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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bakker on trampoline; Dr Larry Bates as POTUS

Everything's great at Morningside, nothing to see here!
We begin with the Jim Bakker Show theme, which has been infused with heavier drums and guitars. Over the past couple of weeks, Jim got rid of everyone in the Morningside Band and replaced them with new people. The pea-brained piano player from Possum Trot, Kentucky, is now gone. Where did he go? I imagine the only answer to that is, 'Possum Trot, Kentucky'...I mean, where else could he go but back home to Ma? Now we have fresh faces in the band, but don't get too used to them...they'll be gone in a few months too.

Morningside Fat Man Zach Drew has the announcing duties and seems to be loving every minute of it. Jim's probably paying him some sort of stipend nowadays, maybe $50 a gig. That's about as good as it's ever gonna get for ol' Zach. If you're reading this Zach, heed my advice: If you ever plan on asking for a raise, first make sure to ask your mom if your bedroom is still available back home. Bakker is liable to can you like he cans everyone else.

Would Jesus sell trampolines, Jim?
Jim and Lori are announced, but Jim is missing from his usual spot on the couch with Lori. Instead, he's bouncing around like a buffoon on a Rebounder trampoline. The last time I saw the Rebounder was a year ago when Jim had the whole cast mounted on them. He made poor Kevin get on one too, but Shorey didn't bounce. His hefty body just sort of stretched the elastic down to the ground. I think Kevin put a 'no-trampolines' clause in his current contract with Jim, because now Bakker has Mongrel De La Vega playing the fool with him. Jim must have gotten another killer deal on them, because he's back to selling them for $100 a pop (plus shipping). If you absolutely must have one of these contraptions, do yourself a favor and shop online for cheaper. Just don't blame me when you break your neck on the thing.

The World's Oldest Living Dinosaur, Sen Julian Carroll
Bakker identifies a VIP in his crowd, some old dinosaur named Julian Carroll. Apparently this guy was the former governor of Kentucky, the state responsible for spawning hack musicians like the one Jim just fired. Now the Carroll-saurus is a Kentucky state senator. I wonder if Possum Trot falls within his district?

In trying to lend more importance to the man, Jim continues to call him Governor and the old geezer just eats it up. Carroll was actually a guest later in the week and, at 80 years old, he's a real snoozer. He commented that, as a lawyer, he doesn't think Bakker should have ever gone to jail. How about as a human being, Senator? He also stated that Bakker has been fully restored as a Christian. But why would he need to be restored if he did nothing wrong? Why are you even appearing on the show, don't you have work to do in Kentucky? Or do you consider it work when you pander to the boneheads in your district who also, coincidentally, watch the Jim Bakker Show? You are a morality three-striker, Senator Carroll. Politican - strike one. Lawyer - strike two. Appearing on The Jim Bakker Show - strike three. Now go back to Kern-tucky and ask yourself, "Is it right for Jim Bakker to fake cry on tv?".

'Hello and welcome. I'll be your bullshit artist this evening.'
The real guest for today is fake Dr Larry Bates....the same Dr Larry Bates exposed by a local Memphis tv news station for ripping people off. The same Larry Bates whose business, FAMC, was given an F rating by the Better Business Bureau. Get your barf bags ready because this guy's gonna make you want to vomit.

Jim's still bouncing away with Mondo, giving everyone health tips which also happen to coincide with what he's selling. Today it's the goofy trampolines, tomorrow it sounds like it'll be water filters. Jim tells us how important water is for our health, a piece of advice which we can all file away in our 'Yea, No Shit' category. Keep in mind that 'water' does not equal 'filtered water'. Jim doesn't want us to think that though, he wants us to think that the only healthy water is that which comes trickling through his overpriced Seychelle water filters. Mondo shows us his big brain as he slaps some random words together to explain why water is important for our health:
"They have proven that dehydration is one of the causes of symptoms going bad in your system."

Jim let Mondo speak. Mondo failed.
Thanks Mongrel, I'll try and remember that even though I don't know what the hell you're saying.Crack a book open some day, it'll help you 'talk'.

Jim continues his trampoline push by telling us that some people in wheelchairs actually "drive up" to the thing and put their feet on it. And what do they do next Jim, just sit there with their feet all cockeyed on the trampoline? Are you out of your mind, Jim Bakker?

Pastor Jim tells us that he only has 1100 more trampolines left to sell before they're all gone. Pastor Jim then tells us that the same model online costs a jaw-dropping $400. That's strange, Jim, because I see the Rebounder online for $88 with free shipping. There it is, la-dee-dah, eighty-eight bucks. Ahh, maybe it's an honest mistake...Pastor Bakker would never lie to us, would he?

Jim Bakker on trampoline, mid-bounce
Once more, Bakker tells us that there's only 1100 left and reminds us that they might be gone in one day, remarking that "believe me, we have more orders than that many days". Wow Jim, what'cha doin' with all that money?

We see Lori for the first time, and her mouth looks strange when she speaks. I don't know if it's the lipstick or she had lip injections or what, but something strange is going on in or around her mouth. Did she have her teeth filed down? She's hawking bonus hand-crank flashlights which Bakker is throwing in with the stupid trampoline. Once again Jim quotes an obnoxious value for the flashlights, $20 a pop. I found them online in about two seconds for four bucks. Pastor Bakker, this is the second time you've been wrong. I'm beginning to think that you're lying to us.

Lori got in on the sales frenzy
From his sales battle-station on the Rebounder, Jim begins heaping praise on fake Dr Larry Bates. Dr Shitface offers no reaction at all to this praise, he just sits there blinking which in my book is arrogance-squared. Argh, don't get me started on this guy.

Bakker's not done with his sales-pitch. Now he's throwing in watches with the Rebounder. I watch as the on-screen graphic font size shrinks. First it was just Rebounder in large letters. Then the text shrinks as it becomes Rebounder plus bonus Flashlights. Now it's Rebounder plus bonus Flashlights & Watches. The only thing that hasn't shrunk is the price. I wonder how much the shipping charge has increased now with all the extra crap Jim's throwing in?

We got a closeup of Bakker's tiny feet. Are those kid shoes?
Jim finally wraps up his big sales pitch, and now we're going to be treated to a song from the [new] Morningside house band. We get our first up-close view of the band's leader, and yes, he's fat. He also looks fairly young and vibrant, which disappoints me. What are you doing at Morningside, Chubs? Go out and live in the real world, find a real church. Morningside serves only as a sham tax-haven for Jim Bakker to make a living taking advantage of stupid people. Don't be one.

