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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Jim Bakker exploits 9/11 attacks to sell product, censors YouTube videos of his own show

Pastor Jim Bakker throwing a temper tantrum
If you hadn't already noticed, Jim Bakker and Morningside Church, Inc requested that the Foodbucket Fanpage YouTube videos documenting his slimy actions be taken down out of public view. This confuses me, Pastor Jim. Because if you're preaching the gospel, that divine truth provided by God for all mankind to hear, shouldn't you want this message being spread as far and wide as possible? Isn't that what a true man of God would want?

To be clear, the videos of Jim Bakker that were on YouTube were no different than those Jim puts out every weekday morning, they were only shorter in duration. Small clips, unedited and unchanged. The only thing added to them was my critique, which was apparently spot on since Jim couldn't bear having them available for the world to read.

Let me tell you a little something, Pastor Bakker. Real preachers don't sacrifice Christ's message in order to save themselves from scorn. In taking down videos of your very own show, you did just that.
Morningside Church Inc doesn't want God's message on YouTube?
 Wait, I take that back. You didn't sacrifice Christ's message to save yourself, because the truth of the matter is that you, Jim Bakker, didn't deliver any gospel message. You aren't a real preacher at all, you just play one on tv. You're a convicted con man who exploits old people, dumb people, and the tax code in order to leech yourself a livelihood. You had the videos removed because you don't want people getting clued-in to your game. Considering that nearly your entire show consists of peddling fear-buckets and other garbage, and that you are, in fact, a convicted fraud who served time in federal prison, it's not too hard to reach that conclusion. A real preacher wouldn't use their entire show to sell product, Jim. And if they were selling anything to fund-raise it would be sermon CDs, not Jim Bakker-branded Cereal.

While I could petition YouTube to reinstate the Foodbucket Fanpage videos, I don't have the time or the desire to fight Jim Bakker's Morningside Inc over them. However, I treat my own words and thoughts with far more reverence. As a member of the media and with Fair Use and the 1stAmendment on my side, you will not silence me here, Jim.

9/11 victims being exploited for a $55 book
You are corrupt, Jim Bakker, and you are a corrupting influence on everything around you. The kids you've duped into 'attending' your fake college have been corrupted by you. The presumably well-meaning Christians who follow you have been corrupted as well. Instead of worshiping God, they worship you. They give you money so you can spend it on 15-foot gargoyles and self-serving projects like Lori's House, then they come to this blog and defend you as if you were Christ himself.

You are so corrupting that you are able to use video of the 9/11 terrorist attacks as a scare tactic to sell product without anybody within your cult questioning it. Nearly 3,000 people died in those attacks, Pastor Jim, yet you have no qualms whatsoever with replaying those attacks over and over again, from multiple angles, to scare people into buying your products. And your followers, amazingly, see nothing wrong with this. I guess it's true what they say: One bad apple spoils the bunch. And guess who that bad apple is, Jim?

Try as hard as you want, Jim, but you will not silence me here. If we ever found ourselves in a courtroom over your trouncing of my 1st Amendment rights, it would be a dream come true for this blogger.

Ron Johnson arriving for court
It will be a circus atmosphere, because I'll make it one. I'll arrive to court wearing stilts and maybe a big parrot perched on my shoulder. Aspiring young actors will be hired to give both comedic and dramatic readings of each of my blog posts to the captive audience of 12 jurors, a judge, and courtroom spectators. Together, we'll watch exhibit A, your show. We will compare your shows to my posts and dissect them, over and over again. The jury will hear you speak about Lori's five abortions. They'll see you fake cry. They'll hear you give phony prophecy about Steve Jobs...remember that one, Jim? Remember when you forgot the late Mr Job's first name? It was hilarious, but you didn't laugh because you were concentrating on telling your lie.

Just as you lost pathetically in your first courtroom appearance, you would lose again in your second. That's because you are wrong, Jim Bakker, and you know it. As this blog gains more and more attention, the likelihood of you being investigated increases. You and Morningside Church, Inc can censor Jim Bakker Show videos on YouTube to your evil heart's content, but you will not censor my own thoughts and words without a fight.


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Ron said...

I'm not a fan of op-ed, but I wanted to get something out there to reset the comments. I also wanted to publicly expose Bakker's use of the 9/11 terrorist attacks for those who aren't aware.

'Regular' stuff is in the works.

Anonymous said...


Nonprofits often undertake business operations that supplement fundraising and other activities that are related to the organization's mission. While this is becoming more popular, nonprofit organizations must be careful not to expand those operations to a level where they jeopardize their nonprofit status.

Cedric said...

Ron, fight the good fight and dont give in like Joe C.

Buddy's Buddy said...

Go, Ron! I can tell you're pissed...

I'll provide back-up and brownies at the trial.

Anonymous said...

Ron, you're the man!

I'm Irish and you must have some Irish ancestry in you because we Irishmen/women don't stand for injustice.

I'm physically disabled and in bad health, but if I could I would be right there with you if Bakker tries to shut your blog down and shut your First Amendment rights down.

You can count on me to get my keyboard red-hot writing to media outlets alerting them to any Bakker attempt to censor your constitutional right to free speech and the rights of people who post on this blog.

You remind me of a pit bull, Ron. You've got Bakker by the butt and you won't let go. You have my full admiration, young man.

An old Christian guy

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

Dear Cedric,

Should there ever be a trial, please don't bring your wife to it. The court house has no provisions to care for visiting sheep!

Anonymous said...

Well you are restricted by law. I know that puts you in a rage, that's obvious. But, you're restricted just the same.

Awaiting The Sex Scandal said...

OMG! Another Anonymous sheep hearder!

Buckets R Us said...

Ron it doesn't matter about the videos...we all know what they say and what he has always stood for...But thanks for the mental image of a trial...NOW that would be worth seeing on YouTube!

Tanya said...

The legalities of the YouTube channel are an issue I cannot speak to - I don't know all the ins and outs of copyright law, but I do think it is important, as human beings with (hopefully) functioning cerebrums to think a little deeper.

If Jim Bakker was truly being a pastor, preaching a message, and not manipulating and using fear to sell things, would it matter if excerpts of his show were put on a website? You could put any comments you liked with the excerpt, but if the message was pure, then anyone who watched it would see that Jim Bakker was not doing what he was accused of in said comments.

Jim Bakker has said himself, several times, that he wants the students to use the internet to "go where the people are" and preach. Well, this blog is where a lot of people are - also, a lot of Morningside-supporters consider some of us "heathens." What better way to reach the heathens than to have the blog administrator put up videos of Jim Bakker's sermons on the blog for all to see? That is, if Jim Bakker's message is pure and he is not using fear to sell stuff.

Jim Bakker claims that Lori's House is near and dear to his heart, yet said he has chosen to not fight, and put it in God's hands. But, with Ron's blog, Jim has chosen to fight, and do whatever he can to silence Ron.

Why would that be?

Why is Ron's blog perceived to be so dangerous by Jim Bakker? Why doesn't Jim trust God to deal with Ron's blog? Why doesn't Jim trust that his "preaching" can stand on its own merits?

Ron has the right to free speech, and in my opinion, the right to be angry if someone tries to quash his free speech. My opinion only: all of us should be deeply concerned when free speech is attacked, our own or anyone else.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Very weak post Ron. I'm very disappointed in you. I hope your not losing your touch.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

To: moronside fake student

The only thing that is "weak" is your zombie brain!

Stop stealing my screen name.

Super post Ron! Awesome!

Cindy B. said...

The Morningside students have become thieves now exactly like their leader. I guess this is what happens when you spend too much time hanging around a convicted felon who has a history of saying one thing but doing another.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Correct Cindy B.
Moronside Monkey see Moronside Monkey do.

Cindy B. said...

That's OK. When they take their thievery to the next level, as their leader did, there are enough prison cells waiting for all of them I am sure.

Brother Dortch said...

"...A request for an audited financial statement was responded to five days later with a four-sentence greeting saying "it means so much to Lori and me to hear from our friends….We want to be a blessing to you!” No mention is made of finances or how we can receive a statement. And the ministry never made any contact after that. So those contributing to Bakker have no idea where the money is going or how it is being spent..."

Professor Stephen Winzenburg
Department of Communications
Grand View College
Des Moines, IA

SusanD said...

I noticed Bakker started to copyright his shows lol. You would think he would want everyone everyone to see them. Maybe he isn't proud of what he puts out there on the airwaves lolol

Anonymous said...

Oh please. Tanya, your excellent logic and intelligence is definitely capable of understanding that anybody can take a clip of anything out of context, caption it in a way as to bring derision, and post it for purposes of twisting and defining its intent. It's done every day by politicians.

In the Christian world, it's called 'bearing false witness' 'gossip' and 'slander' when you try to make things look like something they're not.

In the secular world, it's called trolling, flaming, lying, and outright fraud when misrepresentation is intentional.

I know, I know... you think Jim specializes in that.

Funny how the accuser reflects all that he accuses Jim of.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon " I know, I know, I know " @756am

Earth to Anon@756am! "You don't know!"
Twists? The way Bakker twists the purpose of Lori's House? Is that what you mean zombie?
What do you know about a Christian world? You live in a cult. Give me a break.
Tanya is logical and intelligent. That point you are correct on.
Mr. Coot. Where are you?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Kool-Aid... it is neither logical nor correct to assume there's no wrong in it when YOU do it... nevermind the next guy.

What really is alarming is how MAD Ron gets about being censored... unless he is the one doing the censoring, of course.

Reminds me of the way the liberal left cries to all get out about THEIR 1st amendment rights and then spew all kinds of hate speech about Christians... and try to get THEM to shut up.

Oh wait, that IS what we are dealing with HERE on the bucket, isn't it?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

I think you're the one that is mad zombie. Your comment "SHOWS" it.
LOL LOL Don't play games. You know what the Bucket is all about.
Oh wait ... here's a big slice of carrot dino cake. Enjoy.

Cindy B. said...

Tubby Darth Wert to Jim's rescue again! LOL! LOL! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm not mad at all, Kool-Aid. In fact, I'm waiting for all this to backfire on you trolls.

It's not just Jim that you have attacked. It's a whole list of people that might not be quite as kind-hearted as Jim. Sometimes justice comes from a direction you can't see coming.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

That's better zombie. Feel better now? Good. Relax. Curl up with your Lori Lamb. Think nice thoughts ... like the world coming to an end. I hope you have lots of space food buckets stored away in your Moronside condo.

Anonymous said...

