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Monday, November 7, 2011

Bakker spoon-feeds inbreds, wows them with fire - Part 1

The Morningside Strangler
The show begins with cymbals crashing and a wide shot of the Morningside Strangler choking his guitar. This new guitarist is named Joey, and as mentioned previously, he looks like a serial killer. The energy in the music tells me the money is flowing in and business has never been better at The Jim Bakker Show.

Bakker's been running a Lizard-thon all week with the reptilian Foodbucket King himself, Frank Davis. This guy is Jim's main source for foodbuckets, and while he may have decent motivations behind his choice to make a living selling us dehydrated space-food, I hear the Balance Scale of Morality clunking down heavily on the 'immoral' side every time he appears on the show. After all, he's on stage with Bakker while Jim is fake crying and making up phony baloney stories to scare people into buying his crap. Yet, Foodbucket Frank continues appearing to help Jim sell product. Dude, is being in the show really worth the cost of admission?

Reptilian Foodbucket King, Frank Davis
Each intro this week includes quick video of the Lori's House construction crew, as well as the overpriced tents and tarps pitched out on the grass of the 'valley' that Jim loves talking about so much. Does Jim know that you're not supposed to pitch tents in a valley due to the risk of flooding if it rains? And this is the guy we're supposed to trust when disaster strikes?
[Emergency Responder Jim Bakker] There's a fire in the building! Quick, everyone to the elevators!

Jim Bakker's shirt shows off his Man Boobs
Guard Pig Zach beckons us into Palace Bakker and we get our first view of the Frog King and his brainless, baby-less Queen. I'd usually make fun of Jim and Lori's clothes here, but it just occurred to me that they're kind of dressed like my wife and I. Bakker's shirt is similar to one that I wear, one that my wife bought for me in fact. The similarities end there of course, since I'm almost 30 years younger than Jim and my nipples don't get hard when I wear the shirt. Lori Rotten-Crotch is wearing a beige-toned suit jacket that makes her look like a real estate agent, eerily similar to my wife's occupation. Again though, there are no further similarities as my wife doesn't hold the Guinness Book Record for 'Most Abortions Attested To". Nor does she have fake tits.

Do these tents double as rafts when the valley floods?
Jim has multiple live fires burning on a large banquet table in front of him, so it looks like we'll have some show-and-tell this morning for the old bats in the crowd to chitter about when they go back to their stuffy Morningside condos. Jim begins the show by reminding us that we're living in the Last Days, which he calls "the most exciting days, if you're prepared." Jim's already greasing the skids for his foodbucket sales-pitch. Bakker tells us that God spoke to him the 'other night', then his forked-tongue gets tied when repeating the important words of the Almighty , "When you honor me by preparing and being ready for Revelation events, it honors me honor doing what I said." Is that verbatim, Jim? Bakker then tells us that God wants our obedience...which means that God wants us to obediently buy foodbuckets from Jim Bakker. You're such a weasel Jim.

Frank Davis, CEO of Food for Health
Bakker introduces Frank Davis by singing out his name. If you've never seen a Sleestak before (pronounced Slee-stak), you can finally tell people you have in Frank Davis. Sleestaks were the lizard-men from the 70s tv show "Land of the Lost", and they happen to look just like Foodbucket Frank. They also frequently possessed magic crystals, something that Jim Bakker will probably be selling soon. Come to think of it, the Land of the Lost is probably a better name for this zoo than Morningside.

Jim tosses up a slow soft one to Foodbucket Frank when he asks, "You believe something's coming don't you?" Frank knocks it outta the park with his reply, "I believe it with all my heart." Foodbucket Frank tells Jim that he's been preparing for over 40 years. So Frank, your 30-year shelf life food would be worthless after that time, right? Again, Bakker reminds us that God wants us to be obedient to Him. No, Jim, you want us to be obedient to you. I wonder if Jim Jones told his zombies that they needed to be obedient to God when convincing them to knock back a shot of Death-Flavored Kool-Aid?

The Bakker Serpent introduces a new product for people to waste their money on: Fire Buckets. Scoop out some stuff that looks like used cat litter, put a match to it, and it burns. For a man who is surely going to hell if there is one, the Fire Bucket is a perfect product choice. Jim says he found it at an Expo. And was that Expo in Hell, Mr Bakker?