As the camera pulls away, I get my first glimpse of the new band. The bass player is the only familiar face. The drummer, guitarist and female keyboardist are all new. The guitar player looks like a serial killer. He must wear gloves before chopping people up because he has the smoothest hands I've ever seen on a man. On closeup, his strum hand looks like a prosthesis. I bet this guy drives a van, and I'll bet that van has no windows.

Don't get too comfortable in that seat, Chubs.
I gotta say though, the band is pretty good by Bakker Show standards. Chubertini has some singing chops and everything is in time and tune. Kevin Shorey, consider this a warning shot fired across your enormous bow. KERSPLASH!

Bakker crows like a rooster after the song finishes, then he explains the band to us. Except for the bassist and keyboardist, they've all come from churches in neighboring towns. That's good news, at least these guys won't have their lives completely disrupted when Bakker goes on another firing frenzy.

Jim gives us an update on his never-ending Morningside construction efforts. He said the bathhouse is going up now, and the tar trucks have arrived for the road. They roll a clip of the construction crew working on his road and Jim crows again, this time with such emphasis that the goozle inside his throat rattles.

"Hey, wanna check out my cool van?
We get a two-minute brainless interlude while Lori rambles about living the mountaintops and valleys of life. This woman had five abortions. Needless to say, once armed with that spicy little tidbit of information about her, it's hard to actually hear anything she has to say. All I hear repeated over and over in my mind is, 'abortion...abortion...abortion'.

Jim finally gets to fake Dr Vomit. Larry opens up by describing how valleys are formed. This guy fancies himself an expert on everything, but the only thing I know him to be an expert at is ripping people off. As noted earlier, the guy runs a business that sells gold and silver coins to people who are scared shitless by people like Bakker who constantly talk about the world ending. Actually, 'sell' is not the proper word here as it would imply that people would receive something for their money. Larry Bates just takes their money and hopes they're old enough to forget about it.

Five abortions. Zero children.
Do ya remember when Bakker said the nation's corn crop was going to run out in August? Jim cited an 'expert' at the time, and that expert was fake Dr Larry Bates. Larry didn't deliver then either, but he's still talking about our vanishing corn crop. Well guess what I'm eating tonight, Larry? Corn. Had it yesterday too.

All this valley talk causes Jim to takes the spotlight away from Bates for awhile and give us a sad prison story. He says the government shafted his appeal and made him wait another two years before finally letting him out of prison. He makes no mention of the government still requiring him to pay his taxes to the IRS. That's because Jim still owes those taxes. It's kinda how you and I owe taxes...except we pay them and Jim doesn't.

Is that a prosthetic hand?
Jim's done with his sad story and gets back to Dr Vomit. He tells Bates, "Let's talk about the economy before we get to the 'What would you do if you were President'". As I said, Larry Bates thinks he's an expert at all things. Economic genius? Check. President of the United States? Check. You name it and Larry Bates has done it or knows how to do it. In his own delusional mind, and in the tiny minds of inbreds, he's a superhero. To everyone else, he's a con man. Right now, on my tv, his fat belly is bleeding down below his beltline to a spot directly above his wiener. Not very presidential, Larry.

Larry ain't getting no Ladies with that mug
Lori interrupts Jim right when he's cleared for takeoff on his Larry Bates love-jet, and Bakker doesn't look happy. Jim snorts a few times while Lori taxis her own Larry Bates love-liner onto the runway. She's reading a list of the fake doctor's accomplishments. All the while, Larry sits there twitching his nose, biting his lip and looking extremely smug. Actually he doesn't really have any lips as they just sort of blend into one big flesh-colored mass of face. He has pock marks and wrinkles everywhere, with a couple colorless moles thrown in for good measure. There's no chance in hell that this guy shaves with a razor.

Both Larry Bates love-craft's take off together, and now we're soaring in the clouds. Dr Vomit tells us, first off, that he would have Gloria Elliot sing a Christian song at his inauguration. Gloria Elliot is a mannish woman who appears on Bakker's show periodically to play her lounge act and collect a paycheck. She's there now, seated at a table, and laughs. Having successfully misidentified himself to viewers as a dyed-in-the-wool Christian, Dr Vomit now has the keys to the storehouse. President Bates cites some scripture for good measure.

Bakker fake cried a little while reminiscing about prison sex
President Larry Bates wants to lead the nation into prayer and repentance. He wants to tell the EPA to get in their offices and hide, because "we're gonna start drilling." Goodbye, national parks. Hello, oil wells. A smattering of applause which dies down quickly because President Larry is still giving his stump speech. President Bates has enthralled two zombies in the crowd who appear on camera; they'll either die before election day or end up voting wrong anyways due to ballot confusion. President Dr Larry Bates tells us that he will enact a 10-yr moratorium on all regulatory agencies, or at least issue an executive order during his four-year term enacting a moratorium on any new regulations. Okay, now I'm the president too, and I'd like to issue an executive order enacting Pocker Colonies for people with faces containing more than 25% acne scarring, and I'm exempting everyone except con men with no integrity. I'm issuing another order for Frogger Colonies, and I'm looking right at you, Jim. This guy is such a load.

Larry's big belly extends down to his nuts
Bakker and Bates continue floating amongst the clouds. According to Jim, Bates predicted the 2008 US market collapse in 1994. That's fourteen long years before this supposed prediction came true...shouldn't there be an expiration date on predictions? How about a prediction from 1984, or 1844?  Here's a prediction for you Jim: You and Larry Bates will both go to prison at some time in the next ten years. Write that one down in your logbook.

President Bates tells us that the people are looking for someone with leadership skills, and once they find a leader they will follow. Sorry, Larry, I'm not following a guy that I can condescendingly pat on top of the head like the old man from Benny Hill. I'm not following a guy whose belly extends down to his balls. It's un-Presidential.

These old inbreds will never see Nov 6, 2012.
President Bates gives us some talk about One World Government conspiracy theory, complete with an AntiChrist System, whatever that is. He tells us that he had dinner the other night with Congressman Spencer Bachus who sits as Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. I don't care much about politics and don't know or care who this guy is, but if he's eating dinner with the fake Dr Larry Bates, you better watch out for him. Does he have his fingers in Larry Bates' dirty gold and silver scam too?

President Bates tells us that we could parachute him blindfolded into any country in the world, leave him 'on the ground' for a week, and he can then tell us the health of the economy. You're so full of it, Larry Bates. You know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see you parachute off a plane and land right in my toilet so I could flush you down into the sewer where you belong. Maybe you'll find some of those silver coins you never delivered to the inbreds who gave you all their money.