I'm not mad... and I'm not Jason ...and I don't live at Morningside. So there.

@tokyodisney said...


Did anyone else read the last few comments on the post before this?

The food buckets and generators etc sound like they would be unrelated business income.
If they are, the IRS would want tax paid.
In addition, it said that a nonprofit can have unrelated business income BUT it cant be the primary source of revenue of they can lose their tax exempt status.
It would hard to get most of that crap to pass the muster of the IRS.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Correct again Cindy B.!

I wonder what Short and Tubby Darth Wert is grinning about today?

surly old coot said...

Hello Mr. Kid just got up from my mid-morning nap. Happy Mothers Day!

Kool-Aid Kid said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Regarding all the IRS stuff:

1. It is clearly stated that a nonprofit can not derive the majority of its revenue through unrelated business income. Bakker CLEARLY supports his operation through those very operations.

2. Taxes must be paid on unrelated business income.

3. The IRS has very definite ideas on behavioral control of an organization. They carefully look at the behaviors and actions of the people ie is someone telling someone else to write checks

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Mr Coot!
I've been looking high and low for you.
Happy Mother's Day to you too my old friend. ;)

Anonymous said...

To the mentally ill person that has been blogging here about the gossip you feel is going on at this blog, spare me your cry baby story. I lived at crazy morningside and you people are the last ones who should be standing on a soap box preaching about gossip, slander etc. One thing you have right is you people are not kind hearted. You people are more like demons who are vile, wicked, evil, low life scum. Trust me if anyone goes after Ron it will backfire on you. I will be a tell all and I do know all!!! Jim and many of you will have your day in court and it will be a day of justice, trust me. God is on my side not your!! People spew hate speech at christians because of people like you crazies at Morningide. Out here in the real world the real christian bring the unsaved to Christ not drive them away like you evil people do! Trust me ticked me off anymore and I will be bringing charges for the slander and bearing false witness against me I endured out there! Jim wants to push this any further there will be a black lash from many of us who have been sitting on the fence watching this chaos come to a head!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that Bakker had the nerve to draw attention to himself by requesting the YouTube videos be removed.

If I were Jim I'd keep a SUPER LOW PROFILE rather than stir up shit.

The man is running a Home Shopping Network. He is SELLING GOODS, he offers dozens of items via his website.

I'm wondering if his Ozarks law firm has a grasp of how very on the edge his operation is with regard to unrelated business income?

The IRS agents might need to get some coffee and settle in and watch some JB shows.
The Behavioral Control aspect is really glaring.
JIm tells Char to write Cameron checks. JIm makes comments about how his accountants really hate him.
Jim buys Dino's dog bronze which Lori explains was via Char.

"Behavioral control refers to facts that show whether there is a right to direct or control how the worker does the work"

If Jim has behavioral control over Char, I would think that he is the head of this organization.

The more you think about this, the more insane and risky if the ministry actually paid for the Pokeberry Lane lake house and swimming pool

Anonymous said...

The IRS could come in and say, at a minimum that they cant remain tax exempt if they continue to make the majority of the money off the FoodBuckets and Silver Sol and that crap.

If the IRS pulls the plug on that, how will Jim make it??

Anonymous said...

If we give the Jim the benefit of the doubt and assume Morningside pays taxes on the foodbuckets etc as unrelated business income, the second issue is that selling those items CAN'T be the primary source of revenue.

Anonymous said...

If The King of Comedy gets his highly paid team of lawyers to keep Ron from using anything from videos, photos, etc., of this deranged convicted felon cult leader and his cult.....

Then, Ron can come to the area where I live and take some videos and photos to put on his blog.

Why? Because there is a large JACKASS farm.

Oh, by the way, sure would seem that paying those lawyers must be taking a lot of money from the Lori's House fund. Little lambs fleeced.

Bakker, fold up your tent and move into an assisted living faciliity where you can watch old videos of the PTL Club, eat buckets of biscuits and fake sausage, and relive those televised cry-baby parties you had with your bizarre group of co-dependent admirers.

Anonymous said...

My guess is there's a few people out there who have been slandered on this blog with a whole lot more money than Jim and they're pretty mad. Just sayin....

Oh, and 10:05... my other guess is your a big mouth with a huge chip on your shouldner, a little brain and an even littler pocketbook. You'd be out of money to fight anybody you tried to slander in court after the first round. There's a reason people like you didn't get along there... just sayin' You need to go back to crawl back in whatever burrow you crawled out of and get some real religion... one that doesn't get offended and go off the deep about it. People with class wouldn't act like you do... not to mention people with religion. God is on your side? Ha I don't believe that.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon "I Have A Little Brain Just Like Sasha's " @1044am

You're back again "Just sayin". Good to know you still have a brain the size of a peanut.
Open you're big cake hole zombie. Just a bit wider "big mouth". Good, now I'm shoving an entire Dino carrot cake into your big fat mouth. Taste good zombie? Hey Zombie! Bet you can't say "Ha" now. LOL LOL LOL LOL

LOL "Even Littler" ???? LOL
How's the bakker fake college english class going?

Anonymous said...

Kool-Aid I wouldn't be making fun of people's readin' and writin' if I was you.... just sayin'

surly old coot said...

I agree Edgar, Lori Bakker's a looker. Her and Grandma Char both. I wouldn't mind a roll in the hay with Granny Char, Granny Maxine, and her together for two bits. We would paint the town red. Why in tarnation and hell did Jimmy go and buy a statue of a dog. Did the big Jesus statue tell him he wanted a pet? If Jesus wanted a pet dog he'd go ahead and make one. I don't give a hoot n hollerin, that's just throwing good loot away!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww ... did I hurt your zombie feelings?

I was making fun of your grammar stupid "Just Sayin" not your reading and writing. lol
How did the dino cake taste? Maybe I should have given you an even littler piece ... just saying.


Kool-Aid Kid said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


"...People with class wouldn't act like you do... not to mention people with religion...."

So I guess what you're saying is what happened to Susan Ruiz was a very classy thing that only good people with religion do to others?

My second question is: Do you have a severe crack smoking problem? I say that because, if you believe that, your mind is certainly not right!

Tanya said...

Absolutely, 7:56am - you are absolutely correct. Anybody can take a clip of anything and twist it to reflect a different reality. But, and this is a big "but" -

In the context of Jim Bakker - how he uses fear/Revelation to raise money, how there is no financial transparency, how he starts building/raising money with one stated intention then changes it to another (Lori's House), how he starts another massive building project while saying he has run out of money for another project (Old Mill Inn/Lori's House), how he fails to live up to his own promises to his "partners" (plaque on Jesus statue).. and so on and so forth - nothing has been twisted.

Ron uses a heavy dose of satire to attract people here, and to entertain - and when you get below that, every question, every issue, every contradiction *is* accurate.

The only defense to slander is... truth.

Strip away the joking and satire and we have a whole lotta truth rockin' out in this blog and its comments.

7:56am, I am not blind to the art of the spin. It is my opinion that Jim Bakker is the Ultimate Spin Master.

Now, 7:56am, you already know that, you said so.

Therefore: tell me what in the long list of things brought up about Jim Bakker in this blog or its comments is false. Your post provided a solid review of general knowledge - now can you give me anything specific to Jim Bakker?

Tell me what has been said or done here that makes Jim Bakker look like something he is not.

surly old coot said...

Mrs. Coot passed many moons ago, God bless her soul, and she always told me that I would be a dirty old man until I was a dead old man!

Tanya said...

re: 9:21am - if you have been following these comments, then you know that there have been two occasions when Ron has stepped in and moderated: (1) when someone posted a serious, criminal accusation against Jim Bakker that could not be verified (oh... that actually places Ron in the role of defending Jim Bakker... did you know about that one, 9:21?), (2) when people came on and stole established anti-Bakker behaviour screen names, i.e., identity theft.

That seems reasonable to me. How does that seem to you?

How about some context? On Jim Bakker's official blog, you used to be allowed to leave comments, but they had to be pre-approved. Only positive ones made it through. Now you can't even leave comments at all. One of Jim Bakker's employees came here awhile ago and invited everyone to his personal blog - but said he would not allow negative comments, especially about the Morningside school/students.

See, that is what usually happens. Here on the Foodbucket we have an unusual amount of freedom. At the end of the day, Ron's blog, Ron's rules - yet he allows comments that attack him to stand. We all know Jim Bakker would not do the same.

But beyond all of that, let us try really hard to remember where we are - we are on a blog, created by one person, and as such are subject to that person's rules.

The owner of the blog, in this case Ron, in on the big old internet, is a blogger, and is subject to the rules of the land... which is... wait for it... free speech.

Different rules for us than for Ron, get it?

Jessica said...

Actually, old coot, your wrong. You are an old man but certainly not dirty...just leave that to Bakker. Your comments about lusting after Lori...come on dude, she has had five, count them, five abortions so I would just enjoy your memories of Mrs. Coot that left this world.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Here we go again fake student ...
just saying.
"Anonymous said...
Kool-Aid I wouldn't be making fun of people's readin' and writin' if I was you.... just sayin"

The correct grammar is "If I were you."

Teacher (Friggin Head Is Too Big For His Body) James is going to give you a big fat "F" in the bakker fake college english class if you don't watch it.

Jessica said...

Tanya, thank you for your post today. I respect how you capture and remember details and how they occurred. There are others that do a great job too.

What makes this blog so interesting is the various personalities that post and we know who they are that make us laugh and then the serious factual ones that are like reading a novel.

Tanya said...

Jessica: thanks! I was just thinking the same thing - all the different personalities, all come together in this blog... makes for a really interesting community.

Kool-Aid Kid (3:05am/5:13am) - that was an obvious screen name theft... so obvious that I wonder what the point was.

I'm glad that you were able to comment immediately after - if Ron chooses to let this particular round of identity theft stand, it gives us a good example of the bullshit that goes on.

[can't think of a different thing to call it ;) ]

Anonymous said...

So Jim feels threaten by this blog. If he is innocent of everything discussed here then why is he so upset? Does Jim not trust God to protect him if someone bears false witness against him? I guess the Bakker bunch is riled up because the truth hurts and the truths shared on this blog are not false witness! I know a person who was truly a victim of false witnesses, they remained silent and let God reveal the truth. God redeemed them and gave them back double for the trouble as He promises He will do.

If Jim was a true christian he would live by biblical teachings such as:

1 Peter 3:16
Keep your conscience clear. Then those who treat the good Christian life you live with contempt will feel ashamed they have ridiculed you.