Some waterhead mixed the shipping supplies with the food
Jim says he's gonna cook up a bunch of space food for the inbreds to eat. He shows us a bowl full of our first delicious course: freeze-dried string beans. These things look just like the styrofoam packing peanuts that you'd pour into a box to ship something bulky. Are you sure you didn't mix up the foodbucket shipping supplies with the food, Jim? Bakker tells us that these string beans last twenty that before or after eating them? Something tells me that those twenty years will likely be spent in some inbred's gut while his body tries in vain to digest it. A thousand years from now, archaeologists will find undigested spacefood in graves all throughout the Ozarks and scratch their heads.

Prior to cooking, Jim has to rehydrate the string beans for a half hour. Just what we need during the Apocalypse, 30 minutes of stare time while we wait for our styrofoam string beans to absorb water. Just enough time to be eaten by a wild animal, or maybe have a band of marauders come and steal your fake food...then come back and dump it on top of your head when they taste it.

Jim's RV park. I expect a tumbleweed to blow past.
With all this talk about dehydrated food, I just realized that Foodbucket Frank looks like a dehydrated man. Does it also take a half hour of him soaking in water before he's ready to eat?

While juggling pots and space-food, Jim drops a quick reference to his new Christian Retreat Center, which is actually just an RV park and campground. We see a quick picture of it, and it's completely empty save for two RVs. The barren appearance reminds of the Bonneville Salt Flats...are one of these RV pilots gonna attempt a new land speed record? Attention Morningside Zombies: This is what Jim spends your money on.

Back to the food. Jim grabs a pot of rehydrated corn and gives us his low "Ohhhh" grunt as he grabs it. Lori gives us the same gross grunt as she calls it 'yummy', a word typically used by five-year olds. Hold on a second there, Frogman. Aren't you the one who told us that our corn supplies would run out in August...last August? And now you and your wife are giving us repulsive sex grunts about the 'yummy' corn that's somehow plentiful enough to waste on a television show audience?

Jim igniting rocket fuel
Kevin Van Kirk, Fruit Monkey-at-large, pipes up with some wisdom from his hallowed position way off to the right of the stage. He starts talking, then Jim shouts his name out in an interruption designed to tell the guy, 'I didn't introduce you yet talk when I say you talk.' The last time the Fruit Monkey was on to sell his book, Jim announced that he was taking all proceeds from Van Kirk's book for himself, which led to the Fruit Monkey baring his teeth at Jim. But he's back for more today, so Jim must have paid him something flat under the table to keep him on the hook. Or maybe Slick Jimmy really stiffed him the first time but promised him twice as much for the next appearance.

Jim pushes his Fire Bucket again, letting us know we can get it for $100 plus shipping. In less than 3 minutes I found it for $65 shipped. Thanks for letting us know how important they are though Jim, maybe I'll pick up two for the price you're charging me. Surely you have no problem with that since you only care about us being prepared, right?

"Wow I got this fire really going!"
Speaking of fire, Jim just scooped out some fiery-badness from his bucket and ignited it in one of his flimsy camping stoves. I think Jim might have scooped out too much because the stuff is taking off like jet fuel. As the fire grows, Jim hawks an overpriced Potato Bucket to us and shows us an close-up of what the dry spuds look like. In the foreground, we see flames rising upward. I think this is it: Jim's going to hell right before our eyes.

The camera pulls back as Jim fumbles around with his dehydrated potatoes and water. Frank Davis is watching Jim but then sneaks a peek at the growing conflagration in front of him. As much as I don't need a Fire Bucket, I can't deny that the sucker works. Jim places his pot of space potatoes on the fiery grill and remarks that he "got this fire really going". The famous last words of Jim Bakker.

Flames lick the side of Jim's pot
Lori has taken a half-step back from Jim's fire, but she has this dumb smile painted on her face while she stares at it. The flames are about 2 feet high now and show no indication of stopping anytime soon. If those flames lick into Lori's hair, she'll go up like a Roman Candle. Interestingly enough, Frank Davis has not stepped away. Like every good reptile, he's cold-blooded and enjoys the warmth.

The flames are almost totally obscuring the pot of potatoes now. Among the Morningside crowd, even the blindest of bats can see this sucker burning. Yet, Jim goes on as if nothing's happening. Now he's hawking his Jim Bakker 8 grain cereal. He shows us what his cereal looks like, and I swear it looks just like the stuff from the Fire Bucket. Perhaps he should rename it Jim Bakker 80-Octane Cereal?