These inbreds will mis-vote on Nov 6, 2012.
The fake Dr Bates tells us that we have too much political correctness in society and that we need to do away with it. I'm all for it Larry. In fact, let me tell you something that isn't politically correct: You're an asshole. You're a liar and a con man, and I don't believe that you are a doctor. I don't believe you really served as a house representative in Tennessee. I don't even believe your real name is Larry Bates, you fat little twerp. In your own mind, you are god. You imagine that you can jump from airplanes, serve as president of the United States, and Lord knows what else. You are your own yes man, probably a psychological defense mechanism learned as a child when you were picked on by other children. You were probably picked on by adults, too:
[Teacher Ms Patty] Hey Marge, there's fat Larry Bates coming out of the school bathroom with toilet paper on his shoe. Geez, I don't know what it is about that kid that makes me want to strangle him at recess and stuff him in the planters?
[Teacher Ms Marge] I know what you mean Patty, this kid's a total mess. Obnoxious too. Hey...I'm gonna go over and fart next to him and tell the kids it was him.
[Ms Patty] Yeah yeah, go do it. I really don't like that kid.
[Ms Marge, farting] Mr Bates, excuse you!?
[Kids pointing] Haha, Larry farted! Larry's a stinker! P.U. on Larry, hahaha!
This inbred will attend a lynching on Nov 6, 2012.
Things didn't improve in high school, I'm sure of it. Your ugly pock-marked face turned even the most compassionate of women away, and I'm sure more than one pet animal met its fate after encountering you in a rage after a day full of putdowns. Ever choke a cat, Larry?

So now, you imagine yourself as the President. You imagine yourself parachuting into other countries. You are an imaginary Jack Bauer, himself merely an imaginary character. Well, let me give you some reality, Jack: You're still short, still fat, and still ugly. The only difference is that now you're a willful adult who chooses to dupe people into giving you their money. You couldn't help how you looked as a child, none of us can. But rather than grow up and into a nice honest adult, you've decided to live your life like a rat. Your childhood humiliations, which probably included repeated dunkings in the high school toilet, scarred your sense of self-worth so much that you have to give a little something back. Or, rather, take everything you can get. Pay them all back through lies, deception, and cons. Why should fat Larry care about other people when they never cared about him?

"I ever tell ya about the time I took out Hitler?"
And now you sit on Jim Bakker's couch, making yourself nice and comfortable as you imagine yourself as the leading man. Bakker's an idiot. Lori's making eyes at you. Zach's a mark, gotta make sure to act friendly to him so he'll give you money for gold coins that you'll never send him. According to Larry Bates, there is simply nothing in this world that Larry Bates cannot do.

It's funny when Jim asks this guy questions because they're obviously all scripted. Jim stutters and stammers his way through the words as he sets Bates up to answer the pre-written questions in a way that will increase book sales:
Jim Bakker: Money given to the read that a big percentage of it went to overseas banks. Is that true?
Jim Bakker: Will the world eco-no-mic collapse if we continue this road?
Jim Bakker: Are you saying our elected officials don't have control?
Bakker legacy photo: Jim, a foodbucket, and Dr Larry Bates.
The camera pulls back to capture Jim and Larry together in-frame. There he is, a greasy ball of fat with eyes on top, a cretin that calls itself 'Larry'. How very Presidential he looks, with tie resting askew on his belly...not the belly in his shirt but the belly down in his pants. He sits next to Jailbird Jim Bakker, himself a man of ill-repute. Together, they are both attempting to convince us that the world will end soon, and with that end will come all of the revealed trials and tribulations. Yet they both have their cloven hooves outstretched, ready to take your money Worthless money, they say. Here, buy a trampoline and a watch, you're gonna need it. Silver and Gold, buy it up before it's too late! They're a true Dastardly Duo. Seated between them both, center frame, is a foodbucket. Perfect.

This inbred thinks Larry Bates is actually the President
Bakker wraps the show early and runs a ten-minute long commercial at the end to sell foodbuckets. The commercial contains sinister-sounding background music and features video and sound bites of Jim, Lori, and the various money-grubbing guests telling us that they need to buy food now. I find this very interesting, someone at Morningside is starting to figure out how to squeeze in as much sales time as possible. So Bakker is having his followers pay for airtime so he can play a commercial for his own products?
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Brother Dortch said...

Since this show aired the band has been raped again and not only is the chubby keyboard guy gone but that guitarist is now gone too. The lady on keyboards is the mother of one of the "students" and is probably doing the gig for free. They are now using a trio consisting of the mom, the same bass player, and a drummer who they must be paying to do the show (that is, until he gets replaced by free labor too).

Regarding Mondo: He is ignorant as the day is long and reminds me of someone who is secretly browsing the storerooms of Morningside looking for something to steal and take to the pawn shop to get money for either drugs or guns.

The so-called "Dr" Larry Bates has had a former employee (Ann Trimble) become so sick and tired of seeing his victims get taken that she has formed a blog which is now letting the world know the truth about this con artist friend of con artist Jimbob. I recommend that EVERYONE read her blog and see and read the TV expose/article of the con artistry of Bates too!
The WREG news expose is here:,0,469527.story?page=2

Ann Trimble's blog/warning is located here:

Anonymous said...

This blog was definately written while you were in a Ticked off mood after watching this particular episode.....and rightfully so. Jim loves it when he has someone on that is in on the scam too. Google Larry vBates and it is shocking to read all the christian elderly people he has scammed.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe that he hasn't been busted again. there has to be something that is gonna come out soon to get him thrown in jail. jim's such a deviant. im glad that this page is up because it really helps me to laugh at this stuff.

No Nonsense Norski said...

Well done, Ron!

Yes, it is good to know there are other people in the world that are on to these shysters and a relief to be able to laugh at such well-written "reviews" of this dreadful show. For years I thought I was the only one who saw through this evil man and his sidekicks.

Studying the faces of Carl and Rose Palmer, they look like they can barely contain their distaste for Jim and Lori - they are up there listening to all this drivel for one reason - the almighty dollar - like playing with the devil.

Thank you, Ron, for this blog. It is a bright, funny spotlight on sad con.

Not a Groupie said...

I don't think the government can just go after Jim. If they start they have to go after all the televangelists that bilk people. I saw one program that was selling holy water and if you sent money(?)for the water, you would get a financial windfall(for example, your home would magically be paid for or you would receive $8,000 thru the mail as a gift from, who knows). Then another program where people were encouraged to send money from a payphone because their utilities were cut off and they were unemployed facing foreclosure???? How can people be so gullible? Like I quoted before, "there is a sucker born every minute." I think as long as there are poor souls willing to give their money to these shows, it will never end. Sad, Sad!