If Jim and his followers were true biblical, Jesus following, Christian, there would be nothing to ridicule.

1 Peter 2:12
Live such good lives among the pagans that, though they accuse you of doing wrong, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day He visits us.

This verse alone condemns Jim and his followers for all they're doing. It is so sad they are so deceived that they don't realized the condemnation and judgement that will be brought on them by God on judgement day for being such bad witnesses for Christ.

The Bakker supporters call Ron and others on this blog atheists and pagans in their holier than thou rhetoric. In actuality they act more like pagans than the unbelievers posting here. The discourse from Tanya, Brother D, and the many others who call Jim out for his ungodly behavior are much more civil and responsible than the unChristlike bunch supporting Jim Bakker.

Bakker is not a christian! said...

To the Anonymous Bakkerite @ 10:44,

You people who live at Morningside and support Jim Bakker never disappoint. You come to this blog with your rude, ungodly talk proving the people right who say they were slandered and gossiped about out there in that den of thieves at Morningside. To those who left Morningside because they could not get along with the kind of horrible people who support Bakker should feel good about themselves. It is to their credit that they didn't get didn't get along in a place that is so blatantly evil! Consider it a compliment everyone who left Morningside because you didn't fit in! Sounds like the thin skinned people out there have some huge issues, they are the ones with a chip on their shoulders. Their hateful talk on this blog is slanderous. Someone from Bakkers village attacked Brother Dortch and said all sorts of slanderous things about a former employee because they believe Brother Dortch to be that former employee. No one in their right minds would want to a employee or resident of that horrid place when you hear things that come from this filthy bunch if you disagree with them! How about the Susie Ruiz we learned about here? I have to believe there are many that could sue for slander that lived there. I have to believe there are also many who have good inside information that would put Jim away for good. I pray they do! I also pray his accomplices go to prison with him this time.

10:44 You seem to be very offended yourself, so why do you judge someone else for what you are guilty of? You said, "People with class wouldn't act like you do...not to mention people with religion". You insult this person of having no class, do you believe you have class? Jim, Lori, and his clown followers prove daily they have no class so I wouldn't be so cocky and arrogant in judging others!! You tell this person to get religion, a true Christian would never tell some one to get religion, they would tell them to get a relationship with Christ! That is the problem with you people who support Jim Bakker you have religion, not a relationship with the one true God. The Pharisees represented religion and Jesus had no time for them. The religious killed Jesus and all His disciples. You people prove there are still Pharisees alive and amongst us such as yourself attacking Christs disciples yet today! The devil still does his dirty work through Bakker and his supporters. You tell this person to "go crawl back in their burrow and get some religion". I believe living in a burrow and having Christ in their life would be better than living in your cult with all of you and your leader, and the devil! God is on the side of right and a Bakker believer doesn't know right from wrong. The bible tells us what God thinks of them. Jesus said in Matthew 7:22-23 Many will say to me on that day saying, "Lord, Lord did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles? Then I will tell them plainly, "I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!" If I was a Bakker follower I would repent and get some fear of God in me!

Anonymous said...

If the IRS isn't counting selling water pitchers, trampolines and buckets of food as unrelated business income I will be pissed.

If the IRS showed up at Morningside, would Char take all the questions while Jim hid out at Pokeberry?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me someone read the tidbit about how the IRS looks at Behavioral Controls ie docs say one name while another name is writing checks

Anonymous said...

Let me correct that IRS Behavioral looks to see if one person tells someone else what to do like write checks.

Anonymous said...

To 2:41,

Yes, I do believe that Jim would be hiding out in his boat at Pokeberry when the IRS shows up at Morningside. He would make his get away on the lake. He thinks he is James Bond and is indestructible. In reality he's nothing but a coward with a Napoleon complex. This blog is Jim's Waterloo battle and he knows he's losing the battle because of truths revealed here, that's why he's so pissed. A real Christian pastor would want his teachings to be exposed to the world. I'm enjoying watching Jim go down again

Anonymous said...

The fact that this monkey show has gone on this long is surprising.

Surely by now the IRS would have deemed the food buckets, Silver Sol and generators sent out for a donation as pure selling.

Then as you add in the use of nonprofit funds for the pool, feed store facade, Pokeberry lake house, boat, dog statues, etc......what's tKing so long IRS?


Anonymous said...

People have made reference to the JB episode where Julian Carroll said Bakker shouldn't have gone to jail.

The prosectors focused only on the time share selling.
I will let Julian Carroll have the right to think that wasn't worthy of going to jail over.
How though could you overlook what the Feds could have also nailed Bakker for?
Had they chosen, they could have charged him for aiding David Taggert. Jim was told in 1986 that Taggert should be fired as his looting was stealing. He was told that David was stealing and that it cost the ministry it's tax exempt status. The attorney who explained this and saw no action on Jim's part said he could no longer work with PTL due to this.
Julian Carroll is a real genius

Anonymous said...

If the IRS shows up, Bakker exits his office to the pool area. From there he enters te Feed Store and Mondo is waiting right out front of the Feed Store in an El Camino.

Dogstatue said...

Even some odd chance....Bakker has some how covered his bases with regard to how the product sales are reported to the IRS there are still some other items of interest.

The big standout being Jim telling Char Graham to write checks. Next up ministry funds being used to buy the Pokeberry Lane lake house. And of course the pool and Feed Store facade

Pecker said...

If the IRS were to just pop in at Morningside unannounced wonder if Jim's notes and documents would clearly indicate that he is the head of Morningside Church?

Grandma Char Groupie said...

A deaf, dumb, and blind person could easily see who the head of Morningside Church is. LOL!

Lemontrees said...

Jim and Lori need to help promote Lori's House by letting their audience know they have experience with houses by showing off the Pokeberry lake house.

That might make people feel more comfortable giving

Lemontrees said...

Does Jim ever say WHAT they do with the money they rake in?

They have the building projects but what else are they doing? I don't ever hear them leading people to receive Jesus.
I see a big infomercial for the product of the day but little mention of Jesus

Pecker said...

The website Virtual Globetrotting has the satellite image of Morningside with the pool and Feed Store facade.

Wonder if Jim will pester them to remove it lol?

Brother Dortch said...

Re: Anonymous Bakkerite @ 10:44

Dear Sir or Madam,

With all due respect to you, I have found your posting to be extremely pompous and arrogant and totally unchristian like in the manner you have presented it to us here.

Is that your idea of what a “classy” Christian is supposed to act like? If so, please rethink your thought process before posting here again. You are attacking a former resident of Morningside as if, whatever problem they endured there, was their own fault. And, the sad part of all this is, you have absolutely no idea who that person even is!

Don’t you see what it is you are doing by calling out individuals and treating them as if they have no right to their own opinion just because it is an opinion that does not meet with your own personal favor? You are treating this individual like they are dirt under your feet. I would understand your acting that way if what you were offering here was, like Ron’s or my own postings, either satire or entertainment based. But you seem dead set in truly believing that you can be the judge, jury, and executioner in a matter that you have never heard so much as one piece of information about in your life.

Didn’t we have a similar experience in American history that all of us were supposed to learn from called “The Salem Witch Trials?” In “The Salem Witch Trials” people came before the court and, if the young witches felt the right vibes, they were innocent and set free. If the young witches felt the wrong vibes, the person was guilty.
You, dear sir or madam, are taking this country back to those sad days in our history by being so arrogant and pompous as to think you are somehow, as a “classy Christian” allowed by God to call someone you do not even know out of their own religion because you feel you are somehow closer to God than they are. I know the feeling. I have had the exact same thing happen to me here. For shame! Your bullying of a person you don’t know is not biblical in any fashion.You are no closer to God than anyone and a very good argument could indeed be put forth that you are, in fact, closer to the devil than God.

If you are even half the “classy Christian” you are leading us to believe you are, you need to come back on this forum and issue an apology to the former Morningside resident.

Now THAT would be the “classy” thing to do!

God bless, and if you are a female, “Happy Mother’s Day”

Cedric said...

Speaking of witches, if you want to contact Susan Ruiz she is at for any questions or comments, as she has a lot of valuable inside information.

Joe C. A man can't serve two masters. Either you're on the side of truth/justice or you're on the side of Bakker, and I believe that you have joined forces with the fraudster. Sleep well with the Lori's Little Lamb tonight!

Craig said...

Susan hasn't put her email here personally as did JoeC with his phone number. Quit being a jerk and either call the number or shut the hell up about it.

Anonymous said...

Oh such drama from the troll buckets.

No genuine Christian will ever hope that anybody "gets what they deserve" or gets put in prison. Real Christians understand that vengeance is the Lord's. Even your enemies you are commanded to love.

And Tanya, we can start with the repeated lie that Jim Bakker *owns* a luxury condo.

JBabcocksgood said...

@ 7:06 pm

We ALL know he doesnt own the condo.

He hides it in the name of the church like the Pokeberry Lake

Anonymous said...

Wrong again, babs.

And let's just deal with the lie that's been told over and over that he DID own it.

Ozarkbanker said...

Just like he hides his pool at his in the name of the ministry condo behind a Feed Store facade

Anonymous said...

If you would call the number you would find out that Joe C. (chump) cannot be trusted!

Anonymous said...

We all know the ministry aka the Foodbucket Shopping Network owns the Pokeberry Lake house aka the REAL Lori's go Lori....shit......saw pics of LOri in elf pajamas and it was gross.
They look like the type that would stink from a dirty cooter

Anonymous said...

i bet Grandma Char wanted to stay home and watch an old episode of Murder She Wrote the night of the big Dino auction last year.

But no.....she had to go because Jim was hell bent on buying goodies from Dino's flooded Liberace to the max house.

So off they all went at $125.00 a plate.
Char of course had the checks since JIm only makes $400.00 a week.
He'd kick her hard under the table when it was time to bid.
He just about broke her good knee when that BRONZE dog came up for bid.
I mean what with the end coming, its a given you go out and use ministry money for a BRONZE dog for your office.

Anonymous said...

The dog didnt cost NEARLY as much as the POOL and FEED STORE facade

Craig said...

@7:06. Okay zombie, let's clarify so you won't post anything that dumb again.
Fake pastor jim bakker has nothing in his name because he is a tax dodging, lying, heretic, convicted felon.
I do want the fake pastor back in jail and all the properties held in the fake churches name confiscated and sold in payment for his taxes owed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the SECRET pool didnt cost as much as the POkeberry Lake house

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig, it's not in the church's name either Nimrod.

Have any of you trolls EVER come up with any legal document on that condo?