Flames reflect off water pitcher; Jim's 80-Octane Cereal
The fire has reached almost 3 feet now, enough to ignite Jim's NOW hat if he leans in far enough. He finally acknowledges that the fire is big, but he can't stop himself from selling. He's noticeably wary of the flames as he reaches around them for a bowl of 20-year shelf life blueberries to add to his cereal, but once he's back into his sales-pitch he's oblivious to everything around him. He announces the blueberries in his sexy jazz voice and dumps them into his bowl of high-octane cereal. You can see flames reflected in the cereal bowl's finish.

Zach and Sasha are off to the side of the table, far away from Jim and even further away from the fire. Zach's holding his ground, but he's alternating between looking at the inferno and looking for help off-stage. He has an 'every man for himself' look on his face which tells me he's one loud noise away from spooking. If Mondo's switchblade accidentally falls from his pocket to the floor with a crash, Zach is busting out of there pronto. Meanwhile, Sasha is cowering away from the flames, this poor girl has no idea what to do. I'll tell you what to do Sasha: Get the hell outta Zach's way because when he bolts, you're getting trampled first.

Zach 's gonna bowl over poor Sasha
Kevin Van Kirk tries to take attention off the blaze by handing over a plate of his vegan sawdust cookies. Bakker, ever the salesman, tells us how delicious they're going to be. He elbows the fire-entranced Lori when she misses her queue to ask him 'How good are they?' For crying out loud Jim, you have a fire raging in front of you and you're still selling? Van Kirk's sawdust cookies get a close-up. They look like cow pies and probably taste like them too. Lori grabs the plate, turns her nose up at the cookies and immediately hands them over to Zach and Sasha to try. If this fire grows any larger it's gonna burn a hole right through that grill, through the table, and possibly through the earth to China. Yet Bakker's talking about cookies?

Hell's Flame reaching up towards Bakker
Ahh, the fire is finally burning itself out. The flames are losing intensity and everyone at the table breathes a sigh of relief. You can feel the mood shift. A now-very-warm Frank Davis cracks a joke and rasps out a reptilian laugh. Bakker's blackened pot of potatoes is still on the grill, and Bakker's still selling. He's on to his new dehydrated Blueberry Bucket. This thing costs one-hundred-and-fifty dollars. I felt the need to spell that out to illustrate just how much money Jim Bakker is asking for b-l-u-e-b-e-r-r-i-e-s. He tells us that he bought ten buckets for his own personal use. With whose money Jim? It can't be yours, because you claim to not have any money. Is it the money you take from your collection of inbred zombies? He tells us that no matter if an atomic bomb goes off, storms and earthquakes hit, or an asteroid strikes the earth, he'll still be eating his very own High Octane Cereal with SpaceBerries. Nice to see you have your priorities straight, Bakker.

'Better get used to those flames Jim'
Foodbucket Frank talks at length about how utterly perfect his space-food is. Earlier in the week, Jim had the nerve to compare this guy to Steve Jobs. Seriously, I'm not making this up. He told us that Steve Jobs had an amazing creative mind, and that "Frank Davis has a mind like that." On that episode, Jim told us that God spoke to him about Jobs' death and said it was prophetic. As Bakker relayed the important message that God gave to him, he forgot Jobs' first name. Jim fumbled around trying to remember, then had to turn to Zach, Lori and the gang for help. The instant Jim asked them "What's his first name?" he was met with a choral reply of "Steve". I expected Jim to snap his fingers trying to click the name into his mind, which he likely would have done if he didn't have people there to fill in the blanks of this important prophecy known only to Jim.

Jim Bakker preparing to lie about God speaking to him
If you think Bakker forgetting details of his own God-delivered prophecy is bad, wait till you hear the prophecy. Brace yourself. Jim told us that "The headline read, 'Jobs Died'." We don't know what headline he's talking about because he never explains the context, probably because no such headline existed. If I had to guess, I would say Jim was referring to make-believe newspaper headlines around the world. To illustrate, Jim added his own headline on top of a picture of the recently-deceased "Jobs" for his zombies to see and become brainwashed by. Then Bakker struck his most serious tone before telling us the important prophecy:

I'm not so sure that "Jobs" would approve of this
[Jim Bakker] "God said to me, "It's prophetic that he died. Because jobs...are dying...all over the world."
I almost couldn't believe he was saying it because it was so retarded. I knew deep down what he was gonna say, and at each pause I could hear the words before he spoke them...but I just couldn't imagine Jim Bakker could be so obnoxiously stupid with his fake prophecy. It's insulting. How can this guy publicly pretend that those words were delivered to him by God without being booed off-stage? And then, without skipping a beat, Jim the Sales Prophet goes right back to the foodbuckets. Unbelievable.