The IRS said...

Thanks for the compliments guys, I appreciate them. Yes I was ticked off, lol. When it's just fun and games with Jim and Lori, the show doesn't usually bug me too much. But when uber-scammers like Philip Cameron and Larry Bates get on there, it really grinds my proverbial gears.

But with that disgust comes great pleasure, as I know that this blog will be a beacon of light to people searching for information on these people. There is no other website out there discussing these people day in and day out like this one. My goal is to be the #2 destination on the internet for Jim Bakker information. Don't forget guys and gals, the reason Bakker was brought down the first time was because of a journalist that started following his antics ;)

The more exposure this blog gets, the more likely it is that Jim Bakker and his slimy cohorts will face justice.

Hey Brother Dortch, Ms Trimble has a lot of info on Larry Bates but unfortunately her comments are closed and her 'Contact Us' page doesn't work (the 'captcha' field is screwed up). I wanted to let her know that I cited her in this post (through a blue text hyperlink), and also wanted her followers to know about this blog.

Glad I could get some laughs for you all. Now it's back to the warehouse for me...the foodbucket business has never been better!

Uncle Henry said...

Be Nice now, Carl & Rose Palmer joined the Valley Walkers club!!
They did it on the air. Handed King Bakker $500.00 in CASH!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course these are bad times, only a fool wouldn't recognize that! It takes a bigger fool to send a con man your money to buy his junk thinking that will help you in these tough times.

Anonymous said...

A great read....The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout. He's not next door, he's in your home every time you turn on his show. Turn off your tv and don't let this crazy person in your house!

Cameron Is Not My Dad said...

"A fool and his money is soon parted"

No Nonsense Norski said...

Uncle Henry -
Carl & Rose were "priming the pump", as the old saying goes.

Anonymous said...

Sweet deal on 7 years for 1 person, only $3000. Can you imagine living off that crap for 7 years. First off you would be lucky if you weighed 100 after eating those small portions for 7 years. Second, what would your digestive track be like from eating this crap for 7 years?

Anonymous said...

well i think that if you lived off of that stuff for years it would probably end with getting colon cancer.or kidney disease from all the chemicals they put into that shit. i know its off topic but i want to see jim and bates fight each other to the death.

No Nonsense Norski said...

Looks like Jimbo is getting botox shots along with this bimbo wife. (Now, who in the world could be paying them them???)

His forehead looks like a smooth plastic Halloween mask. Not a movement to be detected.

Perhaps the reason he occasionally wears his I CARE caps on camera is to cover up the excessive swelling after an injection.

....Jus' sayin' ...(which is another dreadful show worthy of a 666 blog)

Buddy's Buddy said...

It might be a technicality, not even worthy of a mention here, but I've noticed that every so often, Jim will say, we've sold 20% of this item or we'll sell out a 1,000 of these items in one day. If he is "selling" then technically he is not giving the items in return for "love gifts," right? So if he's selling and not paying sales tax to Blue Eye or the state of Missouri, how is that not tax fraud? Or, if Morningside is registered as a tax-exempt religious organization, doesn't at least 50% of his show have to be about religion? I swear the past couple of shows have been one, long, crummy commercial.

Anonymous said...

This is now my #1 favorite blog/website! So glad I found it! Wonderfully written and always a hilarous read. I find myself laughing out loud all the time. I only wish you were paid to do this blog so you could work on it daily. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Well written, Ron.
Mama San

Anonymous said...

I saw Dr Water on the net show today. Jim had the guy put all kinds of mud and crap in the water bottle then Jim had him drink from it. In fact everyone did except Jim. That guy is such a pansy.
Mr M

Anonymous said...

The caps he is sending out with his "love gifts" should have an "S" added to them to read "I SCARE". Fits the bill much better.

Not a Groupie said...

Anonymous, I didn't see the show where Dr. Water(good name) drank the cleansed water. Jim usually has poor Kevin do disgusting stuff like that. Poor Kevin, what is he doing back on the show? If you notice they don't even announce "Kevin Shorey is here today", at the beginning of the show, just all of a sudden the camera panns to the left and there he is.

No Nonsense Norski said...

Poor Kevin is serving a semi-valuable function for Jimbo.

His dreadful "Christ is Christmas " CD is now available for a "Love Gift" of $20.00.

Unless PK continues to churn out the hurl-worthy songs and gets his hapless father-in-law to help get them on disc, we can expect him to magically disappear yet again - right after the Holiday Rush.

Buddy's Buddy said...

Yes, Not a Groupie, two nights ago, when Carl Palmer, Dr. Water, mixed manure/fertilizer with water in one of this water bottles, he then squirted it out into a large glass. Yuppo! Clear as... water. He then drank from the glass, handed it to his wife, and she drank. He then handed it to Jimbo, who said, "I'm not drinkin' that!" Lori drank next and handed the glass back to Carl. What a scream. That's being a believable salesman, Jim!

Nedzo said...

The LEGACY road is done!!!!
Why is he still looking for $$$$$ for the Valley Walkers club??? They all supposedly walked the 2 mile stretch of road on today's show?? I wonder if Maricella walked the road?
Maybe his Daughter Maricella needs a diet???
I don't think she is eating that crappy food he is peddling.
SHE is FATTER than ZACH!!!
She probably goes to Gilberti's 3 times a day!!
I haven't seen her husband lately, HMMMMM??

Zena said...

That was a great moment when Jim refused to drink dirty water from the water bottle he is peddling. Larry "Master" Bates is a former everything since he has been dismissed from every position he has held.

Expose Bakker said...

Jim lost his biological children Jamie and Tammy Sue long ago and now he is losing his adopted ones. "Little" Lori has moved in with her boyfriend who Jim and Lori dont like, and Marie was sent to a school in Alabama after constantly getting into trouble and being caught with Nate who was one of the MMC kids before getting tossed out. Ricky wants nothing to do with the ministry and just wants to be a normal teenager.

Truthseeker said...

"Master" Bates is a fountain of misinformation and half-truths. Also, he has several lawsuits against him for failing to ship gold and silver customers ordered from his company. Zach tried to fill Kevins shoes during his absence but now Kevin has returned to the show to sell his cd's since his website venture did not go as planned. Does Rosemarie Palmer wear a wig?

Cameron Is Not My Dad said...