I'll answer that. No, you haven't. Because it is not in *owned* by Jim, or the church.

Taggartwuzhandy said...

On Virtual Globetrotting, the pool looks more like an outdoor pool with the facade just shielding it from view as opposed to making it indoor.

Thats so very clever, hiding the pool. Roe Messner didnt do that with the Heritage Grand Presidential do these things over and learn

Anonymous said...

Well someone shelled out for a pool and nice condo for Bakker.
I'm sure it wasn't

But since Bakker wont be transparent with the finances how would we know? He hides his stuff....of course Pokeberry Lane is right out there in the name of Morningside....Lori got that house ass dragging like with her home for babies

Anonymous said...

No, no delay at all in a home for Lori... Just a little 13 year work/ministry stint, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Lori did drag her ass on this dream home for mean her grubby fake fingernailed paw has been out for over a year and she still needs more money....geez Louise....put some of that gusto you used in picking out the Pokeberry lake home for the minstry to buy into Lori's House. How many years are you going to whine and beg for more. Also, PLEASE find another plastic are morphing into Daisy Duck, those lips are that Ozarks botox? Dear Lord its bad

Anonymous said...

I'm sure if you drive through any number of neighborhoods, you'll see most pools have privacy fences.

What is the big deal?

Craig said...

@7:34. Lol. Nimrod, it all goes back to hiding assets and dodging taxes. Fake and phony. Prove me wrong or sue me for slander. Lol.

Anonymous said...

The Grace Street floor is awful.

Who in the HELL has ever seen cobblestones that look anything like that?

The whole place looked low rent as it was but the floor is just B A D.

Of course, who knows how long its even going to keep going

heheheheh (evil laugh)

Anonymous said...

You and your troll buds told the lie, Craig. Prove you wrong about what? Bakker doesn't own the condo. The condo is not in the church's name.

Both are lies the bucket has told.

Anonymous said...

Did the other Morningside residents know the Bakkers had their own private pool?

Who the hell heard of a condo where an owner has their own pool?
Oh..wait..Candy Spelling's new condo has its own pool.

The Bakkers are the low rent theiveing Spelling wanna be's.

Unlike Bakker Aaron Spelling PAID hundreds of millions in taxes. And he worked. He didnt beg or sell shit like a dirty con artist

Anonymous said...

Why dont we let the IRS folks sort out who owns

Anonymous said...


Regarding Lori's a hostess on a Shopping channel...she left the ministry way back.

You should see her these days. Doing well. She unloads tons of stuff on tv, water pitchers, silver Sol, Necklaces, FoodBuckets, Solar Generators, Vegean cookbooks, Netti Pots, She's on a shopping channel and selling like a champ...left the minstry lol...

Kool-Aid Kid said...

I wonder if Jim Bakker fondled the dog statue like he did the Jesus one. Creepy.

Anonymous said...

Dummy at 7:58 - I know where there's a boatload of testimonies from people who say differently.

I think I'll stick with what THEY say.

Anonymous said...


Dont take my word for it...tune in...alot of times they have great combos on buckets of food and fake Tiffany necklaces...I'm not saying its high end home shopping still the gal's a champ.
One time way back she sold piano keys that came off a piano that had been in a flood. I mean that takes skill

Anonymous said...

Dummy @ 8:21 - yep, she does that so that she can *continue* to do ministry.

Why don't you stop in the prayer room back at Morningside and read some of the thousands of testimonies from people Lori has ministered to? They'd love to pray for you, too.

Anonymous said...

Whats the travel time between the posh condo and Pokeberry?

I mean could you swim in the secret pool a few hours and still have time to drive to Pokeberry and use the boat?

Anonymous said...


Ok, so people in the back pray...what the hell does Lori do beyond sell stuff and swim???

I mean she uses almost all the tv time either pitching a product or project so whats she do beyond that???

Anonymous said...


Is there a way you could show that infamous Observer headline that showed what the Bakker's and their posse stole?

its a classic. I mean i know this isnt PTL but its like that greenbean casserole, its a family favorite

I have it and can scan and email it if u want

Anonymous said...

Hey, this question is to all the non-heathens because the heathens don't have a church or a pastor. hehe

How many of you go to churches where your pastor lives in a parsonage?

How many of those pastors have a boat, or a pool, or a motorcycle, or any other recreational item? I'll answer that before you do. A LOT OF THEM DO! There's nothing wrong with it either.

Some of the really big churches have pastors that travel ...a lot, and they have associate pastors that preach at the home church, right? Because they travel, or because they have other engagements doesn't make them any less the senior pastor of the church, does it?

Anonymous said...

i would LOVE to know how the posh condo with secret pool compares to the Heritage Grand Presidential suite.

The Pres Suite had an amazing white trash meets bordello meets Liberace look. You see, like Jim, the David Taggert and his brother PTL decorator James were uneducated white trash from Michigan like Jim!
As such they knew how to make it look..."fancy"....

The emphasis in the Pres suite was on white to hide the cum stains

Anonymous said...

I wanna know what Lori does beyond peddle product, beg for money for projects and swim??

Does she sit in the back and open mail and pray????

Anonymous said...

Bucket folks are classy alright.

Brother Dortch said...

Once again, we seem to have the "students" with too much time on their hands making juvenile comments and the reason I say this is because no grown adult would, hopefully, act the way the young kids are acting this evening.

I believe it was Mr. Joe C, upon returning from his visit to The Stone County Courthouse, who held in his hands documents that clearly showed the residence at Pokeberry Lane in Lampe, MO was in the name of "Morningside Church, Inc" and if I am incorrect and wrong about this in any manner whatsoever then I will be the first one to offer my apology. Knowing the U.S. Marine in Joe C, I am sure he will be the first one to tell me if I have spoken out of turn here. If the Pokeberry Lane home is owned by someone else, it would NOT be present under the list of items owned by Morningside Church, Inc. Also please remember that the 23 foot boat and a list of vehicles were also on that exact same public document and that document listed these items as being in the name of "Morningside Church, Inc".

Regarding the "facts" (?) put forth here by some of the "students" wasn't it you kids who offered up the name of Charlet Wintercorn as being a perfect example of someone who went on to achieve fame and fortune in the field of media after attending the fake "college" which is not a "college" at all? I believe I am totally correct in stating this factual information about what was told to this forum about Charlet too, and it was placed here by a "student(s)" who actually believed this ststement to be true.

Yes, indeed! This information is so true and accurate that Miss Wintercorn, now married and is Charlet Turnbull, is now ENROLLED IN AND IS A STUDENT IN COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL!

fed up with the fools said...

To the anonymous fool @ 8:36

My pastor is not a greedy jerk, he doesn't have a fancy home, lake home etc. You fools that have bought into the prosperity gospel have bought the lie that it's ok for the pastor to steal and pervert the gospel to have the best for themselves. You deserve to be conned out of your money!

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous Bakkerite @ 7:06,

You said a "genuine Christian will ever hope that anybody gets what they deserve or gets put in prison." Jim himself has said that anyone who speaks against him will be cursed. According to the standards of the Bakkerites if Jim wishes evil on those he perceives as his enemies that is ok. You hateful people speak all sorts of evil against anyone who has enough common sense to see through this sham called the Jim Bakker "ministry".

I burst out laughing when I read audacious comment "even your enemies you are commanded to love." You can't be serious, A Bakkerite preaching about how to love your enemies! lol Yep, people we are to love our enemies like the Bakkerites love theirs as they so eloquently do here on this blog and in their community. lololololololol..rofl..lololololol

You big HYPOCRITE!!!

Jessica said...

What liars you Bakker lovers are. No one here has posted hateful things about Jesus or your religion.

Here's some facts zombies that were published and were proved to be true whether you want to believe it or not:

Husband and wife televangelist Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker became a prominent part of American culture in the late 1980s when their vast PTL ministry was hit by scandal and accounts of fraud. The Bakker affair - inspired a popular reaction against TV preachers. The Bakkers were seen as the embodiment of eighties materialist excess and Elmer Gantry-like religious hypocrisy.

This was only the beginning. The Pentecostal Assemblies of God, which had ordained Bakker,defrocked him. The IRS retroactively revoked PTL's tax exemption, ordered the payment of back taxes and penalties. In December of 1988, Jim Bakker was indicted by a Federal grand jury on several counts of fraud and conspiracy.

So zombies do you think the Federal Government lied about Bakker? Did the IRS lie about Bakker? Was an innocent preacher jailed? Do you believe Jim Bakker changed his life? This is your pastor and the man you serve. I would like to hear an answer and not the usual "I hate Jesus and I am going to hell" stuff. Besides, I am not a christian (thank goodness) and your comments about me being a sinner are just silly!

Anonymous said...

To the lovely Morningide christian @ 8:21,

You call someone a dummy, your arrogant self righteous remarks indicate that you think you are a exemplary Christian. You only have proved what a dummy you are! Astute people question the disingenuous behavior of the Bakkers. Simpletons don't question a con man and a professional whore who has had five abortions!

Who would want to have those old biddies in the prayer room at Morningside pray for them? They are the biggest gossips at Morningside.

Brother Dortch said...

I have attended church all of my life, which is more years than any of you students have been on the face of this earth and I have, never once...ever...seen or heard of a pastor being given a 23 foot speed boat, a motorcycle, or a private condo pool that was paid for with church funds and is the only pool located in a condo development which the church does not even own yet--thus enhancing someone else's real estate portfolio because Bakker wants to swim and does not want anyone else to swim--at least in his pool!

I would dare anyone to stand before the Finance Committee of our church, where all funds are totally transparent, and tell the Finance Committee members, during a meeting, that you think the church should purchase such items with parashioners' money.

After they get done laughing, you will very quickly learn what "The Prosperity Gospel" is and you will also learn that saying what you think about it on TV is completely different than living up to what you say in real life.

Do you not know that Mr. "I just love spending the church's money" Bakker has spent millions of dollars since Morningside has opened?

How about this? Let's cut off all luxury items. Let's repay the sum of two-million dollars this year to the I.R.S. Next year, let's pay them another two-million. The third year, let's pay them a final two-million plus any added accessments making the tax debt a done deal and then Mr. Bakker presents as an individual who is not only legally correct, but is also morally correct, in the eyes of both young and old people alike, and then we can all say that he has done at least one non greedy thing in his life before he dies. Willie Nelson did it and so can Jim Bakker.

The problem I see here is this...Jim bakker does not want to do this and, in the eyes of God, he is liable to have a big problem on his hands come judgement day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous Zombie @ 8:36,

You don't have a church or pastor at Morningside either. hehe

Tanya said...