Click here for Part 2 of Jim Bakker spoon-feeds zombies, wows them with fire.


Anonymous said...

[Jim Bakker] "God said to me, "It's prophetic that he died. Because jobs...are dying...all over the world."
I crapped myself with laughter when I heard him say this. He explained that since he is a prophet he sees things like this whereas us normal humans don't. Poor Steve Jobs, if the economy was good and everyone was working God would not have taken him.
Mr M

Brother Dortch said...

Well, we should have seen this one coming as it was just a matter of time. Bakker is now claiming responsibility for the invention of the water filter that filters out nuclear fallout! Yes, he announced the other day that he placed a call to Dr Water and said to him that he wants him to invent a water filter that filers out 100% of all nuclear fsllout and contamination. Dr Water, while sitting on the stage next to Bakker, said that after he received Bakker's call, he locked himself in his study for three straight days and then had the filter sent to a test lab. The results came back that the new filter now filters out 100% of all nuclear radiation and Bakker proudly takes credit for it all. More bragging and boasting rights for ole' Jimbob who has never been in the water business a day in his life and won't even drink the filtered muddy water on TV when the glass is handed to him! That sounds like a job for guinea pig Zach since he'll eat or drink anything!

Ron said...

Yep Brother Dortch, I saw that episode (I think you may have mentioned it last week). Muddy water is filtered live on-camera, and the glass is passed to Jim to drink. Bakker then passes the glass to Lori while remarking, "I'm not drinking that!" I thought about covering those episodes but didn't have enough time.

Mr M, I love it when Jim calls himself a prophet. Is a person even allowed to call themselves a prophet, seems like that title should be bestowed rather than claimed?

Brother Dortch said...

Is Bakker a prophet? He is as much of a prophet as I am The Pope! The only safe thing he can predict in advance is that, once the $$$ comes in, it will somehow make its way to his mother in laws's hands, then to his wife's, and then to his own greddy paws where the IRS (to whom he owes multi-millions) will never touch one red cent of it. That is a prediction you can definitely take to the bank!

Anonymous said...

Sure Bakker is a prophet! He sees little old ladies giving him all their money in the near future.

V. Quisling said...

Good stuff, Ron. I'm new to the page, but am looking forward to each episode. I am a long-time fan of the Bakkers.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the webcast of Jim about his fake school. I think it would be fun to reccomend some courses.
REL 101 Introduction to religion. Don't bother. Jim will explain later.
REL 110 Drama - fake crying required.
REL 211 Marketing - How to make money from a non profit.

Brother Dortch said...

And Let's not forget these courses too:

REL 101B How to lie on camera & not be too obvious to your audience
REL 110B Money Laundering: A Basic Primer
REL 211B How To Use The Same 5 Guests All Year Long On Your Religious Broadcast & Keep The Cash Flowing In
REL 211C How To Have Four Months Vacation Per Year & Still Purchase a $300,000+ Condo, A New Lakefront Cabin, 5-Star Hotel Stays, Cruises, New SUV's, Botox Treatments, Children's Private Out-Of-State Boarding School, Private Plane Fares, and do it all on a net salary of only $300 per week

and finally...
REL 211CA (Advanced) Moldova: Keeping The Cash Away From your Uncle Sam via International Commerce

Anonymous said...

It seems like is has been a least 2 weeks since I heard Daddy Jim say that Little Lori was to be getting married "in the next few days". Does anyone have any information on this?

not an inbred said...

To Anonymous:

Little Lori did get married last week. Of course Jim is already marketing a dvd of it. You can get a dvd free with a $50 purchase of books from Kelli Copeland and her husband! Those books were given to Bakker free from the Copeland/Swisher couple. As Jim put it they were giving the books to him free as sewing a seed into his ministry. Isn't sewing a seed the thing that got him into trouble the first time? Sew a seed and your ministry, bank account, etc will grow. Someone who is familiar with what put Jim in jail the first time is this not what got him there? Isn't sewing a seed the basis of the the movement that Copelands, Hinns, Swaggart, Bakker etc. etc were all apart of in the 80's and then when Jim got out of prison renounced? Brother Dortch or whoever knows can you correct me if I am wrong about this? I almost fell off my chair when I heard Jim say they were giving those books and they were sewing a seed!