Larry "Master" Bates !!!

Brother Dortch said...

You can rest assured that BOTH young Marie and young Ricky will be flying the coupe immediately after turning age 18 and I am one who cannot, and will not, blame them both when they do. I am sure they must be counting down the days!

Buddy's Buddy said...

Remember Jimbo saying this year we would run out of corn? This just in: The 2011 U.S. corn crop is estimated to be around 12.497 billion (that's with a B) bushels, which is 50 million bushels more than the 2010 crop, according to agricultural economists at the University of Illinois.

Cameron Is Not My Dad said...

Now he is saying we are going to run out of water and that everybody needs to buy his water filters so we can drink all the dirty water that is left over. You know, the water he would never drink, himself, even after it has been filtered. Hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if Zach can fill Kevin's shoes or his pants. I do believe Zach has put on a few lbs along the way.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of Mrs Dr Water sitting there? I know she is a trophy wife but does she actually serve a useful purpose?
Mr M

No Nonsense Norski said...

She's a Trophy, alright. She's there to make Dr. Water look like he just stepped out of the Fountain of Youth, and, along with Botox Lori, pretend that he and Jimbo are virile.

Aside from being a dental hygienist, Rose seems to be a bit New Age-y: apparently she focuses on her clients' chakras and extolls upon them the importance of WATER - which is filed under the heading: No Shit, Sherlock!

Jimbo's yellow sweater was so tight, you could see his nipples! He needs a Man-Bra - Yech.

Oh! ...did you notice the show where Jim asked Dr. Water his age (77) followed by lots of fawning by Jim, who turns to Poor Kevin for the Birthday segment. PK zeros in on a woman who is celebrating her 77th birthday, the camera pans back to Dr. Water who has a distinctly pained look on his face. The "Oh NO, she's MY AGE?!?" look of exasperation.

It was priceless.

This show really is the best crap on TV.

Brother Dortch said...

While I usually disagree with everything Lori Graham Bakker ever says, there is one thing she said that I completely and totally agree with. She said on TV once that:

“My husband used to be impeccably dressed then he got out of prison and now he just doesn't care!”

Do you remember how Bakker used to wear suits and nice casual clothes and now he looks like a bum. At least during the old days he looked like he cared about being on TV. Now, he shows up everyday wearing T-Shirts, baseball hats, and blue jeans. One day Bakker talked about his sport coats and boasted that he never pays more than $50 for his coats and every one of them look like they just came off the rack at Goodwill. Not only does he look like a bum, but other than the poisonous Kool Aide, I see absolutely no difference between Bakker and Rev Jim Jones and his cult in South America. Bakker has just replaced the Kool Aide with a bunch of slop in five gallon paint buckets that he is overcharging for and attempting to scare elderly people into buying.

It was The Charlotte Observer that took down PTL and won prestigious awards in the process. One day, another media outlet will get sick and tired of Jimbob, Master Bates, Flip Cameron, Dr Water, Mondo De La Vagrant, and the rest of these con men and do the exact same thing. That is, unless his immense greed takes over and Jimbob gets arrested again--in which case you can just call it “self destruction.”

Not a Groupie said...

I noticed Jim always dressing down on his show and Lori always overdressing on the show. Jim probably doesn't have enough money left in the kitty to buy any decent clothes after Lori spends it all on her outfits, botox and puffy lips. He brags sometimes that what he wears he had in the PTL days. I think that is pitiful not braggable. Let's face it, they both are in their own little world not the real world of hardworking people who budget for things they need and don't constantly ask someone else for money, lots of money.

Ron said...

Hey Anonymous way up there...thank you very much for the high compliments! Yes it'd be great to have enough money to just sit and write about Bakker all day (and also to do some investigation of his ministry through the FOIA), but hey at least I can get some laughs out of you all while exposing Bakker so that's payment enough!

If you feel the blog is worthy, consider sharing on Facebook, +1 on Google or doing whatever else helps get the word out on Bakker and this blog. More eyes here means more eyes on Frog Bakker. You can also shop through my Amazon links if you'd like as I earn commission on any purchases made after clicking through. Or just don't do anything and enjoy reading about the show, this blog isn't about making money it's about exposing Jim ;) I just want you all to enjoy some laughs at Bakker's expense.

Thanks again for the compliment!

WOW, Dr Seychelle is 77!? I saw his first day on and yep the first thing I thought was 'Trophy Wife'.

Great comments all, funny stuff.

laughing my head off said...

ok, ok, you all got to me, I had to tune in and see the water mans trophy wife, Lori's botox face and fat lips, Jim's grubby clothes etc.

Has anyone counted how many promotions Jim has going in one hour? I lost count and just couldn't bring myself to watch the whole hour. Here's a snipit of the promotions I saw....legacy road project, campground something?, gold keys, Lori's house, I Care $1000, Jim's revelation teaching club, Support Stella's house, Big Book of History, 3 for 2 Seychelles water pitchers, Seychelle shower heads, Ultimate water survival bottle, stainless steel water bottles, water barrel, water filtration pump, water filtration canteen (loved the commercial with old Andy Rooney hustling the young chicks drinking that nasty least he'll die a happy old man).....and on and on and on!!! All the while the water man and his trophy wife sat there like stooges. I think I caught her yawning. She definately was looking all over the place and not at all interested in what Jim was saying. I'd be bored and distracted too! I could only stand watching the show for 15 minutes!

Surprise, Surprise there is a Horrific Global Water Crisis coming!!! Jim says there is 25 signs of it, I wonder how many nights sleep he lost thinking up those 25 signs. I feel another prophecy coming!!!!! Uh-Oh we have more nuclear radiation contamination here in the US then Japan has.....What do we need from Jim to protect ourselves from this horrific disaster!!!!...Oh, Phew it's a RAD water bottle. Thank you Jim you never scare the pants off of me without a solution that will only cost me lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'s.

Guess that's what all the Christmas decorations are up for....hurry get all these offers....there's a great promotional product for everyone on your list!! Jim is going to have a Merry Christmas! Oh ya, Christ won't be part of Christmas for Jim either, so don't tune in expecting to hear the Christmas message....tune in to hear promotions that will help Jim profit from Christmas!!!

One last thing does anyone else have a problem with Lori's house being a huge mansion? Kind of looks like a brothel. Hmmm.....

All I can say is UNREAL!!!

Jim always signs off Bye-Bye, remember God loves you, He really, really does......(and I love your money, I really really do)!!!!

Grandma Maxine said...