OK, 7:06pm, let's start with that one - that Jim Bakker *owns* a "luxury condo." We all know that Jim Bakker keeps nothing in his name, so on paper Jim does not *own* the condo. The contention of many people in these comments, including me, is that Jim Bakker is the money-grubbing force behind Morningside - he is in charge.

Here's a quote from a 2008 article by Todd C. Frankel titled "Reinvented Jim Bakker looks a bit like the old" (easily found online):

Quote begins - "But in his debut show, Bakker acknowledged the interest in his return to the limelight.

"I don't own this," he said, gesturing to the building. "Don't let anybody say I own this. There are reporters here, I understand. Don't you say I own this."

Almost nothing is held in his name these days. He has no registered ownership interest in Morningside. Bakker's name is nowhere to be found on his church and TV show nonprofit registrations with the state. (They were registered by Lori Bakker's mother, Charlene Graham.)..." quote ends

Second quote begins: "Bakker still owes the IRS more than $6.1 million, accumulated income taxes and penalties after his PTL ministry was stripped of its tax-exempt status, according to court records. He completed his federal parole in 1997, so there are no restrictions on his activities. The financial details of his church, including how much he earns, are not public record. His staff declined to provide that information." second quote ends

Want something a little more recent? Check out "Morningside offers an economic boost," by Stephen Herzog, Jan 2012: "Hudson said there is one other structure, outside the city limits of Blue Eye, that is also tax exempt — a home specifically for the pastor of the church."

(As a quick aside, that same article I just quoted from shows the evolution (fraud) of Lori's House: "A planned community for single mothers will also likely be tax exempt, as it can easily be qualified as a ministry." Here we are in May 2012 and Jim Bakker has changed the purpose of Lori's House to include women who have had abortions, and a dorm for the female students.)

Do you see what we are saying, 7:06pm? We are *not* saying that Jim Bakker owns, on paper, the condo, the lakehouse outside of Blue Eye, or anything to do with the ministry. We are saying something different - that he sets up other people to do the legal/paper side of ownership, but Jim is in charge - Jim is the puppet-master.

The 2008 article verifies what everyone has been saying - that legal registration was being done in Lori's mother's name (at least, that's one way its being done). And, if you have read these comments and been following along, you will remember several posts where people from Blue Eye and the surrounding area posted information about the boat and the condo being registered to Morningside.

And please think about the implications of these articles: (1) Jim Bakker was desperate that nobody say/write he owned anything - why would that be?, (2) Jim Bakker's staff *refused* to provide any financial information to the reporter - why would that be?, (3) confirmation that there is a tax-exempt home for Jim Bakker outside of Blue Eye - why doesn't Jim want to live full-time at Morningside, he always says it is a great place to be, (4)Jim Bakker owes over $6 million to the IRS - a repentant man would make payments on that... a crook would keep property in other peoples' names and avoid it.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, do you understand that Jim Bakker was not obligated to pay that $6 million back to anybody, and that he signed a paper to do so because he wanted to make it right? He did not have to - in fact, serving his time in a federal prison for his 'crimes' was the payment that was demanded by the judicial system. He paid his debt by his incarceration. The agreement to pay back the money was not a part of his sentence. He did that.. signed that agreement on his own. If he had not signed that agreement, and again, he didn't have to, that six million would have been long ago erased from the IRS ledgers with the stroke of a pen.

And what information do you have that makes you think he is not paying on that debt? How do you know that? Why do you assume that?

Anonymous said...

p.s. Lori's House is a ministry that will have their main focus on pregnant girls, from what I understand. If they want to expand that ministry to include spiritual and emotional healing to women who have had abortions, what is wrong with that? If some of the girl students can 'live-in' and help run the house, what is wrong with that?

You people make mountains out of molehills. The people that give money to help build and support Lori's house have no problem with the plans for the ministry that will take place there. It's you people that major on minors, and minor on majors that have the problem.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I don't believe any of you that say you don't know of any pastors that have nice parsonages and one or two 'toys.' Maybe your pastor lives in a rental and has a rowboat, but that doesn't mean that's the norm for most churches.

And do realize that 'Morningside Church' is not just that little place in the Ozarks. 'Morningside Church' is all the people that participate in the on-air and on-line ministry of the Jim Bakker Show.

Kool-Aid Kid said...


Excellent post as usual! Jim Bakker is indeed a puppet master as you say and eventually his "strings" of lies will be in a big knot again.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon "Was That A Major Or A Minor?" @443,503 and 511am

Correct zombie. Moronside is not just that little place in the Ozarks. It's Jim Bakker. All about Jim Bakker and not you zombie. You're just an insignificant frog worshipper in his con. Keep drinking the kool-aid zombie.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @5:03,

You people who support all this stupidity at this fake ministry are ridiculous! You believe that Lori's house will give spiritual teaching to the girls, kinda like the spiritual teaching that Jim gives everyday on his fake ministry program. Or better yet the spiritual training all the kids at his fake school get as they film his fake ministry show and work as chore boys and girls around Morningside? The girls will get emotional healing! Now that is the biggest joke!! When the girls leave that messed up place they will be a bigger mess than when they came.

We make mountains out of molehills. You fools that support Jim Bakker trivialize his con games. Morningside "church". Come on now, you truly are joking aren't you, Morningside has no church!!

There is something very wrong with the mentality of a person who thinks it's ok for a "pastor" to beg, scare, and shame people out of their money! It's even more wrong for this so called pastor to turn around and buy a fancy lake home, big boat, hidden pool, and on and on.

Cedric said...

Bro D, stop referencing Joe C as he is an admitted liar. I highly doubt he was a Marine and nothing he says here can be trusted! Also, stop quoting Charles Shepard as we all know what happened to him.

Anonymous said...

To the sweet Christian @ 7:09

Here's a scripture for you, dear:

"But I can guarantee that whoever is angry with another believer will answer for it in court. Whoever calls another believer an insulting name will answer for it in the highest court. Whoever calls another believer a fool will answer for it in hellfire."

That's Matthew 5:22 GWT

Anonymous said...

p.s. that wasn't Jim. That was Jesus.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Do what Joe C.'s phone number Cedric?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon " I Like To Use p.s. " @ 727am

Thanks for the bible lesson zombie.
I think it's time now for you to watch a Jim Bakker future prophet. His name is Zach Drew. Yes, that's right. The balding fat guy on tv. Anyways, here's what he likes to do to people in his spare time. He is so proud of this youtube video that he is sharing it with the internet world.

p.s. Would you like to get a phone call from this fat stupid jerk late at night?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Sorry Cedric, I meant if you want Joe's phone number it was listed here on the Bucket. You just have to look back. Call him and get your answers.

Cindy B. said...

To Cedric at 7:11,

Will you please either call the guy or keep your mouth shut? Act your age, not your shoe size dummy.

Brother Dortch said...

Dear Mr. Bakker or Mrs. Bakker or Charlene, or Mr. Wert (Bakker’s paid blogger) or whoever is doing the blogging this morning on behalf of Jim Bakker:

My name is not Tanya, but I know that Mr. Bakker is indeed making payments on the six plus million dollar I.R.S. debt because these payments are being garnished from what has been deliberately set up to be a weekly paycheck in which the “take home pay” is exactly $400 per week. That would make the gross pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 per week and I am 100% certain that a manager at McDonald’s would make that or more for working for the hamburger franchise and not have so much as one of the “toys” you seem to think that Mr. Bakker is owed by God to play with in the name of the church.

You say you do not believe me when I say to you that I have never once in my lifetime ever known or had experience with any pastor who has had private swimming pools built at church expense? Do you believe me that I, personally, heard Mr. Bakker, during one of his own live television broadcasts, look into the camera and proudly announce that “We’re building a swimming pool at Morningside?” or am I making that up too? Why would Bakker announce that “We’re building a swimming pool at Morningside” to his viewing audience, who he regularly solicits to come to Morningside as tourists, and then, after receiving a huge round of applause from his live audience, after the pool announcement was made, the TV show ends and Mr. Bakker then says this is HIS pool and no tourists or Morningside residents can swim in the darn thing? Do you find this to even be, in the very least, deceiving? I do. If you do not, then I am going to have to kindly agree to disagree and I will put forth this information here so that the American public at least has access to it and they will ultimately be free to ascertain what this means in their own minds.

Regarding the payments to the I.R.S.: For a wage garnishment to be based solely on a $500 or so gross pay, for a man who openly admits to working somewhere in the neighborhood of sixty to eighty-hours per week, this is a total and complete sham. I will submit to you that a young high school graduate with no work experience can go out and earn more than $500 per week, working just barely above minimum wage, if that young high school graduate is racking up eighty hours per week on his or her paycheck stub. This young worker is not, however, playing the American public as fools by lying to them saying how dependant on Social Security he/she is to live using the excuse, to quote Mr. Bakker’s own words:

“Because you all don’t pay me a lot around here” (also taken from an actual live broadcast)

This is misleading. This is false. This is as fake as the cheap, cut glass, stones on the “Made in China” jewelry that is being peddled to the viewers as an incentive to donate money. This is as much of a fraud as the “sleep wristbands” which were rammed down the throats of the viewers by saying that these wristbands “correct the frequencies in your brain” allowing the user to have a better night’s sleep—which even drew laughs from you own paid blogger, Mr. Wert, when I presented this to him and he told me he has no use for such an item himself and then typed in the sign that he was “smiling!”

Brother Dortch said...

If you are truly of the belief that such an item (sleep wristband) “corrects the frequencies in your brain” you need to be speaking right now to a medical doctor and not me. I feel sorry for you, for the mental illness you have incurred, if but please do not insult my intelligence by placing me in the same category as someone who bought into that scam.

In reality, the I.R.S debt will NEVER be paid back in Bakker’s lifetime because he is doing the bare minimum to have a few bucks taken out of a sham paycheck, in which he is making schoolboy wages, when everybody knows he is the mastermind behind a corporation that is raking in millions of dollars. And, furthermore, Bakker is living the lifestyle of a man who acts like and lives like a millionaire too while hiding behind his Mother in Law’s name on a piece of paper. If you think this is acceptable for a Man of God to do, then I cannot stop you from so thinking. I would like the readers of this forum to know that I, personally, do NOT think this is neither acceptable, nor moral, nor ethical, for what is supposed to be a moral and spiritual leader, as any pastor is, to do.