TO RON: I watched the pre-show of the Copeland/Swisher show on the internet. They were talking about saving yourself for Gods best marriage partner to those Master Commission kids. I couldn't stand to watch the phoniness for to long but I think they wrote a book and CD about it. Jim was plugging them for a $50 LOVE gift. (those free sew a seed products) I looked up Kelli Copeland and this is what I found: Kenneth and Gloria Copeland: The untold story. Kenneth The Copeland family has left a trail of broken marriages. Kelli has been divorced twice. This is her 3rd husband. And these are the people Jim brings in to teach those kids at his phony school! I am hoping you cover this show when it comes out. Would like to hear your thoughts about all this!

People can turn their lives around and speak from experience but just be honest about it! I never heard Kelli say I have been divorced several times now and this is what I have learned.

Can anyone help me make sense of all this what appears to be craziness?! Are these people nuts or am I just a cynical person?

I sure wish I had it in me to be a con man. Seems they are the only ones prospering!

No Nonsense Norski said...

Liberace's long-lost son, Dino "Halloween Face" Kartsinakas has been on the show out here for the last couple of nights.

Turns out they had an auction at Dino's flooded out house that must have been a hoarder's dream.

Jim couldn't help but crow about BUYING a big BRONZE (read: EXPENSIVE) dog at the auction that he just had to have.

Lori immediately jumped in and said something like "that MOM bought, Jim! She just loves that dog!".

Whew, good catch there, Lori. Those dogs are not cheap, and Jimbo would need a years worth of $300 paychecks to rope that fine prize.

... saved from the IRS Man for another day....

With Kevin wandering around Dino's piano muttering pathetically "Have I had a chance to sing yet???" and Zach sitting mutely by Kevin's side, no doubt daydreaming about a cheeseburger and chocolate shake, it made for riveting reality TV.

Brother Dortch said...

In response to the very well written post above:
No, I don’t think you are a cynical person and your concerns are part and parcel of what makes a forum like this one as popular as it has become. The “Seed Faith” concept is exactly the prosperity gospel that Bakker renounced and you can go to YouTube and actually see Bakker renouncing this concept again, if you wish. Under the “Seed Faith” principal, a parishioner “plants a seed” in fertile soil (“fertile soil” being a loving and caring ministry that is worthy of the seed) and that seed is then, according to The Bible, going to return a blessing that is “pressed down, shaken together, and running over”. In other words, by the giving of $3000 to Bakker’s ministry, one can expect that they will receive a blessing much larger than their initial $3000 investment at some time in the future. This concept, which is preached by Kenneth Copeland and others, has been called an outright lie and a falsehood, by Bakker himself on repeated occasions, but is NOT going to be called out as such when Kelli Copeland is sitting on Bakker’s stage and talking over Bakker’s airwaves. Why? Because it is in Bakker’s best financial interest to align himself with ANY high profile televangelist including not only Kenneth Copeland but also Paula White, who has also been a guest of Bakker’s and also preaches the “Seed Faith” concept. It is just good business and very good salesmanship and Bakker only stands to gain financially by merging Copeland’s or Paula White’s mass following with his own. This is especially made even more pertinent when you consider the fact that almost all legit ministers of the gospel would not want to be seen or associated with a known liar, homosexual, and confidence man such as Bakker. The average person that is duped by Bakker is not someone with a good education and is someone who remembers “The Good Ole’ Days” of Tammy Faye & PTL which was built, by Bakker’s own admission, by a so-called “minister” who had never read The Bible, cover to cover, until he went to federal prison.
Regarding why Bakker went to prison: Let’s just say it was a multiplicity of factors that sent him there and we don’t have time or room here to go into them all.
Has anything changed today? Well, not much. The main difference is that Bakker’s new ministry is much smaller and is bringing in much less money. But Bakker is proving on a daily basis that greed is his main partner and he can’t be trusted to tell the truth about one thing you hear him say. In one breath, money will soon be useless and not worth anything and then, in another breath, he asks you for your money. Next, Bakker says we should not live for this present day world because it is coming to an end and we should all prepare for doomsday and then he proudly announces he is going to build a swimming pool at Morningside! On one broadcast, he announces the paved road to Lori’s House is done and paid for--but then continues to air programs calling for money to pay for the already paid-for road. I was recently watching a program where he was surrounded by some of the students of the fake school and talking about the end of the world and volcanoes. The very next thing out of his mouth were the words: “Wouldn’t it be nice if, one day, we could all take a business trip to Hawaii so we could all see the volcanoes in person?” That’s where Bakker’s mind is. Let the church pay for a free trip to Hawaii and he’ll figure out a way to justify it after the fact.
I truly and honestly feel sorry for any human being that is so gullible and at a loss for friends and associates that they feel life depends upon sending this con man so much as two-cents of their hard earned money and may The United States of America move quickly to, once again, put this huckster back in the exact same cage they just let him out of. Amen!