Another great blog Ron, and this has become my favorite site because it exposes the fraudster! How much wildlife has Jim killed and how many trees has he murdered to contruct his buildings? Cant wait to read Marie or Rickys tell all book in a few years!

Anonymous said...

I bet Jimbo kept the $500 cash that Dr.Water handed him on the show to join the Valley Walkers Club. He was very low key about telling everyone that the Palmers had joined. Lori had to bring it up on Part 2 of the "Water Show". Check out how acts when he holds up the $500 smackers. Someone (Grandma Char?) is going to have to wrestle that money from him after the show or at least remind him 5 times to give it up. It is down deep in his pocket at this point. By the way, who is paying for Maria's private, out of state school tuition? Maybe the Valley Walkers or the NEW "Grandma and Grandpa's Club"? He doesn't have any money (right IRS?)So who is paying?

Anonymous said...

And who is paying for the room and board. Unless, she gave daddy Jim her saved up allowance and he gave her a love gift of a tent and a bucket of flavored wallpaper paste.
Mr M

Brother Dortch said...

It would be easy for Jimbob to steal that $500 in cash since there is no record of it ever existing in the first place for the IRS to see. He probably kept the cash money and then went to the church office and had the accountant "comp" the membership for the water couple which the accountant would have to do with no questions asked--or get fired. The real question is: Who stole the $500 money order from grandson James? On Tuesday, October 18, 2011, grandson James said that someone had stolen a $500 money order from him and his roommate that was to be used to pay the rent on the house he lives in at Morningside. Check his Twitter (@legendofjames) to see it in his own words and he is also complaining that he is going to have to cut back on buying food for the next week while he makes up the loss. Did Grandpa sneak into Little James' room to make that first $500 he stole $1000? Or, is Mondo and the Mexican "Flash Mob Posse" terrorizing Morningside as was predicted on an earlier show? Tune in next week Children for more!

Ron said...

That $500 probably went right up Mongrel's nose.

Grandma Char said...

Don't say that about Mongrel. He used it to get some additional tattoos and buy tequila.

Cameron Is Not My Dad said...

I'm thinking he may have used the stolen $500 to buy one of his gangster buddies keys to the bathroom! ROFLMAO!

Anonymous said...

Since he likes "gadgets", maybe he will save it for ordering a new Iphone5 to go along with his Ipad. The days of his "dry erase board of doom" seems to have left the stage only to replaced with GIANT photos of disasters. After reading little James' tweets about all his video game conquest, I wonder if Ricky goes to visit him for prayer meetings nightly?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know Mondo's twitter name? Mondo18st isn't showing up as an active account anymore. Would love to read his ramblings.

Brother Dortch said...

Ever since he got caught, right here on this Blog, trying to hustle former porn queen Kim Kardashian which, in turn, probably caused his wife to find out too, his "Mondo18st" Twitter was shut down. Jimbob may have thought it to be uncool that one of his on camera con artists was telling a former porn queen that they are "sexy". I would think that did not actually look very good for the so-called "ministry".

Anonymous said...

No facebook either from my searches. King Bakker seems to know what is best for Mondo. He better do as he says if he wants his own spanish show on utube. No mention anywhere about that coming to fruitionm. Gotta let things cool down for awhile, I bet.

Anonymous said...


Brother Dortch said...

Yes there is a Facebook for him & wife called:
Mondo Beth
and, what is interesting, is that Mondo lists (on Facebook) his religion as CATHOLIC and not the Pentecostal religion he practices every day on TV. This con artist, just like his boss, will not only sell out his own faith and religious beliefs to make a buck, but I'm sure he would sell his own mother up the river to make a buck too. How can a TRUE Catholic do what this fool is doing? This is downright disgusting!

Ron said...

Maybe Mondo is dyslexic and thought "CATHOLIC" actually spelled "AlCOHOLIC"?

I wonder when Bakker will finally shutdown all twitter use at Morningside? There's a lot of leaked information coming from various Masters Media students and other personalities that doesn't reflect well on the Amphibian-in-Chief.

Brother Dortch said...

Since Trystan got wise and had her fill of the place, Sasha Voltz has become the "flavor of the day female" at Morningside and has since made her Tweets private. Sasha obviuosly hates many aspects of the fake school, including the rumour mill at Morningside, which she finds herself on the receiving end of on a regular basis. Every time she is seen with a male there the rumours & gossip begin to fly and, by now, they have had her whoring herself out to Lord knows how many men! Her Twitter account constantly complained about very worthwhile and true concerns to have about the place including one that said:

"When more students in a program want to leave the program rather than stay in it, is it the students or is it the program?"

For some reason though, Sasha lacks the self confidence to want to leave and start living life on her own. Although she makes no money she is being given free room and board and can't seem to figure out that if she worked 16 hours a day at a real job she could have her own place, plus money to spend, and do as she pleases without concern for anybody else's thoughts.

Nate Parkhurst, the object of daughter Marie's affection, loves finally making money and has Tweeted that he made more money in six hours than he did the entire year at Morningside. But it was these Tweets that told the complete story:

"It's great to see preachers preach things on tv but when it comes (time) for them to practice what they preach they don't they live a lie"


"If your going to preach live by what you preach don't preach what people want to here"

He even Tweeted about a preacher being more concerned with fame, public figure, and money than the word of God

It is hard to call the kid a liar!

Anonymous said...

The below is copied from the net. No mention of Jim Bakker or mention that it is a "Christian" program. My big question is why are the students filming this? Isn't this what they are being trained for?
Am looking for the fallowing Camera Operator who has the ability to do more than just shoot.
must be fluent in spanish and english
have 10 years of expirience
edit in Final cut pro
graphic artist
must know how to shoot reality tv style

Note:I supply the camera and editing equiptment, this is for a reality pilot am shooting for a national spanish TV network.
I would like to start with an intern and then if the operator has what am looking for, Then I will hire. Attitude must be great, must take initiative, be creative, and take direction well.
email me my name is Mondo

Location: Branson
Compensation: will be discuss privately
This is an internship job
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Ron said...

In case you missed it: That's following spelled with an a.

Is Mongrel allowed to drive? I don't think it's safe for everyone else if this guy can't read stop signs or street names...maybe he just memorizes colors?

Anonymous said...

Any idea what national spanish TV network he is refering to?

Brother Dortch said...

He is referring to whatever network Jimbob buys time on and, just between me and you, I doubt the show will ever happen! The ad you showed us here is an old one from 2010 and it is soon to be 2013. Mondo works for free (room & board for wife & twins too) and Jimbob has been promising him that show for years and has yet to deliver on his promise. Mondo is being led on and is too dumb to realize it.