Isn’t this the same Jim Bakker who placed a severely deformed and very sick, 22 inch tall crippled boy, with no legs, named Kevin Whittum, by his side to raise what turned out to be over $3,000,000.00for a “group home” for handicapped children that turned out NOT to be such a home? Is this former so-called “group home” the same place that caused, on his nineteenth birthday, Kevin Whittum to spend his nineteenth birthday in the court house with his lawyer having to file suit after being evicted from this house because the court said it was unfit for the purpose for which it was intended? Is this the same “Kevin’s House” where at least half of the funds raised for it disappeared and were not used for “Kevin’s House” at all? I have also read at least one published report in which it stated that not even PTL executives knew that young Kevin Whittum was related to Jim Bakker until after the fund raising drive was over. It is now very much known that Kevin Whittum was the son of Bakker’s first cousin—something that also should have, under pure moral and ethical grounds, been made public from the outset.

Now we have a brand new “group home” being built once again and also, once again, this home was solicited for, and ground broken for, in what has become a comedy of errors. This comedy, the last I heard, has cost the ministry the wasted sum of $10,000 because of improper building steps not being followed and, of course, this is someone else’s fault and not Mr. Bakker’s.

Brother Dortch said...

What was advertised as a three story group home for pregnant women has now become a one plus something group home for pregnant women since, AFTER FUNDS WERE RAISED, the third floor is now a student dorm for the non-pregnant female labor force who provides free labor to Mr. Bakker and the second floor, we can only assume, will house the “post abortive women” leaving even less and less beds for actual pregnant women to occupy thereby keeping the operating costs of such a home down to a bare minimum. You can say that:

“the girl students can 'live-in' and help run the house”

and, on what medical or educational or government authority, are you placing the work training of these young 18 and 19 year old women who have no experience in, and know absolutely nothing about, working in such a medical facility? The young Morningside “students” continue to prove, time and time again, that they will not even follow direction from your own paid employees (Mr. Wert) who has told them to “knock it off’ and quit posting on this blog and participating in identity theft and other childishness which they continue to do. What makes you feel, after spending sixteen-hours donating their free labor to work for Bakker, they will suddenly develop an instant maturity level sufficient enough to qualify them to assist doctors and nurses in a medical facility?

If you are building a student dorm, then say you are building a student dorm. Do not change horses in the middle of the stream and then say that people who donate to the ministry don’t care how the money is spent. Isn’t that the exact same attitude that landed Mr. Bakker in prison the last time?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

You may think your salt of the earth, hillbilly crowd, is too dumb to figure out what is going on in regard to misleading fund raising under the name of another Jim Bakker so-called “ministry” but, eventually, this charade will stop. You can and will be held accountable for each and everything this “ministry” is doing and it very well may be to a much higher authority than any of us here on earth. But, while you are here on this earth, please do not insult my intelligence by placing me in the category of someone who knows this cult leader’s past and is willing to look the other way and say: “I don’t care how the money is being spent.”

Nothing can be further from the truth.

truebucketfan said...

Brother Dortch,
You really put forth a truthful and thoughtful case. I too have watched Jim Bakker's escapades from the 80's, and second what you have to say.

Your last few psts were awesome, as usual. you got me thinking, How could old Jimbo (aged 72) receive social security insurance benefits at all as he claims? He did not start his current 'ministry' until 2002 when he would have been 62. Another deception from this evil man, I say.,..
Thanks for great reading. Thanks Ron for your funny yet biting blog.

Surly old coot said...

In the good old days we would 'tar n feather" a polecat like Bakker, then run him out of town on a rail like them other so-called grifters who take delight in the art of bamboozalement. Now a days folks would say that would be politically incorrect, I say hogwash. Hey to da Mr Kool-aid-Kid! Good posting Ron, give that grifter Bakker the ole mule kick.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think, Dortsch.

I think you're a fired ex-employee that thought Jim Bakker and Morningside was wonderful until they canned you for incompetence.

Now, you spend inordinate amounts of time on the internet trying to get even with them.

You make mountains out of molehills, and create issues where there are none. Not one person who has given money to help with Lori's House objects to it being used for added ministry. Just you and your bucket brood. That's all.

Hey, aren't you the one who said that the road they paved to go to Lori's House now goes nowhere? That's a BIG LIE #2. The road goes directly to the new site.

If it wasn't you who told the lie, who from the Bucket will apologize for telling that lie? Come on now. You're all supposed to be so concerned with accuracy and integrity... so... who told that lie and who will apologize?

SusanD said...

I love they finally aired Jimbo healing routine on TV today lolol Hope everyone enjoys, it is sooooo forced I love it :)

Brother Dortch said...

Re: 9:36 a.m.

As usual for this mindless cult, we have a diversionary soothsayer or psychic who has never once ever met me and does not even know what gender I am, much less who I am, claiming to know it all.

I am going to say this now once and for all (again):

Since you seem to know exactly who I am and what my background is, and are so convinced of that fact that you are choosing not to address so much as even one of the issues I have presented here, then put your intense knowledge on this blog page instead of your own stupidity--which you are placing here right now.

I challenge you, since you know so much, to:

a) Place my real name on this blog right now

b) Place my address on this blog right now

c) Place my telephone number on this blog right now

d) Place my work background on this blog right now, for the whole world to see, since you know so much.

And, finally, if you do NOT do as I instructed you to just do, then kindly keep your mouth shut with your false accusations because, much like the B.S. that comes out of your cult leader's mouth, you are not to be trusted and don't have the wisdom in your twisted and misaligned brain to take a stand and prove to the American public you even have the slightest degree of faith in what you are saying.

Am I wrong? Then prove me so...fool!

Anonymous said...

Bakker preaches against the preaching of the false Gospel of money-making, but yet he and his wife praise many of the very people who have made mega-millions doing it.

One example: Joyce Meyer. Both Bakker and his wife become breathless and effusive when they mention Meyer on their show and flash up her picture on the screen. Here are some facts about Meyer from the website

1. She and her husband get a salary from their "ministry" of $1.3 mill per year.

2. She owns a personal jet worth $10 mill!

3. She lives in a mansion with an estimated worth of $2 mill.

4. She owns a luxury boat worth $105,000.

So tell me Jim Bakker, why do you preach against preachers getting rich off their "ministries" and then go on TV and extoll the virtues of Joyce Meyer?

Bakker backers and Bakker cult members, explain this for me honestly! Don't give me a bunch of horse crap. Tell me honestly how you can logically determine that this is not a tremendous inconsistency what Bakker supposedly represents.

"I Was Wrong" but Joyce Meyer is right!?

Anonymous said...

Whoop. Hit the Dortsch hot button I see.

Simple stuff, Dortsch. Just say "I never worked for Jim Bakker and he didn't fire me."

End of story.

You don't seem to be able to do that. Why not? Because you did... and he did.

Jessica said...

All lies zombies! As I have posted before, the financial situation of Bakker and his show is a fabrication and a lie. I am acquainted with taxes and I have access to my firms library that is full of material on taxes and frauds. Tax fraud is nothing new, so Bakkers job is to just dodge the bullet so to speak. So you liars should give it a rest. How about this, the lawyers for Bakker can respond without comprising confidentiality laws and tell us how wrong everyone is. Quote some tax law and were good to go.

Even if that happened, it won't matter because I and most of the world will never give Bakker a pass. He is so dirty and he can be the Moronside good prophet and you can coo and moan for him, but he is done forever in the eyes of the world. Preachers with integrity and good morals would never touch Bakker so he for sure should stay out of California and the big cities. Lori should not show her face either. The world is on to their con.

In reference to the pathetic argument regarding the post abortion girls needing a place to heal...that's crap. I recently talked about my experience with post operative abortions and the majority of girls rest a week and they are actually pretty happy.

Hanging out with Lori Bakker after an abortion doesn't make sense. Lori Bakker has had five abortions (unless that is all lies too) and I still don't know where you could get that many abortions legally. If she had it done some other way, then I can understand why she is mentally unstable. Jim Bakker doesn't know anything about babies and women, he just knows how to be a predator. Seeing how he treats Lori and his daughter, how could anyone buy into his dribble about loving anyone but himself. Yuk!

I am astounded that these women can look the other way as Bakker insults them daily. Why doesn't one of those female zombies have the balls to take him and whip his ass for treating them like crap?

And Jason Wert, your another one. You remind me of Paul Crouch and you can see where Crouch is heading. The writing is on the wall for you in the name of Jesus beggars.

Brother Dortch said...

Until I look at the top of this blog page and see that Ron has changed the name of it to "The Brother Dortch Foodbucket Fanpage" then I am under no obligation to answer any questions since this is a Jim Bakker blog and not a blog about me--a non public figure.

You may be used to mid-stream diversions and half-truths in the "ministry" you seem to have a stake in, but you obviously know absolutely nothing about what you are posting here or you would stand up and prove to America, as well as the rest of the world, that what you are saying is true.

You can twist and turn scripture around to suit your own moneymaking purposes, but you cannot twist and turn your unwillingness to put your proven knowledge where your mouth is on this forum.

If you cannot offer any evidence to back up what you are saying, how about just not posting here at all--since you are doing nothing but giving me the old "Susan Ruiz Treatment" which I am not buying at the moment. Oh, and I will not be buying any other trinkets or cheap items from your homosexual ex-con spokesman either!

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the IRS Debt Bakker still owes.....

Zombies--That debt has ZERO to do with his punishment in the big trial.

The IRS calulated the back taxes and delivered the bill in June 89.
The bill he is still paying is due to services deemed taxable that no taxes were paid on.

The bulk of this was the value of the huge staff of bodyguards and housekeepers. The guards did things like wash the cars, feed the dogs, watch the kids, run to the grocery, wash the boat, drive people all over etc

They calculated what these people were paid and that amount is added as compensation to what the Bakkers were paid and needed taxes paid. They didnt pay and then it snowballed with interest

Anonymous said...

Regarding the IRS Debt Bakker still owes.....

Zombies--That debt has ZERO to do with his punishment in the big trial.

The IRS calulated the back taxes and delivered the bill in June 89.
The bill he is still paying is due to services deemed taxable that no taxes were paid on.

The bulk of this was the value of the huge staff of bodyguards and housekeepers. The guards did things like wash the cars, feed the dogs, watch the kids, run to the grocery, wash the boat, drive people all over etc

They calculated what these people were paid and that amount is added as compensation to what the Bakkers were paid and needed taxes paid. They didnt pay and then it snowballed with interest

Anonymous said...

Do the Bakker FANS not find it odd that a ministry like CBN openly files and shares a form 990???