Ron said...

I'll see if I can find that episode on my DVR 'not an inbred'. I didn't know that about Kelli Copeland but it's great to know in the future.

Hey Brother Dortch and all, on rare occassions Blogger holds comments as spam (it actually happened once to ME lol). I never know this has happened until I check my account, where I can then move it out of spam to get published. Just want you all to know that it's not me doing it. I don't moderate comments unless there's some extreme situation requiring it (like personal threats or something similar).

Jerry Fartswell said...

Hey Bakker!! This is for YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Jim Bakker feeding the inbreds is a good word picture. They'll buy into anything he shoves down their throats!

Kelsey said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy this blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to write it! My husband and I have been tuning in to the show at night the last few months and thought maybe we were the only ones who get twisted pleasure out of watching Jim's antics. By the way - just checked in to the Bakker show website, and it seems Mondo is getting his own REALITY SHOW that will begin airing on a Tampa, Florida network soon! With good ratings, they'll expand the broadcast area! Hopefully more hilarity is on the way.

Kelsey said...

Sorry - one more thing. PLEASE check out the FAQ section on Bakker's website!! It's worthy of it's own blog post! Q & A's to questions like, "why haven't I received my food buckets?" "Why aremy Seychelle water filters not working?" "How do I consume the potassium iodide??"

Anonymous said...

Kelsey..Jim doesn't give a rip about FAQ's or customer service since he isn't selling. He's just sending love gifts in exchange for cash. He is the ultimate POS.

Anonymous said...

Just a few more courses from Morningside:
AGR120 - Ag Economics. Dehydrated food is better and more profitable than real food.
MKT222 - Marketing to seniors. Scare the retired into submission by convincing them the world is ending.
REL500 - Graduate level theology. Be a prophet and claim knowledge no one else can have (unless Jim claims it).
MUS101 - Entry level music. Pretend like you can sing even if tone deaf, lip syncing will be required.

Ron said...

Haha Kelsey, thanks for the heads-up about the FAQ. Some suggestions:

Q: Is Jim Bakker really a pastor?
A: Nope.
Q: Is it legal for Morningside to sell products?
A: Nope.
Q: Does Jim have any morals?
A: Nope.
Q: How do I consume the potassium iodide?
A: You stick it up your ass.

Brother Dortch said...

This hasn't been the best week for Zach Drew. After complaining of pain, his parents had to come to Morningside and take him home because he was suffering from a painful kidney stone. He is very young to have kidney stones and, assuming it is not heredity related, this can only be 100% diet related. That certainly says a lot for the alleged healthy, vegan diet Jimbob promotes on his show. Or, could there be something harmful in those "pretty good" green beans?

bakkersajerk said...

Oh my. Jim the prophet. Legitimizing himself because of a dream. Lord have mercy on the people that are in his cult. On the outside we've seen how this will end. The zombies within are clueless. I'll be a prophet and predict another jail term for Jim. Lori and Char will get some time also.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch Lori saying that she told the kids to "prostate" themselves on the ground. I thought I misheard her until she said it again.

Ron said...

Working a post this week guys and gals. Hope to be done by Friday for the holiday, but you know how that goes.

Grandma Char Groupie said...

I was one who also heard Lori tell the kids to "prostate" themselves on the ground. I think she must have picked up this term from her husband who "prostated" himself on the ground, both at PTL and federal prison, many times!

Simeonohio said...

Is is me or does anyone else sit and plan a trip
to Branson to punch this guy? Each time I see him and his trampy looking wife, I feel great pleasure in knowing how very good it would make me feel to knock his ass out. The best was his telling his audience that his daughter TammySue would finally make her appearance on his show and sing for him...... Whats the chance of that happening?

Hmmmmm said...

Too funny on the show dynamics and fire....I was dying! Great job!!!