Brother Dortch said...

Whoops...typo above....It is soon to be 2012 and it will be 2015, or beyond, before that show ever gets aired. So much for the love of the precious "partners" who donated their Social Security money to buy the equipment only to have this idiot say: "I suppy the camera & editing equipment". And, the ad certainly says a whole bunch about the skills of the ten or so "students" who obviously know absolutely NOTHING about running a camera or editing just like Jimbob. He fancies himself a production expert but, in reality, does not have the technical skills to go into his own editing suite and edit his own show with a computer and Final Cut Pro.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

I guess that genius Jim & Lori think that Little Marie:
a) has no access to email
b) has no access to free long distance that comes with almost every cell phone--including those of her friends
c) has no webcam which is built into her laptop
and therefore
d) has no access to Nate

I would lay odds they are STILL in contact and sending Marie to Southern Alabama for boarding school just made her madder & more determined to have a boyfriend! Does anyone agree?

Anonymous said...

Wow is Jim looking old. He's finally starting to look his age. Guess he fired his plastic surgeon and hair dresser. I bet he fired them for some dumb reason like...they wanted to be paid for their services!

Nedzo said...

Hey Sasha!! You can come & live with me!!
I'll give you free room & board PLUS!!!

Brother Dortch said...

I would like Sasha to know that, when she does finally get the courage up to leave that clip joint she is now associated with, she will always have friends here. Sasha: You will always be welcome here!

Anonymous said...

Jim likes to talk about the old days when he had all the big Christian names on his show, now he only has salesmen. Dino is probably the only exception. Poor guy probably gets stuck going on Jim's show because he lives close by.
Mr M.

Cameron Is Not My Dad said...

Bakker also likes to talk about his relationship with, not one, but three U.S. Presidents (Carter, Regan, & Bush Sr.) but where was this great set of relationships as they were arresting him and trying him and throwing him in federal prison? Could it be those relationships were not all he is cracking them up to be?

NEDZO said...

Just watched today's show. He now has FREEZE DRIED veggies & fruit. Comes in Buckets also. I think they should FREEZE DRY King Bakker & Lori The BOOBS Bakker too!!

Anonymous said...

The reason why they call it Lori's house is because when Jim dies it will be transferred to her.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

I disagree that, in the event of Bakker's death, Lori's house will be transferred to her ownership. The owner/developer of Morningside has invested so many millions in TV time, construction, and other expenditures that Bakker still has yet to repay that the ownership of all Bakker's ministry will revert to him as repayment upon the death of Bakker.

Lori "Can I Have My Botox Please" Bakker doesn't even like living at Morningside and has expressed many times that she would rather be back at The Dream Center again without all the pressure to raise money to stay on the air. She will definitely not be living alone in the Ozarks when her husband dies.

No Nonsense Norski said...

Lori's House has got to be one of the ugliest buildings ever.

It's not even built yet, but the "architect's" rendering is dreadful.

Weird dormers sticking up all over. Cheesy lookin' thing.

Looks like it'll be built out of spit & chicken wire. Disneyland on a dime.

I know....that's a catty remark - but an honest opinion, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I had heard that the ministries, for lack of better term, is in Lori's mother name. She won't have to turn that over to the land developer (name?). Of course she could always sell it to him. Without Jim they would not be able to support a "house"

Brother Dortch said...

Yes, the business is in Charlene Graham's, as well as the owner/developer's name and, unless Bakker's debts are 100% paid off to the owner of Morningside, Lori will have no choice but to turn over the assets to him. She will just be happy to finally be able to get out of there and the owner will have the equipment, the real estate, and the power to decide if the television ministry will continue with a new host or end once and for all. Unless the owner makes a successful pitch to a very well known nationally famous preacher, there is absolutely no way an unknown would be able to sustain the debt and day to day fund raising that ministry requires to stay afloat--especially in today's hard times.

Anonymous said...

i would think lori and her boobs are just longing for the day she gets to leave morningside and finally gets fucked again. shes had 5 abortions and obviously loves sex and yet is married to a 71 year old gay man.

mrfun said...


Anonymous said...

There is only one reason a straight woman marries an old gay man that looks like a wrinkled up frog and that reason has nothing to do with sex.

Anonymous said...

I was pondering over the thought "How does Jim do it"?

During the me, me, me, money, money, money, generation he was able to amass a fortune from gullible people when the economy was good.

Now the economy is bad and he is pulling it off again! He's doing it by scaring people into believing he has the solution to their fears.

Who is the bigger fool the people supporting this evil man, or this evil man thinking he will get away with this when he stands before God on the judgment day?

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the crap Christmas kids Bakker's fake kids are going to receive? Every time they talk about another Dr Water product Lori says she is going to give it to the kids as gifts.

Anonymous said...

above, i meant Christmas gifts, not kids. :)

NEDZO said...

Half of the Adopted kids are GONE!!!!
Soon there will be NONE! Just like his biological kids.
However he still has ZACH & SASHA!! lol!!

No Nonsense Norski said...

Jim was in his Super Manic selling mode last night, featuring the new Christmas "gifts" that "just arrived", and the new fruit and veggie buckets.

Jim compared Steve Jobs to Frank Davis, and called Mondo an "old druggie". (Oh Jim!!!)

Jabbering so fast, no one could get a word in edgewise. It was GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed Sasha hair is no longer that unque look with the longl thick blonde streaks? While she was a paying student she kept them maintained but now no longer a student....voila, her hair is going back to its original color. Some how I don't think that was her decision. Those blonde streaks are getting smaller and smaller. Maybe she was "talked" into conforming for the elder viewers sake. Whatcha think?

Jimmy The SWAG. said...

I don't think that Maricella is eating That CRAP that King Bakker is selling.
She is getting FATTER & FATTER. LOTS & LOTS of BIG MACS I say.
By the way, Where is the other FAT daughter??
Oh, I remember now, something about going to Muldova with FLIP & the Flippettes??

Grandma Maxine said...

Daughter Little Lori moved in with her boyfriend that Jim and Lori hate, and Maria was sent to a boarding school in Alabama after being caught with MMC student Nate. Anyone who thinks that Mondo is from the bad streets of LA, I got some swamp land to sell you!

Ron said...

Jimmy that name is hilarious. Love the comments guys and gals. I'm diving into a post tonight but I don't think it'll be ready until next week. I'm working 12s at the foodbucket factory this weekend, both days...Our daily output has been incredible ever since Jim told the world about our pending corn shortage.