I would think a guy who did prison time would be the first to be candid with his financials.

And please...please...dont say he was railroaded....its been mentioned before that he knew in 1986 that Taggert was stealing hundreds of thousands and did nothing. Also, Jim, Taggert and Dortch looted the ministry between jan and March as they knew the IRS was coming and or that the money was running out.
That Tower was near done to a certain point and to finish they started building the Palace project to get that money to finish the tower of course all that just plain ended

Pecker said...

The question that remains to be answered....what ministry activities are supported by the sale of the foodbuckets and misc. items???

Are they feeding kids, distributing Bibles?
Is there ever any type of info ever released?

Ron said...

In an earlier comment someone claimed that my blog posts are either untruthful, dishonest, or defamatory. Please list the reasons why you think this, rather than just saying this and running away like a little girl.

My opinion is not fact, and my satire is just that: satire. Do you really think that Guitarist Joey is the Morningside Strangler, or that Jim and Lori visit their Floridian plastic surgeon every few weeks? Both ideas could be true, of course, but I don't know them to be true nor do I present them as fact. When you read my blog, you are reading my opinion and inner commentary for the purpose of being entertained. If you don't understand this, well, sorry for you. You need to lighten up and find yourself a sense of humor.

My blog posts do not spread rumor or gossip, they satirize what I see on the Jim Bakker Show. They also contain my opinion, which is extremely critical of Jim Bakker given his past history and current activities. Jim Bakker was convicted of fraud. He is now back on tv engaging in activities very similar to what sent him to prison the first time.

I do not defame anyone on the Jim Bakker Show, they defame themselves. I satirize the Jim Bakker Show, using Jim and Co's own words and actions to illustrate how absurd they all are. I draw conclusions based on what I see and hear, just like any rational human being would.

Zombies and inbreds, it would appear, are the exception. They close their eyes and cover their ears when they hear less-than-glowing reviews of their Lord, Jim Bakker. That's why they remain as zombies instead of growing their brains and becoming fully-functional adults. You can't learn if you won't listen.

Ron said...

Joe C, I saw your comment yesterday in which you expressed a desire to 'leave' the blog. I wanted to let you and everyone else know that if you ever want to have your own posts moderated (removed), just let me know and I'll do so. I don't own your comments, they're yours to keep, so in a sense of fairness I believe you should be able to remove them if that's what you desire.

On an actual message board, people typically have the ability to delete or edit their own posts. As this is a blog format, that ability isn't built-in to the comments.

If you want something removed, email me at

Bear in mind that I work about 50 hours a week so it might take me a little while to get around to it, and I can't guarantee that I can remove everything you request due to the Blogger format (it's very awkward).

olivesandmore said...

The Bakker's need to be candid and not hide behind fake Feed Stores.

I wonder if the Feed Store facade to hide the pool was chosen due to success of the Feed Buckets from Frank Davis?

Anonymous said...

I don't think JoeC. is a liar, those words are much too harsh. Reading back he never said he was going to disclose anything about the alledged meeting with Bakker. Uncle Henry is just pissed cause he thinks JoeC. got some cash and he was left out of the loop. Just sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

LOL at @ 7:27,

Here's one for you fool (and yes that is what the bible calls you!)

James 3:10 Out of the same mouth come both blessings and cursing. It is not right, my brethren, this is not right.

Good luck to you and your wicked friends when you stand before God and give an account for the way you have treated people. Susan Ruiz and many others will be given a double blessing for the curses they endured at that hellish place. By the way have you asked Susan to forgive you miss good christian? Have you gone to the many others you have slandered and cursed and asked for their forgiveness? No, I am sure you haven't because you're perfect and don't need to, correct! Shame on you little Ms. Pharisee for your judging me and anyone else. Good luck when you stand before the Lord in your self righteousness with your puffed out chest.

Here's another fact, many of you at Morningside are bi-polar. Your posting shows you're one suffering from this tragic mental illness.

Ms. perfect christian taking into account Matthew 5:22 most of you supporting Jim Bakker are in a lot of trouble!

Lastly, I am a good person and many call me dear in an affectionate way because I do have a big heart. To bad I can't call you a sweet thing. There is nothing sweet about a Jim Bakker die hard fan! What a joke to try to make me angry with your rude patronizing talk. But that is what you Morningside people specialize in don't you. Attack people and them blame them if the stand up to you bullies. Sick very sick!

Satan quotes scripture and even challenged Jesus with it. Don't you think it's time to stop being satan's mouthpiece!

truebucketfan said...

Another Faker Bakker claim is that they have adopted five children. According to the Washington County Florida and the Stone County MO websites, they have legal guardianship/conservatorship of only Lori Ann and Maricela.

Also they gave up guardianship of one Jorge Refumo while living at Camp Hope, Florida.

Wonder why lil' Ricky and Marie (or Maria as Froglips calls her because he can't remember her name) were not legally aquired???

Cedric said...

Joe C now wants all of his posts removed? If that doesnt speak volumes I dont know what does! He was called out by several people here and eventually admitted to lying to us and now he wants to pull a disappearing act!

Anonymous said...

"I am astounded that these women can look the other way as Bakker insults them daily. Why doesn't one of those female zombies have the balls to take him and whip his ass for treating them like crap? "

You know, Jessica, I am an older man and those kids on Bakkers' TV show are young enough to be my own kids. They are just children, really. But Bakker makes them think they have made the "big time" thanks to him.

On his TV show, he really treats that little girl Sasha terribly. It seems he never gives her a chance to say much more than anything but "wow!" So, what is she? Window dressing?

I have also noticed that when some of those kids have been made to believe they will get to tell their stories on the air, they are shut off almost immediately by the rude, jerkish Bakker.

As my wife would say, "he needs to be kicked in the balls" by those kids he is taking such advantage of.

It's pathetic, really. I wish I could get into the ring with this narcissistic egomaniac and put the gloves 0n. At present, I have a large tumor in my left shoulder, but I'd kick his sorry butt with my right arm alone.

Jessica, do you want to join me in a tag-team bout with him? (smile).

Old Cherokee greybeard, said...

Once words have left the sanctity of the mouth, a million stout horses can't pull them back. That goes for you all, JoeC. Bakker, it does not matter. Be careful what you promise or say. Confucious say "Liar must have good memory", otherwise they get exposed. Remember: "What a tangle web we weave, when first we practice to deceive". Better to say nothing then to promise something you can't deliver. Promise very little and deliver much.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Thanks for that Old Cherokee greybeard.

Everything that comes out of that cult compound is fake. The one thing that old fart won't be able to fake is his own death ... or will he?

Long live the Moronside Bath House Stinker!

Brother Dortch said...

Excuses, excuses, excuses!

I don’t care one bit who used to shine Bakker’s boat or help take care of his two kids. The pure fact of the matter is that, for years, there has been unfinished business on the table with the government that should have been taken care of many, many, years ago!

Mr. Bakker was into no more money owed the I.R.S. than Willie Nelson was (in fact, Willie Nelson may have owed more than Jim) and when he last appeared on the Larry King national TV program, on CNN, when asked by Larry King, Willie proudly announced that he is “All paid up, as far as I know” while Jim Bakker appeared on the exact same program, on a different date and time, and told Larry King that he will not be raising funds on television any longer. In his book “I Was Wrong” he echoed the exact same sentiments exactly and now look what we have going on today.

We have a mall that looks like PTL, fundraising efforts that sound like PTL, and what can only be construed by any reasonable person as being a last ditch effort by Jim Bakker to, once again, build a pseudo-Christian city in which Jim Bakker reigns supreme--as the young people he surrounds himself with observe the events as if to teach them that it is OK to ignore the U.S. government and their demand for taxes by creating a sham, schoolboy sized, paycheck from which the government can extol the bare minimum they can from a tiny paycheck which is teaching these young people that running away from your problems is better than facing them head on. No wonder they cannot come onto this blog and discuss the issues. Look at what they have to observe as an example in life.

It is this very nation that has made it possible for Bakker & Co to enjoy the very freedoms that makes life in this country great. He has freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and the opportunity to cleanse himself of his past sins and, from what my eyes are seeing, the exact same “half-truths” are occurring, at a rapid fire rate, that got him into hot water the first time.

Mr. Bakker constantly talks of his days at CBN with Pat Robertson and, in a private letter written to Jim Bakker, by CBN owner/founder Pat Robertson, Mr. Robertson had this to say to Jim Bakker:

“Jim, God does not bless falsehood, and the Bible says He resists the proud…Unless you face reality and ask God’s forgiveness He is going to bring you down. God is speaking to you through things that are happening. I pray that you will get His message.”

When was the above written? It was written on September 15, 1977 ten years before Bakker’s fall.
The handwriting was on the wall all those years ago and, excuse me if my eyes are blind and cannot see, but I am at a loss to see where anything is different with Mr. Bakker even today. Between naming products after himself, using scare tactics to generate funds, having highly questionable figures, as guests, surrounding him and the incessant use of less than straight forward and honest statements of fact regarding everything from his weekly “take home pay” to his refusal to allow his wife to honestly say she was in a drug store having a prescription refilled (tell them you were having your nails done) what I am observing here is clearly not a God centered ministry. It is a Jim Bakker centered ministry.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Dortsch.

Fess up.

You did work for Bakker, didn't you?

You were fired in March of '10 right?

If you would just fess up, it sure would give the other bloggers some good insight into your motivation for hating all things Bakker.

You and Joe C. related?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

The all-powerful frog-faced Bakker is perched on his lily pad at the centre of moronside and surrounds himself with sycophants and perverts. Bakker dreams up fundraising smoke and mirror cons and offers them up to his stupid zombie followers and they buy into it. I think Bakker's very expensive road going to a dead end says so much. Keep drinking the kool-aid zombies!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant March of '11

Troll Zombie said...

There are plenty of people who hate all things Bakker - plenty on this blog alone. Do you think they are all ex employees with an ex to grind?

Anonymous said...

Hey 'Ron' - it's not me you have to convince that you are "only kidding." It's those pesky lawyers.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think you all have an ax to grind. I think most of you are just bored haters.

There's only a couple with axes to grind.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Oops, I meant March of '10

Oops, I meant March of '11

Oops, I meant March of "12

Oops, I'm a confused bakker zombie.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Oops, where's the axe

Oops, where's the grinder

Anonymous said...

