother Dortch said...

You can rest assured that neither Bakker or Flip would NEVER, EVER touch the subject of protecting young girls from sexual slavery who are from the United States. But, to play on the audience's emotions and blame it all on an under developed lesser nation makes much more financial sense and eliminates the scrutiny and laws they would be forced to adhere to here. That is what is sick...real sick!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Cameron get his start under Bakker during the PTL days? That should say enough!

Jim Bakker brags about being the father if christian tv. The christian tv that has brought us one scandal after another?! Should we start with Jim himself, then we got Swaggart, Hinn, Paula White, Copeland, Crouch, and on and
on!!!! This is a line up I wouldn't brag about!

These evil men are the kind of deceivers God warned us about! And foolish people keep giving them money.

Anonymous said...

I thought Jesus said to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, give shelter to the homeless, help the widow......but all these steal your dollar tv evangelists do is create destitute people. Shame on these wicked men who fly around in their private jets, wear their designer clothes, buy their second and third homes, build their empires, resorts, etc. etc. They have the audacity to say they need to have all these luxuries to do ministry!

If Jim was sincere he would be doing what Jesus said to do..."Go sell everything you have and give to the poor". He fleeced the flock once, said he was wrong, has set up shop and is doing it again!

How does he finds so many fools to be his accomplices. Jim Bakker is nothing but a thief who should have never been let out of prison. Next time all the criminals who have helped to put this guy back in business should go there with him.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous,

I am so with you! It is wrong what the shysters like Bakker and Phillip Cameron are doing to the name of Jesus. No wonder so many make fun of us and so many have left the church to never return! Jesus used a millstone hung around the neck and being dropped to the bottom of the sea to describe what is going to be done to them! In the meantime I do agree it is time for some investigations to begin. Have you seen the motor coach used to drive these kids around the country in! Someone asked earlier what it cost to fly all those kids over here, good question! I think we know because Bakker keeps feeding him $100's of thousand of dollars. Then Bakker and his co-conspirators brag about how much Jim has given him! Think of all that could be done in a honest way with that money! Just leave the kids home and get your support the way all good missionaries do. Something is fishy about the way he parades those kids all over the US. My heart goes out to missionaries who come to my church and bring their slide shows that prove first hand how they take care of people's physical needs of medicine, food, shelter, water. Then after meeting their physical needs they share the gospel, give out bibles and leave solid believers and churches behind. That is following the instructions for making disciples that Jesus left for us. All Bakker and his ilk do is destroy believers and empty churches. They turn people off who can then never be reached for Christ. Think of all who won't know salvation because of them. This is their biggest crime!

One more old are all those kids from Moldova. If they are over 18 shouldn't they be working and taking care of themselves, or going to college? If they are under 18 shouldn't they be in school? The Jim Bakker schedule says they will be back in September. When does the school year start in Moldova? Kids in the US will all be back in school by then! Maybe the investigators should begin there.

Brother Dortch said...

Taken directly from the most recent Lori Bakker blog (8-23-11): "Jim doesn’t preach for profit – Jim preaches because he dare not do anything else!"

If this woman truly and honestly believes this, she is either dumber than a box of rocks or she is as big of a crook and liar as her jailbird husband is.

Anonymous said...

I've thought Cameron was fake all along as well. His high pitched mewling and fake crying while showcasing the teenage girls and boys (some of whom look absolutely appalled to be used like that) are too much. And yes, exactly WHERE is Cameron's wife in this masquerade?

The whole bunch - Bakker, Cameron, Crouch, Hinn, Swaggert, etc. should be investigated, as well as the "religious" TV networks that air these snake oil salesmen. Evil does exist - and they are it!

It's a sad commentary on the state of our society that ANYONE would consider giving ANY of these money changers a single DIME.

Anonymous said...

How many times is Bakker going to beg for money to get the road to Lori's House started? He's been rerunning that show for awhile now and you'd think he got his "300 Valley Walkers" long ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron,

You just got to go see Jim Bakker's website. The show they taped today is a going to be a thriller. It's Lori's birthday. On the announcement they call her the first lady of Morningside! I'm not kidding! So what does that make Jim?! Those cult followers out there do think Jim and Lori are royalty! I wonder if they all bow and curtsy to them, ya think?! lol Then they go on to say come be in our audience, Lori is going to be giving away gifts...because she loves to give presents...yah, we know that too! lol Then they finish off by saying "there is going to be SPECIAL ONE DAY ONLY OFFERS for our studio and tv audience"!!!!! Oh man, I am splitting a gut laughing....That's one day ONLY, so hurry to get them before they're gone! I am looking forward to those offers when the show is on tv. I'd hate to think I'd missed out! But here comes the kicker they were cooking up Lori's favorite health foods...can't remember who's cooking... must be her private know all royalty has them. But wait, wait, the best part is Kevin has a RECIPE book that will be debuted. Maybe we should go camp out with our tents at Morningside so we can be first in line to get one! We can pick up our one day offers also so we won't have to pay the $200 shipping fee. Everyone has ordered a tent or at least a tarp so I'm sure so we're set. But if you haven't no fear I am sure Jim has them in stock. I haven't paid my $500 bucks for the bathroom. Hopefully someone will borrow me their gold key since I'm short on cash right now. lol Seriously, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for you to follow up on this one! I think this is going to be your best material yet!