Anonymous said...

"I am cornholio."

Patiently waiting said...

Ron, I know that you are busy in the foodbucket factory working 18 hour days like our buddy Jim, but when can we expect the next hilarious blog?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron! I'm reading your blog on the ISLAND in the EAST part of the world during my vacation. I'm also expecting the new story very soon.
Mama San

Ron said...

I'm working on a post right now, estimate it'll be done by Saturday. I'll most likely post it in two parts like I did with the Lori Birthday Show since it's turning out a bit longer than expected. I don't like going on too long but sometimes Senor Frog really draws it out of me.

Jimmy the SWAG said...

I was watching the show yesterday & KING BAKKER was introducing a bunch of NEW students. Where in the hell did he find these MORONS??

Truthseeker said...

I'm convinced that the JBS is better than any sitcom on tv. I cant watch 10 minutes of the show without laughing my ass off! He needs to take his act and do a standup comedy show in one of the Branson theaters.
P.S., Ron please get a close up still shot of Bakkers crooked fingers.

pastthebrink said...

It has been even more surreal than usual this week now that Jimbo has began channeling the good Rev Sharpton. His preoccupation with meth is extremely interesting too.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your posts Ron. Reading this blog has become a obsession. I think it's a sickness I may need help for! lol All that to say can't wait for the next update to get caught up on the latest crazy news about Jim Bakker! Glad you do us this service. I can't watch the fools myself.

Jerry FARTWELL said...

Oh my God, Lori the BOOBS Bakker has learned how to do the JIM BAKKER CRY!! Bakker is looking for money to build a chapel beside LORI The BOOBS House. Anybody got any extra cash laying around??
She has names now for her ABORTED babies. I think the names were MO, LARRY, CURLY & SHEMP??
OH boy, this show is really getting good now!! Can't wait for the next episode.

Anonymous said...

I was weirded out when I saw her on the new road walk and she spouted out the names of her aborted babies. I wonder if every time she aborted one she named it or years later she decided to give them names. That chick is a nutcase. Then again to link up with Jim Bakker she already showed a lack of reality.
Mr M

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Jim is building a chapel!!! Why??? He never mentions the name of God without also in the same breathe saying "money and building". Jesus never built a church building, he said money is the root of all evil. But Jim Bakker wants to build a chapel and call it a house of God. I think God would call it what it is a Den of Thieves.

No Nonsense Norski said...

Good to read that others picked up on the fact that Lori NAMED all her aborted fetuses!

I couldn't believe my ears.

What a disgraceful way to practice contraception - and to name them all on top of it is beyond the pale.

Sounds like Jim is running out of ideas for money-raising projects. He already has a "tabernacle" just down the road from Lori's House. Why a chapel next door?

Hmm....Unless....he pulls in TWICE the building cost of each "project", redirects the excess funds, and uses that for himself.

Me thinks there may be some creative money laundering going on down there in BubbaLand.

Ron said...

LMAO at Larry, Mo, Curly and Shemp. "Paging Dr Howard, Dr Fine, Dr Howard." I gotta say you guys come up with some funny stuff, how on earth can I top that?

So here's the deal guys: Foodbucket Frank Davis' last appearance has truly driven sales through the roof. I'm busting my buns here all weekend shipping his new Fire Buckets and it's seriously crimping my writing plans. Do I have one in the chamber? Yes, ohhhh yes. Is it ready to fire off? Nope. And I refuse to post anything for my readers that I wouldn't read myself. I take this blog more seriously than my real job, haha.

Unless one of Jim's asteroids hits my foodbucket factory, I'm looking at late Sunday or Monday for a post. Most of the writing's done, but I still have to take photos, edit, insert and caption. Meanwhile, the whip keeps cracking on me. --> Okay, enough commenting. Back to work on the post!

Anonymous said...

I "think" he is going to build a chapel for the Lori's House. I bet he is doing is setting up a separate ministry from Morningside because whatshisface, the construction guy, really owes all that property. Jim even mentioned that he bought the acreage for Lori's house. One day he can break off the new ministry and own everything free and clear. Oh Jimmie me boy, you are a crafty devil.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron,

Did your November 6th prophecies about the inbreds come true. Are you as good a prophet as Jim? :)

Looking forward to the next post.

Ron said...

Haha, I'm working on it now but unfortunately it looks like I have to work today. I might be able to get it done after I get home, but that's a big 'might' since I still have to take all the photos. I was hoping for the day off to bring it all together. Sorry for the delay guys/gals.

If it's not up by late tonight then it should be tomorrow around mid-day.

Anonymous said...

Earthquake in Oklahoma will be a gold mine for Jim and his Buy before the world collapses routine.

Anonymous said...

Jim Bakker said that his son tries to convert everyone, even gays and lesbians. "and why not, that's just the way WE are!" Well, if that's the way we are, it explains the effeminate men on the show, but doesn' explain why he's married to a woman. He didn't have sex with his last wife and she would hammer on Jim's office door, when he was entertaining men, so what's Lorie doing? I presume not Jim! Jim explains that a ten year old boy, who is his 'favorite' something can help him show the new exercise trampoline and the kid can only jump with one leg. Well, how many 'boys' are Jim's favorite now?

Bakker said that Billy Graham invited him to stay at his palace when he first got out of jail. That explains Billy's sexual persuasion and probably that of his son too. Billy said that Jesus wasn't the only way to heaven, so if he's not afraid of Jesus, Bakker's butt was probably smokin' when he finally hit the road to roam the L.A. streets with Lauri, like his story goes.

Anonymous said...

Ron, if the fire bucket sales are too much for you in that warehouse... find another job, people out of work would love to do that job. You work for
Food for Health?

Anonymous said...

Also did you know your using copy righted screen shots?

Ron said...

Photos taken of my television screen and used by myself, a member of the media, to provide opinion, commentary, and parody falls under 'fair use'. Nice try though.

Now, Jim's use of video from the movie 2012, and images of (among other people) Ricky Skaggs, Steve Jobs and Joe Namath to promote and engage in sales...that's a problem. One that should be reported to the IRS, first and foremost. Because if Jim's selling, Jim should also be paying taxes.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Food Bucket: What will people write about you and your daily habits in the years to come ?

Ron said...

they'll probably write, "wow, how was he able to write so much material while also working a real job?"

either that, or "thanks Ron for helping to send Bakker and Bates to prison!"

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tennessee Family Convicted of Decade-Long Gold and Silver Ponzi Scheme

See News Article elsewhere. (can only post 4096 characters)