If Jim thinks that any **opinion** stated on this blog is libel, he should absolutely make it a legal matter! Then, he'll have to show ALL of his financial records in order to prove that any statements made about the way he handles money are false! He'll also get plenty of media attention:

"While people who are targeted by lies may well be angry enough to file a lawsuit, there are some very good reasons why actions for defamation may not be a good idea.

The publicity that results from a defamation lawsuit can create a greater audience for the false statements than they previously enjoyed. For example, if a newspaper or news show picks up the story of the lawsuit, false accusations that were previously known to only a small number of people may suddenly become known to the entire community, nation, or even to the world. As the media is much more apt to cover a lawsuit than to cover its ultimate resolution, the net effect may be that large numbers of people hear the false allegations, but never learn how the litigation was resolved.

Another big issue is that defamation cases tend to be difficult to win, and damage awards tend to be small. As a result, it is unusual for attorneys to be willing to take defamation cases on a contingent fee basis, and the fees expended in litigating even a successful defamation action can exceed the total recovery.

Another significant concern is that, even where the statements made by the defendant are entirely false, it may not be possible for a plaintiff to prove all of the elements of defamation. Most people will respond to news that a plaintiff lost a defamation lawsuit by concluding that the allegations were true.

In other words, the plaintiff in a defamation action may be required to expend a considerable amount of money to bring the action, may experience significant negative publicity which repeats the false accusations, and if unsuccessful in the litigation may cement into the public consciousness the belief that the defamatory accusations were true. While many plaintiffs will be able to successfully prosecute defamation actions, the possible downside should be considered when deciding whether or not such litigation should be attempted."

Anonymous said...

Yawn, We're all haters. Yawn, Brother Dortch is a former employee with an ax to grind. Yawn, Jim and his lawyers. Yawn, another stupid zombie with no substance.

Anonymous said...

Haters. Yep, all 10 of you.

And I didn't say anything about Jim's lawyers.

Anonymous said...


Looks like suing people for blogging bad things about you is nothing new:

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon " lookie ma ... i'm gonna count to ten fer ya " @ 404pm

Very good bakker zombie. Counting to ten took some work. Good for you. The way you're slobbering I bet you would like something to eat. Here's some Dino cake. Finished? Good, now report for your first day as math teacher at bakker's fake college.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

... and I didn't say anything about Jim paying you.

Tanya said...

9:36am - you said : "Hey, aren't you the one who said that the road they paved to go to Lori's House now goes nowhere? That's a BIG LIE #2. The road goes directly to the new site."

I do not remember who first spoke of that road on this blog.

Here's what I do remember: when Jim Bakker first announced that Lori's House had been stopped, he said he needed more money because he had spent a bunch of money preparing Lori's Site #1 and building a road to Site #1.

Jim said he would find a new spot for Lori's House - thus starting the second round of money-raising, and said to not worry, he would figure out something to put on the first site so that all that work (preparation and road) would not go to waste.

That's what Jim said.

If you know differently, or if Jim has changed his story, just say so.

Craig said...

Lol. I could sue bakker backers for posting on an anti bakker blog. Doesn't mean a thing if I win. Just means you can sue anyone for anything.

Back to the fake pastor bakker. Sometimes he feels like a prophet, sometimes he doesn't. Lol. Come on, it's all a money grab fraud.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, what is your point here? What you said that Jim said doesn't change the fact that someone on this blog said that the road now led to 'nowhere.' That is a lie. It leads to the new site.

Cindy B. said...

Calm down zombies, at the time lori's house site moved no one knew where the new site was. if it was moved to a new location where the old road could still be used then good for you. ooopsie, no need to build new road but still need $10,000 for new site clearing. oopsie!

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon " Waaaaaa ... I want the road to go to some damn place" @524pm

You have it wrong zombie.

Lie #1 is that Bakker talks with God.

Cedric said...

Yes, it seems as though Joe C and Bro D have a lot in common. They ramble a lot but when pressed for specific answers they quickly get quiet or change the subject. Cat got your tongue Bro D and Joe C???

Grandma Char Groupie said...

Hey 5:24,

How much time do you have? Care to talk about the lies spread here from the Bakker followers? It's gonna take a while, that's for sure.

surly old coot said...

Brother Dortch why in tarnations wont you answer that mans question? Are you a former employee of that daggum Bakker? You are starting to look like that fibber Joe C and we dont trust you.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, Craig. Anybody can sue anybody for anything.

I guess it all comes down to who has a real case of defamation, how much lawyer you can afford, and how much malice you can prove.

I don't think it would be a problem to outclass anybody on this blog with hiring a good lawyer, one that has won this kind of defamation case before. Come to think of it, proving malice would be a cinch too.

I can think of at least 20 people who SHOULD sue this blog - I guess we'll have to wait and see who actually does.

Me? I would have done it long ago.

Interesting things happening in the world of suing malicious bloggers. All I did was google "suing bloggers for defamation." Woop. Things are really ramping up in that area. Seems bloggers think they can get away with anything - and they can't.

Well, 'Ron' has challenged Jim (and all his friends that have been defamed on this blog... by reason of association) to bring it on.

I hope someone does.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, they're related. Joe C and Dortsch birds of a feather.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Hello Cedric!

Do you live at the bakker cult compound? If you reply with a no then I will be very surprised. Oh wait ... maybe you won't answer me.


Mr. Coot are you out there? Hello!

Anonymous said...

The point about the road leading to 'nowhere' is that people on this blog tried to make it look like that money was spent in vain. No, it wasn't.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon " My lawyers is bigger than your lawyer " @ 542pm

Well well Darth Wert. I thought I smelled potatoe chips.

Anonymous said...

Oh would you give it a rest, Kool-Aid. I'm not Jason Wert.

Cedric said...

KAK, unlike Joe C and Bro D I will gladly answer your question. No, I dont live at the Bakker compound nor am I a supporter.,+Jim+Bakker.JPG

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon " Will everyone give it a rest damn it " @553pm

... the Moronside Bath House stinker maybe?

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Zach the devil child. lol

Okay Cedric.

Tanya said...

Thank you, Cindy B. - yes, 5:24pm, Cindy either already understood where the "road to nowhere" label originated, and/or she understood what I wrote. Thank you Cindy for explaining that for those who needed the explanation.

When Jim first spoke about Lori's House being moved - before he chose a new spot - the road led... to a spot that had been prepared for building but had no plans for anything to be put on it. So... nowhere in particular.

Now, if Jim Bakker has chosen a new site that can use that road - that is a good decision. Fair is fair, right? Good decision by Jim.

I find it interesting, the logic and perspective that this simple road exposes. A road is just a road - except when it shows how people approach a situation.

How about: instead of ranting about the LIE that the road leads nowhere and someone better apologize, a Morningside supporter could write: hey, Jim Bakker made a good decision and found a second site that can use the road - hooray!

The only problem with that approach that I can see is that it acknowledges the history of Lori's House - so the main benefit to just posting "lies, lies" is that going forward people can say - the road always led to Lori's House. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Tanya, I can't believe you did that. You have spun this thing far beyond the ethical or logical conclusion anybody would have come to after reading how the bloggers here attacked every word and action and tried to find reason to accuse once again by saying this road was built in vain and all the money was wasted. You know they did - and now you try to spin it around and say that we could have said bla bla bla.

No ma'am. They meant to leave the impression that Jim wasted the money and you know it.

I can't abide people who will not even own up to what they did.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Anon " Abide with me or I will sit down and cry! " @617pm

.... so you're saying you can't abide with Bakker?


Cindy B. said...

Oh pleazzze,

if the road was able to be used for the new site, great! if it was not then it would have meant added expense. Now give it a rest already. I can't believe you bakker people.

Jessica said...

Give me a break Bakker anonoymous. If you have God on your side why do you feel like you have to respond to someone like myself that calls Bakker a snake. I have said the same things about one of my ex husbands, so kiss my grits.

Hey! Why isn't the ministry spending valuable time witnessing to lost souls and spreading the love of Jesus and the gospel, instead of spending time on this blog calling me a "sinner". When you called me a sinner and told me to go to hell, that's worse than saying Bakker is ugly and is begging for money. Remember posting that? You don't know me. I could be a Sunday School teacher in a big, famous church in south Orange County.

This is how crazy you little cry babies are. I am commenting about a nasty human being but I could blog about Jesse James or Charles Manson. I chose Jim Bakker. I don't like him. My mother doesn't like him either.

Bakker isn't losing any sleep over us. A lot of people thought he was dead and shocked that he was back in the saddle. He spent 5 years in prison. That's pretty hardcore for a little dinky scoundrel but he survived. I think he can speak for himself if he doesn't like my opinions. Oh, maybe not. Could be he has a forked tongue or talks out both sides of his mouth.

This is only my opinion and my interpretation of the facts.

Craig said...

Lol 5:42. You or any other bakker backer are free to do that. The only problem is it would bring the fake pastor bakker back to the attention of the courts. So, zombies, hire a great lawyer and see what she or he says. I can't walk on stilts but I can pull a wagon of stuffed lambs and toss tootsie rolls to the crowd. Lol.

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...

Brother Dortch,5/13, 9:04.

You have not spoken out of turn.

Semper Fi.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it won't come from one of us, Craig. It will come from someone with lots of money in high places. Jim is used to the 'attention.'

Joe C Blue eye, Missouri said...



Shit, or get off the pot.

Anonymous said...

I find it humorous the Bakkerites get fixated on someone saying Jim wasted money on a road to nowhere. They gloss over all the money he has wasted.

Anonymous said...

Hey, a lie is a lie.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

Hey, a zombie road is a zombie road.

Craig said...

@7:11. Good to know you and your zombie friends won't be wasting money on lawyers. That would've pissed fake pastor bakker off. You should be wasting your money on the worthless shit he's pushing.
Since no person rich and powerful will back jim, otherwise why beg and fake cry for money, your threat is fake and phony (just like everything bakker). Lol.

Anonymous said...


Great article here:

Anonymous said...

You are so wrong, Craig. Jim has favor with multi-millionaires with connections. One of them just advanced a million dollars for the Old Mill Inn. Didn't need a thing but a handshake.

Kool-Aid Kid said...

You sure like W words don't you zombie. Words like "Whoooeee" and "Woop". lol

Craig said...

@7:50. Put some names behind that claim. Otherwise it only rumor and gossip.

Anonymous said...

No, it's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 7:31 has a problem when they perceive someone tells a lie. Lies are that come out of Bakkers mouth but there is no problem for this zombie with that. Geez, not a bright bunch out there in booneyville.

Craig said...

Lol@8:04. Nobody of any reputable standing will stand beside fake pastor bakker. You are a liar.

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