Grandma Char Groupie said...

Did you all happen to catch the "Lori's Birthday" show when it aired today (8-31-11)?
In this show, Jim told the story of how, when he was released from prison, he had no money at all and that Kenneth Copeland EMPTIED HIS BANK ACCOUNT (Yes, that's right, withdrew all the money he supposedly had) and gave it all to Bakker.

That remark has to go down in the history of Christian broadcasting as being one of the BIGGEST lies that this con artist has ever told. What is even sadder is the fact that there are some people who are brainless enough to believe it. The money that is currently being collected, rather than being put into a con artist's pocket, should go to get professional mental help for those who actually give money to support this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Sad but True: This IS the Best Reality Show on television.

Anonymous said...

To Grandma Char Groupie,

Are you telling me I missed Lori's birthday show!!!! I am devastated! I saw the website and thought it was being taped today. Bummer, I would have actually tuned in for that show. And to think I missed out on the one day specials...that's more than devastating! lol Oh well, I guess I just have to wait for Ron's follow up to enjoy the show.

So Grandma Char groupie what do you think of Grandma actually being one of the owners of this ministry? What kind of salary and bonuses do you thinking she's getting for running this scam? Now we know who's the brains behind the operation.

So we have Copeland to thank for this Reality show. Wonder who else helped this crook get going again? Wonder when Copeland is going to get Jim a private jet? Heard he gave one to Keith Moore.

Anonymous said...

Hello to All:

I was over the last 10 years, off and on, an employee of Jim Bakkers. I most recently was general manager of the restaurant there at Morningside.

I wont go into detail, but I will say that I could sell a really good story on the behind the scenes at Morningside.

I am not going to write my story here, but I did take time to post some of it on another forum(no disrespect to the owner of this intended in any way).

Read my partial story and if you desire,comment. I am thinking about doing an extended version as well.

Anonymous said...

Copeland is a millionaire many times over. If he emptied out his bank account Jim is one rich dude.
Mr M

Anonymous said...

Remember, "These are not water filters, these are water purification systems." You have got to be kidding me. Who believes this crap? I mean besides old folks.

NEDZO said...

I Need LORI NOW!!!!! LOL!!!
How much for her?????

Ron said...

I'm hard at work trying to churn out a post today, hope I can get it out in time! No problem telling your story anonymous, and yep that other blog that you linked to is awesome. A link to it can be found under my 'Jim Bakker Links' widget in the bottom right corner of the page.

I've got my eyes peeled for the Lori's Birthday show, haven't had time to check out the stuff from this week yet but if it's there I'll get it.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

The fact that Grandma Char is listed as one of the owners of this ministry should come as a surprise to no one. The last I read, some six-million dollars in unpaid taxes to the IRS is still owed by Bakker and he, himself, has admitted that he will never, at least on paper, be able to own anything again for the rest of his life. The salaries and bonuses are large, I'm sure, and let's not forget the many months of vacation time involved too. Grandma Char's daughter is a liability and is actually costing the ministry money. Lori is not, and will never be, as much of an attraction as the late Tammy Faye. Tammy had charisma. Lori has none. Tammy was an entertainer and Lori is not. But the main thing Tammy had was a very unique ability to cry real tears on demand. This very unique talent, if you will, helped bring in many millions of dollars to the ministry. It has been replaced by Jim's fake crying and, as if that's not bad enough, the fake crying of Flip Cameron too! You can tell, by the look on Jim's face, that he knows he is wasting valuable TV airtime each time Lori opens her mouth which is why he constantly cuts her off.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how many foodbuckets Jim is going to ship to Somalia?

Anonymous said...

Wendy Youngblood assistant to Jim and Lori Bakker is having an affair with Jim Bakker that's Why she is climbing so fast in the ministry ,, put her in charge of evertything and all she has ever been is a waitress!

Anonymous said...

I found this blog hilarious. My hubby worked in the restaurant so I've seen my fair share of goings on in that place. Once my hubby got called in while we were out so I got stuck there during a show. Somewhere out there is a taping with me in the background laughing hysterically. The most disturbing thing I saw there (there were many many disturbing things) Was the restaurant is crawling with cockroaches...True story.

Ron said...

Thanks for your comment Anonymous, glad you enjoyed it! There's a very active community here, they're currently in an active discussion on the most recent post on the home page. Join in on the discussion but beware, Jim's zombies are rabid...don't get bit!

Anonymous said...

The guy is scum preying on stupid people. Just like all the other TV
preachers wanting nothing but $$$$$
they are all living large exploiting people promising miracles.They should all rot in hell but they think they deserve the $$$$$$